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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of ways to be more sustainable — including the best sustainable kitchen products, the best natural cleaning products, and the best reusable shopping bags — here, we’ve rounded up the best reusable food-storage bags, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated reusable food-storage bags

We’ve written a lot about Stasher bags here on the Strategist. They’ve been recommended to us by people who keep sustainable kitchens, and nearly 80 percent of Amazon reviewers love them too. “The guilt I used to have throwing away a sandwich baggie I used for a few hours is gone,” writes one reviewer of these reusable storage bags. Reviewers like them because they are dishwasher safe, and many report that their tight seal helps to keep food fresher for longer, like one reviewer who says, “I put half an avocado in this, and three days later it’s not even brown.”

But these Stasher bags are capable of so much more than just storing food. “I’ve used them for everything, from holding snacks and small items while backpacking to storing frozen food and leftovers,” one writes. “I like that you can boil these. It makes it really easy to take veggies out of the freezer and cook them right in the bag.” (One pilot we spoke to said he uses his Stasher bag to reheat meals in the in-flight oven.) Another Amazon reviewer says, “I was able to steam vegetables in the microwave in five minutes, and they are so easy to clean that I was reusing them in minutes.” One reviewer even uses them for sous vide cooking.

The one complaint from many reviewers is that these bags are on the expensive side, but, as one user says, “Now that I see how often I am using it, I am thinking that, with the fact that it is lasting so long, it is not quite as expensive as I originally thought.”

From $10 at Amazon

Best-rated (less expensive) reusable food-storage bags

“Itzy Ritzy, take all our money,” writes one reviewer who thinks these are “perfect for fruit, sandwiches, crackers, beach days in the sand, you name it.” Another “heavy lunch packer” likes these because “it is important to me to not only reduce waste, but to save money by not buying disposable zip bags over and over,” and they hold “a good amount, and most importantly, [are] easy to clean.” Another appreciates that these bags are “double lined, easy to keep cool or warm if needed,” while another notes, “I like the protective poly interior, as it adds a layer of protection from the snack being crushed in the backpack versus some other snack bags.” Not only do snacks stay physically protected, but reviewers also report that this bag keeps its contents fresh. “I use these for homemade cheese crackers for my keto diet, and they keep them nice and crisp,” says one reviewer, while another notes, “They keep the cut veggies fresh, even when I prepare my lunch the night before.”

$6 at Amazon

Best Velcro reusable food-storage bags

About 15 percent of reviewers say they prefer the Velcro closure on these reusable bags to the zippers found on many other brands. “The Velcro just holds up better. Easy to clean in the dishwasher,” says one reviewer. And while another user warns that these “are NOT leakproof,” they add, “the Velcro sticks well and is still easy enough for the kids to open by themselves.” In this set comes one sandwich-size bag and one snack-size one, and reviewers use the duo for a variety of things. “I use the small one for dates and the bigger one for crackers, celery sticks, etc.,” one writes, while another says, “I can put a whole sandwich in the big one and veggies snacks in the little one.” Another bonus for reviewers is that these bags are dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to clean, though handwashing works too. But one customer adds, “They have to air-dry after either method, but that doesn’t take long.”

$9 at Amazon

Best snack-size reusable food-storage bags

More than 45 percent of reviewers say this is the perfect-size bag for snacks. “I use them all the time for crackers, pretzels, grapes,” one writes. Another who uses them “daily for my son, my BF, and my lunches” says, “We put everything from crackers, dried mango, Munchkins, popcorn, and the like in them, and they have held up really well to daily use for three months now.” More creative reviewers have found other uses for these pouches besides food storage. “I bought these to carry my lipsticks and glosses in my purse because the lids kept coming off in my bag,” one explains. “These are supercute, and much less embarrassing to pull out of my purse than the raggedy Ziploc I used for years. I have three taller glosses and two regular lipsticks in the bag, five altogether. I could probably fit two more inside.” No matter what you put in them, reviewers agree that these bags are easy to clean, and, according to one, there are multiple ways to do it: “Depending on what I had in then, I’ve wiped clean, handwashed with my dishes, and tossed them in the washing machine with my cold laundry.”

$9 at Amazon

Best 10-pack of reusable food-storage bags

“If you are looking for a place to start to reduce waste in your home, THIS IS IT,” writes one reviewer who uses these reusable bags to “store fruits and vegetables in them in the fridge; pack them full for kid lunches.” Reviewers find they can do a lot with this set of bags because of the different sizes. In fact, about a quarter of reviewers say this set has the perfect sizes. “I love the fact that the set comes with three different sizes to meet the needs of whatever food I need to bring along with me,” one writes. Another says, “The large packs are big enough for sandwiches, cut-up fruits/veggies, anything you want … Smaller ones are the perfect size for on-the-go snacks or little leftover items you don’t want to waste by throwing out.” Users are also impressed with the seal. One who sends these to school with their preschooler says he could open it “with a little extra strength (which is good since they do not just open easily).” Another says, “I filled the bags with water to see if they would leak or not … No leaking.” And while a few reviewers think the only thing missing from these bags is that they aren’t dishwasher safe, one says, “I’ll take a few extra dishes over plastic waste any day.”

$15 at Amazon

Best 12-pack of reusable food-storage bags

Reviewers are most impressed by the seal on these reusable storage bags. About 15 percent specifically call it out, and dozens attest that these are, in fact, waterproof. “The seal on the bags are definitely well made, and I doubt any snacks will manage to escape these bags,” one reviewer writes. “I tested their ability to retain liquids as well while I was washing them just for the heck of it, and boy howdy, let me tell you what: When these things are closed, they are not playing around with keeping their contents contained. The only issue I had, which really isn’t an issue at all, was they are hard for me to open sometimes because of how good their seal is.” In this set, shoppers get six sandwich-size bags and six snack-size bags, so reviewers use these for everything from apple slices to meal prep. “When I unpack my produce, I immediately trim and place in the appropriate-size bag, and in the fridge (or freezer) they go,” one explains. “The produce stays fresh for over a week, so I started using them for meats and seafood. I love that l can add a marinade without worrying about leakage. To clean, I simply squirt detergent into warm water and use a bottle sponge until clean and place the bag over two glasses to dry.”

$8 at Amazon

Best (less expensive) 12-pack of reusable storage bags

“My kids are big eaters, and using multiple plastic bags a day was just killing my soul,” writes one parent who cleared their conscience by purchasing this set of six snack-size and six sandwich-size reusable bags. “I have used some apples with liquid, and they were kept fresh, unbrown, and leakproof. I used the larger bag for a PBJ sandwich, and it stayed put and didn’t get all over and it wasn’t as bad to clean up as I thought.” Another calls them, “airtight, easy to open, to close, and great for dry snacks, fresh herbs, and cut fruits.” Users find these bags are good for non-food items too, including one who says, “I sort my beads for jewelry-making and put them into these handy bags. I have used them for office supplies, food and baking items, and jewelry when I traveled to Europe and Morocco.” Another notes it “works great for organizing items I carry in my workbag.”

$13 at Amazon

Best reusable food-storage bags for kids

Many reviewers use these to pack lunches for their kids, and about a dozen say these are easy enough for their kids to open. “I tried a few others, and these bags are nice because they’re lightweight and easy for my kids to handle,” one writes. “I had been making Ziploc baggies of snacks for the car, and reusing Ziploc baggies, but this is a much better option.” Another says it’s easy for their kindergartner to open, while another notes it’s even “easy to use for a 4-year-old.” And though they might be easy to use, reviewers still describe these pouches as durable. “They are more tough, plastic/like material than cloth, but they are far more durable and easy to wipe down with a cloth after use than plastic,” one writes. Another says, “The bags are a quality material blend, the zipper is sturdy, and they are very easy to wash by hand in the sink and then leave to dry overnight, making sure the bag is slightly ‘open’ to allow moisture to evaporate.” The different designs were also a selling point for parents, as one appreciates the “cute designs to make it more fun for my kiddos.”

$18 at Amazon

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