Weight Loss For Women Over Sixty

I want to talk about the difference
between fasting and keto and which one
is better I had this question come up
underneath one of the descriptions in my
youtube videos so I’m going to just talk
about it so when we talk about keto
we’re talking about low-carb now you
could do keto with zero carbs you could
do that but most people have just a
small amount of carb they might have it
between 20 and 50 grams but when you’re doing
fasting you’re bringing it down to no
carbs because you’re not eating anything
okay so just for the fact that you have
no carbs means that you’re gonna have
way more ketones than when you do
actually do keto if you compare them
together now with keto you’re gonna be
eating at a certain frequency and every
time you eat regardless of what you eat
if there’s any any significance of
calories you’re gonna stimulate
something called GIP okay that’s in the
small intestine that triggers a spike in
insulin so even though you’re consuming
low carbohydrates you are stimulating
insulin when you eat to a certain degree
but over here when you’re fasting
there’s no GIP stimulated so you’re
gonna have a lot lower insulin and a lot
more ketones that are generated all
right next thing is that when you
actually are in ketones you will
stimulate certain genes that will help
you in various ways but when you’re
fasting you actually enhance even
additional genes that have to do with
survival and definitely have to do with
anti-aging and longevity which will help
the brain become more focused and the
heart to become more efficient and those
ketones that are generated for both will
actually increase more oxygen in the
body and less co2 and ketones in general
act as antioxidants now with fasting
you’re going to get much more autophagy
and that is a condition where your body
is recycling old damaged proteins and
turning them into new tissue now with
ketosis you are going to get some
autophagy but not nearly as much so just
by looking at these two alone you can
see that fasting has a much more powerful impact
on your health than just ketosis now I
recommend you combine them together
because they will have a compounded
effect the benefits will be enhanced
because doing one will help the other
doing this will help that it’ll be
easier to do because when you’re doing
fasting and then you eat if you actually
eat keto less carbs your cravings
will be diminished you won’t be hungry
as much but if you’re doing fasting and
doing higher carbohydrates you may find
that number one it’s gonna bump you out
of ketosis for longer and you’re gonna
be actually craving for more carbs so
that’s one little issue with that so
eating keto makes fasting easier now
when you’re doing keto and not doing
intermittent fasting you may not see the
benefits that you would especially with
weight loss anti-aging cognitive
effects especially if you’re doing keto
with keto snacks so you’re doing three
meals with a snack in the morning lunch
and at night you’re probably going to
really diminish your results so if
you’re trying to lose weight and you’re
doing keto but not IF and you have a
slow metabolism you may find that you’re
gonna actually stall or plateau sooner
or later so combining both of these will
definitely allow you to achieve your
health goals much faster now if you’re
new to my channel and you’re not sure
how to do it I’m gonna recommend doing
what’s called the healthy version of
keto as well as intermittent fasting and
I put a link down below of exactly where
to get that plan
so I wanted to say thank you so much
for watching my videos I really really
appreciate it
now if you have benefited from my
information or videos and want to share
it with the world I would love to have
you write up a success story so click the
link down below fill it out and let’s
let people know the benefits of healthy
keto and intermittent fasting

7 thoughts to Weight Loss For Women Over Sixty At 20:56

  1. Dr. Berg, There is a Doctor on Youtube, (Dr.Gundry) who says the opposite of many of the things you share, specifically, Wheatgrass and Kale. He states that it is the devil lol….I am a HUGE fan of YOURS and I ADORE You and appreciate all the information you share however, he seems to be pretty credible and somewhat convincing in his claims so I'm left a little confused. Can you please elaborate a little deeper (than you already have that is) on Wheatgrass???

  2. I experimented with carnivore for a few weeks, and while I had some benefits to it, I also felt off because I couldn't eat enough. I decided to eat some broccoli as a "mop" to soak up the fat and help me eat it, and I immediately got horrible sugar cravings. I also perked up because I finally ate the fat, but these sugar cravings are horribly intense. It's just friggen broccoli. I've been repeating a similar cycle for a while now, where I go carnivore for a week, try keto for a week, but my keto spirals out of control because I get so many cravings, and then go back to carnivore which eliminates cravings but I can't stick it out long enough to adapt to eating that way. Plus, I don't really want to be carnivore, I want to travel the world and try different foods and retain my ability to occasionally have carbs without breaking out or reacting horribly. Any tips? Why do horrible sugar cravings come back just with broccoli or other vegetables?

  3. I don’t think I will live long enough to understand diabetes. I have not eaten since 6pm last nite. My sugar was 94 upon rising. No food ingested and my sugar now is 100. It has been 18 hrs since I ate, why did my sugar rise?????

  4. I'm just going to eat 7 cups wilted spinach, drink lemon juice and eat boiled eggs and fast for 23 hours for 30 days. If only I could just make spinach powder and drink it up with water.