Women Lose Weight Alchemist Mix

– My name is Lance Kelly.
I’m the Director of Professional
and Elite Sports Therapy
for MedStar Health at Lafayette Center,
and today we’re gonna
discuss some exercises
that we can do at home just
so you can stay active,
you can stay mobile during
these troubling times.
With COVID-19 virus everybody’s
kinda getting cabin fever
and wants to get out and wants to move,
however there’s plenty of
things we can do at home.
So the first exercise we’re
gonna demonstrate is a pushup.
It’s great for upper body strength,
tricep strength, chest strength.
Very easy to modify it at home,
so dependent on your level of fitness
you can either do it on your knees
or you can do a regular pushup
with your arms at a 45 degree angle.
Next, you could do a squat.
It’s great for lower body strength.
It’s great to increase your endurance,
and also for balance.
It’s easy modifiable if you
have any knee conditions
or hip conditions you can
always squat a lot lower
than the next person, or you
can go deeper into a squat,
dependent on your fitness level.
Next will be a lunge.
I like to do a reverse
lunge, but once again,
work it in a range where
you have zero pain.
It’s great for lower body strengthening
as long as you do it in a range
that’s not compromising
to your fitness level.
Another exercise that we
will work on will be a plank,
and there’s modifications to the plank
that you can make it easier
or harder for yourself.
Great for stabilization,
great for core training.
Finally, you can do what’s
called a shoulder tap
where you’re in a pushup position.
You’re just gonna touch one
hand to the opposite shoulder.
You’re trying to minimize
how much your body’s moving.
So it’s great for core stability
and for strength in a
closed chain position.
So with these exercises
you can stay at home,
you can workout, you can
maintain your fitness level.
You can also save your sanity
from being filled with cabin
fever with the whole family.
So if you need more information
stay healthy, go check out
our blog, Live Well & Healthy.