Low Carb Keto Packed Lunch Ideas

Hello and welcome back to my channel, today I am going out and about with my kids to the park and we're meeting up with some friends and so I'm taking a low carb keto packed lunch with me and I thought I would share that with you for those of you that are in the northern hemisphere getting back into school and work routine coming up soon, I don't know where the time goes and so I'll share today what I'm taking with which has my go to my favorite low carb packed lunch ideas and also I'll leave down below a link to blog post which has a whole gallery full of low carb keto lunches that I've shared over time I'm always adding to it so make sure that you bookmark, save it, pin it so that you can always go back to it for loads of low carb keto inspiratio,n so let's get straight into it and see what I'm taking with me today, and this is my lovely lunchbox I'm using an easy lunchbox I love these lunchboxes, got little compartments for the main meals and snacks and bits on the side and it's just great and there's so much light streaming into my kitchen today! We're in the middle of winter in Australia but it's just a sunny bright blue sky day today, so anyway what I've got is, I've got avocado and some spinach under there and some feta and just before I go I'm going to drizzle over some avocado oil, add a bit of salt and that is it's one of my go-to's, I'm sure you've seen it before on my channel often just mix these three ingredients together and they're just so perfect, low carb high fat, so, so good And, a generous portion of salami yeah whatever meat you like, a nice, the leftover cooked meat you can add a little portion salami, sausages and you get those little pepperoni, pepperoni sticks all that whatever you can find that's low carb high fat, the lower the carbs the better, you can see there's nice healthy fat in that and I love salami and I'm quite happy just eating it either handful by the fork full, yeh I'll be packing a fork as well taking to make sure that, I can eat this nicely and next we've got nuts! I often go macadamias or cashews or today I've got just a portion of almonds just plain whole almonds nice and simple

So there you go that is my short and sweet video for today, what I'm taking with me today my low carb keto packed lunch remember to check down below for a blog post with loads more ideas of low carb keto packed lunches and remember to subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this, and I always appreciate a like and a comment too on my videos, let me know what is your go-to packed lunch what do you always have to take with you when you go out and about? I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye!