Mom Vs. – Keto Diet

– The keto diet, whether you're onboard or not, you can't get away from it and today, I'm gonna give it a try (upbeat music) So, what is keto? The ketogenic diet is low to no carbs and sugar, high amount of fat and a moderate amount of protein

This'll put your body in ketosis, which is gonna use your fat for energy instead of your carbs for energy So hopefully, you lose all the fat, right? OK y'all, I'm gonna do this for one day Yes, I know I'm not gonna get in ketosis and I'm not gonna lose 30 pounds I'm just trying to experience this lifestyle for a day, what type of foods I'm allowed to eat, how much this is gonna break my budget Now listen, if you are on this diet for health reasons, I think that's great

I am no doctor, so I'm not here to provide you with any medical assistance I've gotta start with a cup of coffee and the internet tells me it better be bulletproof Alright, we're here in my work kitchen Welcome I have made this before

But I always sneak a little bit of sugar So I got like a hazelnut coffee, so maybe that'll make me feel like I've got sugar in there I don't like the coconut oil It kinda like clogs up my throat I better get used to it if I'm gonna live this diet today, I think, but I'm gonna do this bulletproof octane oil

Now, I do like this part, that you can put butter in here Who doesn't like creamy coffee? (whirring) Not too bad Now, let's go to the store Alright, so, I'm going to make today all the things that have been flooding my social media pages Things like this

I'm also gonna need some snacks because I'm a snacker Two for a dollar avocadoes You better get a ton of these Hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I can just eat all the fat I want to Lots of bacon and lots of eggs on this diet too

I wonder if I'm gonna get sick of bacon I didn't think that was possible Bacon! I think I'm supposed to choose some that have no sugar Oh, no sugar This'll be keto approved

It's a sad day, I have to avoid this section These are high priced items on this diet So, when you can buy things in bulk, that's the way to go Look at this I'm gonna eat a fat bomb

Feel like I'm gonna look like a fat bomb when this is all over Lots of butter, lots of cheese, lots of heavy cream Something's wrong with this Now, I need a sweetener that I cannot even pronounce Erythritol

I don't know if that's it or not Eight dollars for a pack of sugar! My typical snack is like a cracker with some peanut butter or probably something that involves a carb Maybe in this section, I could find something Oh no, 20 grams of sugar Gotta find the pork rinds

This little tiny bag is four dollars These are a lot cheaper at the gas station I have a lot of the groceries at home, but check out this buggy All things I love I just wonder how I'm gonna feel at the end of this

I'm a little nervous to see how much all this is gonna cost Guess what diet I'm on with all this stuff Haven't you heard of the keto diet? – [Clerk] Oh, the keto diet – Yeah $60 for some snacks

Yikes All I can say is it's a good thing work is paying for these groceries I'm back and I'm starving I'm going to make this keto breakfast burger on avocado buns This is not bread, it's avocados

You know, this kinda diet requires a lot of meal prep 'cause otherwise you're gonna be tempted to grab things that you probably shouldn't eat Why do I need to make it look like a burger? You people are smart enough to know it's not really a burger Oh yeahso far, it's just a little tedious Ya know, it's a lot easier to grab a piece of toast, slather some butter on it

This kinda cooking is not feasible on school mornings, just sayin' What happens if you do cheat? Like are you gonna all of a sudden gain like 10 pounds if you eat one plate of pasta? I just don't get it! But I think it's ready Still gonna drain my bacon even though I probably don't have to Can only handle so much grease So I got paleo mayonnaise

Alright y'all, I'm making your burger I don't know if salt is allowed I'm gonna assume it is 'cause it's not sugar I guess however much bacon I want Now to really throw y'all off, we have to make the buns sesame seed buns

So now, I'm gonna try to eat this thing I'm definitely gonna have to put the phone down to do that It's just not happening You have to pick So it's cute for your picture and then in real life, you would just disassemble it now that I did all that work

We know how this is gonna taste It's not like I really have to do a taste test But I don't want any comments when I actually do finish the whole plate I'm gonna go sit down and work a little bit I should probably go to the gym now

– [Man] Nicole, how's it goin'? – I'm stuffed I could not eat all the avocado I also am having a hard time finishing my bulletproof coffee I don't think I need to eat so much as long as my ratios are good But I think I've got to make a call to someone who knows more about this

So I'm gon' find out – [Woman] Yeah, it really doesn't matter how many meals you eat a day Your body's in a state of ketosis and it stays in that because you're primarily eating just fat Usually, we have like a breakfast that's super high in fat and you don't really have an appetite and you may not even be that hungry at dinner – Thanks, friend! I'm gonna make this lunch for the sake of the video, but the truth is, I'm not hungry

I happen to love pickles, meat, and cheese Will it fill me up? Yes today because I'm already full I would think I would eat two of these Just getting nervous because I'm going to the beach in a couple days Some ham and some cheese

Does that look satisfying? (crunching) Like pickles, lettuce, meat, and cheese I'm positive I'm not gonna be able to eat both of these It's time for my afternoon snack I don't know how there's less than one gram of sugar Alright

Don't like the sweetener Will it satisfy my craving for something sweet? Maybe Cheesecake fat bombs This recipe, all the measurements are in grams So it's about a half stick of butter

Sounds very bikini friendly Just kidding, people I have not worn a bikini in 12 years I add a tablespoon of this sugar Although, I think I got the wrong sugar

Tastes like a chemical Guess what goes in next You're never gonna believe it Coconut oil Alright, there's my filling

It says to use silicone molds, but surely with all this fat content, it won't be hard to come out of the pan Alright, now I freeze it And we make the topping Again people, I know, this is one day of my life If I was on this diet, I wouldn't be eating a pound of bacon every day or three quarters of a cup of coconut oil

So I add some cocoa powder and some more sugar This is gonna have to be a snack for late night when I'm watching my shows Problem is, I won't have any wine to enjoy it with OK, so our fat bombs They're pretty much frozen

Now, a spoon more fat This time chocolate fat over the top I was excited about this at the beginning I'm not anymore So far, the cookie has failed me and I have a feeling, these are going to fail me

I just wish everything didn't have to be so over the top and we could really have just zero sugar Let's have a snack, shall we? We'll just have some pork clouds Y'all probably think I've been eating all day I kinda feel like I have No comment

(crunching) I did get the habanero flavor Whoo! I don't know what I was expecting I've got my groceries to take home tonight Gonna have a salad, I think I just don't think I can eat anymore meat or bacon

I can't forget my fat bombs Real excited about those Oh, there it goes I already don't like it Y'all, it just tastes like buttery cheese

I definitely cannot eat this whole thing It is the epitome of rich People on the keto diet, what do you eat for a bite of something sweet? You cannot tell me that you really enjoy this I'll think about this for a little while, but first, I'm going to the gym OK, so I just got home and I am prepping dinner for my family

Guess what I can't have these Two of the family like sweet potatoes and two want baked regular potatoes and this mama gets none of it Serving your family potatoes when you can't have any is willpower It's finally dinner time

Went on a little jog, a little jog Found this recipe It's keto berry goat's cheese and walnut salad I think this is more than it calls for but, I like lettuce It even lets you have salt and pepper! Now that looks good

I like this dinner I'm just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong here because I'm enjoying this It feels a little too light and refreshing to be on the keto diet, so that's good Comment below and tell me, am I cheating by eating this salad I did it y'all

I survived the keto diet only for a day This thing is just not for me The minute you tell me I can't have something, I only want it 10 times more But don't get me wrong The food was good and let's admit it

We all should cut back our carbs a little bit But I cannot take it to the next level and analyze everything I eat for the day and wonder if it's OK I'm gonna have my cake and eat it too (upbeat music) Having my first cup of coffee of the day and look what I'm putting in it Raw sugar, so?