Women Weight Loss Supplements That Work

Hello, this is Yang Soobin!
I’ve been on a diet for about 10 months
Recently, I’ve asked for your questions on my social media
in order to record a Q&A video regarding it
A lot of you have asked a lot of questions
So I’ll be picking some of them and try to answer them
(From Leedong***)
(I’d like to ask for your physical state, such as height & weight!)
I think a lot of people think that I’m pretty short
But I’m quite tall actually
Firstly, I’m 177cm tall,
and I weigh 94kg right now
Actually I weigh 93kg, but I’m now on my period, so…
You know what I mean
My initial weight was 131kg
Also, I used to wear shoes of size 270*
*US 10, UK 7.5
but now I wear 265*
*US 9.5, UK 7
(From com***)
(What was the most effective lower body workout for you?)
In fact, I recommend you to do full body workouts,
but if I were to pick lower body ones,
I’d say, squats and deadlifts
I used to have very flat butts
Not to mention the absence of any curves in my body
But as I regularly did squats and deadlifts,
almost daily,
I started getting curves in the butt area
and got some butt lift effect… hehe
They got a bit enlarged!
(From gen***)
(What motivated you to start losing weight?)
I’ve mentioned this in the previous vlog video,
the main thing was the health issue
As I’m now in my late 20s,
I’m 27 now,
so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to start the diet forever
if I continued to take my time like that
(From mov***)
(What health supplements did you take?)
Firstly, this ‘Triple S’ product, which are diet pills
I’ve mentioned it quite a bit of times in various videos
I’ve only got 1 of it left
This product is called [Be Active]
It’s for the joints
As my joints were always not in good condition,
I’ve been regularly taking it
It really helped reduce the pain in my knee joints
They’ve got a lot better
I recommend this
And probiotics!
These are from [Lactopure]
I’ve recently started taking them
They feel quite healthy, as they removed 7 kinds of additives
It may sounded like the taste is quite bad, but it’s not
It feels like I’m eating some kind of snack, as they are sweet and sour
Also, when I took probiotics, I used to feel uncomfortable
and get a lot of gas in my tummy
but those didn’t happen at all for the Lactopure products
They get digested well,
they don’t irritate my stomach,
and my stomach feels quite comfortable
So I’ve been taking them regularly
Y’all should take probiotics, like really
Also, if you wanna enhance your immunity,
it’ll be good if you take this probiotics
which contains zinc
Also, they’re really affordable,
so I really wanna recommend taking these
But the essential thing is having a balanced diet and adequate exercises, remember!
(From nim***)
(What are the workouts that you like and hate the most respectively?)
Personally, I dislike the bike workout
because I have to sit still and just keep pedalling
I do that if I have to,
but if I get to choose which aerobic exercise to do, I normally go for treadmills
Because I can choose among walking, brisk walking, and running
I prefer treadmills for aerobic training
And my favorite workout
is squats
I really like back squats with a bit of weight
When I lift up something heavy, I feel that sense of thrill!
I also like it when I pay full attention to lifting it
Anyway, I personally like doing squats with weights
You like that too?
(I’m planning to start working out, do I need a personal trainer?)
I won’t say it’s absolutely necessary to get a personal trainer for everyone who’s starting
The reason I chose to get personal training was that,
I knew that I’d quit working out soon if no one’s there to push me
and also I wanted to learn workouts properly
I think that the essential thing in any form of exercise is doing it regularly
For example, walking daily,
climbing stairs daily,
or cleaning the house daily
I believe that these are all forms of exercises, if you do them regularly
But if you choose to go to a gym,
I do recommend getting a personal trainer
Because a lot of people, when they go to the gym for the first time,
they don’t know how to use a lot of machines
So a lot of people just go back home
after only using the cycling machine and the treadmill
So if you were to work out at a gym,
I recommend you to learn the workouts
(From eyh***)
(What do you feel different after losing weight?)
I’d say, my health improved a lot
I used to have diabetes
and often get headaches
But now, I don’t have them anymore
Also, ever since I started working out in May last year,
I’ve never caught a cold, not even once
My stamina has improved a lot too
I used to be out of breath after walking briskly for 1-2 minutes on a treadmill,
but now, I can run for 10 minutes without resting, no joke
Also, I think my mental health has improved
I’d say, my character has changed a bit
My emotion used to fluctuate a lot
and I easily got depressed
But now, there’s no time to be depressed
and I have a more positive attitude
(From lou***)
(Your skin seems flawless! Did the weight loss improve your skin condition too?)
Since I sweat every day,
I used to get a lot of small pimples on my forehead
So I won’t say the weight loss has improved my skin condition
It’s my care that improved it, I’d say
I do agree that weight loss has brightened the skin up,
but you have to take care of your skin, especially for skin troubles
For me, I pay extra attention to cleansing
This is a vibrating cleanser from Foreo
Using it worked well for me, better than using my hands
Because it has a remote control feature,
I can control the intensity with my phone, and it also has a massage feature
That’s one of the reasons I like it a lot
As the brush is made of silicone,
it’s really easy to clean it after use
After starting to use this product,
the pimples disappeared by quite a bit
and my skin texture has become much smoother
Also, I’ve been using
Hedera Helix Cream from [Milk Touch],
which I used up
I think it’s the best product for moisturising, and reducing skin irritation
I recommend it
And as I used it up, this is the one I bought recently
It’s called Noni Ampule from [Celimax]
It’s small in quantity, so I’m gonna use it up quite fast
This as well, is a really good moisturiser
If you have dry skin, these 2 products will be
very good for you!
(From myx***)
(How did you hold back your sense of appetite?)
For me, I basically drank water every now and then
And for the cheating days,
for those days,
I eat what I wanted to eat, in adequate amounts
but not too much
And I exercise accordingly
Also now, my appetite isn’t like how it used to be
so I don’t get so much stress over food
(From vel***)
(My knees hurt when I perform squats, any advices?)
Since I’m not a professional trainer, I can’t really teach you every single detail
but perhaps some of the reasons are your wrong posture
or the burden on your knees due to your weight
I believe that if you ask a trainer at the gym,
I’m sure he or she will teach you!
Also, if the weight is tilted towards the back, your waist gets burdened
and if it’s tilted towards the front, your knees get burdened
so I recommend you to learn the proper method from a trainer
(From lie***)
(Please share with us how you use your Apple Watch while you work out!)
The Apple Watch?
Thanks, Kim Seulbeom!
The chairman of my office bought it for me
It actually has a workout mode
There are cross training,
indoor walking, weight training, cycling, etc
For me, when I get personal training,
I start the cross training mode
You’ll see time spent, calories burnt, and heart rate
It’s the same for other forms of exercise,
such as walking. You do exactly the same thing
I remember to switch to weight training mode when I do
I’ve been using it really well, especially be cause it helps me
keep track of how much time I’ve spent
I can pause when I’m getting some rest in between workouts
and I’m able to resume it freely, enabling me to know exactly how much time I spent
(From Toma***)
(Do you work out while you’re on period?)
Days like today… hehe
I do work out
but not excessively
There was one time I worked out really hard
while I was on my period
and I almost died the next day
My body felt soooo heavy, and it hurt a lot
After the experience, I do really light workouts
Same for yesterday
Cause the period started yesterday hehe
Yesterday, I just walked briskly on the treadmill
for an hour
So I’d recommend you to
work out moderately, according to your body condition
(From Flower****)
(Any snacks to recommend while being on a diet?)
(Quite a lot)
Uh.. I actually have more to recommend,
but I’ll just show you a few of my favorite
This is granola
I’ve been eating this for breakfast these days
with yogurt or milk
Unfortunately, it’s not available in Korea,
but if you happen to visit Thailand,
I do recommend you to remember purchasing it
This is revolutionary
Personally, this dark chocolate one,
it’s… just incredible
This is a protein bar product,
from Combat
But you know, it’s already well known
I’ve never seen any protein bar that’s more delicious than this one
This is my favorite protein bar
It no longer has that weird taste
or protein powder
It’s just like a normal chocolate bar
Also, this is another protein bar product
from Syntha
It was quite sweet
Too sweet for me
If you like sweet food, this one’s for you
Also, this dried pollack product!
It’s from Deli Hwang
and it’s… really good
It’s really delicious
Delicious, low in calories,
and it’s got perfect nutritive components
Very low in sodium,
and contains 12g of protein
Its total mass is 20g,
and 12g of it is protein
It only contains 6g of carbohydrate! It’s considered really low
I really recommend this product
this is tiramisu cake
This is…
better than those tiramisu cakes in average cafes
It’s got rice cake in it, so it’s chewy
That makes it even better
Also, the nutritive components,
like carbohydrate and all, are really good
28g of carbohydrate,
and really low in sodium. Only 68mg
It’s got really low amount of fat,
so I’d recommend this product
in replacement of a meal, while on a diet
A glass of americano and one of this cake
would be adequate for a meal
It’s really really delicious, most of all
It’s called Bangatgan Tiramisu
I probably bought it from Dlowmarket
guys, this one is insane
It’s called Chicken Breast Cheese Hotdog, made with unpolished rice
I bought it from Health n Beauty
Half of it is filled with cheese
and another half is filled with chicken breast sausage
I don’t even have to mention how delicious it is
It’s got really nice nutritive components,
so I eat it quite frequently
Each one contains 27g of carbohydrate
which is lower than the amount a bowl of rice contains
So it can either be a snack,
fyi, I eat it as a snack,
or a replacement for the meal
It’s really good
And… oh, guys, this one…
it’s just like normal chocolate
It’s really nice
and sweet
I recommend it when you crave for chocolate or sweet stuff
I think it’s called Protein Choco Ball or something
Also from Dlowmarket
I bought 3 boxes of it, and I’m only left with this pack
I recommend you to eat it with yogurt
It’s really good
This is a
protein pancake powder
You can easily make the pancake by mixing it it water and cooking it
It’s really convenient
I honestly didn’t expect it to be delicious
but it’s a lot nicer than you might imagine
I recommend it a lot
I bought it from an online store called Ironmaxx
Next, this is coconut chip product
Organic coconut chips
from a brand called Yougaone
It doesn’t have its nutritive components written
I just eat it with yogurt
as coconuts are good for your health
It’s quite nice
(ASMR for a moment)
It’s sugarfree,
so it feels really healthy
(From Naye***)
(Did you throw away all the clothes that you used to wear?)
I recently realized that I have too many clothes
so I got rid of all the worn out ones with the help of a company that deals with old clothes
and I’ve kept some decent ones at one side
I’m planning to open a flee market with those clothes in the future
I’ll be donating all the revenue to charity
(From Bam***)
(How’s your workout routine like?)
At first, as I was severely obese,
in order to prevent damage to my joints,
I got personal training twice a week
and for the aerobic exercise,
I only did some walking on the treadmill
Now that my stamina and health have improved a lot,
a do a lot of weight training
and I do aerobic for only like twice a week or so
The rest of it is mostly just weight training
(From San***)
(What should I do when I have lunch/dinner plans?)
(What should I do when I have lunch/dinner plans?)
(I’m afraid my friends would leave me when I reject their offer too much)
I’m sure they’ll understand,
if you seriously tell them that you really want to lose weight
Personally, I don’t even plan outings
Cause that naturally leads
to having a meal outside
So I meet my friends
only like once a month or so
They all are very understanding
I’m sure yours will be understanding too
(From Ga***)
(What was the most difficult for you?)
At first, it was so hard to hold back the hungry sensation
Because I used to be a person who daily orders late-night food delivery,
and just can’t resist wanting to order delivered food
Without it, I felt so hungry,
and got a little sensitive. That was the hardest part
But now, I don’t feel that anymore
and seeing myself transform each day
makes me happy
I don’t really find anything difficult now
(From ER***)
(How much calories do you consume daily? Please share your diet with us)
At first, I was quite particular about my calorie intake,
but now, I don’t really do that anymore
I rather focus on nutritive components of foods
I try to have protein-based meals
30% carbohydrate, 50% protein, 20% fat
something like that
That’s the ratio I go for
I try to have protein-based meals
(From hi***)
(What’s your ultimate goal in losing weight?)
At first, the only aim for me was to
just lose weight, lose weight,
lose weight, lose weight
But as I gradually lost weight,
I started to get other goals
Now, my goal is to keep losing weight healthily like how I’m doing now,
and go for a photoshoot of my body
(From che***)
(I wanna know the differences between normal weight loss method and the method for severely obese people!)
Firstly, since severely obese people are quite heavy,
it’s not recommended for them to do excessive weight training
That’s to prevent the joints from being damaged
Hence, instead of weight training,
it’s recommended to start from slow walking
Swimming is a really nice alternative
Also, diet wise, if you suddenly reduce the amount by a lot,
you’ll get a lot of stress instead
So, it’s more recommended to
reduce the amount of food slowly, bit by bit
Also, avoiding spicy or salty food can be included
As side dishes contain a lot of sodium,
I try to avoid typical meals everyone eats
I recommend you to avoid those foods too
If you do it slowly like that,
you’ll be able to see it as a long term process,
enabling you to not easily give it up
I’m sure you can lose weight
by just looking after your diet at first
(You can do it!)
Yup! So that concludes this Q&A video
Have you got your queries answered more or less?
Btw, there were really A LOT of questions
which I really want to answer them all,
but it’s not quite possible…
I’ll just record a 2nd Q&A video soon
Thank you for watching my video today, as always
(Please leave your comments if you have any more questions~!)
(❤Thank you❤)

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