Keto Whole Foods Grocery Haul | Dairy Free and Nut Free

Hi everyone! It's Esther here I hope you're having a great day

I am here with a Whole Foods haul This will be most of my groceries for my meal plans this week And omigod, so funny story I went to Whole Foods just now and I got all these things and then I was standing in line and I usually get my wallet out as I'm standing in line just so that i'm not wasting other people's time you know as far as like the people that are behind me But anyways I realized I did not have my wallet

So I had to give my shopping basket to the cashier and then I rushed home I thought maybe I had left my wallet in the car But when I got to the car it wasn't there So I called Whole Foods on the way home and I was like hey my wallet is not in my car I'm gonna have to go home and get it

And the lady was really nice and by the time I got back she actually had it already bagged for me She rung it up and she put like freezer bags in here so that my stuff wouldn't go bad So such a sweetheart Very good customer service at Whole Foods, and no I'm not getting paid to say this Like they really did a good job of taking care of my things and so I'm very very appreciative Because I thought I was kind of being a pain for that lady by leaving my stuff behind and her having to watch it

But she was so nice so thank you lady at Whole Foods and customer service You're probably not watching this but thank you anyways I just want to quickly show you guys what I have in my grocery haul So I'll just kind of unbag all this So the first thing that I got were these eggs

And these got my attention because they say pasture-raised It says "these hens enjoy outdoor living and plenty of pasture to roam" So that makes me feel good Hopefully they're you know out on the field and eating some grass and stuff and not locked in cages I don't know, I haven't really like researched it to see if it's legit I know labeling laws can be really deceiving

I bought two cartons of those I'm just going to take this out of here Next I bought some spinach You guys know that I love spinach I eat it all the time

So here's my spinach for the week See here's the little ice bag she put in there So nice! And then I got a couple of other proteins So this is Atlantic salmon fillet And I just asked the guy at the fish counter

I don't know if thatis it called a fish counter? I'm not sure But I asked him for the fattiest cut of salmon, so that's what he gave me

I really hate it when salmon is really dry and I don't know it doesn't taste good I like fatty the fattier cut and that's perfect for the ketogenic diet anyways But the next item I got and I got quite a bit of this is ribeye I love ribeye So I really have been craving like steak and eggs lately so I'm going to use it and make steak and eggs for breakfast in the morning

And I'm making breakfast for my husband as well That's why I have so much He doesn't eat salmon so you can see quite a difference in the amount that I purchase That's one bag And then I bought some sardines

I love these sardines They are canned and they are soaked in lemon juice I sometimes will buy the ones soaked in olive oil but in this case I'm just going to add my own olive oil because I really like the way these taste So there's that I got lots and lots of those

And then, oopsie! This is two heads of broccoli I love broccoli as well And I've been sticking really to cruciferous vegetables So I've been sticking with broccoli and then also green leafy vegetables So spinach

So sorry to be repetitive it's the same stuff that I bought last week for my grocery haul But these are the vegetables I'm into right now And I cut out nightshades from my diet temporarily because there's some research out there that nice shades are really bad for your health in general But also that they affect your ketone levels I don't know if it's true

I'm actually going to add them back in and test how they affect my blood ketone levels So that's one of the foods that i'm going to be testing If you guys don't know I'm doing kind of like an experiment where I'm testing my blood ketone levels with different things right now I'm just getting back into the ketogenic diet This is, this will be like the second week on

You know I'm just really strict keto I've eliminated a lot of things Dairy, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, nightshade vegetables What else? There's like a whole list of things I eliminated, but i'm going to add them back in and check my blood ketone levels with those So it's going to be a fun experiment but you can click on the card above if you want to find out more and go the beginning of that series that I started with this experiment

And the last item, this whole bag of avocados It looks like a lot but it's only a week worth It's like seven avocados But I love avocados For those of you that had commented asking if I have problems pooping

I don't and I really think avocados will help with that If you're having issues with constipation Try to add one avocado try to add one avocado a day to your meal plan and see if that helps And lots of water you have to drink water on keto Very very important So that is pretty much it That's my grocery haul for this week

I'll be showing you guys a full day of eating with all of these foods And I hope you guys enjoyed If you do if you haven't already subscribe to my channel If these are things that interest you But I talk about a ketogenic diet

That's the bulk of my channel probably Like eighty to ninety percent And I also post my workouts and talk a little bit about my minimalist lifestyle That's kind of a newfound thing for me Yeah so if any of these subjects interest you subscribe and hit that notification bell

It will notify you immediately when I post a new video And yeah thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it and I will see you next time! Bye everyone!


Sugarless crystals here you cute little paleo food with you and this is my top 3 3 3 3 keto foods and it is the first time here subscribe now I do recipes all the time the people like you get self-created I got a secret kiddos not a diet here's the lifestyle challenge and with daily lifestyle they're always going to be a couple loopholes so we want to keep you ascend I got something to help you out these are my top 3 keto foods the one that nobody's talking about my first stuff piques my personal surgeon that hand is like mozzarella a flower such as almond flour coconut flour and it forms a sword though you have your cauliflower crust chicken crust and even bacon crust Oh keep up sounding pretty good I made a copycat recipe that I put on my Instagram of the Domino's buffalo chicken pizza it was fantastic man oh it was too good so you can do a lot with it I actually have a recipe coming up for fair season there's going to be a corndog recipe using the fat head though press so look out for that my number two could be there are tons of cookie recipes out there but to make it even more convenient the actual product companies that make cookies for you you got keto cookie with a little cliche and lower expensive and then you got my brand that's next these cookies are deliver right to your door I got a video in a cart above while actually review a fast next for you and my number three donuts the house of sweetness I'm gonna put my maple bacon donut recipe that I review in the car above man it was too good some companies are actually jumping on the bandwagon and do it I can't think of the name but absolutely recipe for chocolate donut or Krispy Kreme Kup again it's just a lift option and those are my top three keto foods I will recommend every day but almost hard nights when you're sitting there I guess struggling you're thick and you can't make it anymore do on keto or a low carb diet these are definitely get you through this now if you do too much because it's definitely just your status or if you always do it it will kick you out ketosis and we don't want that if you enjoyed this video subscribe now give it a thumbs up we come out with concept like this and here we don't make any recipes we need the food and see you next time

🥑 Here Are My Best Keto Staple Foods

hey what's up ketonians? Okay so you've decided to start the keto diet the only problem is you have no idea what to shop for don't worry because in this video I'm gonna run through my best keto staples to shop for so stick around welcome back in this video I'm gonna quickly cover some of the foods that I regularly shot for since I started keto I've been collecting recipes that I regularly make these are some of the ingredients that I try to have on hand so that they don't always have to pre-plan what I'm making for dinner when I'm building a shopping list I try to incorporate items that are low-carb packed with nutrients and also versatile to cook with I'm gonna break down my list into proteins healthy fats dairy produce and then some other stuff for proteins I buy fresh wild salmon salmon has tons of health benefits and one of the cleanest non fishy tasting fish and has omega-3 fatty acids that you need I have an awesome salmon recipe that we probably once a week that I'll try to get posted soon so stay tuned for that chicken breast and chicken thighs are super easy to put with almost anything and the thighs are higher fat content which is good for keto as well believe it or not bacon is on the menu with keto the high fat content is super good and let's be honest who doesn't love bacon just make sure it's no sugar added and nitrate free if possible beef chuck roast is super easy to throw on my favorite kitchen gadget which is my instant pot I'll link the one that I use down below in the description eggs are pretty much a must with the keto diet they basically have every essential nutrient the body needs except for vitamin C and the options for cooking are limitless to be honest though I was never real big fan of eggs until I started eating keto lastly I try to always have grass-fed ground beef if you can swing the extra cost always try to buy grass-fed needs breastfed needs tend to have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids an antioxidant versus grain-fed means for the healthy fats I'll try to make sure I always have olive oil or avocado oil some coconut oil real butter not margarine ghee if you can find it which is clarified butter in a glass jar and it's generally in the Indian food section of your grocery store from the dairy section I'll make should've grabbed heavy whipping cream which is great for coffee desserts and a bunch of other things and basically has no carbs cheese is a super easy snack and great for cooking or throwing on a salad in general the harder the cheese the lower the carb content so be careful I typically grab a tub of pre shredded Parmesan a block of Kobe Jack and maybe a pouch of mozzarella when it comes to produce I try to stay away from most fruits because of the higher sugar content and the fact that you can easily get any nutrient and fruit from vegetables without the carbs if I'm craving fruit I might grab a few raspberries or blackberries since they're the lowest carb fruit for vegetables I'll stick to the ones that grow above ground since they have fewer carbs I'll grab a bag of pre chopped kale spinach salad greens avocados zucchini broccoli and cauliflower when it comes to vegetables you generally want to eat fresh and cook the least amount of time since heating them tends to remove most of the nutrients the one exception here is I almost always buy frozen free rice cauliflower I make keto fried rice quite often and having a bag of rice cauliflower I can pop in makes it super simple to make okay that covers most of it but there are a few things that don't fit those categories such as raw almonds which are super good for snacking and almond flour for cooking and baking also coconut flour which is in tons of keto recipes dark chocolate is another one just make sure it's at least 85% and doesn't have any sugar added I started using Lily's chocolate chips they're a little bit pricey but they're awesome for baking and desserts and they only have three net carbs for 60 chips there are tons of items that can make this list but these are just some of the ones that I buy regularly let me know what staple foods made your list in the comments and if you found this video useful please take a second to click the subscribe button and also the bellow icon to make sure you get notified when we drop new videos thanks for watching

Keto Chia Pudding Recipe | Best Low Carb Foods

Today I'm going to show you how to make a really easy keto chia pudding using chia seeds – they're beautiful low carb high fiber ingredient that it's just a wonderful wonderful ingredient to use on the keto diet to keep your fiber up and it's just a little nutritious powerhouse so I've got my chia seeds there you use white, black this one's a mix of both I've got yoghurt go for the lowest carb yogurt you can and I find that I like to add a bit of thickened cream, so let's get on and make our chia pudding, so I've got a little glass you can use a glass, a jar anything you like and I'm gonna pop two tablespoons of chia seeds into the glass try make too much, trying not to make too much mess, that looks like a bit of splattering there and so we've got two tablespoons of chia and we're gonna do half a cup of our liquid and you can use almond milk if you like, coconut milk any kind of liquid that you like and you can use the cream that I'm using we've got the yoghurt I'm gonna put mostly yogurt in there and then just top it up with a nice little drizzling of cream as well to make up our whole half a cup with just a little bit of cream going in yeah, and now we'll pour in and mix it together always makes such a mess with these little tasks, okay wipe it down with my Star Wars paper towel, okay so we just give this a really good mix through you could stick it into a jar and give it a shake if you want but I'm quite happy doing it in here now it's up to you if you want to enjoy this straight away which you can or I'm gonna pop this into the fridge and I'll show you what it looks like in a few hours once it's thickened up, but you can have a look at that for now, the texture it's just beautiful chia pudding but it gets super thick, I'll show you, now there's so many different add-ins and so many different things that you can do with that to make it your own just depending on your tastes and what you've got available but I'm gonna pop this in the fridge and have a chat a little bit once it's thickened the chia puddings been in the fridge for a little while and it's thickened nicely have a look at that you can see it's a thick pudding yummy you can leave it just like this, I'm gonna top it with a few yummy bits I'm gonna pop a little layer of strawberries on top I've got some sliced strawberries, berries just go beautifully with chia pudding you could also mix in some cacao through, grate a bit of chocolate on top, really whatever you like you could put some chia seeds on top as well that aren't mixed through you can put some desiccated coconut I've got a nice generous layer of strawberries on top here loads and loads as you can see so that is the video for today, thank you so much for watching my recipe for this easy keto chia pudding and make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and leave me a comment let me know what's your go-to favorite chia seed pudding recipe I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye!

Can I Eat Fermented Foods on Keto?

Are fermented foods allowed on keto? Fermented keto foods are an excellent choice for gut health You can eat raw fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, dairy or coconut kefir and raw full-fat plain yogurt

However, be very careful with store-bought healthy foods, as they still often sneak in the sugars They are all pretty easy to make at home and require minimal supervision Make them up and then let them ferment – it's pretty simple Fermented foods are getting an excellent reputation for supporting various aspects of your immune and digestive system and even reduce sugar addiction and improve your mood Fermented cod liver is also rich in vitamins such as fat soluble A, D, E and K and omega 3 fatty acids

Below are some great articles on the benefits of fermented foods

Which foods are Best for Weight Loss on a Keto Diet – Get into a fat burning state of ketosis

(upbeat music) – Hello my friends and welcome to Keto with Sarah Jane My name is Sarah Jane and in this video today I'm going to talk about all of the foods that you should eat on a Ketogenic Diet

So, going through the basic macronutrients of a ketogenic diet is 70% fats, which can also be in the form of body fats as well as dietary fats Then you have 20% proteins and 10% carbohydrates Now the carbohydrates that we eat on the ketogenic diet is not the starchy carbohydrates It's not the sugars These are the foods that we avoid on the ketogenic diet

Instead what we eat for our carbohydrates is the vitamins and minerals component of the fruits and vegetables So the most important vegetable that we eat is the cruciferous vegetables So these are your green leafy vegetables, the kale, the spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts Now, I can hear you moaning already These are the vegetables that we have all hated since we were a kid

They're the bitter vegtables The ones that we push aside from our plates And if you're a mum you're probably trying to get your kids to eat broccoli and brussel sprouts already However, I've got some recipes to help you with that, that I'll show you in some other videos But these cruciferous vegtables are the ones that are going to help you to lose the weight

They are the ones that are going to give your body the potassium needs The ones that are going to lower the insulin resistance in your body They are going to help to heal any toxins and to push it out of the body It has so much vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C So much of your trace minerals

So these are the really important parts of the ketogenic diet So these are our carbohydrate components With the fruits with a ketogenic diet, now fruits are actually containing sugar, so they're high in fructose So we don't want to eat too many fruits But fruits do contain a lot of antioxidants and lots of vitamins and essential minerals

So they are important on the diet So the ones that we actually use on the ketogenic diet is berries Berries contain the most of these antioxidants and vitamins, but they are the lowest in sugar So these are the ones that you need to focus on for the ketogenic diet, berries Also keep in mind that some vegetables can be high in sugar

So for example carrots, tomatoes, peas, corn and things like that They can be high in sugar So just be careful of which vegetables that you choose Probably there's a preference to the green leafy vegtables and the ones that contain the most water content, lettuce, capsicums, cucumbers and things like that Also recommended is to take a green supplement

So find yourself a good brand that's organic Something that contains 75 trace minerals, that you can have as a drink in the morning that will boost all of your vitamins and minerals Right, moving next along is your proteins So, the proteins that we choose on the ketogenic diet, we're looking really for the ones that are high in protein but also contain amounts of fats So this can be saturated fats or unsaturated fats such as your omega threes and omega sixes

So the most ideal is your salmon and your fatty fish So salmon has the most omega threes and omega sixes Eat the skin as well This is a really high quality omega threes and omega sixes that will really help with the heart and help with the brain Your body will absolutely love these

Same thing with sardines and mackerels Next is chicken So chicken, we don't necessarily have to go with chicken breast and dried lean protein What we're actually looking for is something that has high protein but also contains the natural fats Now having the fats as well as the protein helps with your satiety

It helps with you to feel satisfied so that you go longer and you'll eventually get to your intermittent fasting, which we'll get to down the track Next, we're going to go to the dairy section So the dairy category we have our butters So eat organic butter Cheeses are good, but just be careful which types of cheeses that you choose

Because they can also contain some sugars as well Eggs are absolutely brilliant So take your eggs Eat all of it So not just the white but the yolk as well

So the yoke actually contains lecithin which is an antidote for cholesterol So for many years we were told that don't eat eggs because they're very bad for you But eggs are actually the good balance between protein and fats They actually do contain cholesterol and cholesterol is needed in the body So the lecithin that's inside the egg yolk actually is an antidote for the bad cholesterol in the body

Next, we'll move on to the fats So the fats, there are three different types of fats Three different categories So this we will talk about in another video But for the moment you've got your saturated fats, your unsaturated fats, and your trans fats

Trans fats we avoid at all cost These are your manufactured fats and they're very bad for you They're contained in a lot of GMO modified foods And a lot of manufactured products which are designed to be kept on the shelf for a long period of time to make foods taste better than they actually really are But they are actually very bad for you

So the other fats that are left are saturated fats, which are your animal fats So butter and your cheeses are your saturated fats Eat these in moderation The next one is your unsaturated fats These are the ones we want you to eat the most of

Unsaturated fats are needed by the heart the cardiovascular system, and the brain The brain loves the omega threes and the omega sixes So a very good example of your unsaturated fats are your avocados Also your olive oils and here are your nuts So macadamian nuts are probably the best or pecan nuts

A lot of the other nuts that we look at, things like almonds can be quite high in the carbohydrates which will put you out of a state of ketosis So macadamian nuts or pecans are the best for your ketogenic diet MCT oil, so this is medium chain triglycerides It's actually derived from coconut oil Again, contains your omega threes and omega sixes

This is what I put in my Bullet Proof coffee, which I'll do recipes for as well Coconut oil, so replace all of your cooking oils with coconut oil And then apple cider vinegar So apple cider vinegar, take this in the morning in a glass of water, one or two tablespoons And this will help to alkalize your body and to burn those fats

Pink Himalayan salt, very good for you Contains 75 trace minerals So replace all of your table salt with pink Himalayan salt Thanks for watching I'll see ya in the next video

(upbeat music)


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today 21 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge it's almost 2 o'clock I'm ready to break my fast and make myself some quick lunch as I am really busy today what Casey doesn't really care that I am busy if he just wants to play I'm heating up these two unclear turkey Franks one of them is 110 calories in less than one car I'm steaming hundred grams of broccoli to go with it I'm gonna fry up one egg and when the broccoli is done I'm just gonna top it with some of Kerrygold butter to add up the fats a little bit more and that's what's for lunch today um can't wait it again hey guys this is Rob I just checked out from lunch and I wanted to show you what I brought for tonight so today just very simple I just made some lettuce wrap kind of boats here we got some grape tomatoes inside ham Munster cheese and there's a little Thousand Island dressing I have two of those and I have an egg with some salami for a snack and I have half a chocolate cookie dough quest bar and I did promise IVA that we would be sharing the quest bar so this is gonna be the hardest part of the week and sharing quest bars with each other neither of us had to keen on that but yesterday we had the the s'mores one which I absolutely loved it's so delicious the s'mores one I can't wait to try the cookie dough I'll let you know how it is and we had the chocolate peanut butter one I wasn't too crazy about that one that one just kind of tasted like goo yeah the the s'mores one was much better so that's what my lunch was really good and really simple I really like keeping my meals simple I think that this way is the whole new lifestyle more sustainable I do still like to come up with some new recipes and creations to make more videos for you and I do love to experiment but on my daily basics and weekdays I really like to keep it simple and just go with what I have in the fridge and just really not overthink it and that way I actually am able to stay on track I'm gonna try this more of wesbar with my afternoon coffee or Anna does only have hundred and ninety calories and four grams of net carbs so I'm gonna munch on that I'm excited to try it out okay guys can we talk about this quest bar well I saved the cover well this s'mores quest bar was absolutely delicious I was actually able to eat just a half as it's super super sweet so I just put some in out the other half in a ziploc and I'm gonna have it it's like a time when I feel like something sweet no like seriously guys you gotta give this a try if you haven't so yet because they are so so good and if you're into sweets this one really gonna do it for you I get a little bit hungry so I've decided I'm just gonna chop a half of an avocado and put some a little pink salt on it and just eat it on its own oh I know a lot of you guys do not like avocados or are still like asking questions what's the best way to eat it sometimes I make a chocolate mousse or it's also good to just bake it in the oven and crack an egg in it but I do love it the most eating it on its own let me know in the comments down below what's your favorite way to eat avocados and give me some more tips how I should try the next it's almost 8 o'clock so it's time to start the dinner I wasn't really feeling hungry or feeling like cooking today so the dinner will be really easy and simple I got 4 slices of pork sirloin and I beat them up a little bit to make them little thinner and then I got my asparagus which I will wrap in bacon for the pork I'm using some salt we're gonna flip them over and do the same thing from the other side I got mass progress and I'm gonna wrap a couple of those in to a bacon I'm stretching the bacon a little bit as I roll and what I do is I use a little toothpick just to pin it on the end of the bacon so as it grows or baked it's not gonna unwrap because the bacon will start shrinking as it cooks and if you don't pin it it kind of gonna unwrap so I like to pin it so it's those states pretty and now we are ready to set up the barbecue as I said guys very easy quick it's gonna be done all together in about 15 minutes and almost no cleaning and here it is my baked asparagus with bacon I added some little spinach just for more greens as I didn't have any today and I have this two small pieces if pork so Owen we're gonna enjoy it and you know I always love me some Thousand Island dressing so I'm gonna use about 1 tablespoon to dip my meat in there was amazing I told you it was done under 15 minutes brilliant take any fourth and most importantly it didn't take any dishes ginger here why do you put all the hay on me uh forgive you well as did the most important thing so we can wrap up this video day 21 of our 30 days keto diet transformation challenge is done is that right yes thank you guys so much for watching today's vlog if you didn't do so please consider to subscribing and give it a thumbs up if you did like it and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow


hello it's a mask alpha welcome to my channel and welcome today 22 of my 30 days keto diets summer transformation challenge my channel is all about healthy lifestyle and low carb diets so if you new here don't forget to subscribe down below and hit that Bell button so you get notified and don't miss any of my upcoming videos it's one o'clock so I'm finishing up my 16 hour fast and I'm ready to break it with some good lunch yeah I am annoying this way I just gonna have egg drop soup everyday like even in the summer I just love it I'm boiling two cups of my organic bone broth then I got two eggs lots of spring only hands I love that some soy sauce some sesame seed oil some pepper and a glove of garlic and I'm just gonna put it all together and that's gonna be my lunch today and that's it guys it took me about three minutes to make it and I can't wait to eat it I really love Chinese food I'm not eating it as much as I would love to as I'm on low-carb diet but this soup is just phenomenal and you don't really have to use any cornstarch but if you would love to taking it up more you can use some xanthan gum instead ordered some Jimmy John's sandwiches for us so I just had that without the bread I just had some ham and cheese with some lettuce and tomato and I also have my side salad here so this is my side salad got avocado grape tomato spinach leaves with a little chipotle ranch dressing and that's pretty much what's for lunch it's about four o'clock and I'm starting to get a little hungry as I had only this soup for lunch so I'm gonna make some great snack for myself now I took out the leftover of the bread loaf I made the other day it was previously frozen and I have to say it defrost it very nice so I recommend it if you need to save a piece of bread in the freezer for later on you can definitely do it with this one so I'm gonna slice two slices to make myself a nice sandwich we're gonna use a little bit of whipped cream cheese I'm gonna use three slices of black forest ham I'm gonna slice a couple slices of cucumber I'm gonna put some pepper on my cucumber and that's it that's what I'm gonna have today's for snack I know a lot of people say that this 90 seconds bread tastes too eggy me personally I don't mind it I don't find it really a too eggy I do enjoy it but I would like to know how about you do you like 90 seconds spread or which of the keto bread versions is your favorite please leave me a comment down below and let me know making some cheese chips so I am using sharp cheddar about half a cup a tray and I'm gonna be making two trays so I just scoop them just like that into a little circle shapes and I will bake them in the oven for 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about six to eight minutes you have to check on them and check them really closely because they cooked very quickly and it can be a little different in your oven so you have to really keep a close eye on them and they don't guys these are super delicious I also liked a little more salt on them and a garlic powder and it's amazing I was a big potato chips lover that's why I gained it so much weight and these are delicious you still have to be careful with those because they have a lot of fat and a lot of calories but when you have these potatoes chips craving these will do I'm super excited I love a good movie and great chips so I think that's gonna happen tonight guys it's almost 7:30 so it's time to start the dinner today I'll be making some chicken thighs corn pop Rica with a little heavy whipping cream as a sauce and I'm gonna be making a cauliflower instead of pasta to go with it it's a really like a great Czech recipe I learn from my mom so today I'm gonna share it with you first what I did i cubed one small onion and edit one and a half tablespoon of olive oil into a pan and I'm gonna fry it up until a little golden then I got my chicken thighs I took the skin off as I'm gonna be boiling it in the sauce and I do not like the skin if it's not crunchy I'm gonna just season it with some salt pepper and paprika you have to be really generous with the paprika I just coat the meat completely as I mentioned I'm gonna be making a cauliflower instead of the pasta as a side dish so I took it apart into small florets I'm gonna fill up the path with salty water and boil it until it's soft and pour it into a pot now I'm gonna thicken the sauce I'm gonna use up see Liam as obviously we can't use flour so I'm gonna just take some water and mixed up see Liam in it and add it into a pan and here it is it took a pretty long time about 35 to 40 minutes but it's gonna be delicious that was a delicious dinner guys if you ever try to thicken your sauce with up psyllium husk just go really little with it because a little goes a long way you don't really want to end up with a slimy like texture sauce it really thickens a lot okay guys so I'm gonna wrap up today's video let's do the last thing of the day day 22 of our 30 days keto diets summer transformation challenge is done thank you guys so much for watching today's video you know my videos are all about healthy lifestyle and low carb diets so if you didn't do so yet consider to subscribing and if you did like this video give it a thumbs up and I'm gonna see you tomorrow nice


hello guys it's vasquel so welcome to my channel and welcome today 23 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified and you don't miss any of my amazing videos it's 1 o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast after 16 hours as I am intermittent fasting and I'm gonna make some quick easy lunch alright so my lazy Kido lunch Edition continues I'm just gonna make a ham and eggs so I'm gonna use 3 or 4 slices of ham 2 eggs I'm gonna top it with some cheddar cheese and I have this bacon wrapped asparagus from the other night we grilled so I'm gonna have that on site with it this is my lazy keto lunch today yummy that was really good and filling I just since I stopped a following vegan lifestyle I just can't get enough of X I can eat eggs every day it's just amazing food this lunch should keep me full to later afternoon so I'm gonna check with you around snack time hey guys it's Rob and just clocking out for lunch and I want to show you what I brought today so I just have some keto bread sandwiches got some ham cucumber some cream cheese and some Gouda cheese know there's a monster cheese and West or I love these things this one's a Cinnabon flavored and that's what's for lunch guys I can't believe that this 30-day challenge is almost over it's been a hell of a ride I enjoy every bit of it I'm definitely gonna keep going in a keto diet my ultimate goal I think is excuse me miss I've been talking here you don't care excuse her well I wanted to say that my goal is obviously lose the 30 pounds I gained it and I would like to after that spell stay very low carb I'm not sure if that's gonna be completely Kido because I would love to here and there incorporate little quinoa or some beans or some sweet potato I'm really not sure I'm still it's funny because I'm 30 years old and I'm still trying to figure it out what's best for my body well it's almost 5 o'clock so I'm gonna make myself some delicious snack Hey I absolutely loved the cheddar cheese chips I made yesterday so I've decided that today's snack I'm gonna make some more so I'm making one batch for myself with just roughly 220 calories and I'm gonna just spice them them up with some salt and onion powder and here it is guys these are absolutely amazing for us to me you have to try these they're awesome just like that with some little onion powder or you can make some guacamole to dip in or some salsa they're just very versatile or you can put some slice of cheese sauce on top of the cheese they're just really good so I'm gonna enjoy that while working and I'll check with you back around to dinner well if my chips are all gone I enjoyed every single one and now I'm just gonna keep working and I'm gonna make myself second cup of coffee and I'm gonna check with you around dinner well Casey really wants to show up I gave her a bath today so she's all nice and fluffy and she wants to be a movie star say hello baby hello hello that's my baby oh yeah eight o'clock it's time to start the dinner I asked Rob what he wants for dinner and he said chicken salad well she can sell it it is I defrosted one a big chicken I'm gonna season with some salt so you get some spinach romaine lettuce some black olives some chicken some avocado cucumber tomato and red onion in today we're gonna test this roasted garlic dressing from simply nature by Aldi organic one oh yeah I'm sure we're gonna love it guys this was really satisfying huge salad I could not even finish it there was a lot of good fast olives the cheese did not the avocado to me it was really good a really filling right I just can't finish it all right guys the kitchen is closed so let's wrap up today's video Melvin you nails today mm-hmm okay guys day 23 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is done we have only a week to go it's unbelievable it's been a hell of a keto right thank you so much for joining us on this ride and if you didn't do so please don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell button so you get notified and don't miss any of my videos and I'm gonna see you again in tomorrow good night


hello hello it's a skillful welcome to my channel and welcome today 24 of my 30 days keto diets summer transformation challenge in today's video I'm going to show you how I make my alternative of this keto pink drink so if you new to my channel don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified every time I upload a new video it's almost 1 o'clock it's time to break my fast after 16 hours of fasting and I'm ready to make some lunch so I'm gonna scramble two eggs in half of a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter I'm gonna bake two slices of bacon I'm gonna use half of an avocado and I'm gonna fill it up in my romaine lettuce leaves if you watch my videos you know by now that my favorite way to cook bacon is in the microwave so I just take a play put one paper towel below it cover it with another one and cook it on a high for about two minutes because it's only two slices more slices longer you get a cock and this way I spare myself of splashing the fat all over my stove and it doesn't stink up the whole apartment doesn't that look absolutely amazing and that's what's gonna be for lunch today these lettuce boats are absolutely amazing it's gonna keep me full for a couple of hours so meanwhile let's make the Kido pink drink so it's ready and cool enough for the afternoon treat so I am using this black cherry berry herbal caffeine-free tea well the original Starbucks one is a passion tengo tu can get that tea at our target has it or you can order it online it's about $5 but I didn't have a right over there so I'm using this one this one makes the drink pretty pink color as the black cherry is a really dark so this one works perfect you can also use a raspberry but the raspberry doesn't really make the drink too pink so this is a great choice I'm taking my French press and I'm gonna put two tea bags in it back in in there I've bought my water so I'm gonna fill it up I'm gonna let the tea sit in there for about an hour and then take the bags out and let it completely cool down so it's been an almost hour and a half so I'm gonna take out the bags I got myself another bottle so I can transfer it and put it in the fridge to chill it and in the fridge it goes can't wait to have it later okay time to make this amazing kiddo homemade pin drink so I get my jar I fill it up with ice and here goes Marty look at the color guys phenomenal then I have this sugar-free one last syrup this one is the Starbucks brand but it doesn't matter which branch you get and I'm gonna use two pumps now I'm taking my heavy whipping cream and I'm gonna measure one serving which is one tablespoon when you get the drink at Starbucks you get a big splash of whipping cream so when you make it home you can actually way better you know control your carb intake and the last step now and look at it guys the color looks exactly the same like this pink drink at Starbucks and I didn't have to use a passion tango tea just those two cherries just make it exactly the same and I'm gonna give it a try oh this is just so good guys if you didn't try it yet then either make it home or go to Starbucks and grab yourself one because it's this absolutely amazing refreshing drink which you definitely need throughout this summer someone else wants a little refreshment my ice cube yay okay we have to run a couple of errands so I'm just gonna grab a little string cheese to make it till the dinner so that's gonna be my spec for today guess we're back from our errands and I'm about to start preparing the dinner so I chapped a string beans and I'm gonna start steaming them and then I have this Aldi bratwurst which I always mentioned in my videos they are one netkar per link so I'm gonna pop these from the grill and then with the string beans I'm make some casserole so for the casserole I'm gonna crack two eggs into a bowl and mix it up with half a cup of cheddar and some salt pepper and some onion and garlic powder I'm taking my a low oil pan and I'm gonna move the string beans in there now I'm gonna take my egg and cheese mixture and pour it in I'm gonna mix it in and now I'm gonna just take some extra cheddar cheese and topping it with and this is how it looks like I preheated the oven for 400 degree Fahrenheit and I'm gonna bake it about 10 minutes until the cheese and the X is all melted and the egg is firmed up the trim beans casserole is done let's serve it and here my bratwurst that's it let's go eat I love that string bean casserole we bought if you saw my previous vlog we have this a big keto hole and we bought this bag giantic two pounds of a bag of trimmings so I had to use it up before it goes bad because you know person gonna eat only that many string beans in the day so today I just decided to use up the leftovers I just cracked the egg as you saw and it was really good easy great way to use up your leftover shrimp meat okay guys and that's it for today's video so let's just wrap it up day 24 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is oh wow thank you guys so much for watching this video and following our keto journey it does really mean a lot to us if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you did not subscribe yet please do so down below and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night