Why a Ketogenic Diet is Dangerous for Diabetics

Alright my friends This is very important for you guys to pay attention to whether you're diabetic or not

A Ketogenic diet is disastrous for your health long term Please, if you or anyone you know is on a Ketogenic diet warn them There are three end term results to a Ketogenic diet: diabetes, heart disease and cancer Those are the three things you're signing yourself up for a long term Maybe in the short term you experienced some weight loss and you experienced your blood sugars, you were able to keep them stable but long term that fat is gonna build up in your arteries and cause either a heart attack or a stroke and your insulin resistance in the meantime is gonna go through the roof because all that fat gets absorbed into your muscles and it's your liver and then it doesn't need to absorb any more glucose

And you need those fruits and carbohydrates in your diet because they also come jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that your brain needs for healthy development and function and all your cells need These are vitally important nutrients that your body needs and if you're just living off fat it is disastrous for you long term So, please, check out my program "How to Feed a Diabetic" I will give you all the information that you need to understand that more deeply and really get that concept into your head Vitally important for your long-term health

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