Lose Weight On Fodmap

oh hello it’s Stacy here in my room
today I thought I might show you guys
why eat in a day when I’m trying to be
healthy disclaim oh I don’t you like
this all the time because I do love food
and little snacks and unhealthy foods
from time to time but this is what I
would typically eat if I’m trying to be
healthy what I eat may not be 100
percent nutritious but I do my best with
a little knowledge that I’ve got ups
move on and I’ll show you what I eat now
we got my book processor mixer whatever
you are using here and we’re gonna go
ahead and pulse it it’s gonna be loud at
first because especially Costa berries
and bananas are frozen maresco
Oh bamm-bamm
such a pretty color now I’m gonna go
ahead and put this in a key little mason
jar because I know that make it look
everything is to be pretty look at the
color this is pretty then the jar used
to be free and all that I’ll meet you
back in my room so here we are back in
my room Bo with the fairy words my
smoothie I told y’all put it up a cute
little mason jar can’t really see what
they do have details on it okay it’s
really thick because I use frozen
berries and frozen bananas but if you do
prefer smoothies that’s just like easier
to swallow them just use regular berries
as up turned out more like juice though
I know it’s got these nice Oh YUM
so after this you’ll be pretty full I’ll
be good for a few hours with the
smoothie then the next meal I’ll reveal
when I’m hungry
usually with Oklahoma I like to upper
smoothie if I don’t have anything to do
I like to just go sit in my little
reading kana with all these likes kids
pillows and not pillows cushions and my
mr. souffle and do a little bit of
reading until I have something to do or
I feel like I may have to do or when I’m
hungry I got a little hungry so I got
myself a little snack like a little
crackers here no flavors added just
plain old dry crackers and a bit of
cream cheese and honestly my favorite
cheese right now from Ranchi ah no I
like to dab this on with this
so altogether this is how I do it
so it is dinner time or rather a first
or second meal time because I’m getting
a little bit hungry I got my bowl and
I’m going to fill this black bowl with
healthy stuff I’m going to be making
tuna veggie Bowl it’s super healthy
pescetarian no medium bowl but super
yummy as well what’s great about this
recipe is that you can just use whatever
vegetable you have lying around in your
fridge and today I’m going to be using
some of carrot and mushroom so as you
can see I have shredded my carrots and
I’ve got these then I actually don’t
know what they’re called in English but
these type of mushrooms right now they
don’t need to be like hooks for too long
they just need to sweat out of it so
then they’re not as hard and they’re
just more salt yay
and from now on it’s just the easy stuff
you just assemble them together first
you get the rice I am using brown rice
because brown rice is healthier than
white rice guys if you have quinoa you
can use that too second thing I have got
chickpeas and some white kidney beans
then you go in add your vegetables I got
some lettuce cuz crunchy and when you
something green lots of crunchy crunchy
then we get our orange from the stir-fry
carrot that we did pretty you know get
off me then we add the mushroom of
course because we cannot forget about
the mushroom that we mean
and then I like to SM corn lots of core
cuz I like lots of pork that in the
middle put our tuna so I just went ahead
and got these beauties looks so good
it’s not gonna lie look at that
some people like adding some sauce and I
usually have like for the little bit of
crunchiness I put like no flavor corn
chips with salsa as well without the
tuna but there’s so many variations you
can make honestly just put on whatever
you want and it’s just a yummy good to
go veggie healthy oh let me just show
you how you’re supposed to eat this mix
it together ah all the beauty oh no no
this is like my go-to meal when I’m on a
diet and trying to eat healthy it’s so
healthy it’s it’s filling and because I
don’t eat too much throughout the day I
really need to get all this like
nutrition my vitamins my protein my
carbs all in one Bowl and this is it
guys it is so delicious so I just had
shower now you’re craving a little
something to fill myself up I make
myself some tea this is a tea with my
also I get almonds almonds are really
good for you it’s good for you a Hera
before your skin before your immune
system everything it’s a superfood so
get yourself some bottles and eat them
good good
anyway guys that has been what states
see it’s in the thing we’re just trying
to be healthy and trying to be unsired I
hope my content was useful and you guys
enjoyed it a little bit if you guys want
more of these I can show you other
alternatives that I eat in a day if I
won’t be healthy and all that then I can
also show you guys my cheat day cuz you
know I love baking I can bake with you
guys and whatever I love food content
yeah for today’s video this is it and
until next time it’s a wrap I eat yeah
by the way just because I got out of
shower I have no makeup on sorry I
apologize for looking like no
ending the video no oh that’s all Stacy

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