Weight Loss In Over 50 Women

Hey there, viewers!
We live stressed lives, with truckloads of
work and the just weekend to unwind.
But what if I told you, turning your life
around with 9 simple habits is possible?
I’m not kidding.
Can taking a certain type of shower make a
How about eating fresh fruit?
Will drinking lemon water bring changes?
We’re talking all that AND more…
#1 Contrast Showers Everyday
This is an unusual but very effective way
to jump-start your day- literally!
A contrast shower is a technique in which
you take a hot shower for three minutes immediately
followed by a cold shower for just one.
Make sure the hot and cold temperatures are
set to your tolerance level.
We know, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot
of fun.
When you switch from hot to cold, and then
back to hot, it’s like each and every nerve
of your body has been awakened.
Contrast showers have been proven useful in
producing different effects on various parts
of the body.
Hydrotherapy has been used widely to boost
immunity, help in pain management, asthma,
chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, anxiety,
labor, and hyperthermia.
Contrast showers are also used to provide
relief from varicose veins.
Starting your day with one is a great way
to boost your health.
#2 Eat an apple AFTER Meals
It turns out an apple after every meal is
great for your oral health.
Our dentists always advise us to brush our
teeth after meals.
We don’t always follow this advice.
Eating an apple after a meal can be incredibly
The fiber and juice present in apples help
to clean your mouth, get rid of food particles
stuck in your teeth, normalize acidity, and
improve circulation in the gums.
Staying away from periodontitis is relatively
Just make it a point to eat a fresh veggies
or fruit after meals.
#3 Floss
Experts often point out how poor oral health
has a direct connection with cardiovascular
disease, especially heart attacks.
This is why it is very important to maintain
good oral health with a disciplined routine.
Even if you have good brushing habits, do
not ignore the importance of dental floss.
Flossing helps rid food particles from tiny
gaps your brush can’t reach.
From food to plaque, floss cleanses junk out
of all hard to reach places.
Floss your teeth regularly and say hello to
good health!
#4 Ice Cubes to the Rescue
Ice cubes do have another use apart from chilling
your soda, you know.
There’s multiple benefits.
When applied to any body part for health purposes,
it is called cryotherapy and is used to reduce
swelling, ease pain, and speed up soft tissue
Applying ice cubes helps relieve pain by numbing
the nerves and reducing swelling.
For all these reasons, ice packs have been
used in sports injury.
Icing is also perfect to include in your skincare
regimen as well.
Skin icing can be useful in soothing sunburns
and providing a healthy glow, as well as reducing
puffiness, inflammation and the appearance
of wrinkles.
You can apply ice as a cold compress, or have
some fun by replacing water with cucumber
juice or a chamomile decoction.
Tea and coffee make for good ice packs as
Research has found that caffeine can penetrate
the skin and boost circulation.
Time to pour that extra coffee into an ice
Now before we move ahead, here’s a video
you might like to watch.
Can coffee affect your weight?
Watch this video and find out.
#5 Befriend Lemon Water
Lemon water is that one simple health tonic
with the potential of turning your health
around for the better.
A glass of water mixed with juice, squeezed
from a medium-sized lemon, has 18 calories
and 50% of your daily recommended vitamin
C intake.
It is a low-calorie beverage you can drink
Add mint leaves to boost the flavour or cayenne
pepper for metabolic health and weight loss.
Antioxidants and flavonoids present in citrus
fruits like lemon help improve circulation,
metabolic health, and insulin sensitivity.
Experts have found that lemon water contains
a high amount of citrate and can be used to
treat kidney stones.
So even if you dislike the taste, at least
your kidneys will thank you each time you
drink it.
Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of a heart
attack as well.
Lemon contains two types of plant compounds-
hesperidin and diosmin- Both help to lower
#6 Get Those Cozy Socks
A busy life leaves its marks on our feet in
the form of poorly kept nails, dry skin, and
cracked heels.
Taking care of your feet doesn’t need to
be a difficult task.
Wear a clean, cozy, and comfortable pair of
socks each day before you go to sleep.
You can wear cotton socks during summer and
replace them with wool ones in the winter.
Just don’t forget to apply moisturizing
cream on your feet before you wear them.
Each morning, you will wake up to soft and
smooth heels.
Within a month or two, you will forget all
your rough heel troubles.
#7 Snack Better
We all love eating.
Whether it’s a post-workout snack, or one
in between meals to keep you fuelled, your
food habits determine your health.
To reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods,
carry healthy snacks around with you.
When hunger strikes, you will find yourself
eating the apple you brought rather than ordering
a burger.
Instead of munching on carb-filled junk, carry
greek yogurt, fruits, nuts, and salads.
A study found that your choice of snack affected
your body mass index and diet quality.
Calories from nuts, fruits and authentic juices
are better for your health.
#8 Go Nuts
Nuts make for one of the healthiest snacks
you can eat.
Experts are crazy about them, and reasonably
Nuts are densely packed with nutrition.
Just a handful provides amazing health benefits.
Nuts contain plenty of fatty acids.
While its saturated fat content may alarm
you, plant-based foods are well-balanced with
high levels of healthy fats.
While monounsaturated and polyunsaturated
fats help lower bad cholesterol, omega 3 prevents
an irregular heartbeat.
The fiber in nuts keeps you full for longer,
promoting satiety.
As a source of L-arginine, nuts help improve
flexibility of the artery walls, making them
less prone to blood clots.
The Vitamin E present helps prevent plaque
development, too.
While nuts are great, don’t go overboard.
They are high in calories, so be mindful of
your serving size.
Eating four to five servings of unsalted raw
nuts a week is ideal.
Another thing to remember is not all nuts
are equal.
Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pecan are
more heart-healthy.
#9 Drink Water Like a Camel
This is one of the most ignored pieces of
health advice.
We often take water for granted, not realizing
its essential to our health.
Experts recommend drinking eight glasses of
water daily.
Staying hydrated maximizes your physical performance,
prevents headaches, relieves constipation,
increases metabolism, and even helps you lose
During one study, it was found that people
who drank half a litre of water before every
meal for 12 weeks, lost 44% more weight.
Do you already follow any of these 9 simple
Let us know in the comments below.
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