Hey y'all, thank you so much for clicking on this video today I'm going to show you My favorite keto friendly and vegan friendly meals

So you know what? Let's go ahead and get into the video Okay So first thing first I am going to be using these meatless meatballs They are from Gardein It is vegan and dairy-free And I really do like these meatballs just like I know some of my favorite like vegan and vegetarian meat are from Gardein Morningstar Farms and I have only tried Three meats from the company Tofurkey and I've like two out of three of those meats So yeah, okay

So nutrition facts for three meatballs It is 150 calories seven grams of fat nine grams of carbs three grams of fiber So that's six grams of net carbs and then 14 grams of protein so here are these spaghetti noodles that I love ever so much y'all they are vegan, gluten free, and Great for like low carb and keto friendly diets I know you can get this brand from Publix and Walmart, if you can't find it at your store, I'll try to Link it down below in the description box, and I also have it in my Amazon favorites Okay So I just went ahead and let my spaghetti Noodles on drain putting on some hot water then just let it drain But now I'm going to go ahead and put my seasonings on my noodles My meatballs are already cooking Because I like doing it where I just have my meatballs cooking because if I let these noodles stay Too long in the oven or on the stove or whatever They're gonna burn so that's what we're not trying to do all my mom has is this Extra-virgin olive oil So this is what I'm going to be cooking with Okay guys, so this is what everything looks like so good Oh my gosh now see this meatless meatballs like I said this is one of my favorite keto friendly and Vegan friendly meals that I made and plus I worked out today So I feel like I deserve this meal, but seriously though y'all look at this You can't even tell that this is vegan meat like this looks like good old regular Meatballs Alright y'all

So what I'm having to drink is my diet cranberry juice Oh my gosh Y'all love this so much nutrition facts so for the whole bottle It is ten calories zero grams of fat three grams of carbs one gram of fiber and 0 grams of protein I love this drink so much y'all I have to limit myself to one though one a day no more than one a day, and I'm also going to make sure I Drink water with this because you know your girl gotta make sure get my water and you know What y'all gonna be doing the same thing? I'm watching you Yes, I'm watching you So make sure you're getting your water in Okay, y'all so honestly, I really already know what this taste like, but you know what I guess I'll do a taste test for y'all (Eating) I tried to eat cute for y'all, but I failed But anyways, y'all thank you so much for watching this video Like I said, this is one of my favorite keto friendly and vegan friendly meals that I make if you are a returning subscriber Thank you so much for watching this video

Mwah Love you so much And if you're new to my channel Make sure you click that subscribe button plus the notification bell as well because I am documenting my weight loss journey Here on social media if you can't tell already I am a pescetarian so basically I'm like a vegetarian but I eat seafood and fish and I am doing the keto diet as well But yeah, y'all I'm about to go ahead and devour this deliciousness and don't forget if you don't hear from anyone else I love you, so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video! BYEEEEE