Finally! A review of KetoBrick | Keto Savage’s meal replacement bar

Hoooo! Another week, with a video starting with a "hoo", because I'm just that excited This is the second week in a row that I'm reviewing a product I've been wanting to try for a long time

This week, the product in question is finally within my clutches It has been SO elusive It's this guy Keto Savage's Keto Brick I'm gonna review it, right after this

Hey, guys! Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet

I do some keto eating vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto giveaways If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, make sure you're on Notification Squad by clicking the bell So guys, I've got a Keto Brick in my hand I've been trying to get a Keto Brick in my hand for a while now Before I get into how I happened to procure this Keto Brick, I'll give you a little bit of backstory about Keto Brick

Keto Brick is a product, the brainchild of Mr Robert Sikes, aka Keto Savage and his fiancee, Crystal Love You can see their Instagrams right over here Super-cool guy He's a bodybuilder in Arkansas — they both are

Both bodybuilders in Arkansas And the story of Keto Brick, as I understand it, is that Robert made one for himself one day, to just bring to the gym, because he wanted something that had a lot of calories, and had perfect keto macros And some eagle-eyed viewer on one of his vlogs saw it, and said, "Hey, what is that?", and he replied, "It's something I made for myself It's got a thousand calories It's got really good keto macros

" And the person said, "Ooh, can I get one?" And so a little light bulb went off, and he started he and Crystal started making these available for people to purchase, and they have become incredibly popular within our little keto community It's so tough to get your hands on one of these

Now Robert and Crystal have been pumping out run after run of Keto Brick, as many as they can possibly make, usually working into the wee hours of the evening Mixing and creating and molding these bricks, and they sell out in a matter of minutes when they become available So for the last three months, I've been on an email list that says, "Hey Keto Bricks are available" And by the time I get to the store, they're gone This last run in June, I was convinced that I was going to score myself a Keto Brick

I got the email notification that they were available, went to the site, placed a brick in my cart It was in my cart! And then I couldn't decide what payment method I wanted to use I was like, "Do I use my credit card? Do I use PayPal?" and by the time I decided, my brick was gone, because someone had purchased one of the larger quantities Robert sells them in single bricks, like this one

He also sells a week supply — seven bricks, I believe, and a 14-day supply, which I believe is 14 bricks So I had a single brick in my cart, someone grabbed a 14-day supply, and my brick was sadly gone And I you know, posted my faux-angst to my Instagram stories I was like, "Ugh, I thought this was the month!" However! One of my viewers, a guy named KetoBFray, the guy who hooked me up last week in the Hinton's Pig Chips review with some macronutrient knowledge, has hooked me up for the second week in a row He happened to acquire a two-week supply of Keto Bricks on this most recent June runNow that I think about it, maybe HE was the one responsible for my little solo brick disappearing from my cart! But all is forgiven, because he saw my Instagram story, and he was like, "Dude, I will send you a Brick so you can review it, how's that?" I was like, "Amazing!" So shout out to KetoBFray His YouTube channel is right up here Check it out, because not only has he hooked me up two times in the past two weeks, but the guy has lost over 270 pounds in 14 months on the keto diet, which is tough to fathom That's almost as much as I weighed when I started keto He's lost me, basically

In the last year Insane Well done, sir And thank you so much, again Super-kind of you

Super-generous to send me one of your 14 Bricks This review would not be happening without you, my friend So Keto Brick! Product of Keto Savage I appreciate the branding Colors on brand

Black packaging Cool, shiny black packaging Red sticker I'm actually gonna read you the nutrition information ahead of time, because I have a feeling I'm going to just mangle this bag So before I destroy this information, I'll read it to you

This is meant as a meal replacement bar There are a thousand calories Total fat: 90 grams Saturated fat: 58 grams 900

I'm sorry 790 milligrams of sodium, 16 carbs, 12 dietary fiber, so that's four net carbs per brick 31 grams of protein

It also has 130 milligrams of potassium, 20 milligrams of calcium, and a little bit — 08 milligrams of iron Let's check out the ingredients Raw organic cacao butter, plant-based protein powder, which in parentheses includes pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein concentrate, natural chocolate mocha flavor, cocoa, stevia leaf extract, gum blend (which is cognac gum, guar gum, and tara gum) organic sacha inchi, sea salt, monk fruit extract, and digestol, which is a vegan enzyme blend

Then there's MCT powder (which contains MCT oil and achacha fiber), golden flaxseed meal, raw organic fermented cacao nibs, ground coffee beans, and Himalayan salt Manufactured at Little Rock Arkansas So there's your macros There's your nutrition information Touted as shelf-stable

And Robert sent out a warning when this latest batch went out, saying, you know, "These may be sitting in mail trucks, in 100-degree heat There's a small chance you could receive a Keto Blob instead of a Keto Brick But pop it in the fridge and it will be just as fine It may lose its shape a little bit, but it'll be just as delicious and nutritious" So I believe mine to still be in brick shape

I can sort of feel it through the through the wrapper here, a little bit But yeah, perfect keto macros: 81

5% fat, 125% protein, 65% carbs Poifect So moment of truth

Let's dig in to it It's almost a shame to rip into this bag, it's so pretty But let's rip across here Oh, I've done it wrong I have done it wrong

Have I? No I guess we're okay And it's a resealable bag Yay! Good job, Robert There is Keto Brick

In brick form, I'm happy to say! Look at that guy Nice! Now the only thing missing from this, because this came from KetoBFray's 14-pack — it does not contain the cool Keto Savage wristband, which when you normally

when you buy one of these, it comes wrapped up in a wristband This, sadly, is without one That's okay

Robert I'll send you my address So, it's got this cool foil There is the color There All right

Mm-hmm Oh, man Sweeter than I expected Oh, that's good Coffee's coming through

Mocha is coming through It's like a chocolate mocha I think I expected it to be chewier than it is It's a little chalky, which is not to say I don't like that I think that that's a really

I think it works well Mmm Oh, yeah

Man, that is um that's really good For some reason, the last thing I expected was flavor

You know, you think, "This is a bar that a bodybuilder made, so that he could have energy for the gym Probably the last thing on his mind is taste" But this is really good The ground coffee beans are my favorite part Yeah, there's like

a really great combination of coffee — the coffee is what comes through most for me — there's also like a hot chocolatey kind of flavor Wow Look at that guy So nice I must say, I'm a fan of the Keto Brick

It's worth the wait What else is there to say? It tastes fantastic The texture is surprising, and welcome Aw, man That's really something

Robert and Crystal, you've got a winner here There's a reason these things are selling out fast, and Well, there are several reasons, the first of which is that it's the perfect keto macros

But man, I was not expecting it to taste as good as it tastes Well done, guys I am so very, very impressed One more bite, here I don't think I'm gonna finish the whole thing

Mmm Oh, that coffee flavor is really coming through So good So there you have it, guys That's my review of Keto Brick

it is yet another product from another keto-conscious company, run by great people So it's amazing Get yourself a brick Good luck getting one I know that they just finished — as of this recording — they just finished a relatively large run of bricks, I think 850, Robert said in the in the vlog that I just watched? So hopefully you guys will be able to snag one of these

They're so worth the wait Really impressive Very happy for these guys, and all the success that they're having These things sell out so quickly So thank you, Robert and Crystal, for this amazing product

So let me know what you guys think of Keto Brick, should you happen to get your hands on one I'd love to hear from you in the comments So that's gonna wrap it up for this video! Thank you again to KetoBFray for hooking me up with this bad boy I hope you guys have a fantastic day, and I will see you next time hi the end at the end

Some side effects you should know about the Keto Diet

At 5:00 we told you about the Keto Diet — it's a diet that helps you lose weight fast and it's creating a lot of buzz this summer 27 First News Reporter Brittany Bissell spoke with a local dietitian — She joins us live in studio – to tell us what you should know before starting the diet We know that the keto diet can help people lost weight fast — A recent study of nearly 20 thousand obese adults showed that people who ate keto — lost around 12 pounds in 25 days BUT – I looked into it, and it also has some negative side effects you should about know before starting it The diet can make you feel tired and sick because you're depleting your body of nutrition that it needs It's also not good for your kidneys and can cause constipation

I spoke with a local dietitan who says the diet is not safe for people with pre- existing health conditions like — type two diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney problems I'm told you should ALWAYS consult with a doctor before starting a diet like this, and take time to educate yourself LAURA ZAVADIL – REGISTERED DIETICIAN – BARRE YOUNGSTOWN: READ ABOUT IT GET BOOKS ON IT AND SEE IF YOU CAN REALLY FULLY DEDICATE YOURSELF TO DOING IT BUT LIKE I SAID I WOULDN'T DO IT LONG-TERM

I MEAN MAYBE A MONTH AT THE MOST BECAUSE IT IS HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE, YOU ARE GONNA SEE LOTS OF NUTRITION DEFICIENCIES IN THE LONG RUN I'm told — whether you have a pre-existing health condition or not, you should never attempt the keto diet on your own Coming up in the 6:00 Hour — Laura also gives some advice on how you can lose weight – in a healthier way — and get better long-term results Live in studio – Brittany Bissell – 27 First News This Morning

Keto Diet Menu – Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days with a Ketogenic Diet

in this video we'll discover what to eat on a keto diet menu some people associate the keto diet with the bad word fat and are quick to dismiss it nothing could be further from the truth fat is allowed because it's converted into energy our body needs healthy fats to thrive other foods on the diet could not be healthier when you're eating ketogenic you're filling your body with nutrition let's take a look at the food you'll be eating as this plan to lose weight has already pointed out the elimination of processed foods and sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health in general processed foods are filled with toxic preservatives that do nothing for you but rob you of your good health fresh is always better when purchasing anything at the market get into the habit of reading labels they can be very sneaky and revealing keep your carbohydrates under fifty grams a day and you'll feel the difference a stricter ketogenic diet will contain approximately 20 grams of carbs a day foods to eat on a ketogenic diet one seafood everybody knows about the healthful fatty acids vitamins and minerals and seafood very few of us eat enough the keto diet menu encourages the consumption of all things from the sea shrimp and crabs are carb free and other shellfish contain only a low amount of carbohydrates fatty fish such as salmon and sardines are highly recommended because of their high omega fatty acid content fish truly is brain food enjoy at least two servings or more of seafood a week on the keto diet simple canned tuna counts as seafood two vegetables can a diet that recommends unlimited green leafy vegetables be anything but healthy they are extremely low in carbohydrates and bursting with vitamins antioxidants and the fiber we need daily green vegetables such as broccoli spinach and kale are believed to decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer cauliflower and turnips can be prepared to look and taste like rice or mashed potatoes with much less starch and carbohydrates starchy vegetables such as potatoes or beets do have carbs and should be limited on the keto diet three dairy foods there are cheese's to satisfy everyone's tastes they are high in fat content for energy high in protein and calcium and low in carbohydrates yogurt and cottage cheese are a great source of protein and calcium they are low carb and fit well into the ketogenic lifestyle be sure to stick with plain yogurt as the flavor types contain a lot of sugar as are the so called low fat versions of yogurt you can flavor yogurt and cottage cheese yourself with a few berries and nuts 4 avocados avocados are truly a superfood they are high in important vitamins and minerals including potassium according to a study avocados are also believed to help lower cholesterol by 22 percent loaded with nutrients and delicious tastes avocados only have 2 grams of net carbs rates use them in salads and sandwiches 5 meat and poultry the keto diet lets you eat plenty of meat meat contains very few carbs and is high in protein to help you build muscles whenever possible choose healthy grass-fed meats which are higher in fatty acids 6 eggs eggs are high in protein and contain a mere 1 gram of carbohydrates as they are also inexpensive they're ideal for anyone on a ketogenic diet eggs also make you feel full thereby helping you eat less many people take pride in consuming only the whites of eggs but the true nutrition lies in the yolk so be sure to eat the egg in its entirety 7 coconut oil too many people are unfamiliar with coconut oil another superfood it is perfect for people dealing with diabetes and has been used with Alzheimer patients coconut oil can be used in most recipes in place a butter or oil you can also use it for frying and sauteing 8 dark chocolate did you know that dark chocolate has a high amount of antioxidants as a matter of fact dark chocolate is reaching superfood status chocolate with 80 percent or higher real cocoa powder can lower your blood pressure an ounce of 80 percent chocolate contains 10 grams of carbohydrates so it definitely counts as a healthy snack keep in mind the lower of cocoa content the less healthy the chocolate will be milk chocolate does not count as healthy chocolate foods to avoid on a ketogenic diet the keto diet has a lot less restricted foods than many other diets sugar of course should be avoided that doesn't mean you can't enjoy sweet desserts there are many keto diet menu friendly recipes that substitute unsweetened applesauce for sugar in baked goods substitute sweeteners such as stevia can also be used in moderation keep in mind that fruits are healthful but they do contain a great deal of sugar so limit the amount you eat to just a few slices a day fruit juices are concentrates that have vitamins but lack fiber and their sugar content is extremely high read the label on any bottle of juice before buying the best juices are green with just a hint of fruit for flavoring be careful with cereals most are packed with sugar and robbed of any nutrients many claim nutrition added but all that means is that all the nutrition has been removed and they have returned a small amount 100% brand cereal will fit into your keto diet and you can sweeten it with a handful of berries just be sure to examine all the labels in the cereal aisle this can be very tricky also remember that honey 2 is a sugar totally emit white starches from your diet they are nothing but empty calories this includes white bread pasta and rice buy the whole grain version instead and enjoy in moderation legumes and beans are healthy for you but they are high in carbohydrates you can have them occasionally just make sure you keep it within your daily 2250 carb gram count alcohols tend to be empty calories but certain spirits will be better for you than others beer is filled with carbs and should be off your keto diet the expression beer belly exists for a reason enjoy a glass of wine instead of course there are variances and different types of wines dry wines contain a minimum amount of sugar while sweet dessert wines contain much more pure alcohol whiskey and vodka are carb-free but they do contain calories so have a care mixing alcohol for fancy cocktails usually creates a haven for sugar so avoid those wine coolers maybe a tasty treat but in reality they're just sugary sodas with some added alcohol they should definitely not be on your keto diet menu at any time

keto diet meal prep 2018-keto worst diet 2018

right now I'm bodybuilding mmm bodybuilding and it's taken some time for me to to really want to embrace bodybuilding because I've been such a brute for so long all I've wanted to do is smash heads and tear shit up where bodybuilding is a bit more conscious in its approach a bit more methodical and its approach I've never really been much of the methodical type I'm pretty spontaneous intuitive but with bodybuilding it's giving me the challenge of building my body in a very refined way and so of course exercise programming and execution of training are very mindful of and then also with regard to diet I've known myself long enough that eating the typical bodybuilding diet of 40 to 60% carbohydrates at various times does not work for me it never has my insulin goes up and I get fat and foggy so I was drawn to your book because I knew that a cyclical ketogenic approach would just fit me most naturally and I'm getting huge I'm building muscle I'm just not getting as puffy as I was when I was a strongman cuz I cycled my carbohydrates and I'm much more mindful and methodical about when and how I spike my insulin so a good percentage of my week I'm eating higher fat diets you know 80 percent eighty seventy percent fat 10 20 percent 20 20 percent protein but then carbs are like 10 percent mmm mostly from vegetables and stuff but then like every third day or what I'm just feeling it or I'm just feeling flat I'll just I'll spike it up there with some granola bars and bananas and white rice so you know things of that nature just to get that don't get that get that there's something medicinal about that also to you being in that that flat state or that ketogenic state or just low carb state is great it's it's medicinal but then there's also something about getting that first insulin and glycogen does wonders for my body in mind definitely and the the this kind of cyclical approach is symbolic of this kind of anabolism and catabolism as well of cycling back and forth between growing and and contractions definitely even in in even in our body's physiology discussed patterns get manifested let's cut up on it yeah there's nothing that will humble you more than fighting against physical resistance in hopes of expanding yourself even if I die it doesn't matter boom that is oneness that is meditation that is integrity that is unity our sense of our soap is so huge then if we try to draw it into this frame the frame destroys if you're going through a chaotic or a crisis moment just know that on the other side of that breakdown on the other side of that deconstruction is path is there we just got to step on it

4 nights (5 days) of Keto Camping Food

So today I'm going to show you everything that we are doing for camping on the ketogenic diet I have a family of four right now on the ketogenic diet looks like an insane amount of food sometimes we do have people visiting us for dinner and then there's some extra stuff like I got some extra hot dogs that are just in case life doesn't work out quite as planned so so I had all this laid out because I'm kind of going through and packing what we're doing for camping this coming weekend and I thought I would share with you so I'm just going to go through what we're doing so first of all we have water bottles and this one's mine the kids have Klean Kanteens this is the little guys and having the lids on these can really help keep them from spilling and then we use the Berkey so even though there's potable water at our campsite which means that the water is safe to drink I find it kinda matches up our digestive system oddly more than a lot of different foods do so I just bring the Berkey with me and it makes it I put at the end of a picnic table and it makes it super easy for the kids to fill up their water bottles as needed we also use a it's like a campsite shower that we don't use as a shower but we use it with the spicket to wash kids hands so they're not washing their hands in filtered water but we'll fill up that campsite shower to wash their hands we have bubbly water of course and so that's for me but the kids can't a while they're getting while they're waiting for me to cook or whatever we have different peanuts that can be shelled and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and those are good around the campfire sort of as something for them to do and then they can just either spit the stuff into the campfire or they can throw the shells into the campfire which is great fun to do anything that involves playing with fire for kids so this is something that's definitely keto friendly even though it's a little bit higher carbs it takes them so long to get any of the kernels out of the shells that I don't super worry about it the first night that we're there we have Fathead dough then a link to all of the recipes down below so if I had know that I've made into sort of flatbread and i'll make sandwiches that we have organic salami from Costco or breakfast we pre bake our bacon and this is something that's kind of some people want to make everything from scratch when they go camping something that people want to buy like everything just add water so there's like two trains of thought and this is sort of in the middle where I pre bake everything possible and then we'll heat this up on the camp stove in the morning and so while I'm heating up water for coffee which is so important or I'm heating a pan to make eggs in first we'll just put in some of this bacon and it's pre baked but I left like it's still pretty greasy so it'll still release some more and some more grease as it's going and then we can use that grease to cook our eggs in eggs are something to either be super careful or get one of those little camping egg containers I didn't bring one in to show you but those will keep your eggs from getting smashed because smashed eggs over everything located ruin your cooler moving along along to lunch we'll have some more of the salami which we can wrap in lettuce where's our lettuce so I just like I'll rinse these and wrap them in paper towels before we go the romaine hearts and so then we can wrap our salami or we can wrap different like Applegate lunch meat is pretty good in that and then we have this is chili lime mayonnaise that they've made ahead of time and home I keep it in mason jars for campaign plastic is the way to go like a kid accidentally dropping a glass jar in a campsite is just a nightmare and our goal is tough happy campers not to have messy glass all over the place if something that's just a compromise that you can do and makes everything more enjoyable and fun for everybody epic bars I just I'm throwing in a handful of these these are super keto friendly but I find that my kids have a pretty high tolerance for staying in ketosis and being especially outdoors like they're just burning so much energy that the little bit extra carbs isn't going to hurt them this is all so I do our sausage right now I've been doing with two parts Turkey and one part pork this is natural pork when you're looking for pork at the store if you can't fight an organic grass-fed like foraged pork then at least try to find the one that doesn't have msg and so this is that I had to look through Safeway quite a bit to find that so I'll make some breakfast sausage and again just like the bacon I'm going to pre cook it so it's a little bit undercooked so then all I have to do is heat it up in the pan in the morning string cheese super easy I know lots of packaging will just bring some trash bags to throw all the packaging away but if you've ever been camping with kids you know that like an overzealous child because they do get excited it's a new experience can easily dump like a whole cube of cheese in the dusty camp dirt on accident and then the whole cheese is gone so string cheese or individually packaged cheese is kind of the way to go we talked about my peanuts we have I'm not sure you can see I'm just individually rough seaweed here it's not it's high in iodine I suppose but it's not anything other than kind of a novelty chip-type treat for my kids Coffee! so I have tried the percolator coffee before for camping and really all I've gotten is gritty watered-down coffee that does not give me my caffeine fix this is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee I like it a lot like for her an instant coffee it's really good so this is just instant so all I need to do is on the camp stove heat up some water in the morning and that's like to me the best part of camping is waking up a little bit before the kids they're kind of coming out of the tent all sleepy and I've got my cup of coffee and I'm looking out of the lake as the Sun comes up which we'll talk in another video about kind of realistic expectations for how much your children are going to sleep camping which is not much and then just in case we have cold brew and so this is cold brew I'm making at home I'll probably transfer this to a plastic container or I'll make take my chances with this glass one and cold brew in there For veggies, on the ketogenic diet you just do so much green stuff so I've got a big pack of asparagus and asparagus is good because it can go on the grill and it can just go right across the grates and then you can dip it in some like the chili lime mayonnaise dressing dip type thing is a great way to add healthy fats it's something that's easy to do on the grill and then we also have celery which is also something easy to do on the grill and we'll bring some cream cheese to spread in the celery and then this is probiotic cream cheese trying to get a few probiotics and the kids as we're going in case we catch a fish which we're definitely planning on doing um we have some citrus that we can just squeeze over the fish and so all I do to cook that is drizzle a little bit of avocado oil and I will bring this little container it's plastic so drizzle a whole container or a little bit of avocado oil over the fish after you clean it out leave the skin on I usually chop the head off because it's like disturbing sprinkle with salt and pepper so we definitely want to bring salt and pepper and then grill it kind of over medium-high heat just for a few minutes on each side and you'll know if it's time to turn because it'll turn easily if you try to turn it too soon the skin will start coming off and it's kind of a big mess on the grill but if you got it just right it should turn with a metal spatula pretty easily and then once it comes off the grill adding a little butter let me see is this better so a plastic container of butter is easier than trying to wrap up a little cube of butter so adding a little bit of butter it gives us healthy fats and the squeeze of lemon or lime just gives it that flavor and you'll find that like kids that caught their own fish or you caught it and they reeled it in they're way more likely to eat that fish than they would at home so that's kind of something that's really fun about campaign is like kids are so active and they're so hungry that fresh air just makes them so hungry that they eat everything so like I said it seems like a lot of food so we've got our veggies celery could be grilled as well it's good off the grill and it's kind of finger food like they can just eat it as a spear instead of having to chop everything up for them nuts and then I just get a lot of this I just get at Costco so these are from Costco cashews are a little high in carbs but again my kids just burn it right off like I can tell they're still in ketosis they're fine and so these are good if we go in a little day hike I'll bring this and have them bring their water bottle this is kind of our treat like when we get to the top of the mountain or we get to the end of the hike or the waterfall or whatever's they get a package of nuts and they get to choose what they get before they go burgers so the first night were there I'm gonna use raw meat tend to just pre cook all of my meat because raw meat when you're camping just the kind of likelihood that it's going to get all over the cooler it makes it for a really unpleasant camping trip so I try to precook everything or buy it precooked like the hotdogs but we're gonna do guacamole burgers with ground beef which is dying right now and just package guacamole again this is from Costco so you can get this in a big pack and it's just one less thing to do one less like guacamole isn't hard to make but it's one less Bowl to wash when you're already watching all of your dishes and everything after cooking and kids are tired and ready to go to bed or they want to go back to the lake or they want to go out on the boat and just I don't have a ton of patience for doing tons and tons of dishes camping so we have a guacamole this is good like my kids will dip celery and guacamole I'm not sure if that's weird they do that it's also a good sauce like on top of those lettuce on top of that lettuce with the salami like you can just put some guacamole and that gives them those healthy fats in with the avocado oil mayonnaise mustard I don't transfer this to a different container that's fine moon cheese this is from Costco I'm sure it's not all Costco's yet but it's great it's it's just cheese and it tastes like cheese it's it's like a perfect treat to kind of when you need to boost morale is when I'll bust this out and then cabbage one night we are doing meatballs again from Costco and cabbage so I'll just take a cutting board and then slice this finely and it kind of makes cabbage noodles and then again I'll probably make one more thing of salad dressing this is just so many healthy fats and gets those calories that those kids need in there so slicing this up and then frying it and the level of little avocado oil with the meatballs and then when it's done I'm putting in a little bit of salad dressing over it's kind of like that keto crack slaw that everybody loves but it's super easy to do while you're camping pickles are my kids need probiotics and so I'm gonna bring pickles all transfer these over to a plastic container just to avoid having this jar shatter somewhere and make a huge mess we covered salt and pepper one day we will be doing pancakes and these are coconut flour and almond flour pancakes which I hope will premix in like probably I'm gonna get a bigger jar than this but I'm gonna premix the batter in one of these and we'll do it like probably the second or third morning that we're there so not we're gonna let it sit forever but having the batter already done so all you have to do is pour in part and a stainless skills steel skillet makes things super easy this is our taco meat and this is from our Keto Families Class and so it's just pressure cooked chicken that has been pressure cooked with a little bit of paprika some salt and a cup of salsa and then I pre baked cheese shells and so these are a little bit under baked I'm gonna bring some parchment paper and this sounds finicky but the kids love it and so you can put the parchment paper down in a skillet and then put these on and they'll kind of remelt and finish baking a little bit or you could just do it as is but then they'll be warm so this with our guacamole is for our taco night everybody loves tacos and then we have some half-and-half that we've turned into yogurt that is our sour cream a little bit less carbs almost done

so these are squeeze tubes and this is something like you'll see I don't have a ton of special equipment for camping squeeze tubes are super helpful for not getting like this has peanut butter in it peanut butter all over everything and this is actually because we're on keto isn't completely peanut butter it's this peanut butter fat bombs that are on my site and so it's a little bit sweeter and has some monk fruit in it and it has extra coconut oil in it which has those medium chain fatty acids which I think having healthy fats like that can actually help prevent sunburn we do use beautycounter sunscreen anyways I have two different fat bombs sort of as spreads to put on the pancakes and we'll put them between ever put this between the pancakes and make sandwiches out of them as well so just having the squeeze tube just eliminate timing to watch that knife sometimes you just want something quick to eat and like I'm not above squeezing a little bit of this on a spoon for my kids so just those quick quick high calorie calorie dense things think what else do we have electrolytes I don't on the ketogenic that you need electrolytes and especially if you're up going up in altitude or you're not used to being outside at a time you might be losing water and this having these in your body will help your body hold on to water and give you the electrolytes you need so you don't get like dehydrated and your muscles don't like start cramping up or anything so we have sea salt magnesium which I don't put this in their water bottles I just put like a spoonful in one of those camping cups and then I fill the rest with water and then light salt which my kids do not take I take I'll say I'll just pour like half a teaspoon in my hand and then take that and chase it with some water and that has the potassium in it and they won't do that so I'll just like extra salt their food like they're taco meat I'll just pour some more salt on it and then they'll retain more water for keeping things cold I just buy a couple of gallons of water at the store this is like spring water or i think and then you pour out some so that it doesn't make a big mess when you freeze it and then freeze this whole thing it takes a couple days but then it keeps your cooler super cold and then if you need to you have really cold water in there that you can drink just an easy way you can use a milk carton if you want but it's just like your it's really hard to get all that milk out and so I usually just buy a gallon or two of spring water and do it with that so special equipment I don't buy a ton of special equipment some of it is useful like the squeezy things I think are really useful the egg thing except where we go through so many eggs that I need like four of those egg can turn cartons but in general I don't buy a ton of camping equipment or car camping or not like backpacking and so I'm not afraid to just use the cooler and kind of wash stuff like at the campsite that we're at there is running water thanks for joining me I hope that was super helpful helpful for you if you can give me a thumbs up I would love that subscribe to my page I would love that as well and I hope that if you use these tips for going camping let me know how it worked out for you what you loved what you didn't what kind of hacks you have down below and I hope you have a great camping trip thanks so much buh-bye


hi everyone and welcome to another fat for weight loss ketogenic meal plan video in today's video I'm showing you seven days of meal plans that are based around the ketogenic diet so a high fat low carb diet if you are anywhere from the beginner to someone who's just getting back into the ketogenic diet then this meal plan is going to be perfect for you all of the macros all of the calories everything is calculated for you you even get a shopping list and a weekly meal plan overview and it's it's really really simple you're going to really love this meal plan and stick around to the end of the video because that's where I show you how to actually download the free meal plan so let's get started you've gotta butter coffee for breakfast but for lunch you're gonna have a cob salad so you're going to slice up some lettuce and some tomatoes and some cheese and then you're going to put in your cooked diced bacon and you go into half an avocado and you're going to put a full boiled egg in there and eat that for lunch and for dinner you're going to have a sesame beef coleslaw and this is some sriracha sauce going in there with some mince (ground beef) and some soy sauce some olive oil and some sesame seeds in there you're going to put a little bit of coleslaw in there so basically 300 grams (10 oz) of dry coleslaw you're going to mix it all around cook it up and it is fantastic so for breakfast you're gonna have a very chia seed pudding so you're gonna add a tablespoon of chia seeds some coconut cream and you mix it all around and now you can add the berries in here like that or you can put them on top later on you just need to let it sit in the fridge overnight covered so that it lets the chia seeds absorb all the water so for lunch you're gonna have the leftover sesame beef coleslaw but for dinner you going to have the cashew chicken so you're just gonna cut up some chicken thigh or breast put it in there with some coconut oil and some garlic and also some grated ginger and you're going to cook that off a little bit and you're going to put in some green capsicum or peppers and some diced onion and you're going to cook that through with some soy sauce and with a little bit of vinegar and a little bit of chili as well if you so desire it is really really delicious and you add some cashews to that later on so you already know how to make the other meals for today but I'm going to show you how to make the Fathead pizza so you're gonna melt the cheese with some cream cheese in there and you're going to add an egg while it's still hot and make sure you get that all through the cheese and you're gonna add a tablespoon of almond flour to that and it becomes this dough type mixture and you're going to roll it out in between two sheets of baking paper it's really really easy to roll out and what you do is you cook it in the oven for about five minutes first and then you flip it over when you're ready to start putting some toppings on so that's going into the oven flipped over and we're going to put a tablespoon of posada sauce on there which is basically tomato puree you're gonna put some Italian herbs and a little bit more cheese on top and it is absolutely delicious as a pizza so the new recipe today is dinner and it is kitto chilli con carne so you're going to dice up and cook some bacon you're going to cook some white onion and some beef mince there and that's about a pound of beef mince and there is a can of diced tomatoes and some green peppers or capsicum you're going to add some passata sauce some smoked paprika in there add some salt and mix that around let it cook for a little while add the bacon back into it and then keep cooking for about ten minutes and it is absolutely fantastic so for dinner you're gonna have some salmon with asparagus and lime and butter and this is the best recipe in this meal fan by far because all you have to do is put all of the ingredients inside some aluminium foil and cook it in the oven for about 25 minutes so keep it in a pan so that juices don't go all through your oven and pull it out and it is absolutely amazing so you know how to make the other meals but for dinner one so that you can have Thai beef stir-fry which is some olive oil some ginger some garlic and some diced carrot and you're going to cook that until the carrot turns slightly translucent then you're going to add the zucchini in there so zucchini strips cook that around and remove it and add the beef strips in there and so you're going to cook that with some beef stock and also some coconut milk and that's going to go in there and it's going to make the beef taste really really really good and you're gonna add these stir-fry vegetables back into that once the meat has been cooked along with some cashews as well this recipe is absolutely delicious you're gonna really really love this one who doesn't love pancakes for breakfast on Sunday so this is going to be a keto pancake so you're gonna crack an egg and beat it with some cream of tartar in there you're going to add some almond flour so that's a quarter of a cup of almond flour you're going to add a tablespoon of a rifra tall you're going to add a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil and you're going to add a quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder and some vanilla extract in there get that cooking in a hot pan with a little bit of oil in the pan as well and you're going to have some really really delicious pancakes so for lunch on Sunday you're going to have some creamy chicken a lettuce cup so it's two of the chicken thighs in there they go in the oven for about 20 minutes and they come out super moist and you're going to put in 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise you can either buy or make your own then you're going to chop some coriander or cilantro wherever you are in the world and add some diced onion in there as well and you're going to put the chicken into that creamy sauce and mix it all around and make sure the chicken is well mixed through and you're going to put that into the lettuce cups and you're going to top it with some cherry tomatoes this recipe is going to do rock your world so I hope you really really enjoyed that video if you go to the link that is on the screen right here right now you will be able to download the seven-day free ketogenic meal plan and you are able to get started right away there is a shopping plan there is the weekly overview and there is everything that you need to get started it has all the recipes everything calculated for you so go ahead and download that recipe if you like a meal plan videos like this make sure you let me know in the comments if you want me to do a specific meal plan then definitely let me know in the comments below if you haven't considered already make sure you hit subscribe below as well it really helps me out and it helps me create videos like this just for you so until the next meal plan video I will see you then


hey guys welcome to another Keto vlog it's one o'clock I'm ready to break my fast I already had coffee with one tablespoon of whipping cream while it's really important not to break your fast by drinking a coffee full of calories well it's really contradiction people says different things I mean the last update I read was that if you intermittent fasting you should not be having anything higher than 50 calories to not break your fast so what I'm having always in the morning is a coffee with one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream which is 50 calories so I hope I'm still in fasting so that's how I do it now I'm gonna have lunch I will have my amazing zucchini pork dumplings I made yesterday this is them guys they're absolutely delicious I made a video how to make these I'm gonna leave it in the description down below so you can check that out and definitely try these out mmm look a lot even my nan Hiro has been yesterday's sad that he loves it he wants to eat it every week and it's his favorite keto recipe so far five of these dumplings comes down to about 250 calories so I'm gonna take it as an awesome appetizer and I'm gonna make some goat cheese strawberry salad little later on you guys ready for your daily dose of cuteness miss ginger here I can guarantee you that even if you have a bad mood in the morning and you cuddle with this love bug for five seconds it's just like your mood improves instantly it's a magic well who would not love this you so now you can see I really can't exercise I have all the tribe here bothering me I want to mention these elastic bands these are amazing for a home exercising if you don't have time or you don't have a chance to get to the gym I really recommend these I do use them a lot and I can really feel it so now it's time for me to make the salad it's four o'clock I'm pretty hungry so my lunch part two our hearing this guy's my awesome goat cheese salad with strawberries and walnuts it's about 200 calories I'm gonna season that with this Thai coconut sesame gourmet dressing this dressing has 18 grams of fat and one total card in two tablespoons well I'm gonna use about one tablespoon so it will be about half of a car so great option out of these for afternoon snack I'm gonna have these chicken Carinae at the barbecue want I'm gonna have two servings which would be 160 calories two carbohydrates and nine fat I love these guys I'm gonna start at dinner today I'm gonna make some asparagus bacon and egg salad with Dijon vinegar and I'm gonna cook some chicken to go with it some boiling some expert and just to keep some in the fridge for snacks so I chopped the asparagus into bite-sized pieces and I'm gonna put it in the pot and steam it meanwhile I'm gonna cook the bacon the way I do it that I don't think of whole apartment or all trailer and don't skip splashes all over my stove I use a paper towels plate and microwave so while the bacon is cooking I'm gonna prepare the dressing I'm gonna use two tablespoon of Dijon mustard two tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar I'm gonna season a little bit some salt and pepper and that will be my dressing so eggs are done and peeled and now I'm gonna chop this chicken into small cubes and fry it up with some spices that's how it looks like Oh them I already start eating it so it's not very pretty we enjoyed the dinner and now it's time to take our daily power walk so we go in and I think that's it for today's video so please if you liked it – give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you again soon in another video you

What To Eat What Not To Eat in Keto Diet | Keto Diet | Juggun Kazim | What is Keto Diet?

I hope you are enjoying my videos And sharing your comments which I'm really enjoying

So please remember to subscribe to my channel And of course, like and comment Assalam o alaikum, I hope you are all doing well And liking this effort of mine, regarding this channel I noticed that the most liked video of mine was the one where I shared how I lost 70 pounds

So I thought I tried following alot of diet plans Initially, I did lose weight But the last 10-15 pounds are usually problematic So, I tried Keto Diet for 3 months I would like to share Keto Diet with you A lot of people get confused regarding what Keto Diet actually is Okay, so first of all it is important to understand that what quantity of food would be suitable So if you have to consume, say 1200 calories or 1500, depending on your gender, and what your weight size is

By the way you do find online calculators, which calculate the amount of calories you need to consume, in your Keto Diet according to your weight, body type, and other things like gender Now, 70% of the time in this diet, you have to consume oils or fats, 20% proteins, and 10% carbohydrates Now how many grams of what, Micros and macros are all very confusing, but if you properly search for it online, you'll find information, and very useful videos I will share with you that which oils, living in Pakistan, we can make use of First of all, Desi ghee, is readily available in Pakistan so you can use Desi ghee Butter, but the desi one, not the processed one

Processed can also be used, but it is better to use desi Then, coconut oil, which is easily available in the market And, extra virgin olive oil Now these were the oils that are easily available If you can get yourself an MCT oil from abroad, or anywhere else, that would be great Now, I'll give you a basic logic of what you have to do Whenever we eat something containing alot of oil we feel very heavy And we feel full after eating a small amount of it

The best thing about Keto Diet is that your stomach feels full Usually, in other diets you feel like your stomach is a well and you never feel that you are full and you keep stuffing yourself with food But in a Keto Diet, your stomach feels full, you are satisfied and your energy level also stays high And after Keto Diet the maintenance diet also called the Paleo Diet can also be done easily I will talk about Paleo Diet in another video, in this one I will inform you about Keto So Keto diet is a diet, which can be followed easily, but before starting with this diet, undergo a few tests to ensure you have normal cholesterol and you don't have health problems like fatty liver

Because if you have medical issues like diabetes or anything like that, you first need to consult your doctor and inform them that you are planning to start a Keto Diet When we start a Keto Diet there is a thing called Keto flu you get headaches and feel sick but this fatigue is only for 2 to 3 days After that you feel fine So, after going through Keto flu and your body goes into ketosis Instead of using sugars and other things it starts using fats as fuel for energy The benefit of this is that it uses the extra fat in your body

And your weight starts to drop I have even seen cases where people have lost 5-6 pounds in a week But the healthy way is to lose 2-3 pounds if you have alot of weight And this diet is not difficult to follow Like I said you don't feel very hungry

Now, what to do? You can have omelette for breakfast But usually what people do is, they remove egg yolks But that is totally unnecessary, because the yolk is good for you the fat that is present in the yolks is good for you You can even add cheese in your omelette And that too full fat, not low fat We have a mentality of buying low fat things

Don't buy low fat Fat is good In this diet, fat is your friend Fat is not bad Please, glue this to your brains

Now what you can do is, Sprinkle some extra virgin olive over it and cook it in coconut oil And there you have your omelette Now for lunch What I do is that, I take some vegetables, and a small portion of protein, with a lot of butter Its already making my mouth water

And you can add spices In short, the portion you are allowed to have, make it as tasteful as you want By the way, I eat Nihari too What makes the difference are the grains we use Such as coconut flour and other grains that you are allowed to take

You can even search this online You can make a small crispy, chapati out those grains for yourself Or make a small piece of bread with almond flour And make Nihari for yourself, but don't add flour or wheat flour to thicken Nihari at the end like most people do Nihari is perfectly healthy for you this way

It has fat and gravy Now, what you need to eat for dinner Anything that is cooked at home for dinner You can't take lentils or vegetables in big amounts But you can take a handful of cucumbers and season them with some olive oil, lemon juice, some salt and pepper and make a salad out of it

You can take a small piece of beef with it, chop it and make a beef chili dry out of it With green chilies and oil, there is no restriction on oil But you have to avoid, chapati, rice, sugar, things made out of flour and grains You can even eat a piece or two of dark chocolate, which is 70% dark and ideally sugar free You can eat chocolates and handfuls of nuts like pistachios and even almonds

So there are a lot of things that you are not allowed to eat normally but you can eat them in Keto Diet if you have to do it for 2 to 3 months And, If your doctor has permitted you to Now the 3 things to remember for this diet First, is lots and lots of water Drink as much as you can

The more water you will drink, the more your skin will glow and stay fresh Secondly, do use multi vitamins Because you are taking in so much of fat and other things, so obviously you will get some sort of a vitamin deficiency So do take a good quality multi vitamin Now the third thing, if your weight gets stuck at one point and you can't figure out why is that

So the biggest reason for that is, that maybe you are taking in more proteins like meat, chicken or fish etc This can be one problem Other then that, maybe your body has become used to So a very good solution for that is intermittent fasting Now what is intermittent fasting? I will make a detailed video on it later for you

But, if you go online and search how to intermittent fast, you will find information for that I guess, my point is very simple Fat diets come and go, there was a time when Atkins and South beach diets were very in Then came along hcg diet as well All sorts of diets come and go

And they do work for some time Ultimately what works is, a healthy lifestyle Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water In summers make it 12 Drink more and more water

Avoid fizzy drinks Try to avoid junk food, artificial food and processed food as much as you can And maintain a balanced diet And if you have reached your ideal weight then maintain yourself If you feel like you are gaining 2-3 pounds, pull your strings right away

People say you used to be so chubby how do you maintain yourself? This is how I maintain myself The moment i feel like I am putting on weight, I stop myself instantly So with some control, some balance and a positive mindset, I guarantee you that you will lead a happy and healthy life And of course, if you try Keto diet do give me your feedback And share your comments as well as your experience

Because these videos are kind of my personal blog where I share my feelings and experiences But with your feedback I will be able to give better guidance in my next video So do comment And try the Keto Diet If you get permission from your doctor

I hope you like my YouTube channel And are subscribing to it As well as sharing your comments But, I have a great opportunity for you now You can share your comments with me on this number


hey guys welcome to my channel it's another day of eating keto diet you saw me just having some leftovers it was a chicken fat bomb I made the other day I actually made a short video recipe so if you wanna check that out how did I make that I'm gonna link it in the description down below it's just steamed some broccoli with a little butter and should our cheese to go with it and that was my lunch it was about 450 calories now I'm gonna have some coffee because I do need some little pick-me-up it's raining since morning and I would like to hit the gym little later so I need a little more energy hey come on are we going to the gym today what this is not the plan yeah I don't feel like the owner of the gym either being very boring today me the veteran just sucks so much it's really affects our mood and we feel like doing nothing we're going to the gym won't stop raining from mommy always cut me off through the full makeup on I have lots of things to do learn to clean mouth foxy foxy ears so we went out even in the rain to just run couple errands we need to stop at autozone to get some whatever filters to fix the car then we need to stop at Walmart to pick up some little grocery and I want a separate game stuff to check out some new video games because what else to do and add it in gym on days like that so we're gonna go do that and I'm gonna show you what I'm having for snack and I'm gonna be making helping your poppers for dinner so we home and this is our shopping for the little babies I got some hay some toys for ginger some spray for these insane fleas in Florida some frisbee for Aksum ginger was really good so she gots lots of trees trees she gets a lot of treats and something for me as I am known for being very popular among all the Mesquite's so I got these this is what we picked up at Walmart we just needed some more bone broth that is great source of sodium and vitamins some coleslaw and whipping cream well I would forget some video game now it's time to make the snack I'm just gonna quickly make some deviled eggs I think some it's just some toy what you say you're gonna chew on it at seven o'clock and we starting to prepare dinner are we gonna be doing developing your poppers rap here is chopping the poppers in half and defeating them how's it going good just do not touch your eyes or any holes in your body okay that would be very unpleasant so I'm gonna mix eight ounces of cream cheese with one cup of cheddar when I use half a teaspoon of salt some pepper some onion powder whisk it up I got my bacon here I'm gonna take the bacon cut it in half and use half of a slice for each of the color Pina poppers now it's time to fill up the peppers all the jalapeno poppers are ready we've wrapped them in the bacon and they're ready to go in the oven I breed it for 425 degrees Fahrenheit I'll both baking them for about 25 to 30 minutes let's taste it helping your poppers were a success we did like it I kind of thought there will be way more spicier but actually the baking really takes all of the spiciness out so if you never try them give it a try because they are not really that spicy as you might think I don't think how I'm gonna be making them as a main dish ever again I think they are perfect as a finger food or little appetizer so I'm gonna keep them in mind maybe for a Thanksgiving dinner anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna be back tomorrow with another video goodnight


hey guys welcome back to my channel it's even skeletal and another day of eating ketogenic diet you saw I had for lunch just the two faces of bacon two scrambled eggs with one tablespoon of Kerrygold butter and half of an avocado this lunch altogether had 437 calories 21 grams of protein 3 net carbs and 37 grams of fat that's time for some snack I had taste for something sweet so I just chopped myself three strawberries and I got 18 roasted almonds so I'm gonna snack on that this snack has 140 calories for net carbs 11 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein well I just dropped all the almonds off the cutting board so sometimes I'm just trying to make it look pretty but it's not really practical clumsy girl well Casey wants to say hello today hi baby she wants to play a little soccer you wanna play soccer do you wanna play soccer yeah what team you're playing oh yeah go time for dinner I've decided I'm gonna make some fun less homemade burgers and we gonna barbecue I'm gonna use the whole pound I'm gonna make more burgers and keep them in the freezer I've chopped about half of a small on the end I'm adding it in adding salt adding pepper adding a little bit of liquid smoke little of smoked paprika about a teaspoon of onion powder and today a teaspoon of garlic powder and now I'm gonna form for burgers about size of my palm so I've got four burgers I'm gonna fridge to and I prepared some tomatoes and some pickles and some what is almost forgot and some cheese well homemade burger was amazing it had about 350 calories and 20 grams of fat now I'm just sipping on this amazing drink as it's almost fourth of July this is truly is a spiked sparkling water it has hundred calories and about one gram of sugar and cards so it's pretty good to drink when you're ketogenic diet I actually made the whole video about if you can drink alcoholic beverages on ketogenic diet I'm gonna link it in a description down below so you can go check that out if you interested and I hoped you enjoyed today's video if you did please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow bye you