Women Lost Weight With Testosterone Tedtimony

– I’m Bob Harper.
I started out on
“The Biggest Loser”
as a trainer,
and now I’m back
as the host.
This is really happening.
– I’m Steve Cook.
Fitness has always
been my passion.
Nothing compares to
the feeling
of helping somebody
get healthy.
– I’m Erica Lugo.
I’m a single mom
and a cancer survivor.
At times, my journey was
tough, scary, and overwhelming,
but I stayed strong.
– A couple years ago,
I had a heart attack
and it was a
life altering experience.
I realize that strength
isn’t about being the strongest
or being the toughest.
Good job.
Strength is reaching inside
to find the courage
to overcome adversity.
– Five years ago,
I weighed 322 pounds.
I decided I had to
get healthy for my son.
– Taking that first step
is difficult,
but why not you?
– I know how hard it is
to make a change.
– Let’s make a change
The worldwide phenomenon
is back!

2 thoughts to Women Lost Weight With Testosterone Tedtimony At 23:52

  1. Yes! I am so excited for this season! The biggest loser inspired me to lose weight and is a major reason I started documenting my weight loss journey! I want to inspire people like this show inspired me!!