NelsonQuest Keto Cooking System (Quick Delicious Meals in Minutes)

Hey guys, so in this video, I'm going to walk you through the complete ketogenic cooking system that I've been using for the last year, roughly, to cook delicious delicious keto meals, very, very, very quickly We're talking from start to you at the table eating your food, 4 minutes tops

So stay tuned and hope you enjoy I'm not a professional chef, but all of the food that I eat is unbelievably delicious And every time it's a little bit different, and so I wanted to show you the system that I've developed that allows me to cook stuff really, really quick, really, really delicious, and always give it a little bit of variation So here's how it works Level one it's going to be what sort of oil or butter are you going to use So here I have olive oil with garlic, ghee, coconut oil, and MCT oil, you could use MCT oil, but it's pretty flavorless, MCT oil is more of a flavor enhancer

So if you need an extra fatty type meal, I would use one of these as a base You can use avocado oil, which I don't have here Or butter, or bacon grease, or whatever For today, I'm going to cook with coconut oil, and then I move to the next level Then you select your vegetables: So what I do is, I have a housekeeper, and at the beginning of the week, she fills up these containers with different vegetables

So that this way I can just mix and match based on what I want These are fresh tomatoes Don't know how to say this in English, but like "Onions puerro" (He means leek) This is just red onion This is a mixture of spinach and broccoli This is zucchini, and this is my absolute favorite: this is cauliflower rice

To make cauliflower rice all you need is dry cauliflower You just mix it, Or you let it chop in a food processor for a couple of minutes and it ends up like a nice rice, sort of texture My absolute favourite What do I feel like? I feel likeLet's go with cauliflower rice, let's go with a little bit of spinach and broccoli, and we'll throw some tomato on there, and a little bit of this onion mixture as well All right, so now moving on to level three, which is basically going to be your top level seasonings These are things that you pretty much always going to put on your food, so- Salt, Pepper, I like to put on at the end, but I'm just showing it here This is cayenne pepper Curcumin This is just some sort of seasoning that I got at a health food store

It's like an Indian type of flavor I don't know how better to describe it And then these are my four staples, I use these pretty much every single meal: Onion powder, this is like an all-purpose seasoning that has some salt in it, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder So you just pick your top level stuff So, salt here, you're pretty much always going to put salt on the food, this is Himalayan sea salt

I like to always put black pepper on as well And then for today, let's go with garlic and crushed red pepper, and a little bit of curcumin So let's just move this stuff to the side Your top level seasonings, or seasonings that you're pretty much always going to use, and these are kind of second level seasonings that you can use to just add a little additional flavor, You can see this is Habanero, chipotle, pizza, sweet and tangy seasoning, Dynamite, which is like a spicy combination, Everything spicy, which again is another spicy combination And then lemon and garlic, one of my favorites

These are very very mild You have to put a ton of Pizza for the stuff that you're cooking to actually taste like pizzas This is just if you want to add little touch of something else I personally don't want to use any of these today, So I'm just going to put them all the way Okay, so fifth level is just going to be your your protein

I'm going to make eggs today, but you can pretty much interchange these eggs with anything you want So I would follow the exact same process, no matter what I was cooking So I could interchange this salmon, with ground beef, with steak, pretty much any sort of protein So I like to cook with three eggs, these are chicken eggs, and these are duck eggs, believe it or not So I'm going to use chicken eggs today, so I'll just put these away

Level six: This is completely optional, is avocado So pretty much every meal, I like to have at least half of an avocado, and then also cheese I love cheese, so here I've got mozzarella cheese, which is- I'm sorry, this is "queso cuajada" I don't know what this is in English, but the cool thing about cheese, for the most part, It's always going to be 50% protein, 50% fat, so it's much easier to calculate the- It's really easy to calculate the macros on cheese

Eggs as well, eggs are 7 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat So you know is going to be 50/50, so I know that if I'm cooking with a protein and cheese, that if I add avocado, and if I'm cooking it in an oil or butter, that I'm going to have pretty much the ideal keto ratio that I'm looking for So for today, let's go ahead and use feta cheese And we're going to use half an avocado as well So another trick, I have a fat spoon

So this is a spoon that I keep on top of a paper towel that I only use for fats, because if you try cleaning fat out of a spoon it takes like 10 minutes, and just to not waste time in that I'm going to move really fast, because that's normally how I move Just so you can see how quickly all the stuff gets cooked, and, yeah So the first thing you do is you want to start preheating your pan, throw in some oil, along with your fat spoon, if you have one Now we're going to throw our vegetables into the pan

These are spinach and our broccoli, These are an onion mixture I'm actually going to put the light on so you can see a little bit better Fresh tomato I'm going to throw, spray a little of this Okay, so we can toss that around a little bit just to get the oil onto everything

So everything starts to sauteé Okay, now we put on our level 1 spices These are the spices you're going to use every time you cook Garlic powder, crushed red pepper, I like my food is really, really spicy And then a little bit of curcumin Mix that around a little bit more

That's spicy Alright now I'm going to throw the eggs on there One Two Three

Mix it around a little bit The last thing is just the feta cheese And this will keep melting even after taking it off the plate I think that's a good amount Mix that around

I personally like my eggs to be a little runny I let them cook on the bottom, I'll quickly toss them, like I am right now, and then I'll throw them onto the plate You just see that they're a little bit runny I use the non-stick pan just for easier cleanup Delicious, delicious eggs

Now as a final touch, I mentioned I like a little bit of avocado So we're going to throw a half an avocado in there One thing with avocados is you've got to throw a little bit of salt in there The last thing I do is just add crushed black pepper Okay, so there's a little bonus, this is now the following day: I wanted to show you how easy in that exact same system, I can make a delicious breakfast in about three minutes

So remember level one is just your oil or your butter, So today I'm going to use ghee One tablespoon of ghee Then we grab our our vegetables, so today I'm going to use spinach and broccoli, and cauliflower Then we're going to put our level 1 seasonings so again salt always pretty much going to go on everything

And then today I'm going to use onion powder, and crushed red pepper And I like to use a lot, I like my stuff really spicy And then we're going to mix it all around so the oil, the ghee, gets on to everything So I mentioned you can use this system with pretty much any protein, so instead of using eggs, today we're going to use ground beef So I'm going to weigh out 120 grams

We're just going to mush it like that Chop it up onto the pan This is 80/20 ground beef, which is my favorite I mentioned yesterday, level 4 was optional seasonings I'm going to throw the Pizza

Again, this is completely optional Just making it a little bit interesting and different Let's mix this up a little bit And then the last optional step I mentioned: This is mozzarella cheese, throw a little bit of that on there Let's mix that up, make sure the cheese melts

We're going to turn the flame off now Throw the food on the plate And that's it Another beautiful, delicious keto meal Also, the just for the fuck of it, I'm going to throw some mustard on to here as well

That has two grams of carbs, and I'm sure some of that is fiber, which is 15 grams, which is about a tablespoon, so I can do that Just mix it all together, and today I'm not going to do an avocado Beautiful, delicious ground beef pizza mozzarella cheese with mustard, with our mustard plates I don't know, I could probably make that sounds really, really fancy So, this takes me, pretty much any meal you can imagine, it's going to take me just a few minutes to cook Maybe five minutes maximum

And look at the cleanup that I have to do Shit! I forgot to stop my stopwatch But six minutes, and then look at the cleanup All I have to do is clean that pan, clean this plate And then I'm done

So that's just one simple example of how you can cook amazingly delicious keto meals using that system Anyway, I'm going to go eat If you enjoyed this video, I love making videos I make videos specifically about human optimization, I guess you would call it Keto is a big part of how I optimized myself personally

So if you enjoyed this video, please like, please subscribe I'm going to be making lots more keto videos, specifically from the perspective of someone looking to optimize performance And so if that sounds like you, please subscribe You really like the content and you'll benefit a lot from it So I'll see you guys in the next video

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