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What is the Ketogenic Diet?
Hi, Louise here from Living The Low-Carb Life
One of the most common questions people ask
about the low-carb lifestyle is… “What
is the Ketogenic Diet?”
So in this video I’ll describe the most
important aspects of this special type of
low carb diet.
The Ketogenic diet is avery low-carb, high-fat
Carbs are replaced with healthy fats and the
reduction of carbs triggers a metabolic state
known as lipolysis.
Lipolysis is a process that occurs when the
body begins to use fat for energy… instead
of carbohydrates obtained from food.
The by-products of lipolysis are ketones and
ketosis is the secondary process of lipolysis.
By depriving the body of carbohydrates, which
are converted to glucose and typically used
as fuel, it is forced to use its fat stores
instead, literally melting fat off the body
when it is in ketosis.
Ketosis makes the bodyburn stored and dietary
fat for energy instead of getting its energy
from the carbs you eat.
Ketosis also turns fat into ketones in the
liver, helping to supply energy to the brain.
So, there you go!
Now you know about the Ketogenic Diet
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