Weight Loss For 70 Year Old Women

Hi everybody!
Today I am going to share with you a very
simple way to lose kilograms
which helped me and also helps everyday with
my immunity
so we are going to prepare 100% natural syrup
and this syrup will help you to lose kilos,
so this is the first benefit,
then will help you to get rid of bad cholesterol
also will help you to raise your immunity
in this way your body will protect itself against
different kinds of flu diseases
so if you live in a large city this
will help you, trust me
also I live in large city and this helps me
and thirdly this will help you with
different kind of stomach diseases you could have
So these are the main benefits.
So in order to prepare this syrup
we need three natural components:
First of all we need Ginger, so
400 gr of ginger.
This is the Ginger.
Then we need a lemon, an entire lemon…
And we need also, Honey.
So this is natural crystallized honey
So we need 400gr of Ginger
we need about 3-4 large spoons of honey,
so if you’d like little bit sweeter you could
add more honey if you’d like to
But I do recommend to be 3 or 4 large spoons…
So let’s proceed to prepare our syrup…
First, we are going to clean the ginger
Then, we are going to wash it…
After cleaning the Ginger we cut it to small pieces,
then we are going to add here a lemon.
After that we are going to mix everything up…
till we’ll get uniform puree of these ingredients.
So, after mixing lemon with those pieces of ginger
we have got this kind of syrup
and we are going to pour everything which is here
into the honey jar…
So we have got here 4 spoons of honey and we are
going to pour all this…
After pouring ginger&lemon puree in the honey,
I have got this proportions…
Approximately, 30% or 40% of the jar is full with
natural honey, and 60%-70% of the jar is full with
ginger and lemon puree.
Now, we need to mix once more these ingredients till
we will get honey melt in the ginger puree…
So, we’ve got already our syrup, but is not ready to be
We’ve mixed everything up, we have mixed honey,
we’ve mixed these small pieces of ginger and lemon,
and… we have got this syrup.
In order to be consumed we need to keep it in the
fridge and we are going to start consuming it after one day
keeping it in the fridge, 24 hours.
Also, bear in mind that all the time we are going to keep
this refrigerated. OK?
So, now I am going to put it in the fridge and after one day,
after 24 hours I am going to explain you about more
benefits this syrup has got for our bodies.