Low calorie fast-food and restaurant options – INSIDER

  • Eating out while on a diet can be difficult, as many restaurants have high-calorie foods.
  • More restaurants have lately been offering a wider variety of low-calorie, diet-friendly options.
  • From Starbucks’ spinach-feta wrap to The Cheesecake Factory’s Mexican lettuce wraps, here are 45 dishes under 500 calories.

If you’re trying to watch your calories, you might think going out to eat is off limits.

Many restaurants pack their food with extra fat, sugar, and sodium — a single entree in a standard American eatery can contain enough butter, sauce, toppings, and sides to be considered two meals in one. This can make it seem impossible to go out for dinner without throwing your diet out the window.

But with the increasing public demand for healthier food options, many restaurants now offer a variety of low-calorie options. You just have to know what to order.

Though calories aren’t everything when it comes to eating healthy, having options can certainly make dining out a lot easier for people who do want to cut back on their caloric intake or lose weight.

So if you’re currently on a diet, or just looking to be more mindful of what you’re eating, here are 45 under-500-calorie options from your favorite chain restaurants: