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Hi guys, I’m Chhavi Mittal
And welcome to Being Woman with Chhavi. Today I’ll talk about a question that many mothers ask me.
And this is, how to reduce the belly fat.
Does that ring a bell?
The question of how to lose weight on the stomach nags many mothers
This is something that can be different for different mothers.
But today I’m going to talk about my own journey of how I lost my stomach fat.
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Before I begin I must share this experience with you.
When I got back from the hospital I noticed that I still looked 5 months pregnant!
So yes, if you’re pregnant, don’t expect to have a flat stomach immediately after your delivery
This won’t be the case
This is what I expected.
And if you reach back home and find yourself looking 5 months pregnant
That is absolutely normal.
Because your uterus takes a little time to shrink back to it’s original size.
What are the things that are important in having your uterus back in it’s original size.
The first thing is Lochia.
the bleeding which happens immediately after your delivery.
The duration of this can be different for different mothers.
For eg. I bled for about a week after my first delivery. That’s it
But the second time the bleeding went on for over a month.
So how long your uterus takes to come back to it’s original size depends on how long you bleed for.
So your lochia becomes very important
For this your mom, your MIL
And your care providers will advise you to
have various things to bleed well
Or drink more water or maybe..
drink jeera and ajwain water more
so that it helps in your lochia
The reason for all this is because your body is coming back to it’s original shape.
So all these things become very important in achieving a flat stomach after your delivery.
Second thing.
In fact I was still in the hospital, the very next day after my delivery
The physiotherapist walked into my room and asked me to do kegels
What are kegels?
Kegels are the pelvic floor exercises
that are advised during pregnancy also
So that your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough for the actual delivery.
So the physiotherapist asked me to do kegels.
During kegels you have to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and your stomach muscles.
So the first thing I did to achieve a flat stomach was doing my kegels as soon as I felt ready.
Which was in fact the second or the third day of my delivery.
This helped my core muscles to get strong again.
Because your abdomen muscles get really lax after a delivery.
And it is important to take baby steps to make them strong again.
Now i’m going to tell you my favourite hack for a flat stomach.
And I didn’t even need to join the gym to do this exercise.
I used to do this at home.
These are called, planks.
This is very simple exercise but the results that a plank gives you are really really great
And they are really really effective.
So first I took a go ahead from my doctor.
When the doctor told me that my stitches were healed, I was fine and could start doing planks..
That’s when I started.
I started with holding the plank position only for 10 seconds.
3 reps of 10 sec each
Then I started building it up with 4 reps of 15 sec each
Then 5 reps of 20 sec each
Till the time I could hold my plank for a good 60 seconds
and do 3 reps in one go
I continued to build my holding ability for a plank.
It’s a very simple exercise. I’ll show you how I do it in the gym.
You just come in an absolutely straight position.
Come on your elbows.
Hold your stomach tight, hold your pelvic floor muscles tight.
Just hold that position for as long as you can
And I’m telling you this hack really works like magic!
It builds your core strength, strengthens your back and has many benefits.
So mothers if you are struggling to achieve a flat stomach after your delivery
Your first step towards that is start doing planks.
And start holding it only for as long as you feel comfortable.
Slowly build it up and then you tell me after 30 days if you have a flat stomach or not.
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