good morning guys it's Keila I'm back with another what I eat in a day and today is actually really special I'm meeting some Instagram people today I'm super excited but they've been such inspirations for me on Instagram food motivation working out like I stressed so much that I find inspiration in others and their transformations are amazing so I'm excited for you guys to meet them sorry there's a car that like almost hit my car but yeah so I think I got here a little bit earlier than them there they catched an uber down here we're going to this place called aroma it's one of the first restaurants that I fell in love with here in California they have a lot of items that could easily be made quito friendly all their sides it usually comes with either fries or a side salad and their salmon burger is do die for us I think I'm gonna get that and like add cheese or something I don't know I'm a little fancy but I wouldn't tell you guys with me so let's go ahead and go they are so good amazing I'm gonna steal the recipe from her so that way I can show you guys how to make them because they are addicting and it dipped in Lilly's chocolate the caramelized so it's raining but I just got back from the gym and I'm a little bit hungry so I think I'm gonna get a snack so I'm going to be eating some chips and salsa this these chips actually got is a gift from Elena also known as the stair lady so thank you so much just think of these as hot cheeto flavor but Dorito texture they're so good and the card count is amazing at 6 grams of carbs but 35 dietary fiber and it's made with a sweet corn and cactus so really really good I will leave a link to Amazon but honestly it's so expensive on Amazon so if you can find it in your local place she found it in Texas so if you're in Texas would probably able to find it I can't even find it in California so I'm just gonna savor these and probably have to order some on Amazon later and then I got this bold black bean and corn salsa um actually technically this is not considered keto or anything but if you look at the carb count it is only about one gram of carbs per two tablespoons which is the same carb count as the other one that I usually get from Private Selection which is the restaurant style and that's the lowest one that I've been able to find so that just goes to show that hey sometimes you can fit it in your macros and this doesn't affect me really that much so but I am gonna measure out 2 tablespoons it must be an agnostic day because this looks like day jobs I literally had eggs for brunch I've been obsessed with eggs lately so hey it's egg day I'm ok with that I just added some mushroom laughter that way you know I can get like a medium feel without because I'm so it's not like I just have some cheese on here and I'm gonna add that into there you guys know the drill I feel like I've done this before it's too big too close so we're just gonna do it tostadas style I'm just kind of crisp up the bottom have that cheese melt and then eat it with some salsa I can't even be bothered with a cute little fancy plate because nobody got time for that I have some salsa this combo is gonna be fire I'm so excited to eat it I shall grab so I'm just gonna finish this oh so good I'm trying to find something to watch guys let me know your ads recommendations on like movies and shows thank you guys so much for watching this what I you know Dave I've always you guys like these types of videos don't want me to make more of them you know what to do like it comment make sure you come back for more


I really do not feel like putting this up now but hi guys it's Keila (Kay-La) first of all illness apologize because I'm probably gonna be sniffling in this video I'm actually sick but I went to Costco and got a pretty good amount of things so I wanted to show you guys so if you had any questions on what type of things you want to get our Costco hopefully this will help first and foremost pick it up you can't go to Costco without getting some toilet paper just honestly will last you for like six months next I'm frozen green beans actually don't cook with green beans often that which is sad you but I really do love green beans and the only reason I picked these up is because they didn't have frozen broccoli so I definitely like to get um vegetables that are frozen because I like fresh um vegetables but frozen is easy and you always have them on deck so this is probably last me for a while can't go to top without some eggs these are the organic eggs yeah we some strawberries now I usually don't get fruit from Costco just because I never eat all the fruit and half of it goes bad but I love strawberries and they were actually a really good price so I think I'm gonna try to eat as much as I can and whatever I don't eat I'm just gonna chop up and throw the freezer next this is more stuff for my sister but I do indulge in these too these aren't the nut bars we actually started opening them they have almond cashews and walnuts in it with a cocoa drizzle and sea salt this is a great replacement for a candy bar the total net carbs for one of these is seven that carb so if you can fit it into your macros I would HIGHLY advise checking these out I have a sweet tooth sometimes it's not that bad but every now and then I want something that I can you know just grab and neither think about and not cook anything so these are perfect they're amazing I'm telling you if you can put these in your macros I'll make your life so much easier all right next is some macadamia nuts my sister actually went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and she brought back a whole bunch of macadamia nuts and I realized I have a slight obsession for macadamia nuts I think I've got them earlier in my ketogenic lifestyle and I really didn't like them because I got them like plain it wasn't salted I like eating these without some of the Lily's chocolate and it just tastes so good since they didn't have frozen broccoli I got some fresh broccoli I love broccoli I rock and cheese with this I put it in casseroles honestly broccoli is like my BFF just sauteing that up with some butter tips and I got a big thing of spinach I love cooking spinach down a little bit of butter also I'm going to be making a back spinach feta chicken cream sauce thing I'll link it down below a lot of people have been commenting and I think tried it and that they loved it and I forgot all about it so that's why I picked up some spinach and that's why I picked up some cauliflower rice now I usually don't get cauliflower rice from Costco because I feel like half of it goes bad but I'm gonna use half of it now and I'm gonna try to freeze the other half and see how that goes hopefully it works out can't go to Costco without getting some bacon they know this cut bacon so hopefully this cooks well I like cooking a whole container in the oven it makes BLT wraps easy you know makes my mornings easy right now I still have a package of pre-cooked bacon so I don't use that yet I also got some cheese snacks I'm not sure what it's that's why I got it this one organics doesn't you know what it was the same price but I'm gonna go ahead and get this one so I'll probably eat this with like pepperonis or lunch me or whatever I have one deck or fight so I'm gonna roll by itself cheese person so you shouldn't have to have one so kind of neat or I like with my flat crisp so we'll see I already have butter but I can't go to hospital without getting some Kerrygold butter I've missed Kerrygold the last couple of grocery shops I haven't gotten caracals because they either were out or the store didn't carry it so I got my love back odd me next I got some some sheep milk feta so I'm going to be like I said before with me making that spinach feta cream sauce chicken thing so I needed to feta I'm gonna see how I can like cuz I don't need all this but do you want to save it does anyone know how to like preserve cheese can you put this in the freezer I don't know I'm gonna do some research on it and we're almost at the end laughs I got some organic ground beef now this is this is 85% lean and 15% fat normally you'd want to go 84 or 80 for lean 24 fat but honestly this doesn't mean well add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and you can add your fat back in and then cop the whole time get shut up Chelsea okay and last but not least I got some chicken thighs I went ahead and got the organic but most skinless literally it was double the price of the other one that's almost telling me Kayla don't get the organic because you ve eaten chicken a lot one of these for sure I'm gonna be cooking up in the next day or two and the other I'm just going to put in the freezer but yeah this is my grocery haul hopefully got you guys liked it if you guys do you like these types of videos don't forget to give this video a thumbs up comment down below the type of food that you get at Costco because I'm always interested and actually watch a couple of videos before I went to Pasco to remind me of some things to get and yeah I'll see you guys in the next video bye put this up for me I'll cook for you

Keto Kung Pao Chicken – Chinese Keto Chicken | Keto Recipes | Keto Meals and Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com As I've mentioned before, my mother was a European trained chef, so we had many wonderful European meals

But when my mother wanted a night out she always asked to go to a Chinese restaurant because she really loved Chinese food, and since that time I have long enjoyed going to a Chinese restaurant for lunch or dinner However, on a keto diet, going to most Chinese restaurants is not a possibility, because of all the non keto ingredients that are often part of a Chinese recipe To satisfy my current craving for Chinese takeout dinner, I'm making this keto version of kung pao chicken, which is based on a Szechuan region recipe The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 19 to 1 with 6

8 grams of total carbs, 16 grams of dietary fiber and 52 grams of net carbs Since this is a stir-fry, it's very important that all your ingredients are prepared and ready to fry before starting

Also, cut your boneless, skinless chicken breasts into bite-size pieces I'd say about 25 centimeters or 1 inch cubes and then place your cut cubes into a large mixing bowl Add the salt, white pepper, tamari, and toss everything well to coat the chicken evenly Then add the Chinese Shaoxin cooking rice wine, but if you don't have this wine or can't get it, just substitute with dry sherry

Add The egg whites and toss to mix well Now allow the seasoned chicken cubes to marinate for at least 30 minutes Toss the chicken every once in a while so that the top pieces also get marinated well While the chicken is marinating, it's time to make the sauce In a bowl, combine the salt, Lakanto monk fruit sweetener, tamari, or if you prefer coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar and water

Stir well and set the sauce aside When it's time to begin the stir-fry, you can use either a wok or large frying pan Whichever you choose to use, place the dry pan or wok on high heat When your pan has been heated thoroughly, add the oil Swish or brush the oil so that the entire bottom and side of the pan is well coated

When you see that your oil is sizzling, add the marinated chicken cubes and all the sauce that's in the bowl Let this fry for about a minute and then toss continuously for another minute or two Toss and fry so the meat is about 50% done Actual time will depend on the size of your cubes Then, when you determine your cubes are about 50% done, scoop the cubes out of the pan and set them aside

Don't be tempted to over fry the chicken because you think it's still raw: The chicken will be placed back and have more cooking time later Next, add some more oil, then add the re-hydrated, prepared chilies Reserve a few of the dark green onion parts Add the green onions, ginger and garlic Fry until these ingredients become fragrant

For me it was about 1 or 2 minutes When you can smell the wonderful aroma, add the prepared chicken cubes and toss immediately for about 30 seconds At this point you have an option: you can choose to add raw cashews or peanuts Stir the sauce and then pour it over the meat Toss everything to combine well

After the sauce has coated the chicken, also add the powdered gelatin which will be your thickener At the very last moment, add the reserved green onion, toss once and remove immediately And that's all there is to making this amazing, flavorful, Szechuan keto kung pao chicken It's best to serve the chicken very hot That doesn't mean that it's not delicious the next day as well

What I'm trying to say is when this is first made, and it's just fresh and hot, it's really flavorful and all the aromatic ingredients are at their very best I hope you try this flavorful, Szechuan version of the keto kung pao chicken very soon Enjoy, thank you for visiting my channel and watching this video Please turn on your notification bell See you next time

The link for the printable recipe is available in the description below

Keto Chicken Marsala | Keto Recipes | Keto Meal Prep

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today I'll be making a Mediterranean recipe that is sure to impress your family and friends because they will be treated to an extraordinarily flavorful and aromatic main course, and after I've shown you how to make the chicken marsala recipe, I will show you how I prepared the two-cheese butter zoodles to complement and complete the dinner

As you can see, this dinner looks as if it would have been an Involved and complex recipe I assure you this is a very easy and relatively quick recipe to make This keto chicken marsala is one of our favorite recipes, and I'm proud to share it with you today The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 28 to 1 with 9

3 grams of total carbs, 1 gram of soluble fiber, 38 grams of insoluble fiber, resulting in only 4 point 6 grams of net carbs for the keto chicken marsala portion of the recipe The first thing you have to do in preparing to make this recipe is to butterfly the chicken I find it easy to butterfly when I place my flat hand over the surface of the chicken breast then cut through the center, trying to make each of the two fillets as even as possible Then get a long strip of cling wrap, then place one of the fillets in the middle and fold over the cling wrap to cover, then starting at the thickest part, gently pound at that part

What you're trying to do is to make the fillet an even thickness of about a quarter-inch This will make frying the fillets easier and more even Repeat for all of the chicken fillets, and when you're done pounding them, place them on a platter Assemble all your ingredients Having everything pre-measured and assembled makes the entire cooking process much easier

I began by putting the oat fiber onto a flat plate, and then just giving the plate a little jiggle to spread out the fiber more evenly Make sure to pat dry the filleted chicken and then sprinkle with ground pepper and salt, but don't over season at this point If you don't want to use the oat fiber, this coating can easily be substituted with unflavored whey protein isolate or even coconut flour However, I'd like to mention that coconut flour will change the flavor of your finished chicken marsala Coat the filet with the oat fiber, or whatever else you may choose to use instead, and press down gently

Flip the meat and coat the other side very well After dusting with the oat fiber, place the coated chicken fillets to the side and repeat with the rest of the pieces By now you know the drill: pre-heat your dry skillet until it's hot and then pour the oil and add the unsalted butter or ghee Stir until the butter is completely melted and well-combined with the oil In this recipe, I have chosen to use olive oil because it creates a more authentic flavor, but you can substitute with grapeseed or avocado oil

I'd like to mention when you add the butter to the olive oil it helps to improve the smoke point of olive oil, so on occasion when I want a particular flavor I do use olive oil When your oil butter mixture is sizzling, lay the coated chicken fillets flat in your sizzling oil and butter mixture, arranged so the fillets are well-spaced and not crowded Fry for about 2 minutes on each side You want the chicken to have a deep golden, but light crust Remove the chicken fillets from your skillet when both the sides are done

Place them on a platter and set aside for a moment Add a second batch of butter to the same skillet you just pan fried the chicken in When the butter is melted toss in the finely chopped onions and grated garlic, and stir Fry for about one minute, so the onions are just starting to become translucent Add the lemon juice, stir and scrape the bottom of the pan

This will remove the fond and incorporate it into the sauce Next, add the dry version of the Marsala wine You can see my pan is very hot, and almost as soon as I added the wine it steamed, which is indicating the volatile alcohol molecules are evaporating Now stir for a minute or two so that the alcohol can completely evaporate, then add all the cut button mushrooms to your pan Gently spread out the mushrooms and then leave them alone for about 2 to 3 minutes to cook

This will allow the water in the mushrooms to also evaporate Then, with your spatula, turn over the mushrooms and cook the other side for a couple minutes or so You will notice that the mushrooms have reduced in size and that most of the liquid sauce has been absorbed by the mushrooms Toss gently and cook until both sides of the mushrooms are done to a medium brown stage The time needed to brown your mushrooms will depend on how thickly you cut your mushrooms

It took my mushrooms about five minutes to brown completely Next pour the chicken stock into the pan and stir well Immediately after stirring, add the heavy cream Stir and combine for five minutes to get rid of the raw cream taste and for all the flavors to combine The last part of the chicken marsala prep is to add most of your roughly chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley

Stir and cook for a couple minutes, and then place the prepared chicken fillets over the sauce Cook for one more minute and flip the chicken so the other side will also have about 30 seconds to absorb and be coated with the sauce Turn your stove top element off, because now you're done cooking the chicken marsala While still very hot I plate the chicken on a serving platter Scoop out and evenly distribute the mushrooms and the sauce

Make sure you scrape out all the sauce and pour it over the chicken I can't stress enough how good the sauce is and you won't want to waste any of it by leaving it in the pan For presentation purposes I take the reserved Italian flat-leaf parsley and place a few leaves on top, Now, as I promised, I will show you how to make my two cheese pan zoodles Start with a clean dry skillet When the skillet is hot, add your butter

To the melted butter, I added my zoodles and cooked them over medium heat First, I grated some fresh parmesiano reggiano cheese over the zoodles Then I grated my full fat mozzarella and put that on top as well With my tongs, I simply move the zoodles about to incorporate the cheese I cook the zoodles from start to finish for only five minutes

I want the zoodles to be a bit al dente – that means that the zoodles are cooked enough that they don't taste raw, but they do maintain their texture and shape You definitely don't want your zoodles to be overcooked and soggy To complete and serve the meal, I placed one portion of my zoodles onto a plate and placed one of the chicken marsala fillets on top I scooped out and arranged about a quarter of the mushrooms over the chicken and also scooped up some of the sauce To finish a beautiful presentation, take a napkin or paper towel and clean any drippings or smudges on the edge of the plate

Now you can serve this flavorful complete meal with pride Enjoy! Thank you for watching this video I look forward to showing you more of my recipes, but please turn on your notification bell, and I hope to see you next time The link for the complete written recipe is available in the description below

Full Day of Eating Keto VLOG #05 | ZERO CARBS!

Time for another full day of eating vlog! I think I'm going to try to make today a zero carb day We'll see how it goes, but I'm gonna give it a shot, coming right up! Hey, guys

Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet

I do some keto food vlogs like I'm doing today, I do some keto recipes, I do some keto product reviews If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do be sure to click the bell icon so you get a notification whenever I upload new content Hello, everybody Welcome back to the channel I think that today, I'm going to do a full day of eating vlog

When I first got up this morning I kind of felt like crap, I was like, "Do I really want to do a full day of eating vlog?" But then I got in the shower, I got dressed, and I felt much better So I think that today I'm going to try doing zero carbs For the last couple of weeks, I have been let's say, less than steadfast when it comes to my diet Not that I've gone crazy, but I've definitely let my carb intake creep up into the you know, 40 gram, 50 gram, 60 grams a day sometimes

So it's gotten a little bit loose, and I want to kind of tighten things up So I think today I'm going to go and try to do zero carbs As I record this, it's about 10:30 am I have not had my coffee

I'm not gonna have a coffee this morning, so I think I'm just going to shoot for some down-and-dirty basics Eggs — eggs and bacon this morning We'll see how I'm feeling at lunchtime I'm planning on eating enough bacon and eggs so that I'm thinking I might not have lunch And then for dinner, I'm gonna do a rib eye

That's at least the plan FYI, I'm a taller gentleman 6 foot 3 I've been maintaining my weight at about between 210 and 215 This morning, I stepped on the scale, and I think I was 212, 213

So my maintenance calories are around 2200-2300 calories, and I'll try to try to hit that today So that's the plan I'm gonna go make some breakfast Well, the boys have been eating chips and popcorn for breakfast Great

So first things first — I'm gonna make breakfast for Caroline She has requestedbacon

This is Smithfield bacon This is lower sodium, but I got this because there is no sugar in the ingredients Every time I go to buy bacon, I'm looking for bacon that doesn't have sugar as one of the main ingredients, and this was one of the only ones I could find Okay, so I'm finishing up Caroline's eggs Hey speak of the devil! I'm finishing up your eggs, dear, and I've got some bacon

I'm gonna make some for myself How are you feeling? [shrug] Yeah? A little "meh"? You don't want them too paper-y, but you don't want them to gooey, either All right, I'm going to put in all of this bacon Some of it's gonna be for me, some of its gonna be for mom, and I have one or two pieces left over, for anyone else who might want it SplatterFest SplatterFest! What do you say, Ted? Hey, Soph! hey catty

What are you doing? Oh, get her, Ted! Ooh, boy He's landing some haymakers with those back hind legs I love that Ted's defense is gentle cuffing

Why?! I'm throwing in the last four pieces We're gonna do six of these Look at you and your one-handed technique! Yeah, baby! Yeah Looks like brains Well, they're gonna be delicious brains

All right, there's my breakfast That is six slices of bacon and six scrambled eggs, scrambled in the rendered fat of that bacon It's late enough that this is effectively my lunch, so I'll put the macros right up over here So it's been a pretty lazy day around here I

I took a nap It was so sweet And uh

Sara was nice enough to come and shoot footage of me while I was snoring But I gotta say — the snoring was very quiet I used to snore like thunder

Non-scale victories, I suppose? So it's about 5:00 pm right now It's super-blustery outside, and cold And I think that I was planning to go get groceries today, and get a ribeye to make for tonight, but I think I'm not going anywhere today

I think I'm gonna stay inside I might do I'm gonna read a little bit more

I might do a little bit of YouTube stuff, and then start getting dinner ready in a little while Sara got some chicken and pork chops out of the freezer, which i think is gonna be dinner So I'll still stick to my my zero-carb plan, but I'll just change up the meat choice It's quiet in this house! Crooked You want it more like this? No, daddy! What? How's that, better? Yeah

Sara, check it out I'm gonna do I'm gonna do my pork chops in my bacon grease that I never cleaned from this morning

That grosses me out And there it is, another full day of eating I kept my carbs to zero today I started the day with some eggs and bacon, took a nap, which I'm sure was a result of my not having a coffee this morning I wish I could nap like that every day

Justin the middle of the day It's so

invigorating for the afternoons Man! But I can't do without my coffee Tomorrow I'm gonna go ballistic with my coffee, I think

And then for dinner, just pork chops! Thankfully, I did not clean my cast iron this morning, so there was bacon plentiful bacon grease inside, in which to put the pork chops Ooh, they were really good

But here you can see my macros for the day I had about 177 grams of protein, 137 grams of fat, and that's that's all I'm gonna have! So that's gonna wrap it up for this video, guys! I hope you enjoyed the footage of my cats fighting and wrestling and trying to murder each other, and I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time! Oh! There it is There it is

Crispy, Sweet and Spicy Hot BBQ Chicken Wings | Keto Chicken Wings | Keto Recipes | Paleo Wings

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com This will be the first of several videos that will feature oven prepared crispy barbecued chicken wings

In this video, I will show you a step-by-step demonstration on how to cut and prepare the wings and how to make the rub and sauce for my sweet and spicy hot barbecue wings The macro nutrient ratio for this recipe is 18 to 1 with 22 grams of total carbs, 03 grams of fiber, resulting in 1

9 grams of net carbs Before I forget, please preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius, or 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and measure out and prepare your ingredients for the dry rub as well as for the spicy hot BBQ sauce Now let's begin, and I'll show you how easy it is to cut the wings into drums, flats and tips The easiest thing, of course, is to just purchase the chicken wings already cut into drums and flats, but I find in my local grocery stores these pre-cut wings are substantially more expensive I buy the entire wing instead

As you see, the wing has three parts each section has a ball and socket joint I begin by making the first cut between the tip and the flat part Next take a hold of the drum section and cut the skin to reach the joint bone Use your knife to gently feel where the joint is

When you locate the correct spot, it's really easy to make a cut with very little pressure It may take a few tries to get familiar with this cutting process, but after just doing a few wings, I'm sure you'll feel quite comfortable in cutting up your wings Just be careful when you're using a sharp knife because the wings are a bit slippery, but save and store the tips in a freezer bag and keep in your freezer until needed These tips are great for making soups and bone broth because the tips contribute a great deal of collagen So don't throw them away

Also, carefully pat dry the drums and flats before seasoning with a dry rub Now let's prepare the dry rub In a small bowl combine a very finely ground salt, black pepper, paprika Whisk these dry ingredients well to make a very homogenous mixture, and then set that aside Now place the chicken wings into a deep mixing bowl

Sprinkle about 1/3 of the dry rub over the wings and toss carefully, then sprinkle another third, toss again and then apply the last third Coating with one third of the rub at a time will allow for more even distribution of the rub on the wings Continue to toss until you see that the rub is very evenly distributed over the drums and flats The even distribution of the rub is absolutely essential in order that your skin has a crispy deep-fried texture I'd like to reassure you that you won't be able to taste the baking powder at all, after your wings have been roasted in the oven

Why we add the baking powder is because the baking powder reacts with the fat and the chicken skin, and the resulting chemical reaction creates a nice crispy texture, which is very close to that of deep-fried chicken wings, without all the hassle of deep-frying, so please take a bit of time when applying the dry rub because this step, in my opinion, is what makes this recipe amazing Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil if you haven't done this already in the prep step Lining makes it easier to clean up because the dripping sauce and fat are really sticky Place the rack on top of the lined baking sheet and arrange the seasoned wings on top of the wire rack Having the wings on a rack like this allows for the heat and air to crisp up both sides

Otherwise if it's on the sheet, one side will be soggy Place your baking sheet and a rack into the middle position of your oven The total baking time will be 40 minutes, But, for the first part, set your timer for 20 minutes After the 20 minute mark, flip each piece over and place back in the oven, then set your timer for another 20 minutes After 40 minutes of baking, the wings should have a deep golden color and the skin should have a nice crispy texture, and don't be tempted to over bake because even the most fleshy wings don't have a lot of meat on them

And you don't want your wings to be hard and leathery While the wings are in the oven, it's time to make the sweet and spicy hot barbecue sauce I first make the caramel or maple flavored simple syrup In a small pot placed over medium heat, I add the water, sweetener and caramel or maple extract, then stir and cook at a light simmer until your simple syrup begins to look a bit thicker Then I poured the hot simple syrup into a bowl and roasted sesame seed oil

Immediately add your hot sauce, apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar Stir continuously, so that the ingredients combine very well, and the simple syrup does not crystallize, and then leave it out on your counter until your wings are done When the wings are done, remove them from the oven and place into a large mixing bowl Pour the sauce over your oven roasted wings and toss until the wings are well coated with your sweet and spicy hot barbecue sauce Based on my raw weight of the trimmed chicken wings, each serving is about 10 ounces or 284 grams

This quantity may seem excessive at first, especially for a keto diet, but remember the weight of the wings also includes the bones The total weight you are actually eating is about 5 ounces or 142 grams of actual meat and crispy skin These wings are very spicy hot with a balance of sweetness that is well complemented by serving them with a cool dipping sauce such as a ranch dip, lemon or cilantro dip or even my keto tzatziki I hope you try this recipe very soon Enjoy! Thank you for watching

Please share this recipe with your friends, and I hope to see you next time The link for the printable recipe is available in the description below


hi guys it's Keila (Kay-la) and back with another weight loss update last video I was very emotional I'm sorry guys like I have been just going through a lot of things like it's crazy that even though I'm almost let go I'm still trying to like not feel like the fact person I still feel inside that I am like the fat person yeah so I've just been going through that a lot Coachella is coming up so my goal was to be at a normal weight by Coachella and normal as in my BMI for my height normal weight for me is 174 pounds and I'm so close like I don't know if I can do it but you know what I feel like I'm at a normal weight right now obviously I want to tone more and that's what I'm more self-conscious of more than those the weight on the scale which is a crazy different type of feeling I've never experienced that like I'm totally okay with my weight fluctuating 5 pounds now like it doesn't bother me I am more so focused on like toning my arms you know trying to get you know getting this but filler so I've been just really focusing on the gym and I think that has allowed me to trust less about you know hitting goal and it's like I'm so close to it now that I'm just I'm just excited about being excited to it in the gym but last week I think I was at I don't remember one eighty one point something and today I am at one hundred and eighty point six I have like I'm so close like I'm touching I'm like I see the 170s just right over there I can already almost guarantee you I'm gonna hit into the 170s like right before Coachella and then BAM we're gonna go to Coachella and just eat whatever I want cuz at Coachella like you're walking a lot and it's hot so I tried being low carb at Coachella and I was able to do it for like a day or two but by day three last year I was like I was like weak weak like fainty like I wanted to faint every two seconds buzzing you know what Kayla take a break so I think what I'm gonna do is in the mornings just make sure I get a whole bunch of veggies in my system and by evening I'm just gonna eat whatever I want because I'm gonna be living my best life at Coachella I'm gonna take you guys along with me you don't worry of who would want to see like a what I eat in a day festival Coachella it's probably like a blog style you'll see you know a little bit of music some of my outfits and some food let me know if this video thumbs up or a comment down below that you want to see that the main thing that I'm so excited to tell you guys is I've actually been in the gym this week alone I went Saturday Sunday my Wednesday and I'm gonna post this either tomorrow or Friday so I'm supposed to go on Thursday so I'm usually the I usually go on Thursday with my coworker so check my tenses story if I went to check if I went because I'll post there but I've been consistently going and there's just one class called body pump that I have been obsessed with it's got me so much more comfortable with the barbell weight and like I don't know I think I'm obsessed with this class but I wanted to show you a couple of clips of me working out we have I'm really proud that I've been able to you know find some motivation of myself to go because it's so hard going and being committed to going and I'm not gonna lie every time I go to the gym it's not always a good workout but I love that I'm still making it part of my routine to go just so that way I can get used to being there this may be TMI but it is got time in a month for me and I think the first time on that time of the month that I've consistently been going to the gym still because I usually use that as an excuse or it's like I just wanna relax I'm cramping it and it's like now I'm not letting any of those excuses dictate me from going because every time I go to the gym I always feel so good getting a workout and after so if you guys are having a struggle getting to the gym sometimes just walking your butt in there not doing anything but being there is that they let you need to break through and like want to go to the gym I don't know it's like a crazy thing and I'm starting to love the gym I never thought I would say that I think it's more so to that like I'm more interested in toning my body now before I was just so focused on them and wait and wait and now like I like learning new workouts also let me know you guys want a workout like type of videos on my channel I've been really interested because I think you know even though I'm a beginner I want to show you guys what I'm doing because I get so many questions of like what I do and I kind of like just go how I feel but I started doing structured workout which you guys want to see that let me know comment down below or give this video a thumbs up or you can do both if you want you know I'm gonna stop you from you know doing all of it but I think I want to start adding workouts but I just want to make sure that you guys would be interested in watching them before I build them for you guys but yeah this is actually a pretty chatty update sorry but I had a lot I wanted to share with you guys Coachella is t-minus a week like literally this time next week I'll be hopefully finished packing but yeah thank you guys so much for watching as always if you guys like these types of videos I didn't want me to make more updates I think I'm slowly gonna transition them and to more work out style way and update things let me know if you would like that I'm thinking of only doing weigh-ins like bi-weekly and then having like a workout video I don't know I'm trying to do some different things on my channel so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I love you guys I'll see you guys in the next video

Zesty French Dressing – Low Carb Keto Homemade Salad Dressing | Saucy Sunday

Welcome all! Papa G here Today is Saucy Sunday! Iit's where we focused primarily on low carbohydrate recipes for sauces condiments and dressings

Most of the videos will be short and to the point Just something to help add a little flavor to your low carbohydrate diet Let's get started For this week's Saucy Sunday episode we'll be making a zesty low carbohydrate French dressing Instead of using tomatoes as a base, we'll be using a popular vegetable beverage drink

Add 2/3 of a cup of original V8 to a saucepan; add some white vinegar; some salt; about 1/2 a teaspoon of ground black pepper; onion powder; some garlic powder; about a tablespoon of my low carbohydrate Worcestershire sauce To help balance the acidity and add some sweetness, add a liquid sugar substitute equal to a quarter of a cup of regular sugar Finally, we'll add a tablespoon of yellow mustard Turn the heat on medium and stir until all the ingredients are well blended Now add half a cup of the oil of your choice

I prefer avocado oil here, but olive oil or grapeseed oil works well Give that a mix Our final ingredient is xanthan gum This will not only act as a nice thickener, but will also help bond the oil and vinegar together Continue to stir as it heats and thickens

Once it's thickened, let cool pour in a storage container and refrigerate until fully chilled When chilled, pour over your favorite salad or vegetables and enjoy a low carbohydrate homemade zesty French dressing that's better than any store-bought high carbohydrate brand There you have it folks! My zesty low carbohydrate French dressing An awesome addition to an otherwise boring salad I hope you enjoyed this video

If you did, please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

PCOS/Insulin Resistance Diet Success (2018) | Low GI | Not Keto | PCOS 101 – Part 2

Hi guys and welcome back to IRL JAKS where I talk about my real life as it happens and bring you along for the ride Today, I'm going to be continuing my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome series where I talk about polycystic ovarian syndrome and tell you everything you need to know about diet, exercise and getting pregnant with PCOS

Today, we're going to be talking about diet and what the ‘do's and don'ts’ are of dieting and picking a good lifestyle as far as your food goes when you have polycystic ovarian syndrome We have to back up a little bit, because it's really important to understand insulin and insulin resistance when we're talking about a proper diet with polycystic ovarian syndrome, since most women with polycystic ovarian syndrome also have some degree of insulin resistance Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas When you have high levels of blood sugar in your bloodstream, the pancreas produces insulin It acts as a key to let sugar or glucose into your cells and provide energy for your cells

Insulin resistance is when those keys don't fit into the locks anymore and your cell rejects the insulin and the sugar back out into your bloodstream This prevents you from burning fat in an effective manner and it also stresses out your pancreas who's going to rush to produce more insulin It also increases your risk of type 2 diabetes Before making this video, I consulted with a gynecologist, a reproductive endocrinologist and nutritionist, as well as the internet, as well as several books before I came up with what the best diet for polycystic ovarian syndrome sufferers is And all of my research and all of my talks have led me to believe that a low glycemic index diet is the best

A low glycemic index or a low GI diet is one where the carbohydrates that you consume breakdown slowly; which allows your blood stream to have a steady level of blood sugar instead of it spiking up and down and causing your body to produce large amounts of insulin and process it all within a short amount of time It's important to note that only foods that contain carbs affect your blood sugar This is glucose, fructose and galactose So, that's your normal sugar; sugar from fruit and then your sugars from milk A large amount of easing PCOS symptoms is trying to manage the symptoms that come along with insulin resistance

With that in mind and the goal to create a low glycemic index diet or lifestyle, here's the tools that you need to succeed First, you need a good GI index website I have linked a few of my favorites down in the description box below for you to check out It's more important just to familiarize yourself with things that have a high GI rating over something that has a low GI index, so that you can start making smarter choices about what you eat and start making smarter substitutions Next, I highly recommend making a meal plan

Accidents happen when you don't have a meal plan When in a 6 o'clock and you're tired from work and there's nothing ready for you at home to make, you stop by Taco Ball; it happens Next, I suggest reducing caffeine Caffeine interferes with your body's ability to process blood sugar effectively Caffeine fools the body into thinking it has enough sugar when it doesn't and when the caffeine wears off, your body panics, because that thinks it's been fueling all these cells with glucose and really, it's just been a false high from the caffeine

It causes your body to panic and then tell you to eat more things to get your blood sugar up and it also puts your body into overdrive, transforming fat back into glucose in the short term, which of course, we don't want to spike our blood sugar, we want to keep it steady So, this isn't the desired effect Obviously, if I'm telling you to reduce your caffeine, I have to tell you to get good regular sleep That means eight hours, dedicated to sleeping every day; which I know is a lot for most people, but it's really critical in balancing out your body and keeping you from turning back to caffeine for energy or snacking on sugary things to keep your energy up Now, I'm not going to get into the specifics of different foods in their glycemic index

I wanted to touch on one area in particular that I think we all tend to indulge a little bit in and that's our alcohol consumption When it comes to happy hour and a low glycemic index, wine is your best bet It's the lowest glycemic index, as far as your alcohol choices go and it'll keep you from totally wrecking your glycemic index rating for the day So, for women with PCOS, there's an extra challenge in dealing with your diet and it's that your hormones often affect how well you feel, as far as your energy levels and your cravings While there's not anything you can particularly do about this, it's important to remember it and keep it in mind as you face the challenges of switching up your diet

I don't really like the term ‘diet’ and I prefer a lifestyle, because you're going to have polycystic ovarian syndrome for the rest of your life and just going on a diet isn't going to cut it You're going to need to change your lifestyle to make a real change and that means making very small incremental changes that you can sustain for long-term Long-term being the rest of your life So, that being said, we don't want to cause any rebounds or crashes coming off of sugar or caffeine So, when you make these changes, do them slowly

If you're used to six cups of coffee a day, do not go cold turkey You will eventually turn back to caffeine Instead, reduce it about one cup every week or two, so that your body gets used to it and you don't fill your cravings for caffeine or sugar with something else The same rule applies to everything else in your life If you're used to eating white pasta and bread, don't try to substitute with a lettuce wrap in week one

You're not going to like it and your body's going to revolt against you, as well as your mind When you're making these incremental changes, it applies to the rest of your diet as well For instance, for pasta, if you're starting with white flour based pasta, the next step down to a healthier thing would be 100% whole grain pasta and from there, you could go to premade spinach based pasta and from there, if you want to go all the way to the other into the spectrum, you could do freshly spiralized zucchini pasta But anywhere you stop on that gradient, you've made a healthier change and that's the goal To keep stepping down, one thing at a time, healthier, healthier, until you've hit the wall and you're like, “Okay, this is as far as I can go

I can't make it to spinach pasta, but I can do 100% whole grain pasta” and that's still better from where you where before, then move on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing And make sure you do it in small incremental changes, so that it's sustainable Again, this is your lifestyle, not a diet keep it simple and keep it steady When I was doing my research and talking to different professionals, there was a few diets that they told me to strictly avoid These diets that they told me to avoid were high fat, high protein and keto-based diets

Shifting your diet to extremes, like high fat or high protein, stresses out different organs in your body that now have to work overtime to process all of that material And again, it's a diet instead of a lifestyle Specifically, my reproductive endocrinologist or my fertility doctor cautioned against keto because it's very dangerous during pregnancy High keto levels in the blood stream have damaging effects on fetuses High ketogens lead to nausea and subsequent loss of appetite; which again is going to cause the feeling of being too hungry or not hungry enough and spike your blood sugar since you're not having a steady intake of food

There's been no data supporting low carb or high fat or all organic or keto diets in relation to positively affecting PCOS On the flip side, there have been plenty of studies on the positive effects of a low glycemic index diet on you blood sugar Granted, most of these were in relation to diabetes, but since insulin resistance and by diabetes are so closely related, most of the doctors that I talked to took these into account when getting their recommendation for the diet that someone with PCOS should go on I hope you found this video helpful and if you're interested in learning more about PCOS, check out the other videos in this series And if you're interested in finding out more about my own personal story with PCOS, infertility, pregnancy and miscarriage, go ahead and check out the other videos on my channel

If you like the content in this video and you'd like me to continue making more, please give this video a ‘Like’ Thanks for watching and until next time, keep on fighting