Keto Waffles Recipe With Coconut Flour

Today I am so excited to share a recipe for Keto waffles with you, this recipe is amazing I've always seen waffles recipes with heaps of ingredients this one has only four ingredients, one of them is salt, which is that even an ingredient? So I'm going to share that recipe with you today, l I'll leave a link to the blog post with the recipe and loads of ideas for yummy toppings ideas and everything that you could want, need to make these easy Keto Waffles and make sure if you're not already subscribed to my channel, make sure you subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this, and leave a like and a comment to let me know if you tried the recipe, what you thought, I look forward to reading your comments, so let's get on and make Keto Waffles We start with four eggs, I'm just gonna give them a whisk together and I've got my waffle maker ready to go on the side, okay don't go too crazy, that will do and now we're gonna add all our other ingredients, and told you it it that easy, a good generous pinch of salt, a quarter of a cup of coconut flour and a quarter of a cup of cream really just any cream you've got in the fridge with Keto we've got a cream or two, just whichever is easy to pour in, whisk through that is what you want to use and then give it another whisk through and that is perfectly whisked batter, so now I'm just gonna let it sit for a few minutes, with coconut flour it's very absorbent so you want to just give it a moment to just make sure that it's absorbed nicely and it's not going to be too thick or too runny a batter and add a little more cream or a little more coconut flour it also depends on the moisture in your air and your cooking and so many factors of coconut flour but don't be afraid of it, you can see this batter looks pretty good yeah that looks like a pretty good batter when you've got that kind of thickish consistency you are good to go, so I'm gonna heat up my waffles maker and get cooking

My waffle maker has come up to temperature and my one, just follow the directions of yours, mine need to be just greased a little bit and used my avocado oil spray that I just love I got from TK Maxx which I believe it's TJ Maxx in America, so I've got my waffle maker open let's see if I can get it all in shot for you, there you go, I've got my waffle maker in shot, excuse the noise in the background I'm multitasking and cooking at the same time other dishes to which you can look forward to and so we pop our waffle maker on first time I made waffles in this waffle maker I used a little bit less now I kind of use almost three or so tablespoons per waffle but again it's going to depend on the size of your waffle maker, I will find a similar one to mine and leave a link down below for you on Amazon if you would like to have a look and so I use this, get this with three tablespoons per waffle this gets me four waffles and I tend to have one, my husband, my kids each have one and we all have all kinds of different toppings and I will leave in the blog post loads of topping ideas my favorite though is strawberries and cream and I would like to know what your favorite waffle topping is leave a comment and let me know, okay there we go that is pretty much good to go and so I'll make sure all the little bits are covered because I have made them when you have little holes and and so then you just simply pop down the lid and close, this one it needs to be sealed up like that and in five to 10 minutes you will have waffles so I'm gonna let this cook and I'll show you once they're done, okay waffles are ready, let's have a look, yeah perfect a little bit of overhang on the side there but that's fine I like to use an egg lifter to get them out carefully and they kind of stuck together, we'll just pull them apart like that and oh can't even see them, can you, and we've got our waffles, how good do those look YUM and my topping of choice strawberries and cream gonna do that now, and before I see to my waffle I'm gonna remember I've got the rest of the better so pop the rest into the waffle maker and those are cooking I'm going to get on and top my waffle, so as I mentioned I love strawberries and cream! Look at that mishmash or strawberries and cream! What a yummy big keto breakfast, thanks so much for watching this video for Keto Waffles please make sure that you leave a like, subscribe for more yummy inspirations and leave a comment to let me know when you try this recipe out what you think, I look forward to reading your comments and down below I'll leave a link to the blog post where you can follow this along at home and make it yourself, so thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon bye!

5 Keto Spinach Recipe Ideas

Hello and welcome back to my channel today I have five Keto Spinach Recipes for you, they're all really easy and I've written a full blog post with all of the recipes, everything you need to know and I'll leave that down below for you so give it a click, pin it, bookmark it, save it so when you feel like spinach inspirations you can check it out and if you're new to my channel make sure to subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this I share loads of low carb keto inspiration usually at least three videos a week sometimes some bonus ones too, so subscribe to join the yummy inspirations community and remember to leave a like and a comment to let me know what is your favorite way to enjoy spinach when you're following the keto diet I look forward to reading your comments so let's get on with keto spinach recipe number one, I'm gonna have some spinach for breakfast this morning so I've got some eggs frying up and I'll show you what I'll do in a sec, eggs are done I love the little crispy edges and yummy breakfast I love having a side of spinach with my fried eggs in the morning because it kind of starts you off on a good veggie intake for the day so we've just got crispy fried eggs spinach cooked in loads of butter and that is this easy keto spinach recipe idea for you this keto spinach recipe is going to be a smoothie, I've got my blender here I have popped in a big generous handful of spinach and we gonna add some more ingredients to create and lovely keto smoothie I've added, a handful of raspberries a generous dollop of mascarpone, teeny sprinkling of stevia and some chia seeds and now we're just gonna top it up with some milk, perfect look at that okay we're gonna pop it on to blend now and it's done I'm loving my nutribullet just got one last week and I've been making all kinds of smoothies and today it's all about spinach so I'm gonna pour this out into a glass and it looks so good, it tastes so good, if you're new to green smoothies and adding a bit of spinach to your favorite smoothie is a great way to start, it does look very green but tastes amazing and that is this keto spinach recipe idea keep watching for more and now I'm going to make a spinach pesto, these are all the ingredients we are going to use Use 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of olive oil just depends how oily we want it I've got 2 cups of spinach in there we're gonna add some parmesan some salt I've got pine nuts you can use walnuts if you want instead I've got half of a a lemon you can use a lime instead and I've got 3 little cloves of garlic because I like mine really garlicky but you could use two if you want instead but remember check down below I'll have all the full ingredients and the quantities that you need to make this so I'm using my nutribullet blender you can use a food processor if you want instead I'm going to get on add all of the ingredients into my blender and mix up my pesto, that looks pretty cool with all the ingredients in there look at that so I've got my pesto ingredients ready to go I'm gonna pop them onto my nutribullet and get them blended and there you go the perfect pesto and I just poured it out into a bowl how cool does that look yeah I love using my nutribullet it's so much fun and so that is my Keto spinach pesto and you can eat, enjoy it with zucchini noodles or with some chicken or you know pesto pasta salad using keto friendly ingredients check down below the blog post I'll go into the details, but that is this yummy way to enjoy spinach that's keto friendly, this keto spinach recipe makes a lovely lunch or dinner, I've got some leftover roast chicken I've chopped up into little pieces there we've got some mascarpone and spinach and we're going to make a really easy, quick delicious yummy keto dish with this, butter is melted nice and hot in frying pan we're gonna get on and cook and heat through our chicken and once it's heated we'll move on to the next step, chicken is heated through beautifully brown time to add our spinach is I'm gonna make a huge heaped tablespoon of mascarpone and then mix it through and get it all creamy, that's done look at that creamy chicken spinach next dish and there's only three ingredients how easy, how yum, so that is the Keto Spinach Recipe and we've got one more to go and for the final easy Keto spinach recipe of course I'm making a salad I'm starting with a big bowl of spinach and topping it with goats cheese and a couple of chopped strawberries to finish it off this beautiful salad I've simply got spinach feta or goats cheese use feta whatever you like and strawberries and it's just such a yum salad you can drizzle over your favorite keto salad dressing or just some olive oil, avocado oil anything you like but that is just one beautiful salad look at that and that brings us to the end of this video thank you so much for watching make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations and leave a comment to let me know what's your favorite keto spinach recipe I look forward to reading your comment and remember to check down below for the link to the blog post where I go through all of these recipes in more detail so make sure you click through to it and check that out and we'll see you again soon bye!

Classic Sloppy Joes – Low Carb Keto Sandwich Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present Sloppy Joes

This classic American sandwich was invented back in the early 1900's and has been on a lunch menu of American tables ever since The original homemade recipe uses brown sugar and a couple of other low carbohydrate no-no's and using a popular store-bought Sloppy Joe mix isn't much better either Let's get started Add 1 pound of ground beef to a skillet on medium-high heat and break it up a bit Add the whites and greens of 5 stalks of green onions – about a third of a cup

And add some finely diced bell pepper Season with some salt; ground black pepper; and a little garlic powder Cook until all the beef is browned and the vegetables have softened At this point you may want to drain the residual fat and have a little less sloppy experience I'll be keeping it and reducing it by cooking it a bit longer

After the meat has browned, we'll add the classic Sloppy Joe flavor by adding some plain white vinegar; some of my low carbohydrate Worcestershire sauce; just a touch of yellow mustard and about 3/4 of a cup of reduced sugar ketchup We'll finish by adding a liquid sugar substitute equal to 1 tablespoon of regular sugar Now mix well until everything is fully incorporated Serve hot on my low carbohydrate hamburger buns and enjoy all the flavors of a classic Sloppy Joe without all the carbohydrates There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Sloppy Joe sandwich recipe

Who says being on a low carbohydrate diet can't be delicious and fun? I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week As always, thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

Keto Pizza Bagel Bites Recipe

Action yo what is up, you know just because you like to toke treefer doesn't mean you can't also get ripped Action yo if you're anything like me you've heard this before stoners are fat stonerss cant get ripedp hey STONER You're never gonna get jacked Well

I'm here to tell you Nah Action yo, I'm gonna show you how to make some bomb-ass tasties for when you just dabbed that dank wizard And you've gotta munch, but these Bagel Bites ain't gonna turn you into a fatty fat fat Action here's what you need cut action pepperinos cut action queso cut action microwave oven cut action Here's how you make 'em Shit that looks bomb cut

Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present a Cajun fish fry

This recipe is loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates If you've been craving fried seafood on your low carbohydrate diet, this recipe will definitely fill the bill Let's get started We'll start by making our own cajun seasoning If you prefer, though, you can take a short cut

I prefer these two store-bought brands – Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic or Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning They're MSG free and offer an incredible flavor For our homemade Cajun seasoning, we'll use some smoked paprika; salt; ground black pepper; we'll add some spice with a little cayenne pepper; add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder; onion powder; some dried thyme; and finally some dried oregano Mix well to combine This recipe will give you about 4 tablespoons

We'll prep our breading station with some ground pork rinds and some almond flour Season this with 1 tablespoon of our Cajun seasoning and mix to combine Rinse and pat dry four fish fillets of your choice Season each fillet with our Cajun seasoning Be sure to season both sides

Now I'm going to give you a little secret to an authentic Cajun fish fry We're gonna coat each fillet with yellow mustard Remember though, this is the secret, so don't tell anyone Just trust me This really makes the fish flavor come alive

After all the fillets are prepped, coat each well with our breading mix Once our fish is coated, we're ready to fry In a large skillet, with about a quarter inch of oil heated to 350°F place the fillets Fry each side for about two to four minutes Your frying time will vary depending on the thickness of your fillets Let drain on paper towels

Serve with some lemon and my tartar sauce and enjoy the best fried fish you'll ever try! There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Cajun fried fish A recipe that's loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates

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Worcestershire Sauce Recipe – Low Carb Keto Sauce | Saucy Sunday

Welcome all! Papa G here Today is Saucy Sunday! It's where we focused primarily on low carbohydrate recipes for sauces, condiments, and dressings

Most of the videos will be short and to the point Just something to help add a little flavor to your low carbohydrate diet Let's get started For this week's sauce, we'll be making a low carbohydrate Worcestershire sauce Some low carb recipes have Worcestershire sauce as a consumable ingredient; which is fine in small amounts, but when moderate amounts are called for, it'll increase the overall total net carbohydrates dramatically

Let me show you what I mean A popular brand has its serving size as one teaspoon, which only has one net carbohydrate But when a recipe requires a tablespoon or even a quarter cup, it adds quite a bit of net carbohydrates and sugar to your overall net carbohydrate count The Worcestershire sauce recipe we'll be making today will be just as tasty as the store-bought, but with only a fraction of the carbohydrates Without the heat on, add a half a cup of apple cider vinegar to a saucepan; add a bit of water; some soy sauce; about two tablespoons of fish sauce; a touch of liquid smoke; some ground ginger; ground mustard; some onion powder; garlic powder; ground black pepper; a liquid sugar substitute equal to three tablespoons of regular sugar

We'll finish off with a couple of whole cloves Give a mix with a whisk and turn the heat to medium-high Let come to a medium boil Reduce the heat to medium-low and let simmer two to three minutes to allow the flavors to come together – stirring occasionally Turn the heat off and let cool just a bit

Strain the mix by pouring through a strainer Sdd the sauce to a storage container and store for later use There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Worcestershire sauce recipe A wonderful low carbohydrate replacement to a high carbohydrate store-bought counterpart I hope you enjoyed this video

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Creamy Alfredo Sauce – Easy Low Carb Keto Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today is Saucy Sunday! It's where we focused primarily on low carbohydrate recipes for sauces, condiments, and dressings

Most of the videos will be short and to the point Just something to help add a little flavor to your low carbohydrate diet Let's get started For this week's Saucy Sunday episode we'll be making a low carbohydrate creamy alfredo sauce You can use this classic italian sauce to add zing to some sauteed zucchini noodles; or in a wonderfully delicious Chicken Florentine Casserole

Look for that recipe very soon! Begin with a saucepan on medium high heat; add 2 cups of heavy cream; eight tablespoons of unsalted butter cook and stir until the butter is melted Now add some salt; ground black pepper; and a generous amount of garlic powder Give that a stir to combine Before it begins to come to a boil, add one egg yolk and whisk to mix in

When the sauce comes to a slight boil, reduce the heat to medium and add four ounces of shredded Parmesan cheese Continue to whisk until the cheese is incorporated You'll know it's there when you can't see the melted cheese as you lift the whisk Continue to stir and simmer and allow the sauce to reduce and thicken This process will take about 10 to 15 minutes

As it gets to the reduced state, give it a taste for salt This sauce is very easy to make and adds an Italian flavor to just about anything – including my upcoming recipe be on the lookout for that very soon I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like in consider subscribing

I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

Chicken Florentine Alfredo Casserole – A Very Easy Low Carb Keto Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present a wonderfully delicious low carbohydrate casserole recipe

My Chicken Florentine Alfredo Casserole With just a few ingredients and some simple shortcuts, you'll enjoy a meal that's as easy to make as it is delicious to eat Let's get started As I just said, using some time-saving shortcuts will help you to prepare this recipe a lot quicker For example, a precooked rotisserie chicken from your local grocer; pre-wash baby spinach; and some pre sliced mushrooms

Now although the spinach could be used as is, I prefer to trim some of the larger stems from the spinach I think this helps give a little better texture to the dish We'll do some prep work by cutting up six strips of bacon After shredding the chicken, place in a large mixing bowl Add some poultry seasoning and give a mix with your hands to coat the chicken; then set it aside

In a large skillet on medium-high heat, add the bacon Fry the bacon until it's about two-thirds done When it's reach just about this point, add the sliced mushrooms to the skillet and continue to cook until the mushrooms soften Add the baby spinach Now it looks like a lot, but you'll see as it cooks down it'll wilt considerably

Carefully mix the spinach in and cook until it's completely wilted down Now add the bacon, mushrooms and spinach to the seasoned chicken and mix to combine Use some butter and grease a 9 by 13 inch casserole dish Pour the chicken mixture into the casserole dish and distribute as evenly as possible Next, we'll need about two and a half cups of my alfredo sauce

I'll have a link in the description below for that recipe Add a quarter cup of sour cream and mix with a whisk to combine Pour the sauce evenly over the top Now evenly distribute a half a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese Follow that with a half a cup of shredded cheddar cheese

Cover with some aluminum foil and place in the middle of a preheated 375°F oven for 20 minutes Carefully remove from the oven and uncover Place the casserole back in the heated oven for an additional 20 minutes Remove once again and let cool just a bit Serve hot and enjoy one of the best low carbohydrate casseroles you'll ever try

There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Chicken Florentine Alfredo Casserole Perfect for your weekly meal prep or any family dinner I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week

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Keto Coffee Recipe | Non Toxic And Super Delicious!

Hi I'm Dr Zyrowski in this video I'm giving you my non-toxic keto coffee recipe

Hey we're here for another DIY video and I'm here with my wife Ashleigh Hey guys! And in this particular video we want to talk about coffee That's something a topic that everybody loves First of all there's a couple of things we want to show you on how to navigate with coffee how to brew your coffee and then also how you can use your coffee as a keto recipe You can use it to have all the benefits with the fat that's going to really support your and brain in some pretty cool ways so you want to go ahead and get us started here? Sure so you're going to start with your coffee grounds

Now you don't just want to buy your favorite Starbucks blend of coffee you really want to be careful of what kind of coffee you're choosing And the reason for that is because look at coffee it's the third most sprayed crop so we want to make sure you're taking something that we're getting good quality coffee because we don't want something that's you know just totally laced with chemicals heating it up then consuming it like most people do first thing in the morning Absolutely and then here we have our Presto coffee maker, it's an electric percolator The reason we like the Presto coffee maker is first of all it's a very simple inexpensive coffee maker but secondly it's not running your coffee it's not running hot water in your coffee through a bunch of plastics like things like the Keurigs and those different coffee makers out there and it literally brews your coffee in that hot water right through the hot plastics and we also once again want to have non-toxic coffee so this is a very inexpensive way to brew your coffee The next thing that we're going to add is some cinnamon

I just have some organic cinnamon here Hopefully not very much here I like about an eighth of a teaspoon in my coffee Cinnamon is great because it's going to help us because it's loaded with the antioxidants it helps support the brain and heart health and it supports preventing diabetes So it just helps in so many great ways and it adds a great flavor to the coffee too

Great and then the next thing add is about 1/2 a tbsp of ghee and it also has pink Himalayan sea salt in the ghee So with keto or even fasting which by the way this isn't fasting approved recipe the ghee and all that has calories in it that will throw you out of a fast but anyway with the ghee it's nice to add and it's cool to have in your coffee because it has a lot of benefits It's rich in butyric acid, it's rich in CLA, which is going to support gut health, it's going to support heart health and brain health It has MCT's in it the list goes on and on but yeah Fat soluable vitamins

All of the A-D-E-K It's got a lot of vitamins so anyway this is the one we're using right here and this one's cool specifically because it has the Himalayan pink salt in it So it's grass-fed as well now why would somebody use ghee over butter because I mean everybody's heard about butter and coffee but why butter versus ghee The ghee has the lactose encasing taken out of it and so if it is in there it's in very very minimal amounts Now you know we could use butter here just the same however just because I work with a lot of people who are sensitive to a lot of different foods, I'm just erring on the side of caution and using ghee

Alright and the next ingredient is some MCT oil again about a half a teaspoon here I'm sorry half a tablespoon You know MCT oils it's a medium chain triglycerides are really great because is able to be used as a super fast energy source for the brain and the body so going and putting MCTS in your coffee is just a great way to get that neurological boost first thing in the morning and that quick energy especially when in ketosis Awesome and now many people like their coffee just like this I personally like sweetener in my coffee My sweetener of choice would be this is a xylitol erythritol blend and that's what I use in my coffee

Now if you don't do well with sugar alcohol we also have sweet leaf Stevia this one's vanilla cream but they have all different kinds of flavors they have chocolate, they have just plain original so you can choose a variety of different flavors there for your coffee so I'm just going to add my xylitol and erythritol to the coffee here We're a big fan of the sugar alcohols like xylitol erythritol because we like that it doesn't have that Stevia taste to it when we like that but you know we do realize and you also should be fully aware that some you know we do realize and you know you also should be fully aware that some people do not do well with it and one more note about xylitol before we go further because I know that somebody will ask this and the questions and it does it raised insulin levels and it's a complicated answer because the truth of it is that it's yes and no The reason it's yes it's because just the taste of sweetness and the mouth can actually raise insulin levels in some people and not in others so other and many people are just fine it's not going to raise blood sugar because it's not a sugar so I wish I could give you a more direct answer on that but it's very unlike a case by case basis however we're using a very small amount in here and so you should be just fine with it Okay so no we just need to blend up our coffee because we have a Vitamix here we don't have to put the lid on I'm going to just turn it on and set it to two blend if you have a say like a Bullet or something like a Magic Bullet something of that nature you just want to make sure like I said use a more coffee not super hot Real quick before you blend that when you're blending the coffee with the fats in it it's best if you blend it at a higher speed just simply because it actually mixes it well if you just blend it to the point where it's just simply like stirring it up you're going to pull it out and it's going to have all those oils sitting on top and it's likely not going to be something that you like it also make sure you just turn that blender up a little bit in order to get it blended and whipped real well

Alright now that it's blended up, you can go ahead and just enjoy Can't wait to try it Hey guys so this is how you non-toxic keto coffee be sure to give this video a thumbs up share it with your friends and also don't forget to subscribe to the channel Is the coffee good? Oh it's good, it's really good I actually don't even drink that much coffee and I actually really appreciate this so it's great

Alright until next time folks, we'll see you in the next video Bye

Easy Pecan Crusted Baked Salmon Recipe – Low Carb Keto Recipes

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present a light in delicious entree

My low carbohydrate pecan-crusted salmon recipe With just a bit over 1 gram net carbohydrates per serving and a nice balance of flavor and texture, it's a wonderful low carbohydrate meal Let's get started Start by adding some mayonnaise to a mixing bowl Add a little Dijon mustard; some apple cider vinegar; a little lemon juice; some garlic powder and just a touch of liquid sugar substitute to help balance the acidity

Give a mix to combine and set aside To a separate mixing bowl, add some ground pecans; some salt ground black pepper; and a little cayenne pepper Mix to combine Once everything is mixed together, add two tablespoons of melted unsalted butter Give another mix to incorporate

Place four salmon fillets on parchment paper – skin side down Equally divide the mayonnaise mixture over the top of each fillet Using your hands, spread the mixture over the tops and sides Now equally divide the pecans over the fillets Place in the middle of a preheated 450°F oven for seven to ten minutes

When done, remove from the oven Now this next step is optional, but I think it adds a bit to the presentation I like to run a knife along the sides to expose the salmon layers and offer a bit more uniform look There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate pecan crusted salmon recipe A light and delicious low carbohydrate meal

I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, Please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!