it's so bright in this kitchen I love it good morning guys I am off to a good start I woke up early today which is always good I'm gonna hit the gym and I'm gonna be showing you guys what I'm eating so it's another one I in a day I am actually a super excited to show you one thing I know if you have been on Instagram you have seen T me right I have seen it for the past years I think like my favorite fitness guru bundle of Britney she's like amazing she always talks about them and so they were kind enough to send me some of their products now this video is sponsored by them but I will be giving you guys updates that won't be sponsored because I am just like you guys I want to see if this T works if you guys want to join me and trying this T and you can get 15% off if you use the code Kayla I'll leave everything down below thank you so much T me for sending me these products because I have been wanting to try this and see if it actually works because I've seen all these T's on Instagram and I've almost caved a couple times but I'm happy that I get to try it I've got the skinny blend and then also the : one which is perfect I feel for Kido because you know sometimes you gotta let things you know I'm actually on day two so I checked off this so I'm gonna be doing the skinny T and the : so yesterday I only did the skinny T and actually tastes really good I'm gonna show you how I make it it's super easy let's go so here is the little cute tumbler and it like kind of comes out like this and this is where like you steep the tea they have like a little thing here so none of the the tea stuff kind of out this is the skinny teeth and it's advised to drink this in the morning which the perfect start to my morning especially since I do in run as fast I'm not gonna do an arena fasting today just because I am going to working out and I'm just adding that and there if you want to give teeny blintz a try you can check out their website at WWE and calm I warmed up some water and I'm just gonna fill it up so this would be the time that you add your sweetener I actually like to drink this with nothing in it which is surprising we're just gonna put this top on this bad boy in here and let it steep for about three to five minutes if you use my code Kayla that's kei la you get 15% off your order so definitely give it a try if you're interested and I'm bout to head to Trader Joe's because I've been obsessed with like it's kind of like peanut butter toast but it's the flat breads that they haven't gonna take you guys there to see but I eat that with a little bit of peanut butter so I think I'm gonna like bring my peanut butter with me in the car so I don't have to come back home and that makes sense yeah I'm gonna do that these things are amazing I use them as crackers as bread I'm actually gonna spread some peanut butter on it today so I usually like enter in and fasting for a long time on the weekends but since I'm gonna be working out I don't want to pass out so I actually ended up getting the ones that weren't gluten free and they are the whole-grain crisp bread honestly I only got these ones because they were cheaper but I do like both of them I have the gluten-free ones at work and then I also have some peanut butter this is the Peter Pan peanut butter so not the best macro eyes but it's all that we had in the cupboard so I'm just gonna eat this up and then get some organic one when I'm done I have some organic one at work and I didn't even think to bring it for the weekend yeah I'm just smearing this on so here it is and yes I lick the fork this is basically just like peanut butter toast but only four grams of carbs for this flat brim mmm i'ma eat this and then head to the gym I just finished my workout oh my gosh I did booty today so I'm excited for my butt to be sore tomorrow I'm not too too hungry yet I don't know what what should I have I still don't have a fridge so I do have to eat out the gym just feels so good I'm so glad that I'm going I didn't really go that much in my old apartment that had the gym in it I think the fact that I'm paying for this gym it's more than incentive to actually go I have been going every weekend since I got the membership and I'm going to make it a point to go at least two times during the week Wednesdays for sure with my coworker which I'm glad I said that in to hold me accountable and then I have to pick another day in the week to get the workout life how's everyone doing workout journey if like this is a whole new journey like this is my first time making a commitment to go to the gym and some of the stuff I don't know how to do I'm like kind of looking at other people to see how they do it but no one here has been like looking at me weird I think I always had a fear of like people that have been to the gym longer or like to know what they're doing they like frown upon people that are newbies there but honestly everyone's just focused on getting their workout in and then leaving and that's what I realized so if you're fearful of going to the gym just do it go as many times as you need until you feel comfortable I know it's gonna take me probably a little bit longer until I'm comfortable comfortable at the gym but I'm excited I'm excited to make this part of my daily routine I'm so happy I circled around probably like three times and I got a spot a parking spot right in the front of my restaurant I'm actually going to tender greens the popular restaurant here in Los Angeles I don't know if it's anywhere else let me know if you have a tender greens and the comments down below but they have really really good like steaks cooked chickens like they could get fresh and good good salads they have even better mashed potatoes but that's okay I think I'm gonna get hopefully they have broccoli or something I'm really craving some veggies and some probably steak I haven't had steak in a while so yeah enough of me talking it's time for me to eat so I got salt and pepper chicken with a side of Caesar dressing I'm not gonna have the croutons and seasonal veggies this is a roasted cauliflower I've had 10 degrees in forever they always have different seasonal veggies so it feels like I'm eating different things but all the food is super fresh like I saw the request I devoured that oh my god the spices on the cauliflower to die for this was the perfect meal to eat after workout my veggies in my chicken in now I just want to go relax patient relax probably watch some you behalf of so much editing to do trying to post more videos to you guys though hopefully I can get three or four videos in this week wolfy finger press so I went to Ross and they didn't have anything that I wanted I had a couple of lick pants in my hand but I have pants that fit me I need shirts so I'm probably gonna try like Walmart or something later on today or you know when I have time but I guess that means it's really really time to go home you guys this is like the first real time that I'm recording in this kitchen this amazing kitchen like look how great this lighting is guys like but anyway so I'm back home I'm editing so I figured I would go ahead and make me at some of that : tea here I'm on day two of this plan so I'm right at the beginning so I want to hey I'm just gonna heat this up do you like my mug it says born to be fabulous I got this years ago I think at like either TJ Maxx or Marshalls like and it's just been what I live by sorry there's background noise my dishwasher is on right now but I just have one of these tea bags I'm gonna let this steep for probably it says one to three minutes so I'm gonna try to see if I can find either a sweetener found it guys this is actually a really good sweetener this is a really good sweetener it's Alice and I'm probably gonna put just like a spoonful of this end I think the : T is my all-time favorite this stuff works I feel like anyone that's on keto you know if you've ever experienced constipation or anything this has really helped I firmly believe in taking probiotics every day and I do but this just is an added benefit to your gut health yes perfect because I get cold in the night and I feel like T definitely warms me up I'm actually not hungry today right now but I know I need to eat dinner and I am craving what I had for breakfast or what I had before I worked out which is that flat crisp bread with the peanut butter so I think I'm gonna do that again except I'm just gonna add a little bit more peanut butter and that meal doesn't look like it's a lot but that's like a like a full meal I think it it's about 360 calories if I put 2 tablespoons like peanut butter which I am because who doesn't love peanut butter so I get so many like comments saying oh you're not eating a lot but you gotta take in consideration like fats you it's usually like stuff you're cooking in so it doesn't look like a lot of food but you're so good getting the calories that you need if that makes sense but I just want to throw that out there so I'm about to eat that and have my tea and edit a little bit because I have so much editing to do hopefully I can finish like at least one video exported and another video edited that's my ball I kid you not this tastes like peanut butter crackers and I'm in love if you are half at Trader Joe's get these I usually eat these with more savoury things like cheese and like ham and stuff like that but lately I've been trying to venture out and do different things with this and this has been my like obsession you guys saw I just had it for breakfast and I really was craving it so since I don't still don't have a fridge um I've just been like repeating like my breakfast and dinners usually so I'll probably get tired of this soon but right now I'm still obsessed with it I think I've eaten it everyday for breakfast at work last week and I'm still not tired of it mmm I'm gonna eat this and edit and that's all I'm gonna eat chocolate for tonight I'll probably drink some water but yes thank you guys so much for watching this video again Thank You T me for sponsoring this video I'm excited to see the difference if you guys want to see my progress picture that I did earlier today head over to my Instagram they'll kind of be like a start of the T me so I can kind of see in 30 days and plus it's been a while since I've done a progress picture but anyway I'll see you guys in the next video