Weight Loss For Women Over 40 Years Old

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the facial hair
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It’s just it’s out of control. It’s out of control
What do I do?
Hello, Diana, okay, quick ketogenic update and then I’m gonna answer like one or two questions. Then I go to the office
I’m gonna show you guys this new co-working space where?
Where I’m at downtown just signed up yesterday and it’s gonna be a blast
It’s gonna be a blast take a break from coffee shops in the condo buenos dias
So yeah
today on depression to expression
There will be a video
Forget to check and turn on your notifications the video is it’s gonna be like five steps to self-acceptance
And I think it’s a really great compassionate video to help those who struggle with self-esteem and obviously self-acceptance loving ourselves
So I want to talk about no allergies I can’t believe so this time of year in
Toronto at home up north it doesn’t matter. Where in Ontario
my allergies are always I
Have the itchy itchy inside the ear
Inside the mouth so you try to like it your scratch your ear, but that doesn’t get it
Something you try to try to scratch inside your mouth and that doesn’t get the itch
I’ve always had that in the summers and that’s gone it gi’s
gone, which I find pretty amazing and
Sneezing runny nose plugged up nose
Non-existent sneezing when I go outside like there have been windy days windy days and
I just there’s no reaction whatsoever
the only thing I can attribute it to the only thing that’s changed in 28 years of me having seasonal allergies is
No carbs and dairy. That’s it like my ice
Look at those ice. I’m looking right at you guys. Hi
Mexico no allergies
So that’s amazing news. I am thrilled with that
Pretty damn awesome this morning
I had even though I’m talking about yesterday, but this morning I had chicken lots of olive oil a salad and
Avocado and it was fantastic
Yesterday Fleet Foxes concert
Unbelievable now Robin Peck nolde the lead singer of Fleet Foxes
He is amazing, but he probably knows as himself that he’s having issues with his voice. I don’t know if he’s a smoker
I don’t know but he can’t hit mid-range anymore. And he’s a young guy and I wonder what’s going on
he’s struggling and
And you usually see that with artists when they’ve been around for a long time
but he’s not able to hit a lot of the notes that he used to so it’s a shame but
The concert was great sounded awesome
Everyone was you know my two brothers
were there too and a friend of mine I met up with or
Didn’t meet up with but he was there we didn’t have time to meet up after the concert anyways
Amazing experience if you have a chance to go check out live music in
Your hometown in a city near you in a bar near you in a you know
Just a small venue go for it. There’s probably there’s wherever you live. There’s probably free concerts everywhere
There’s jazz festivals that are going around in Toronto all around the GTA
Free jazz festivals like it’s so cool
What people put together and it’s all free
Live music is something special man. It really is
So if you have a chance to do that and Billy be like do they do they’re doing so
Quito yesterday
Mood 9 energy 9 sleep 8 focus and memory so brain fog
good focus in memory and eight
brain fog
Haven’t really paid attention to yet
You know focus and memory was kind of the brain fog factor and when I say brain fog I mean
What do I mean by brain fog just
thoughts even aren’t a sharp and
Experiences aren’t as vivid as they couldn’t should be. Do you know what I mean? So I
Think that’s really improved now that I think about it
Hello cyi
I really think that’s improved. So
focus memory is innate and then getting up in the morning yesterday morning piece of cake that was a that was a nine so
people talk shit about the Kido
They say it’s so unhealthy
it’s I
Don’t understand but science, they’re reading. I’m sure you can look up science to prove your point in anything
That’s what you see with with people who love the ketogenic diet and swear by it
Those people who hate the ketogenic diet and think it’s going to kill you
Those who you know eat only meat and those who eat
You can always find science to back your point up. It’s the easiest thing to do
You just do a google search of what you want to see and you’ll see it
So like the scientific debate doesn’t even get you that far anymore
Because there’s science and proof for everything now
You need to check out the validity of the study how many participants how many variables like really need a researcher to?
To tell you if the studies legit but what I always say is personal experience, really?
triumphs so with the keto diet any diet you’re doing if you’re feeling better if you’re losing weight if
Whatever result you want to see you’re seeing well
Works for you. Keep it going
That’s it. That’s the update. So I’ll take some questions
Any questions about the Kido any questions about life again?
This afternoon or actually it’ll be this morning. We’re gonna upload a new video. So please
Check your youtube
Check the stream and don’t forget to comment
Many questions, there’s no questions Oh
Demi Lovato
Yeah, I saw that. What was why she in the hospital? She is a big mental health advocate. I think she’s bipolar
Tell me why she’s in the in the hospital
People aren’t
Designed for fame
we didn’t evolve that way for millions and millions of people to know who we are and follow our every move that
Man, that does some real
It trips up your psyche. That’s for sure like you need to be very disciplined and well thought out and
Self-confident when you’re in the public eye like that
so when people go a little crazy I
totally understand you kidding me Oh
OD on heroin, well, why the hell did she have AK? Why is she doing heroin? What the hell is that about?
god, damn
Six years sober from heroin
Why was she doing heroin in the first place I
Mean I’m very ignorant. I don’t understand
drugs, I
don’t I never will I
Never will do you think relationships don’t help with depression and anxiety?
I’m not under sure. I’m not sure if I understand the question
Relationships don’t help as in being in like a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend or you mean with your family or friends Oh
Heather is here heathered. I’m
I already watched your video in the last livestream
I actually mentioned you by the way, if you didn’t know I’m gonna send you a note back
Everyone patrons here Heather and many others but Heather hasn’t joined a livestream yet. This is awesome. I
Don’t play for at night. I play pub. G-baby. That’s for real men pub. Gee
What would you guys think if I did livestream?
Livestream video games with my friends and we have some funny commentary. I think it’d be entertaining for me. Anyways. Hey Mike
Listen depends, what kind of relationship it depends what partner you have? It can be a blessing man to have
Someone there for you and who understands you like that’s amazing
As I said, everyone wants to be understood and especially with an illness like a mental illness
Everyone wants to be understood and supported
so if you have a partner that does that man that helps so much but you if you have are in a relationship where
Your boyfriend girlfriend, whatever
Doesn’t understand tells you to suck it up tries to make you feel better by doing shallow mundane things
That’s obviously gonna make you feel worse
totally depends I would say relationships have the power to take you out of
Depression they have so much power. I would not avoid relationships
For fear of being hurt or for fear of being misunderstood. I would chase that shit and get what you deserve
Yeah, so
maintaining a diet
When you feel terrible, of course, it’s tough
Now some people eat when they’re anxious people eat their feelings and luckily. I’ve never had that, haha
I went out if I’m going through a big boat of anxiety. I don’t eat
That’s why I can stay so thin
When I’m sad, I don’t feel like eating junk food when I’m feeling depressed
If I do eat all I want is healthy food. All I want is healthy food sugar and everything makes me feel worse
So I’m lucky in that regard
Sugar is not something I jumped to but I get it. It’s tough if you can
You know force yourself instead of having something extremely sugary
to at least balance it with something else or get some exercise or
Geez have a plate of veggies instead
Just if cooing and doing something is what you’re looking to do if staying busy is what you’re looking to do. Well, man
Cut up some bananas into different shapes get a pepper and slice it
So finely and perfectly right have-have the joy in that and take the time in preparing
Whoops Fleet Foxes was amazing. Amazing. Yeah, I told everyone before that
That Robin Peck know his voice is kind of his voice is kind of going and he’s so young. So it was kind of
kind of hard to watch at times when
He just couldn’t hit those notes that he used to it’s not even the high range misses. It’s mid range
He can’t he can’t get there and I don’t understand why
Guys, I’m gonna have to cut this livestream short lots of work to do today
But please stay tuned for the video today on self-acceptance
Hoping to see you in the comments there. Don’t forget to give it a share when it comes out
Which will be either this morning with tongues
Probably this morning or early afternoon
yeah, thanks everyone for watching Kido day 21 nine more days to go and
I’m feeling good feeling good. Stay strong keep being you and don’t forget to express your self

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  1. Well yeah you can find a study or multiple studies to back a point up, but finding reviews and/or meta analyses of a specific topic will at least show how far science goes in backing up that point