Ketogenic Diet vs. Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Diet for Type 1 Diabetes: Rebecca’s Story

What was so crazy to me is that the results were immediate I mean, literally within days, I started having to take less and less insulin, and I was eating more and more carbs

I feel so energetic, and I can remember things now, a lot better I have more mental clarity, less mind fog, I had so much mind fog I feel encouraged because my metabolism is responsive now 340 my total cholesterol and now it's 130 something My LDL was 227, and now it's 59

I would say my relationship with food has radically improved because I feel freedom now [Music] I got diabetes when I was pregnant, I got gestational diabetes, and I had it with both of my boys I have two boys, I have five kids now but I only birth two of them, so I got gestational diabetes and then it went away in between both pregnancies, and they told me that it would most likely come back way later in life as type two, but it came back like three months after my second son was born I woke up one morning and I can hardly see, I went to the emergency room and my sugar level was like 500 Some people said you can eat whatever you want, just take insulin to cover it

It was just this big general "eat whatever you want just dial it up", you know Then other people, if I was having trouble maintaining it would say "well, you know it's the carbs don't don't eat too many carbs" I never ate fruits, because I thought it was the enemy to me, so I lived on meat, cheese, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, that's all I ate, and I tried to keep my carb intake less than 20 grams a day That's what I did every day, less than 20 grams of carbs a day, but my favorite thing in the world was a latte and that's 11, so there you go I had 9 left for the whole day, you know But even though I was doing that things kept getting worse, I kept gaining weight, I kept developing more odd sensitivities to foods, I was exhausted, I couldn't think, I had zero mental clarity, my A1c kept going up, I mean and I really thought I was going to end up having to live on cardboard, because I had to keep limiting more and more foods, you know, and everything kept getting worse

It was really depressing Most of the 16-17 years I didn't eat any fruit, and ate mainly animal fats and nuts I thought if I'm only in my early 40s and I am exercising this much discipline, and things keep getting worse what is my future going to be like It was scary because it wasn't as if I was a person who was just reaping the results of obviously poor choices, I was doing exactly what the doctors told me to do, perfectly almost, you know, I never veered Then I think I was just getting really discouraged, and I had a friend who, a friend who went to this doctor, so he started saying things to me like you need to eat fruit, and I was thinking no, he said well just try it, just start trying to add in more whole foods, more fruit and see what happens

Then he told me about Robby and Cyrus Since I had diabetes and he knew they had type 1 diabetes also, he said you've got to listen to these guys, so I started listening to everything they did I watched the summit and I was so inspired, between listening to Robby and Cyrus, listen to every single one of those summit talks, and then just trying it What was so crazy to me is that the results were immediateI mean literally within days, days, you know, I started having to take less and less insulin, and I was eating more and more carbs

A week went by it was ridiculously more carbs, I mean it was so fun I felt like I had just entered a candy shop with all that fruit, because a banana? I never ate a banana, but I mean bananas are like the best I never let myself feel full before because I was counting every calorie, and now I'm stuffed all the time, I mean, if I don't even have to worry about it, I don't even have to think about calories It's wonderful, it's so freeing Now I typically eat for breakfast, I usually have fruit, a big bowl of fruit some days, if I'm working then I make a smoothie, like with spinach and bananas and sometimes I put raw cacao in it

Sometimes, I like to do oats like oatmeal with water and berries and cinnamon and bananas I try to do a lot of raw honestly, so that's breakfast Then lunch, I usually try to do a salad with just a ton of different vegetables, all kinds of vegetables, whatever I've got in the refrigerator Sometimes, I add a grain like quinoa, rice to it, always beans, I love love beans, I eat tons of beans I need to have a plate of all kinds of raw vegetables, it feels kind of like tapas, you know, just like all kinds of raw vegetables and hummus, and avocado, salsa

It's a lot of raw vegetables and fruit Then I love potatoes, I love to cook some potatoes and cut those up with parsley with my evening vegetable plate I feel so energetic, and I can remember things now a lot better I have more mental clarity, less mind fog, I had so much mind fog I feel encouraged because my metabolism is responsive now

I feel like I have more influence over how I feel now, because everything's responsive and working more like it should Even eating less than 20 carbs a day, I would have to take between 18 to 20 units of insulin a day, so when I started eating a lot more fruit, I was a little nervous, but now as I incremental increased my fruit and vegetables, now I eat probably upwards of 130 carbs a day and I take 13 units of insulin a day, so it's crazy the change I used to, my cholesterol was what did I say 340, my total cholesterol and now it's 130 something My LDL was 227, and now it's 59 I dropped 10 to 15 pounds of weight

My HbA1c went down from seven point three to six point one This isn't a matter of six months, I started changing, I started experiencing radical change within a couple days, and then it just kept going For the longest time, I honestly was afraid I was going to be a beanpole, and I didn't want to be a beanpole, and it did it leveled out and I'm not a beanpole, it's good, but for a while I thought And then I thought for a while, maybe I would just be healed completely of my type 1 diabetes, but not yet, maybe soon Something else that's so encouraging is I get so excited about the nutrients I'm eating now

What I think is horrible is to realize that for 17 years, I virtually ate zero nutrients, that is both infuriating and alarming, and it's so exciting to realize that every single thing I put in my mouth now is doing something positive for my body, and keeping me healthy I still think about food a lot, because food is really good, but I would say my relationship with food has radically improved because I feel freedom now I am living so much more fully now, truly, it's so inspiring Yes, eat plants! Eat lots and lots and lots of plants [Music]

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