good morning guys it's Keila I'm back with another what I eat in a day and today is actually really special I'm meeting some Instagram people today I'm super excited but they've been such inspirations for me on Instagram food motivation working out like I stressed so much that I find inspiration in others and their transformations are amazing so I'm excited for you guys to meet them sorry there's a car that like almost hit my car but yeah so I think I got here a little bit earlier than them there they catched an uber down here we're going to this place called aroma it's one of the first restaurants that I fell in love with here in California they have a lot of items that could easily be made quito friendly all their sides it usually comes with either fries or a side salad and their salmon burger is do die for us I think I'm gonna get that and like add cheese or something I don't know I'm a little fancy but I wouldn't tell you guys with me so let's go ahead and go they are so good amazing I'm gonna steal the recipe from her so that way I can show you guys how to make them because they are addicting and it dipped in Lilly's chocolate the caramelized so it's raining but I just got back from the gym and I'm a little bit hungry so I think I'm gonna get a snack so I'm going to be eating some chips and salsa this these chips actually got is a gift from Elena also known as the stair lady so thank you so much just think of these as hot cheeto flavor but Dorito texture they're so good and the card count is amazing at 6 grams of carbs but 35 dietary fiber and it's made with a sweet corn and cactus so really really good I will leave a link to Amazon but honestly it's so expensive on Amazon so if you can find it in your local place she found it in Texas so if you're in Texas would probably able to find it I can't even find it in California so I'm just gonna savor these and probably have to order some on Amazon later and then I got this bold black bean and corn salsa um actually technically this is not considered keto or anything but if you look at the carb count it is only about one gram of carbs per two tablespoons which is the same carb count as the other one that I usually get from Private Selection which is the restaurant style and that's the lowest one that I've been able to find so that just goes to show that hey sometimes you can fit it in your macros and this doesn't affect me really that much so but I am gonna measure out 2 tablespoons it must be an agnostic day because this looks like day jobs I literally had eggs for brunch I've been obsessed with eggs lately so hey it's egg day I'm ok with that I just added some mushroom laughter that way you know I can get like a medium feel without because I'm so it's not like I just have some cheese on here and I'm gonna add that into there you guys know the drill I feel like I've done this before it's too big too close so we're just gonna do it tostadas style I'm just kind of crisp up the bottom have that cheese melt and then eat it with some salsa I can't even be bothered with a cute little fancy plate because nobody got time for that I have some salsa this combo is gonna be fire I'm so excited to eat it I shall grab so I'm just gonna finish this oh so good I'm trying to find something to watch guys let me know your ads recommendations on like movies and shows thank you guys so much for watching this what I you know Dave I've always you guys like these types of videos don't want me to make more of them you know what to do like it comment make sure you come back for more

How to Lose Weight Fast on Keto Diet

So you've heard about the keto diet and now you're looking for the fastest, and safest way to lose weight I'm going to be giving you my top tips in this video

Hi guys, Anne here from Think Natural Health We are all about natural wellness here If you haven't already then consider subscribing but for today let's just jump right into the video Did you know that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate unlike essential fats, proteins and fibre that your body literally needs The idea of Ketosis is to change the form that your body is running on fuel from glucose, which is basically sugar, to a much cleaner fuel which is Ketones

What this basically does is switch on the ability to have your body start running off of the fat that you already have stored If you are considering Ketosis then make sure and do your research before you begin but a great starting point would be to cut your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams at most, the lower the better cut out any excess sugars you're having, and yes that includes fruit and third, increase the amount of fats and veggies you have with each meal The fats will help keep you full inbetween meals and the veggies will help to give you that much needed potassium that gets rid of those sugar cravings That's the reason you've failed almost every other diet you've ever tried

Potassium Once you've got these basics down, and getting into the swing of things can be difficult because it usually means a complete overhaul of your diet, I've got some more advanced techniques including intermittent fasting and why potassium is so vital to Ketosis But that is for a later video The final thing to remember is do not overdo your protein Just because you've given up carbs doesn't mean you can go all meat feast

Make sure that you're only having about 6oz of protein with each meal and no more than that If you overdo your protein you will spike insulin and that is the exact reason we gave us carbs and sugar Instead focus on those essential veggies and salad to fill you up and if you need to, increase the fats as well, because that will keep you fuller for longer So there's the basics on successful fast weight loss the Keto diet Subscribe to our channel to see more on our Ketosis series where I cannot wait to share more of my tips on Keto

See you in the next video Bye

Scuffed Logan Paul on Keto Diet [VOD: May 15, 2018]

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FailFish rektbud : diet OMEGALUL TunnelSnakes_RuIe : not really AvLoaVlO : POGGERS qasdew21 : no fruit on keto sbt xxx1 : try intermittent fasting / carb cycling Karnall : eat some butter u cuck Hilly663 : Mitch wtf u attttttt Dancingbear23 : wtf is that Jaenisch : he wont stream OG_Shark_Boi : Example carbo loading for energetic performance the next day Terrorzona : lirikPUKE lirikPUKE lirikPUKE Tryhards_Never_Sub : WutFace Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream zoldren : scuffed keto らず : Greek should try this diet phavela : K kevinacrider : its fucing lunchmeat ultrapiss : BibleThump b8n5i1 : WutFace Caliandra1711 : eating stream kevinacrider : that doesnt count PositivePleb : Dog emote LUL Jascore : LUL Berkoklu : <3 Karnall : even dog hates him AIexJones : monkaS NutellaBeastmode : <3 greeklikeschiken : BibleThump PaulASAP : MingLee cook it b8n5i1 : cmonBruh kyzed : @MitchJones you are on fortnite section b8n5i1 : cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh PositivePleb : Feed it Etsku168 : YOU NEED TO EAT FATS MITCH 😡 Daniel_Hoops : DOGGO IS LIKE FUCK OFF greekOMEGA mattjeeh : WASH HANDS 😡 qasdew21 : dog stream theo18 : TriHard dog PositivePleb : <3 🙂 eskoez : PepeHands Selfmotivati0n : @MitchJones go fortnite stream Godlio : 😀 ObviouslyLad : lots of meat on it MingLee leaderbroad : DEAD? monkaS hypetrain10 : didnt wash hands DansGame MannyPanties : Sh TunnelSnakes_RuIe : F KFC_CHICKEN_DRIVER_KKONA : PepeHands らず : famous last words monkaS eskoez : @KBubblez stream Karnall : 1g of fat keto diet btw Elyxi1 : FeelsBadMan ThomasGames22 : VoteNay Tryhards_Never_Sub : MercyWing1 TriHard MercyWing2 darknessx420 : TriHard Clap whynotswegdaat : GGX gang TriHard Relum : LOL great stream bud burton112 : yo Mitch wassup maniiac95 : good old bitch jones PokerCx : NOBODY TO WATCH ObviouslyLad : @kbubblez Travis Waiting Room ResidentSleeper maniiac95 : jk how are u kid hypetrain10 : ResidentSleeper b8n5i1 : graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT graphWHAT imgay05 : At least he updates us i guess tankintampz : ): 30Loxy : MJOC where u at Berkoklu : ACTUALLY PogChamp STREAM rektbud : any trihards? triSoft


why I am going Ktoo and what the heck is ketogenic diet that's what I'm gonna talk about today hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Iva Scelfo and if you're new here my channel is all about weight loss and health lifestyle so if you're into that kind of stuff then you might want to consider to subscribe so what is ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is also well known as the a low carb high fat diet which basically means your body depletes itself out of glucose and it's forced to use fat as its fuel I will try to explain it easy your body always prefers glucose over fat to use as its fuel so because when we eat carbohydrates our blood glucose levels rises rapidly also spikes up our insulin and insulin it's basically the hormone which is responsible for storing fat low carb diet helps stabilizes these spikes when your body can't use glucose as its fuel anymore your liver will start producing ketones and uses fat as its fuel so how many cars should you eat a day well that will depend on every person but in general it's 20 grams of net carbs some people can stay in ketosis and eat 50 grams of net carbs but to be sure and saved just stay within 20 grams so what are the net carbs well net carbs are actually all Carbohydrates you eat – the fiber while the fiber is carbohydrates which your body cannot digest therefore it cannot spikes your insulin so fiber here is not the enemy so how fast can you get into ketosis well that will vary person to person but in general it takes somewhere within two to seven days to get into ketosis state which is the states where your body start using a fat as its fuel so how can you get into ketosis faster well you can really reduce your daily intake of carbohydrates two-barrel a minimum that helps also fasting helps you can look into intermittent fasting and follow your eating window I will talk more about intermittent fasting and my experience with it in another video so what should your macros be well that will vary person to person again depending on your age gender weight height and exercise level but in general you should be eating within 65 to 75 percent of fat 15 to 30 percent of protein and 5 to 10% of carbohydrates there are many great keto macro calculators online and ruling some links down below and also there are many great calorie trackers apps for your phone which you can use and that will definitely help you especially in the beginning so can you eat as much as you want on this diet well no it always comes down to calories in versus calories out you can't eat whatever you want you have to burn more calories than you actually give in to your body well it's simple as that so what can you actually eat well you're going to eat high fat moderate protein and very low carbohydrates so most of your diet will be healthy fats like avocados coconut oil grass-fed butter egg yolks full fat cheese for protein you can have beef poultry pork fatty fish nuts and seeds and your main source of carbohydrates should be from vegetables like leafy greens and above ground vegetables fruit is not allowed on a keto diet except for berries so you can still have your strawberry chia seeds putting no problem so why I want to get on board with this keto lifestyle well the truth is my body doesn't really respond well to carbohydrates I've 25 pounds since following a plant-based vegan diet I also noticed some mild gluten intolerance some mild rashes and stuff and I always feel bloated and tired and I have a real binging problem with corpse I could binge on pasta and Brad it's just it's just not healthy relationship so I tried the keto diet before for about two weeks and it suited me well so this time around I'm determined to really jump right into it and explore all the benefits and I'm really excited to start and I'm really happy that you were here with me I'll be documenting every step of my journey so you welcome to join me and if you do don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button that you get notified every time I upload and I will see you again soon

What to Eat on Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss – Meal Plan

So maybe you've started on the Keto diet but you are not seeing the results you expected In this video, I'm going to be giving you my top tips on what to eat for weight loss on the Keto diet

What's up guys, Anne here from Think Natural Health We are passionate about wellness and we release videos every week so you should consider subscribing to our channel but today – let's talk about Keto In my previous video I went over the basics of what Keto is and how to do it If you missed that and haven't seen it then you can check the card above now and go ahead and watch that Today I'll be going over the food to eat and what not to eat on Keto

Lets go So the first thing you want to do is try and find low-carb alternatives to the really common carby foods that we eat like rice, pasta, breads, biscuits The most common one would be cauliflower rice, every one has kinda heard of that, but there's actually a lot of different vegetables rices that you can try and I would really recommend doing some research because some of them have fantastic nutritional profiles The second thing you're going to want to do is eat plenty of nutrient-dense fats, like grass-fed butter, really good quality olive oil and coconut oil and avocados Stay away from the heavily refined oils and butters

They do not allow your liver to function properly – they clog it all up, which is bad because that is where the 6 fat burning hormones are produced So some really great examples of food you want to eat on Keto are calciferous vegetables, I'm talking kale, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts There is an amazing recipe for cauliflower wraps that I'm going to link down below It is a great substitute, really easy to make and it will help you miss carbs just that little bit less As for the foods not to eat, well, the list is quite extensive

So we know not to eat carbs, we've been over that, but there are several other things you should bear in mind So when trying to pick healthy foods on the Keto diet you want to bear a few things in mind One of them is that you don't want to spike your insulin levels more than what you have to Every time you eat you will spike your insulin levels but you want to try and maintain that and keep it low and that's why we do intermittent fasting, but that's for another video So foods you want to try and avoid are starchy foods like potatoes, very much sweet potatoes, fruit, yoghurt, milk, beans – anything like that

I know that each of those foods sound healthy on their own and they are, a lot of them have really great nutritional properties but sadly they also score high on the glycaemic index which means you're going to end up with a massive spike in insulin – and that is a huge no-no When you have a spike in insulin, when these things are converted really quickly into sugar, you end up putting the fat burning process on hold anywhere in between 24 hours and 72 That is a huge no-no on Keto! When first starting out on Keto it may seem like your options are limited, and I know it can come across like that But with a little bit of research, I honestly, I can tell you right now, you can find a substitute for just about anything And I have some of my own that I will be doing in another video

There you have it guys Follow these tips and avoid these traps and I guarantee you will start to see some really great weight loss Have fun on your Keto journey, make sure and put any comments you have down below and I will see you in the next video Bye!

5 Cheap Keto Meals | Low Carb Recipes On A Budget

Hello and welcome back to my channel, today I'm going to talk you through five cheap keto meals that are awesome low carb high fat ketogenic diet friendly meals that are just great when you're on a budget, or just all when you're just looking for some more reasonable meals to fill your week out, so let's get straight to number one, egg roll in a bowl, the marriage of two perfect low carb high fat ingredients cabbage and beef mince, it's one of those easy really yummy really rewarding dishes to make that are enjoyed by the whole family, it's only a couple of ingredients to put it together, number two is my best ever chicken bake, now you can make chicken any way you like you could roast it you could make chicken soup anything you like but my favorite is my best ever chicken bake, which is roasting the chicken legs in a lovely tomato sauce with a little bit of cheese sprinkled on top and it is just so yum, so delicious and number three we've got sausages, sausages are so cheap and easy to come by and just always check to make sure you can find the lowest carbs possible, sausages that you can and my favorite is having sausages with a bit of grated cheese and sour cream and maybe a bit of avocado too – it's just a yummy go to dinner that we have at least once a week and next I have low carb cauliflower casserole, it is so easy to put together, again four ingredients in this recipe and if cauliflower aren't cheap where you are, use cheap and in season vegetables in place of cauliflower, cauliflower here fluctuates in price between $6 to sometimes as low as $2 so when it's on the lower end of the scale I go and grab me some cauliflower and do all kinds of yummy things with it and finally you can't, you can't talk cheap keto meals without talking eggs, you can scramble eggs make fried eggs make an omelette or even devilled eggs there are so many ways to enjoy eggs as part of low-carb high-fat keto diet, so there you go that's that quick and easy video for today with five low-carb keto cheap meals for you and remember check down below I'll have a blog post with all this information and more and to make it super easy for you to make all kinds of yummy low carb high fat meals and remember to leave a like and a comment let me know what is your go-to cheap keto meal I look forward to reading your comments and remember to subscribe for more low carb yummy inspirations just like this and we'll see you again soon bye

FULL DAY OF KETO FAST FOOD | In N Out Double Double, Chipotle, Starbuck | WHAT I EAT ON THE WEEKEND

good morning guys today we are doing a full day of eating now I eat a little bit differently on the weekend during the week I'm Mel prep which is the key to my success but on the weekend I like to you know see how I feel and go out to eat for the majority of the time so I'm gonna take you guys along with me I am on the way to drop my sister off because my car is the struggle bus so we need to use her car today so I'm actually having tunnels right now my mom requested me to pick up something for her so I'm gonna do that I actually have some stuff at home that I want to eat up McDonald's breakfast is honestly like the best breakfast to me if you guys haven't seen my mukbang on that I'll link it in the description box below but this McDonald's today is actually for my moms and I think I'm gonna make something at home because I have some leftover trees though that needs to just be eaten and nothing sounds better than a quesadilla to me right now so I'm gonna have a quesadilla for breakfast so I have some leftover cooked chorizo that I want to go ahead and finish eating I'm just going to sandwich that with some Mexican cheese and this Latour Tia factory low carb tortilla this is amazing on the carb count if you look the total carb count is 11 grams but there's 8 grams of dietary fiber so it's really two carbs per tortilla now these tortillas are a little bit tough mission has a pretty good one that's for net carbs that I think you should check out but if you want to go as low carb as possible these are a winner because there are only two net carbs they tasted really good if you cook them I've been using them as like a BLT wrap and I don't warm him up or anything but cooked these are amazing and they crisps up nicely you see that Suzhou decide not I got a new dress guys it looks so good in person I promise who knew you would actually like shopping once you are able to fit in the clothes so I usually eat exactly where our film and watching YouTube videos I'm just going to go ahead and do that yeah that's good good wear whatever you want cool what's up just looking at you you know you wanna bite come down hmm trees Oh so struggles of a natural girl my hair wasn't acting right so had to be lit up in a puff which not the puff is very big today which I'm happy about so it's time for us to go to church get a word in and I don't know it's up to my mom whatever she wants to do today we're gonna be doing that because she's on vacation so I want her to have a great day I eat slower now you know trying to decide when I pull you know I'm kind of on a weight-loss journey you know you know you guys this is the best flavored water ever the watermelon period fizzy water zero carb zero sugar zero fat zero everything but all the flavor I promise you get it good price yeah these were 2 for 250 I'm definitely gonna order some of these they're so good as this is my first time trying these eat peanuts they're amazing and the carb count is really great on this it is only 9 grams of carbs and four dietary fiber so I'm gonna be snacking on these all day I've been out since 4:30 or 5:00 so this is much-needed it's just a grande iced coffee with a shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of heavy cream the trick is to add cinnamon and vanilla to this the powders that they have out there definitely take advantage of that so we're ending our night with a good movie and we're gonna sneak in some in and out no because we don't want to spend any more money that we need to at the movies definitely let me know in the comments down below if you've ever snuck food in to the home theaters and if you still do that because I do that with no shame I'm not gonna spend $10 I can't even eat half the things there first of all so I'm not gonna spend $6 on a hot dog back and only have the hot dog and not the button that just doesn't even sound right to me guys special whim it's good I was not wanted definitely great idea mama ah oh my god you said extra don't mess around so goodbye wish you well I don't think I've ever had pickles on my burger it's a good no they don't normally put pickles but they have it maybe most people don't like pickles on it because I find it weird that they still have it yeah McDonald sailing for like – all right for my burger has to be in the mood for it up here do a single party we are you guys wrong I'm almost finished I had like three more bites Oh sure I'll take one thank God hmm laughs bye Nosa them let's do it so much for watching this video if you like more on what I eat in a day videos definitely definitely give me a thumbs up and leave me comments down below so I know to make four of them and I'll see you guys in the next one bye

[Preview] What do you eat on a keto diet?

A keto diet contains very few carbs and a higher proportion of energy from natural fat The protein amount should be moderate

The diet is based on real food like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats like butter or from fatty foods like avocado, salmon or olive oil Avoid the carbohydrate rich foods like sugar, sweets and starchy foods, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes And you could end up eating something like this in a day, just as an example A simple way to explain the difference between regular food and keto foods is that you remove the large portion of carbs, rice, potatoes or pasta and replace it with vegetables prepared in fats For example veggies fried in butter or salads with olive oil

It can really be that simple So how much should you eat? Well, you can eat when you're hungry until you're satisfied Super simple! You don't need to count calories, you don't need any pills, no special products and no meal replacements on a keto diet You only need real food Another important difference – waiting until you're hungry to eat feels easy on keto, because your body can now switch directly to burning your body fat when needed

On a carb diet you will get sugar cravings and feel tired if you don't eat all the time But on a keto diet you get more energy when you're hungry Now once you do it, hunger is the best spice So eat when you're hungry until you're full and then repeat this for as long as you want, maybe your whole life It's as natural as can be, like breathing

Just remember to choose food with very little sugar or starch Now a common rule is to stay below 20 g of carbs per day And a simple beginner's rule to achieve that is to stick to food with less than 5% carbs For the rest of this video we'll go through exactly what to eat and what not to eat on keto

Can I Eat Fermented Foods on Keto?

Are fermented foods allowed on keto? Fermented keto foods are an excellent choice for gut health You can eat raw fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, dairy or coconut kefir and raw full-fat plain yogurt

However, be very careful with store-bought healthy foods, as they still often sneak in the sugars They are all pretty easy to make at home and require minimal supervision Make them up and then let them ferment – it's pretty simple Fermented foods are getting an excellent reputation for supporting various aspects of your immune and digestive system and even reduce sugar addiction and improve your mood Fermented cod liver is also rich in vitamins such as fat soluble A, D, E and K and omega 3 fatty acids

Below are some great articles on the benefits of fermented foods


hey guys welcome to my channel it's Iva Scelfo and today I would like to talk to you about what food can you actually eat on ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is all about high fat moderate protein and low carbs let's have a look at the high fat part you want to consume about 65 to 75 percent of all your daily intake in fat but what does that mean exactly that means coconut oil avocado oil olive oil grass-fed butter try to stay away from processed vegetable and canola oil as these are just plain nasty when you cook your meal cook it in butter or olive oil you can also add more butter unto your vegetable you can make bulletproof coffee with butter and coconut or MCT oil well MCT oil it's just a coconut Dare event which is more concentrated you can also use coconut oil cocoa powder and some sweetener and made amazing keto fat bombs if you have a problem to up your fat intake those are the one I prefer the most and making them almost every week I'm gonna give you a recipe link down below if you want to check that one out eat plenty of avocados as avocados are high in fat and magnesium and magnesium is one of the electrolytes which will help you to avoid the keto flu let's not forget the ex ex kind of fall into both categories protein and fat egg yolks are amazing fat source try to pick the organic one as they are richer in nutrition you should also include nuts and seeds they are a great source of fat as well try to pick the fattier one like macadamia nuts and almonds just make sure you eating them sparingly as nuts can be very high in carbs as well the other food group is protein and I do want to point out the moderate consumption of protein on keto diet unlike the Atkins diet if you eat too much protein on keto diet it can kick you out of ketosis as if you eat excess of protein your body will transform it into cause you want to be eating fattier cuts of meats if you like steak choose the rib eye if you like chicken choose chicken ties or wings pork is generally fattier if you don't like dos let's say you just eat chicken breast just make sure you add enough butter or any other types of oil so you add up your fat intake the same goes with fish and seafood pick the fattiest one like salmon and preferably pick the one which are wild-caught you can also include organs as they are high-end nutrition's like liver hearts kidneys that's really up to you if you like processed meat like bacon or sausages just always make sure you check the labels as these are usually filled with sugar and other fillers another food group are carbs when you want to be in ketosis you need to stay under 20 net carbs which is all carbs – the fiber and you want your cops come mainly from vegetables and a little bit of fruit you want to focus on eating above ground vegetables and leafy greens and you want to stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes some vegetable are higher in carbs and the other so I do recommend at least from the beginning to use some macro tracker and just add whatever veggies you eating and check on how many cups it has just that you kind of get the feel and that you know as example green beans spinach lettuce kale those are low in carbs cauliflower zucchini broccoli tomatoes those are little higher in carbs when it comes down to fruit only fruit allowed on keto diet our berries as these are the lowest in carbs so you can eat a couple of strawberries blueberries blackberries raspberries any berries you want just like way to fruit high in carbs and sugar like bananas apples melons and all the others me personally I do love a salad with avocados walnuts strawberries and goat cheese that's how I get my berries in and I also sometimes make hot raspberries and I just put a little bit thinking on top and that's my dessert and let's not forget the dairy you do not have to eat dairy on ketogenic diet if you do not want to or you do not tolerate it but it does help with the fat intake if you do want to incorporate dairy into your diet then always make sure you're picking up the full fat never never ever use anything which says fat-free when they remove the fat from dairy products the product is left with no taste so what they do is they add a lot of sugar into it so you want to avoid these common dairy to eat on keto diet which be cottage cheese cream cheese mozzarella cheese every type of cheese you can think of Brie you can also do whipping cream I use that in my coffee and mayonnaise and all mayonnaise alternative which includes dairy always remember that besides fat dairy is full of protein so do you remember what I told you in the beginning of this video yes too much protein can kick you out of ketosis so you want to be a little careful with those if you wonder what you can drink on ketogenic diet well preferably water I know it can get a little boring so try to use a squeeze of lemon or lime you can also buy this stevia drops with different flavors you can drink coffee you can drink tea type soda on occasions if you wonder how about alcohol I have a whole another video I made on that topic I'm gonna leave it in the description box below so you can check that one out if you interested and that's it guys for today's video if you do have any other questions please do not hesitate and leave them in the comments down below I will answer them all if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again in another video bye