Rachel Grunwell: Six cool new healthy recipe/foodie books – New Zealand Herald

Life is too short to eat boring and tasteless food. That’s my motto!

But I also believe in eating mostly healthy and nourishing food because it has a direct effect to how we feel and function too.

Here are six new food-inspired books that are really cool. Be warned: Some will seriously make your mouth water.

Just Eat It
By Laura Thomas PhD


This is an anti-diet book on how to adopt intuitive eating. It calls for us all to ditch the diet and to stop punishing ourselves when it comes to all things food related. This registered nutritionist gives a passionate view on how we need to have more self-compassion and how to adopt mindful eating that doesn’t leave us constantly guilt-ridden. She gives the lowdown on how to adopt an approach around food that’s real, but also informed. I love this book.

Supercharge Your Life: How to Put Real Food at the Heart of Everything
By Lee Holmes

Lee inspires readers how to set up their kitchen – the place she dubs the heart of your home. She wants us to savour and recreate the lost art of savouring mealtimes with people we care about and love. She writes about how to stock your pantry to pairing flavours, storing food, cooking veggies to establishing an herb garden. Her recipes look incredible and the girly-girl photography in this book is divine.

The Keto Diet Cookbook
By Scott Gooding

This book is packed full of 150 ketogenic recipes. Decoded: That’s low-carbohydrate and healthy fat recipes essentially that promote health and longevity as well as cognitive function. It’s actually just healthy, nutrient-dense kai. There’s a cool fortnight eating plan in here. Scott is staunch about us all being custodians of our health and there are some inspirational words in this book on how to eat. The food looks absolutely delicious. Scott is a legend in the wellbeing world and I rate his book highly.

What the Fat?
By chef Craig Rodger, dietitian Dr Caryn Zinn, and professor Grant Schofield

Low carb/healthy fat (LCHF) recipes feature in this book too – 130 recipes to be exact. The book gives the expert lowdown on getting set up for LCHF cooking with lots of helpful tips. This book is beautiful and even more slick than their last offerings. The recipes in here will make your mouth water! The “ultimate chocolate brownie” has my name on it in particular. I have this trio’s first cook book and I still use it regularly. This book will be thrashed in my kitchen equally, I can tell already.

The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss on a Budget
By Rhian Allen

All the recipes in here are under a staggering $2.50 per serve. Wow! There’s also a cool pull-out weekly meal planner for your fridge. The food looks easy to make and yum. This book had me as soon as I spied the “ginger pancakes” on page 54. I like the tips, inspiring weight-loss stories in here and how every recipe is broken down into a cost per serve, which I think a lot of people will love.

The Keto All Day Cookbook
By Martina Slajerova

More than 100 low carb recipes feature in here. There’s a cookie dough mousse made with mascarpone cheese, cream and dark chocolate (to name some ingredients). That got my mouth watering!
Rachel Grunwell coaches clients to be healthier and happier through private wellness coaching (on food, fitness and lifestyle choices), as well as leading Rotorua’s Mindful Moments retreats at the Polynesian Spa. Follow her via her blog InspiredHealthNZ Facebook Rachel’s Instagram