Lose Weight On Oysters

hey what’s going on this is alek with
change your life diet.com I’m here
sharing my weight loss tips with you so
you can lose weight fast now in this
video I want to talk to you about my
intermittent fasting meal plan and in
particular what to do at a dinner party to lose
weight fast hey so I’m here back in the old
neighborhood back at my parents house
for the weekend we did get invited to a
dinner party last night so I just wanted
to tell you guys what what what happened
there because it’s kind of important
with the whole weight loss system so now
me personally if I’m gonna invite people
over I’m gonna invite them over for like
a lunch or a barbecue or we might go out
to larger out for breakfast i’ll try not
to go out to dinner impossible because
you can just really enjoy yourself more
for breakfast and for lunch but you know
we we happen to get invited to relatives
house for dinner party
so this kind is kind of what happens its
kind of the usual story you know in the
beginning when i was first losing weight
and you know eating a lighter lighter
dinner i would get more resistance from
people but now you know people used to
it so there are custom to me that on I’m
just not going to eat a big dinner so my
the end of my eating window it could be
like around 4pm 5pm 6pm something like
that so this particular a dinner party
started around like seven eight o’clock
so we were eating an eight o’clock so
it’s not a big deal
like I just had a salad and light beer
you’ll be fine you’re not going to put
on that much weight or any at all if you
just cool like a salad on my end light
beer in the evening time it’s not a big
deal but what happened was you know then
they have dessert coming out later at
night this product nine o’clock they had
some like apple turnovers or something
coming out and you know it smells
amazing it’s like applicants apples and
cinnamon and
you know the kind of shocked how I can
you know resist the temptation because
it smell so good and everybody’s eating
it and everything that I’ve been doing
this for so long that you know i’m not
going to waver from my my method it just
it just works so effectively that
nothing’s gonna stop me i can select
those turnovers I’m just not gonna
happen at night and they got to a point
where like no no you’re gonna you’re
gonna eat this you’re gonna eat this now
like you know we’re not you know we’re
not taking no for an answer you’re going
to eat this second you’re getting too
so I said listen like I mean there is
too long i’m not gonna wait but I I’ll
make a deal with you
I’ll take it to go give it you know wrap
that in a foil and I’ll take it to go
and eat it tomorrow morning guilt-free
you know what wound up happening i got
two of them they gave me two of them to
go so here it is it’s i just woke up its
kind of before breakfast have any
breakfast yet but you want to show you
that what happens to everybody else you
know everybody else got to have one at
night and you know they’re going to put
on weight in me because I’m i’m smart
I get to have I get to have two of these
right I get to have two of these
absolutely guilt-free ok whatever is our
apple turnovers apple blossoms i think
they’re called and i will devour these
things like you wouldn’t believe and
it’s going to be guilt-free I’m not
going up on anyway and all the other
suckers or they’re getting fatter
because they got that stuff in their
stomach late at night and you know this
is the way to do things this is a way to
lose weight for the long term is just to
have a light dinner but that doesn’t
mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods
it just means you know if you wanna be
smart about it just eat your you know
your pastries or desserts in the morning
comes the absolute worst thing that you
could do is not only just eating late at
night but eating like a desert like this
late at night
that’s the worst thing you do having
like sweets and really like high-calorie
like empty empty calories in deserts the
worst thing you do like pastry sweet any
type of sugar late at night is the worst
thing that you could do so i’m going to
put this thing in the toaster oven and i
will devour it and i hope you liked the
video I’m not going to try down on this
right now maybe I’ll you know at a clip
later so please like subscribe leave
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lose a ton of weight that is the medical
terminology you lose a ton of weight
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give it a try got nothing to lose 60 day
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just might change your life
thanks so as promised i put these in the
toaster oven got a little warmed up
about to devour them right now I have no
idea how many calories they are they’re
probably ton of calories I don’t really
care i don’t cap count calories to waste
of time I whatever you in the morning
it’s guilt free so I’m just going to go
ahead and no but on go ahead and enjoy
yourself for breakfast
that’s what different
just don’t eat this late night clearing
up fatso
that’s why i was saying i got to Maureen
oh man that’s good then this could be
this could be you guys let’s go w even
post was guilt free and and just go

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  1. Hi again mate, great video! I love the concept of your diet, but I honestly thought it was a scam at first considering you said you can still eat what you want and your hard sell Web page but after watching more of your videos and trying the basic principles of the diet I've lost weight and at a fast rate. I want to buy your ebook next week (payday) looking forward to knowing your diet in better detail, it is a bit pricey and would of been a no brainer at a common book price or even $20 ish but considering I can confirm the diet does work well (if anyone was wondering) I will invest anyway. Thanks for the free videos, I hope this diet blows up to help as many people possible.