Lose Weight On Keto Doctors Recommendation

– It’s time to change your life!
Wanna lost weight, but
you’re looking for direction,
you’re not exactly sure
what the best route to go is
and what tools to use as you
get there in that process
and frankly there’s so much
information out there that
you’re a bit confused as to what
is the right first step to take!
Let’s do it, and in the process,
let’s also give you a seven
day play that you can use
which can be changed so that
you have a good direction to start from.
I’m Shane Farmer, this
is Dark Horse Rowing
where we build better
humans through rowing
so that you can write your own story.
So can you or should you
lose weight with rowing?
And how do you do that if
you’ve made that choice?
And a quick note if this
really is your first step
and you’re just starting this journey,
be sure that you’re
doing this for yourself
and by saying that I mean
make sure you are supporting
your own cause, that you have decided yes,
this is the right decision for me
and I absolutely want this.
Absent that, any other reason
is not gonna be strong enough
for you to make a lifelong change
and that is indeed what this should be.
Disclaimer time!
I also wanna make sure you know,
I am not a physician, I
am not a nutritionist,
I have simple gone through this process
with a lot of people.
Be sure that you have approved
the start of this process
with your physician and that
you are in good, healthy
condition to go through this process
and also, all of these
opinions are strictly my own
from my experiences.
First, let’s take a
look at your nutrition.
What are the things
that are actually going
into your body on a regular basis?
Let’s start with a quick analogy.
I walk you up to two doors.
One is labeled food
and the other is labeled workouts.
Now because this is the
start of the journey,
you have to pick one.
Whichever one, whichever door
you choose to go through,
is the only thing that you
can change to try and lose
as much weight as possible.
Which one are you going to choose?
Before we make the decision,
let’s do a quick consideration here.
In an ideal week of workouts,
let’s say that you get in seven workouts.
That’s quite a bit and actually
more than I get in a week.
But let’s just–
All things perfect,
you get seven workouts in a week.
Now, let’s consider our
ideal week of eating.
Assuming that we eat an
average of three times a day,
seven days a week, that is 21 meals,
that we consume within a week.
Now, going back to the workouts,
let’s assume that we need
to improve there, right?
Because that’s what we’re trying to do,
I choose the workout door,
then I end up having
to improve the workouts
That’s the only thing I can do.
In my ideal week, what can I do?
Add maybe two more workouts?
Making it eight or nine workouts?
That’s a lot!
And that’s a lot of
stress on your body, okay?
So let’s say we don’t
want to add workouts,
let’s add intensity, question mark?
Like, give it 110%,
like that’s challenging,
it’s hard to give more intensity.
Because now your bodys gonna
get drained more per workout
which can be harder to do!
Now let’s jump back to the nutrition door,
I open that door and have
to make an improvement
on those 21 times of eating
well, I’m not gonna add
more times of eating, all I
have to do is change the inputs
into my body 21 times a week and wow,
that’s pretty substantial.
If I put in higher quality
or just different foods,
21 times a week, now we’re
talking about some significant
impact on the body versus
trying to squeeze more
out of your workouts that
are already happening.
So again, let’s go back to,
we’re making our decision
between the two doors,
what is the door that
we should start with?
Is it, adding more
intensity or more workouts
in an already full week?
Or is it simply changing
the thing that we’re doing
21 times a week already, just
tuning the knob a little bit.
That is the direction we wanna start.
Second is making sure that
when we start talking movement,
you find something that
both challenges you,
gives you enjoyment and
you’re gonna continue
to come back to and that
is the challenging part,
it’s coming back to it.
You have to love doing the thing.
You really have to enjoy
that part otherwise
you’re not gonna want to
keep doing it or making it
a new habit, and where
rowing walks into this party
is that rowing is very
dooable for everyone,
whether you’re overweight,
if you’re pregnant
if you’re disabled, it’s very
usable for many different
purposes and because rowing
has such low barrier to entry,
a lot of people who are
looking to lose weight,
find it a very comforting tool to use
because there’s not a lot of risk there,
you’re not risking damaging
your joints because of
gravity and pounding on the pavement.
You’re not risking damage
from poor technique
because your lift too much
weight and blow something out.
That same risk just isn’t
there so it because a very
comforting tool for people
to use especially starting
the process it also carries
a decent meditative element
because of the sound of the
machine and the repetative
nature of the movement, it
can become very soothing
and relaxing, to settle
into on a regular basis.
And people find and
report that it’s actually
very comforting to spend
time on the machine so you’re
both sweating and meditating.
Third, you need to keep
variety in your workouts
so that your body doesn’t
plateau or just get so used to
one exercise that you don’t develop
a variety of elements in your body.
Variety happens to come in a
number of different elements
that yes of course, rowing
happens to hit on many of these
from strength, to endurance
to strength endurance
to coordination, agility,
balance, all of these things
can be improved using the rowing
machine as a training tool.
For example you can take
your damper all the way up,
that’s gonna give you a decent
amount of strength work,
if you take it all the way down,
you’re gonna have to work on speed,
if you give yourself a
long distance workout,
that’s gonna be an aerobic-based workout
and if you go with short, high intensity,
you can be working either phosphocreatine,
or anaerobic energy systems all of which
are very necessary for you to work
to create a full complimentary
picture of health.
So the question I asked at the beginning,
can you or should you
lose weight with rowing?
Well the answer is absolutely yes!
And I would highly encourage
you to consider the machine
as a tool for that purpose.
Now, what about creating a
plan that is going to give
you a process which will
help you to lose weight
on the machine so that you have guidance.
So I’m gonna give you a seven day plan
that is based off of
something that I would write
for a client if they were
asking to use primarily
the rowing machine, on
their weight loss journey,
but I’m gonna simplify it for you
so that you can manipulate
it and change it
as you need for your own process.
Now, I’m bringing this to
you from the standpoint of
I am going to write it for
somebody who is on day one
of the journey, please understand that,
so if you’re past that
and you’re you know, well
on your journey, make sure
that you’re thinking
about that and you know,
adjusting distances or times accordingly
so that it better suits you
because I’m really thinking
all right, today is step one.
Also, please note, this is
not the only way you can lose
weight this is just a
way and I wanna help you
have like something to take
away tangible from this video.
Okay, day one, day ones going
to be a mid distance row.
Thinking something like
3,000 meters in one sitting.
The focus points for this are going to be
A, complete it without
stopping, that’s the goal.
I want you to have
success in this workout,
so don’t come out so hard
that you have to stop
before you get to the 3,000 meters.
Step two is think about good
mechanics and if you need
those obviously you can
find that on our channel,
but you’re thinking about good
mechanics over that entire
distance and that is going to
help you keep the intensity
low and keep your mind right
on getting a good stroke
which is going to be more productive
for getting more out of the workouts!
Day two is going to be
30 minutes of stretching,
followed by 20 minutes of light activity.
Now, that can be whatever
that means to you,
if that’s a 20 minute walk, that’s cool.
If that’s jumping on a bike,
I generally want you to get outside,
not be sitting on the machine
for this day’s workout.
Day three, is going to be
short, hard burst, intervals.
Thinking something like 10 by 250 meters.
15 by 250 meters.
Altered of course, based
off of knowing yourself,
what can you handle?
And not over doing it on this day,
but we are working that
very short, intense range.
Day four, rest!
Day five is going to be a
body weight, strength workout.
Now you’re gonna need to
piece together what the rep
scheme and everything
looks like but essentially
what I would be looking
for is a lot of body weight
strength movements, air
squats, pushups, lunges,
broomstick deadlifts, things
like that that are going
to make your body move and
learn how to move as well
as develop some strength off the machine.
Day six is gonna be a long row.
In this instance, I’m looking
at something like 6,000 meters
or more now you don’t
have to do it all in one.
You can break it up in for
example, three by 2,000 meters,
the objective is lower intensity
but keep your heart rate
elevated for a longer period of time.
So, if you do for example say
the three by 2,000 meters,
keep the rest periods lower
so that you don’t have a
chance to fully let your heart
drop maybe it’s just a
minute off so you can get off
the machine, get a little
bit of water, wipe the sweat
off your face and then
gradually build up to being able
to handle 6,000 meters in one sitting.
Now, go do great things
Dark Horses and of course,
you need some workouts to
compliment the program we just
wrote so click here for
a playlist of workouts,
between 10 and 20 minutes
to help you in your journey.

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