WEEK 1 HOW MUCH DID I LOSE? | 7 Days KETO DIET Results and Thoughts

hey guys welcome to my channel it's Iva Scelfo so yesterday it's marked seven days since I went onto a ketogenic diet and I would like to share with you my opinion and overall results I feel really good I did not experience any keto flu yet so when you are on a ketogenic diet or any type of low carb diet you have to watch out for your electrolytes levels which means you gotta be eating enough sodium potassium and magnesium so I made sure I've been eating plenty of avocados and I've been also taking my multivitamins my thirst increased by a lot the first four to five days but it's back to normal right now I'm still drinking a little more than I used to but not that excessive like I've been the first 4 to 5 days I've been intermitting to support my ketosis I've been following the eating window the 16/8 which means I would break my fast around one o'clock every day and make sure or try to not snack after 9 pm

I would not be really strict sometimes on the weekends we would have a breakfast but in general during the weekdays I'm really trying to follow the 16/8 window when my fat macros are low I would typically have a blood proof coffee which is a coffee with MCT oil or coconut oil and the butter or I would eat some pork rinds just to bump up the fat and not increase too much protein I've lost about 5 pounds which is awesome but I know it was mostly water weight which I'm completely fine with I'll keep doing what I'm doing and I know the results will come I haven't been doing any type of exercise the past last week besides everyday walking with the dogs overall I feel very good I am energized my tummy is much flatter which I'm very happy about while I was eating pasta and bread lots of carbs I would always get bloated and my stomach would be like six months 7 months pregnant so I really wake up now and I'm Way flatter which is awesome and I'm really happy about that in my intro in Turkey to lifestyle video I've talked about some mild gluten intolerance I've been experiencing I used to have like a little dry patches all over my arms here and there and for years and I would never pay attention to those until like past month when I actually did some research and I found out that it might be some gluten intolerance so I stopped eating gluten for a little while and it got better well I still do have here and there some little buns but I think it's too early to actually see some results as it takes way longer than a week for the body to detoxify and actually get rid of all the gluten so I think I'm gonna see your results little later on that's the cravings go I don't really have any particular cravings only like two days ago I've been craving a little bit something sweet so I made this amazing keto two ingredients crepes while you can go watch the video I'm gonna link it down below it was awesome so that really hit that spot and I did them bad I really I really don't crave any particular carbs or bread or anything I made keto bread I made Kea pancakes so we had a zucchini so I don't really crave pasta yet so pretty I'm doing pretty good in that department as well so how I typically eat I would try to keep lunch very simple just throw together some some stuff I already have in the fridge from previous night or I make some eggs just something really simple and quick and then I would plant something anew for dinner to experiment and try some new recipes I love cooking if you guys follow me on Instagram or watch my videos you probably by now figure it out that cooking is my hobby I track my macros every day using chronometer app you think I paid about five bucks for that but it was well worth it and I would typically in the mornings think of what I want to make for dinner today and in my head just plan how much I'm gonna eat and what's gonna be in that meal and edit roughly into the chronometer app so I kind of know where I am at and then I plan my lunch and snacks around that meal to actually hit my daily macros as I said if I'm low on fat that day I would throw in some avocados or I would make a bulletproof coffee or eat some pork rinds or something was really high in fat but not too much in protein the only challenge I've been having is really make sure that I don't go over my protein like all the meats cheeses there is protein and lots of stuff I didn't even know and it all adds up very quickly as you know your body if you eat too much of a protein your body will treat it as a glucose so it loses the point and it can kick you out out of ketosis and we don't want that so that's why I think using some kind of micro tracker it's awesome and it helps you even in the beginning when you don't really know how you should be eating so I definitely recommend using that or MyFitnessPal that's for free that's awesome one also what I've experienced is that I'm really not that hungry I don't really know what is it about eggs and avocados but if I throw those two together at lunch time I really have to force myself to snack at like five o'clock sometimes I even skip tonight because I'm just not hungry so I do definitely believe and I know it's truth and now I even tried out and it works eating higher fat satisfy for very longer you're not that much hungry and you actually eat less of a food as fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates has definitely better for me intermittent fasting with keto diet together well I'm skipping breakfast I don't really have to think about five or six meals a day I eat three times a day so it's way easier to plan ahead it's way easier to meal prep you don't really have to still keep thinking what's the next meal and what for lunch routes for snacks it's very easier and I can control myself way better so for me so far ketogenic diet or ketogenic lifestyle is awesome I love it and I'm gonna keep doing it and I hope you're gonna keep watching my videos and follow my journey with me if you haven't yet please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'm gonna see you again in the next video bye