Macros + Keto? Glycemic Index (WAG Q&A Ep. 13)

Each week on our Q&A videos people have been commenting and asking questions that they want me to answer so it's been a while since we've done it but today's episode is a fan episode answering all the questions that you posted on our videos At Working Against Gravity we don't think that there's any one right nutrition program for everybody so whether you're trying to follow Atkins diet keto diet zone diet or the WAG diet it's all what works for you When it comes to ketosis I think if it fits your lifestyle and it's something that you can definitely follow because the best program in the world is going to be the program that you can actually follow then all the power to you if you feel great you're performing well in the gym and you're seeing the progress that you'd like to make that's amazing at the same time I would definitely do your research to make sure that you know all that's involved when following a ketogenic diet the things that you have to monitor in your body to make sure that you're safe and healthy and then go for it There is definitely a difference between getting all your carbohydrates from vegetables and all your carbohydrates from starchier sources like potatoes pasta oatmeal rice etc within the vegetable category you're going to have a lot of vitamins minerals and fiber that's really good for your digestive health as well as any deficiencies or to get the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy and at the same time starchier carbohydrates are going to be denser in calories so to make sure that you get enough food to perform at your highest potential and they're also going to be faster absorbing than the carbohydrates that you get from vegetables so ultimately having a mix of the two is the best option for you keeping most of your food or carbohydrates coming from vegetables and high micronutrient dense sources is gonna be great and then around your training sessions having starchier sources like pasta rice oatmeal or potatoes is also going to be great When thinking about the glycemic index of your carbohydrates I would mostly focus around your workout times so high glycemic carbohydrates are going to be quicker to absorb and get into your bloodstream and then low glycemic carbohydrates are going to be slower and provide longer-lasting energy that means that surrounding your workout times or in the middle of your workout times focusing more on higher glycemic carbohydrates versus lower glycemic carbohydrates are going to help improve performance but outside of workout windows keeping lower glycemic carbohydrates to give you long lasting energy and typically those food options are higher in micronutrients vitamins minerals as well as fiber so that's going to be the best time to have those If you have a question that I haven't answered but you're dying to hear what I think about it then post it in the comments and we're gonna do another fan episode coming up