Lose Weight On Fruit And Vegetable Diet

this great idea my honey’s feeling kind
of testy right now because I’m asking
him to do a bunch of stuff he doesn’t
want to do I have a stack of drawers in
the hall and there’s space above him and
I want it lifted up so he’s making a
couple of platforms for me but he’s
testy so I’m gonna make him some
breakfast and while making him breakfast
and make me some breakfast and I’m going
to have scrambled eggs with onions and
those are good so I’ll show you that I’m
having my pre chopped onion I chopped up
some zucchini I scrambled my eggs and I
got the free shredded cheddar cheese
well that is getting ready to saute I’m
actually going to drink my first quart
of water like Craig suggested before I
eat okay first one dun dun dun dun dun
dun moving on to the other ones the
zucchini salt and pepper and onion are
ready for the eggs for the eggs in
good no in a minute I’ll put some cheese
in okay put some cheese on it turn the
heat off I’ll put a lid on it and let
that get melted tada
okay there it is how to make scrambled
eggs with cheese and onions and I added
some zucchini I decided to make a roast
mostly just because I had already
defrosted it so this is the roast in the
insta pot and it should turn out really
good I put some seasonings in it and I
cooked it in that homemade grape juice
oops oops
that’s what’s left over throw that away
and now they’re breaking it down to make
it into squares that sounds like a great
project it’s a snow day here today thank
so my dinner I’m having some lettuce
some Greenleaf lettuce and spinach and
iceberg lettuce with a little bit of
dressing almonds and some craisins I am
super super struggling I am so hungry
and I want to eat and I feel like the
day just kind of started and took off
without me and I don’t know where I’m at
but I am making changes in the way that
I eat and the way that I move and the
way that I drink my water for today
already empty empty empty that’s the
only one I have left and I can get that
done tonight and took my supplements