Weight Loss Pills For Women

(lively music)
– That’s what I’m trying to do.
(lively music)
– My god.
– [Driver] Fat ass!
(rock music)
– Hey girl.
– Hey.
– Hi Lily,
salad again?
– In reality yes,
but in my mind I’m enjoying
a large stuffed crust cheese pizza
with a lot of leaves on it so.
– Oh you’re so good.
I had like three donuts this morning.
I feel so fat.
– So David wants to hang out this weekend.
– Really?
– Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s finally your
chance to talk to him.
What are we going to do?
– Let’s do a pool party.
We haven’t had one of those in a while
and we can do it at my house.
It’d be super fun.
– A pool party with like,
bathing suits and stuff?
– Yes, I got the cutest new swimsuit,
we have to do it.
– Let’s do it.
– Mm-hmm (affirmative).
– Yay.
– Yay.
– Yeah, mm-hmm (affirmative).
(calm music)
And now I’m ready to
rob a convenience store
in Atlantic city, great.
(mysterious music)
– Come on Lily it’s so nice in here.
– Lilian get in the pool,
come on this is a pool party,
not a sit around on our phones party.
– I’m good but thank you.
– Alright.
– Okay.
– No.
No, no, no, no.
– Josh, there’s way
too many bubbles coming
from over there.
– Oh hey,
this is my roommate Vanessa.
– [Female] Hi.
– [Female] Hey Vanessa.
– [Female] Get in the
pool, get in the water.
– [Female] It feels nice.
– [Female] It’s amazing.
– [Male] I’m hungry.
– [Female] I’m hungry.
– [Male] Yeah, pizza?
– [Female] Yeah pizza.
– [Female] Pizza always.
– [Female] Can we get gluten free?
– [Female] No.
– [Male] Uh-uh (negative).
– [Female] No.
– [Female] Why?
– [Male] Dobby likes that.
– [Female] Vegan?
– [Female] No.
– [Group] Yay!
– Finally.
– [Female] You look so cute.
– [Female] We’re just harmonizing.
– [Female] Yeah you want pizza?
– Yes.
– [Female] Gluten free?
– No.
– [Group] Yay.
– [Female] No.
(joyful music)
– Goodbye.
(joyful music)

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  1. People are so disrespectful…tell me if I'm wrong, people who fat shame other people have insecurities making other people feel like crap for being over weight is beyond messed up, like look at yourselfe. Your no better than anybody so shut the he'll up! Love yourselfe