What Keto and Paleo do to Your Hormones if You are Over 40

Hey, everybody out there, it's Coach Dan Long with the over 40 protocol, and today it's, I have something so new and exciting, it's brand spanking new and you are the first to actually be able to see this today Now listen, first I got to show you something

Oh, by the way, there's a link around here Don't click it, don't touch it, don't even look at it just yet, because I have to get you this information If you are on keto or Vegan or paleo diets, you have to absolutely stop today And I'm going to explain to you why OK, I'm going to reach into my fridge here

Can you see this? This, this is keto, right? This is keto What is all this? What is all this business right here? It's lard, it's butter, right? Also, what else do I have? Look at this What is this? Cheese, right? More lard, more fat, right? Yes And also, what's this? This is supposed to be lean meat, right? This is just, all this is is chicken sausage Guess what

If you're on keto, you can't even have this Because it has too many carbs Can you believe that? Yes, it has too many freaking carbs Or how about this? Are you busy in the kitchen and constantly having to cook a bunch of lean turkey, which by the way, this is 7% fat right, here 93% lean? These foods are all common for the keto diet Now here's the thing, OK, you got to listen up

Keto, paleo and vegan, if you're on it, you absolutely have to avoid it and stop if you've been on it for over 14 days OK, so here's why Besides the fact of all of this, what it can do to the body and the metabolism, it's the hormones OMG, OK? Your hormones from these foods, OK, all these sticks of lard and cheeses and meats and the list goes on and on, here's the thing What do those three diets do? One, they're either 0 or little carbs is allowed period

Now if you've been on one of those diet for over 14 days, guess what happens It is sabotaging your hormones Especially if you're like me and you're over the age of 40 OK? Now how would you combat that, besides just getting off of it? OK, you're going to do a strategic meal timing Strategic meal timing will allow you to reset your hormones

Right? So that you can boost growth hormone, you can boost all the other hormones You can also boost your metabolism and fight the aging process OK, what else is a good tip to be able to help you boost your hormones and your metabolism? It would be meal combination Specific foods that are meal combinations that you can mold together and actually they work hand in hand to boost hormones and also again, over the age of 40, metabolism OK? And what is the last one? Yes, listen, those three diets, they give you zero carbs or little carbs

I'm telling you that you should be implementing strategically high carb cheat meals So all of this, I'm telling you right now, you need to freakin' throw it out You need to get rid of it This stuff? I mean, come on, really? Don't get me wrong This is great, but if that's all you're eating and you're not get any carbs, holy cow

It's like how long can your body go and your hormones maintain by doing that to your body? Avoid right now the keto, the paleo and vegan diets if you've been on 'em for over 14 days, because most likely you are experiencing metabolic slowdown Now there is a cure And there is a huge solution to all of this by doing one simple thing OK? It's resetting your hormones to boost your metabolism and help you live a healthy lifestyle and fight the aging process So if you're like me and you're over the age of 40 and you're looking to do that, because you feel for some reason, that your hormones need to be boosted, then guess what

Today I have a solution for you Now do me a favor, if I'm helping you with this stuff right here and I'm telling you some great information, I gave you three tips on what you should be doing, right? I told you, strategic meal timing, strategic meal combos, right? Foods that are specific to help boost the hormones And then also strategic high carb cheat meals Those three things go hand in hand to reset your hormones that are probably suffering from metabolic slowdown Today I have the solution for you

It's called the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Now I like to call it the hormone reset solution, because it is the solution if you're like me Now listen, when you click this link in a minute, but first, give me some love down here Hit a like, hit a heart to share if you love this information and you want more videos from me Do me a favor, hit that like, hit that heart, hit that share in the comments below, right? Put my diet will rock, two exclamation marks

My diet will rock, two exclamation marks down in the comments below, because where you go to this page in a second, you're going to not only see the ripped grandpa that helped develop this exact system He's 47 years old, six pack of abs, not consuming all of this, which we all know what this is doing to you your hormones, OK And not consuming all of this all day long That's all they're doing, right? People on keto, that's all they're doing I'm hammering on keto because it's hottest thing going right now

I mean here's the thing, OK You're not only going to see my great friend and partner, Shaun Hadsall, he's a ripped grandpa You're going to see his wife, Karen She is the reason why this was actually developed To help people like you that are over the age of 40 reset your hormones

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Brand new, I mean just brand spanking new This is like the first video that I've shot for this new amazing system that's going to help reset those hormones I'm excited I hope you're excited But if you're ready and you're ready to commit to at least one day, all I need is one day, it starts working on day one, click this link, the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is going to boost your metabolism starting on day one

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