Weight loss: The best breakfast foods to lose weight fast – Express

Aaron explained that the other options for healthy breakfasts include eggs and fish.

He says: “Eggs are high in protein, healthy fats and full of nutrients. They are versatile and can be used to make things like omelettes, scrambles, frittatas, shakshuka, or just have them whole. They can be paired with anything, including avocados, oily fish, spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and onions.

“Whey protein is high in protein, low in calories and incredibly versatile for anyone looking for a quick breakfast on the go.

“It can be used to boost the protein content to make lower-calorie versions of breakfast favourites like waffles and pancakes, and they pair well fat sources like nut butters, including cashew, peanut or almond. It can also be mixed into oats or enjoyed as part of a breakfast shake recipe.