[Preview] How Matt and Megha became interested in the keto diet

I played college basketball and at that time I was not at all health-conscious I was, you know, like drinking Coca-Cola, a two liter every single night after practice

-That's not keto -No So then I was just going down the general path of nutrition like I was eating a vegetarian diet for a while and just trying to tone in on what really worked for me And then the real event that led me to keto was watching that sugar film -I don't know if you've seen that -Sure, it was fun And not necessarily that it advocates for keto but it points out how much sugar we eat on a daily basis in healthy foods, like yogurt, orange juice, things like that, like whole grain bread And I really calculated and I was like, "I'm eating 200 g of sugar a day, this is crazy

" So if I cut out this one chemical that I'm eating so much of, how different will I feel? So we did that together We kind of did it as a challenge, we have just started dating at the time And we felt great I had a desk job at the time, I was a computer engineer, just like typing all day So you really notice the difference when you are in that kind of profession where you are focused and the big thing is just the 2 o'clock crash that was going

That was the worst part of the day because you know, without lunch you couldn't get any work done -So no more crash, huh? -Yeah So since then I've just basically been sticking to it, by definitely improving and like fine-tuning it along the way -Bio hacking -Yeah

I was always like fantasizing myself as kind of a bio hacker, like Dave Asprey bulletproof guy So you've just started dating when you both started this So how was it for you? So we were three months dating and I was like, "I'll just jump on board I love carbs, but I will impress him" So I started doing it The first thing I noticed aside from the focus was the change in my menstrual cycle It got a lot better, no cramping, no bloating, no like cravings, you know the, "I need to eat everything", and then the guilt of eating everything So all this went away in the first month of doing the keto diet

So that for me was enough to stick to it