Woman Loses Weight Husband Kills Her

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of GeneExpressionTraining.com
In this workout I’m gonna show you the 5 most effective fat burning exercises for men. Alright.
We’re gonna turn this into one of my favorite go-to workouts when I want to shred fat without a lot of time.
This is something I’ve been doing for years. I’ve been teaching this for years and they’re called Barbell Complexes.
Alright. Just becauses it’s called complexes doesn’t mean it’s complicated.
It’s actually quite simple but I will say it’s very, very hard.
It’s gonna make you sweat like never before, you’re gonna suck for air, your muscles are gonna scream…
Your heart’s gonna jump out of your chest…
You are gonna be in the hurt box.
So as long as you’re committed to putting yourself into the hurt box for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, you will shred fat faster than ever before.
Alright. You’re gonna increase your metabolic rate, you’re gonna burn more energy during the workout and after the workout.
You’re not gonna destroy your joints walking away on a treadmill or step mill or an elliptical.
Which is frankly just a waste of life.
And this is not only gonna make you look like a badass, it’s gonna make you feel like a badass.
I’m gonna take you through the workout and I’m just gonna walk you through the exercises and how it’s done and how progress it.
Alright. Let’s get started.
Exercise number 1 is a Military Press. In other words, an Overhead Shoulder Press with a barbell.
Alright. We’re gonna be using this weight for the entire workout.
I’ll tell you how to pick your weight in a second.
We want to keep our core strong, we want to drive our feet through the ground and we’re focusing on being strong and explosive here.
This is not a workout where we’re focusing on intent and really squeezing the muscle.
Exercise number 2 is front squats.
If you have the flexibility, you want to put this onto your shoulders without re-racking it how I did and then it off
I just don’t have the flexibility to do that.
Front squats here for 7 reps. Alright.
After you’ve done 7 front squats, you are going to flip the bar and go into bent over rows.
We are doing these for 8 reps. Alright.
After 8 Bent Over Rows with an overhand grip, again, you see how I haven’t changed my grip at all, we’re going right into Deadlifts
We are doing 9 Deadlifts. Alright.
And we’re just bringing the bar a little below the knees so we can create more tension on the muscles
So we’re not setting the bar down, and pulling it back up.
From 9 Deadlifts we’re going to 10 Back Squats. You’re gonna flip the bar up over your head. Be careful here.
This will be the toughest part of the workout and you’re gonna go into 10 Back Squats.
Once you’ve done that, you’ve completed 1 round in the workout.
The sequence of those exercises is critical.
If you change the order of those exercises, you’re gonna pay for it. Alright.
We’re focusing on the weaker body parts to the stronger body parts. They were sequenced on purpose.
A lot of people that write complex workouts, I’ve seem them like… how the heck, this doesn’t make any sense.
Alright. When you do this workout, you’ll see, “Oh, OK I see why you do Shoulder Press and Front Squats and Bent Over Rows”
You’ll see why it’s sequenced in that order. Okay.
It accommodates fatigue setting in from the smaller muscle groups. Alright.
You’ll also notice that we’re increasing the reps with each exercise so it goes six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and then repeat.
Alright. what we want to focus on doing within the fixed amount of time is getting stronger.
Arlight. The goal is not to do these for 30, 40, 50 minutes.
We want to act like a sprinter. We want to focus on getting faster.
We don’t want to turn ourselves into a marathon runner and become efficient.
We want to be inefficient.
That’s why the goal is to add more weight each week
so a lot of you guys who’ve never done these before, will start off with 65 or 75 pounds as a male.
Alright. You’re gonna add 10 pounds to the bar each week.
The time never changes. You’re always going to do 20 minutes.
But what I want you to focus on doing is doing more rounds in 20 minutes with more weight.
That’s your challenge.
I’ll just give you guys a benchmark.
What I did myself I ended these springtime yeaah right around springtime, yeah about spring / summertime…
I did an 8 week cycle with these and I got up to 115 pounds so the weight you see me doing in this video for 10 rounds in 28 minutes.
So if you can beat that, you’re better than me.
So there’s a little challenge for you.
A lot of people ask me “hey how many rounds is good in 20 minutes”
At least 10.
Alright. At least 10 rounds. Now for me, it took me a little longer, so I’ve got a lot of rom where I can improve.
I’m going to try to bring that down, but you’ll see for yourself it’s pretty, pretty, tough.
Alright. So start with 20 minutes. Aim for 10 rounds. That might take you 8 – 16 weeks.
Alright. As long as you’re making progress each week, you will be losing fat and this is really going to crank up your metabolism
it’s gonna help you keep muscle mass as you’re shredding fat, it’s gonna make you look harder, its gonna give you a more sculpted physique,
it’s going to give you an opportunity to rehearse some key exercises, and these things are really good for managing stress.
A lot of people who can’t lose fat, they’re doing too much cardio. It increases cortisol levels.
Bringing in shorter, more intense workouts helps manage cortisol better, help you maintain testosterone levels.
So this is, this style of workout is the entire premise of an entire program I’ve actually created.
It’s called Shredded in Six and it’s just a series of Barbell Complex Workouts like this
plus strength circuit workouts which are a little different
and I’ll show you guys in another video that teach you how to shred fat with weights in a very short period of time
And that way you can stop going on the treadmill for 20 – 30 minutes after your weight training sessions
or going to the gym early in the morning to do cardio
I’m telling you guys that the more cardio you do, the more efficient you’ll make your body at storing fat and utilzing less fat per unit of time.
Alright. The research, the physiology on this is very, very clear.
Alright. We always want to train our body to become inefficient.
Alright. We’re always trying to make the workouts harder, we’re always trying to do more in less time
that’s the mindset you have when you’re trying to sculpt your physique.
Alright. Unless you’re an endurance runner and going for performance, the rules change.
But if you’re looking for a sculpted physique, you’ve got to start doing complexes once per week on a Saturday.
You don’t need to do more than once per week.
If you can do more than once per week, you’re not doing the properly, alright, you’re sandbagging it so step it up,
get the weight up a little more, and these will put you on the floor.
Alright. A lot of people do two, three rounds and they’re like holy crap, I’m gassed.
Build up to ten rounds. It’s gonna take time, but once you do, you’ll look like a badass, you’ll feel like a badass, that’s my challenge to you
If you want the entire Shredded in Six System where there’s over 12 months of workouts like this…
click the first link in the description or the link on the screen, and you’ll be taken to a short page
which will tell you more about the effectiveness these brief but brutal non-cardio fat loss workouts.
Alright. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know what you guys want me to cover in upcoming videos comment section below.
If you enjoyed that. If you’re gonna give it a try, give this video a thumbs up.
Thanks for watching. See you soon.

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