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– Hey, Killer B’s, it’s Pahla
B. from pahlabfitness.com,
and on tap today, I’ve got day 19
of the Weight Loss for
Women Over 50 series,
and today, we are walking with weights.
So, grab your lightest dumbbells,
and if you don’t have a light enough pair,
make sure that you open up
the description box below,
and get the exact three pair
set that I have from Amazon
that I use in all of
our weighted workouts.
You guys, today is completely low impact,
which means that there is no jumping,
there’s also no transitions to the ground,
and when you’re ready for this one,
I’m totally ready.
Let’s go!
(melodic bubbling)
All right you guys, let’s go ahead
and get movin’ and groovin’.
Go ahead and have your weights
completely out of the way,
while we get started with our warm up,
which, of course, is arm
circles and high knees.
Oh, my goodness, I’m gonna
slow that one right on down.
I’ve been active today,
like rather active,
as a matter of fact, but oh my gosh,
that first arm circle absolutely
found every single stiff
and sore muscle in my body.
How ’bout yours?
You know, I know that some,
I don’t really watch a lot
of other YouTubers, truly, but I do know
that some other fitness YouTubers
really kind of jump
right into the warm up,
and I have to tell you,
that is probably one
of the biggest differences between me
and almost everybody else on YouTube.
I am actually 50 years old.
I know what it’s like to need
to take a little bit slower,
a little bit gentler warm up.
Sometimes I’m simply not capable
of moving all that fast,
even though I’ve already
been moving today.
My body, sometimes, really
just needs a very gentle,
and sometimes, a little
bit longer warm up.
I know that I’ve mentioned
it at least once or twice,
but I will tell you that any time
that we start doing these workouts,
if you don’t feel completely
warmed up after my warm up,
please, please, please
do more on your own.
You can always do a longer warm up,
because it will help you get
a better workout, my friends.
Speaking of better workouts,
we’re gonna have a really good one today,
I’m so excited about this.
Me moving kind of slowly
right now notwithstanding,
I’m very excited about
our cardio toning today.
It’s “Walkin’ With Weights”,
one of our favorite workouts,
so let’s go ahead and
do some arm crossers,
with booty kickers.
So, we’re gonna have weights
in our hands the entire time
if you have light enough weights.
This is the kind of workout
that a long time ago,
in fact, if you look,
I have over 700 videos,
but if you look, I have, I think,
at least two rather old
“Walking With Weights” videos,
where I am carrying
significantly heavier weights.
They used to be my lightest weights,
and then, because I started
making videos like that,
I was like, “I totally need
lighter weights than this.”
So, I used to try and kind of push through
with something that
was right on the border
of being too heavy for me.
And I want you to know, that
there’s almost no benefit
to be had, but there are
plenty of risks to be had
from going too heavy.
If you don’t have a light enough pair,
don’t have anything in your hands.
That’s totally fine.
This is a great workout,
no matter how you slice it.
We’re moving, we’re grooving,
we’re having fun, we’re sweating.
That’s what we’re gonna
get out the day, right?
Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes.
If you do have a nice light
pair of dumbbells though,
here’s what we’re doing.
We’re going walking with weights,
and I’ve got my handy
dandy Gymboss here set
for one minute intervals.
We’re going EMOM style,
which has nothing to do
with being a mother, and everything to do
with doing a different
exercise Every Minute
On the Minute.
It’s an acronym.
So, that means I get to do a
little bit of counting today.
Wish me luck my friends!
So far if you are new, and
you have only been around
for the weight loss series,
I have not done any counting have I?
I’m not great at counting,
so I’m gonna be thinking very hard today
about doing my best.
Every minute on the minute,
we’re going to do four repetitions
of a different kind of exercise.
It’s basically just to make
sure that our body is moving
in different ways, and
getting all planes of motion,
toning all of our muscles
with some complex exercises,
and then, going right back to walking.
So, in fact, let’s go
ahead and start walking.
If you feel warmed up, grab your weights,
if you’ve got weights.
And let’s get moving.
So, here it is, we’re walkin’.
We’re walkin’, we’re
walkin’, we’re walkin’.
In a minute, when the timer beeps–
– -I apologize, my cat is
going crazy in the other room,
and I don’t know if you can hear it,
but I don’t know what she’s got.
She’s definitely got something,
and I wonder if she’s
gonna come running out here
at some point with whatever
thing it is that she has.
When it beeps, we’re going
to do Side-Step Peek a Boos,
which means that we’re stepping
to the side using our inner
and outer thighs.
A Peek a Boo is where
we have our elbows up
at shoulder height.
We’re gonna have our hands closed,
and then our hands open.
Now here’s the thing about me counting,
first of all, I’m not great at it,
because I, generally
speaking, I’m trying to talk
and tell you form things,
and stuff like that.
I’m going to be very
careful to count carefully,
but also, I count the mean way.
One on each side equals one, every time.
I like to even things out,
and I like to make sure
that we’re getting enough work
to make it worth our while.
So, hands upward,
stepping out to the side,
out to the other side.
There’s one.
Boom, there’s two.
There’s three, and that
one, and back, is four.
And, right back to walking.
So, this is what it looks like.
We’re spending most of our day walking,
which means that you can pick a pace
that feels best for you.
If you happen to have
a lot of energy today,
you could probably pick
up this pace a little bit.
If today is a little bit
more of a low day for you,
then feel free to go slower.
Walking is such a perfect
exercise for that exact reason.
You can absolutely find a pace
that fits your moderate needs
for the day.
Now, when it beeps again,
we’re gonna do Curtsy Curls,
which means that we’re gonna step back
into a curtsy lunge,
while doing biceps curls.
Now, the thing about biceps curls,
this is something that I
notice a lot when I’m working
with people in person.
It’s very, very easy to have your hands,
or your elbows rather, just
being out away from your body.
When you lock them in to your waist,
you are truly isolating the biceps muscle.
Yes, I’m counting.
This one here is two.
Getting down into a nice
deep curtsy lunge each time,
we’re not doin’ a ton of them.
There’s three and then
one more on each side.
Right there, and right there.
And yes, we’re right back to walking.
See, that’s the magic
of the four repetitions.
I had a feeling that that
was really gonna feel
like enough, you guys.
Oh my goodness, speaking of enough,
wouldn’t it beeps again, we’re
gonna do something I call,
I-Y-W and parade rest.
Generally speaking, I do this
as an unweighted exercise,
and this is gonna be a
real challenge for us.
We’re forming the letter I,
by having our hands directly overhead.
Then, we’re gonna move
our hands out to the side
for the letter Y.
Then we’re gonna bring our elbows down
for the letter W.
So, here we go.
Letter I, letter Y, letter W,
and then, parade rest
is putting your hands behind your back.
Back up to the letter I, Y, W,
there’s two of them done.
I, Y, W, yes I see my
crazy cat, there’s three.
The letter I, the letter Y, the letter W,
and parade rest.
And, right back to walking.
Oh, my goodness.
Yep, I think that’s just the kind of day
it’s gonna be around here.
Sometimes, she’s asleep on the couch.
Sometimes, she’s runnin’
around wearin’ her crazy pants.
I suspect that she’ll actually be asleep
here any second now.
Anyway, when it beeps again,
we’re doing something I
call Overhead to High Knees,
’cause we’re gonna have
our hands up over head,
and then we’re gonna bring
them down to one high knee
at a time.
Once again, that being
a single-sided exercise,
I’m gonna count the mean way where one
on each side equals one.
So, we’re getting plenty of work here.
So, overhead to one high
knee, and then the other.
There’s one of them done, moving at a pace
that feels good to you.
There’s two.
This is strength, but
it’s also cardio toning.
There’s three.
So, whatever pace you
can get the work done,
there’s four, and right back to walking.
It’s totally fine with me,
especially on something like this
where I am counting.
If you need to move slower,
just do the exercise for
the same amount of time
that I’m doing it.
And don’t worry about
how many you get done.
When it beeps again, oh my gosh.
Okay, the exercises you’re doing
are not getting any easier.
They never do.
We’re doing side kick arm openers.
That one, again is a
single-sided exercise.
So, we’re gonna have our hands starting at
about chest height.
You’re gonna open up one
sidekick and one arm,
on the same side, at the same time.
It’s, essentially, I’m tryin’ to think,
it’s not really gonna
look like the letter K,
because your hand isn’t
gonna be quite that high,
it’s gonna be more chest level.
But sidekick arm opener,
and sidekick arm opener.
It’s kinda like a lazy letter K.
And then, there’s two of them done.
Oh my gosh, pull in your core.
There’s three.
And that one, woo doggies, is four,
and right back to walking.
This, my friends, is why I cautioned you
to have light enough weights.
You know, the fact is, no matter
how light your weights are,
there’s a cumulative effect
to doing this whole workout
with weights in your hands.
Your arms get tired.
That’s sort of the
point, that’s how we tone
is by tiring out our muscles,
but also, your arms get tired.
When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do squats,
with a triceps kickback.
So, we’re gonna have our
feet about hip width apart.
We’re gonna come down in a
squat and pull our arms up,
almost like a biceps curl, honestly.
Gonna have your elbows
real close to your body.
As we stand, we’re gonna
hinge forward very slightly
at the waist.
So, it’s a squat, and
then a triceps kickback.
And then a squat, and then
pushing those arms back,
really feelin’ that work behind your arms.
There’s three of them back
there on the underneath
in your triceps.
And, four, oh my gosh, whoo, yes,
a little goes a long way
for both squatting and triceps work.
Excellent job!
Right back to this great walking pace,
at whatever pace feel good for you.
Now, here’s the thing about
relentless work like this.
Sometimes, even if we’re
goin’ at a moderate pace,
it starts to feel like your heart rate
is drifting up, up, up, because it is.
That’s actually a legitimate thing,
called cardiac drift.
I’m gonna tell you real quick.
We’re gonna do front raise stepbacks next.
So, we’re gonna start with
our hands facing our body,
palms facing your body.
You’re gonna raise up one dumbbell
to about chest height,
directly in front of you,
while stepping your opposite foot back.
So, raise and step, raise and step,
counting the mean way, that was only one.
This is two.
There’s three, and that one is four.
Excellent job, right back to walking.
And you guys, that was the circuit.
The exercises did not get easier,
but also, they’re not gonna
get any harder than that
on round two.
And here’s the great news,
there are only two rounds today.
So, here’s what I was
saying about cardiac drift.
It’s good.
It is actually a good thing for you,
meaning that it’s how
your body tolerates work.
And honestly, how you get better at work,
at endurance kind of work.
When it beeps, we’re gonna do
those Side Step Peek a Boos
by the way.
It is one of the ways that we
train our heart and our lungs
to get better, by asking
them to take on a load.
It’s actually how we train to get better
at literally anything.
So, here we go, up in
that Peek a Boo position,
open and close, open and close.
There’s one, yes, ’cause
this is single side,
and even though your arms
are telling you otherwise,
there was two, and three.
Open and close, open, that was four.
Excellent job.
Right back to walking.
And that was the last time
that we had to do those.
My friends, we are working
on cardio endurance today.
Muscle endurance today.
This kind of relentless work,
where your heart rate drifts up, up, up.
That even if we feel like
we started off moderately,
we get to a crescendo
point by the end of it.
This is how we learn endurance.
And it’s truly the
beginning of all fitness.
When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do those curtsy curls.
I know that there’s a lot
of information in the world
about the best way to gain fitness.
Here we go with curtsy
curls, elbows locked in,
right to your waist,
come down in a curtsy,
while pulling up those biceps curls.
Remembering to count,
remembering to breathe.
There’s two of them done.
And, curtsy.
There’s three.
That one, yes indeed, is
four, and back to walking.
Oh my gosh.
I know there’s a lot of
information in the world
about HIIT training, and
about lifting heavier.
Basically, power kinds of exercises.
When it beeps again, we’re
doing that IYW and parade rest.
And the fact is, at some
point in your fitness journey,
those types of workouts might
be absolutely appropriate for you.
Right now, because your
focus is on weight loss,
you may, or may not, gain fitness,
while we are losing weight.
Here we go, with I, Y, W, and parade rest,
really pulling those shoulders back.
I, Y, W, make sure your
knees are soft but strong,
core is pulled in tight.
Here we go.
Parade rest for the third time.
And up, out, W, and rest
without really resting
for the fourth time,
right back to walking.
While we are working on weight loss,
doing more extreme kinds of work,
more power-centered kinds of work,
isn’t as appropriate,
especially if you are brand new
to working out in general.
Comin’ up next, we’re doin’
that overhead to high knees.
Your body has, basically, a hierarchy
of how it makes adaptations.
The first adaptation that
your body makes is endurance.
The second adaptation,
here we go with overhead
to one high knee, and the other one.
There’s one of them done,
because this is single sided.
Great job, there’s two.
That one’s three, and that means this one
is our last one right there,
excellent and right back to walking.
The second adaptation that
your body can make, is power.
And the fact is if you skip
over the endurance part,
you are not super likely to
make a lot of power adaptations,
and you are far, far, far
more at risk for injury,
and burnout, frankly.
If your body doesn’t know how
to endure something light,
and something, not necessarily,
long, but endurance-like.
Being able to do something like this
for 20 minutes or more.
When it beeps again, by the way,
we’re doing those sidekick arm openers.
Then, your body is going
to be very hard-pressed
to do something more powerful.
So, elbow stays at shoulder height.
First one’s done.
Sidekick with an arm opener.
There’s two pulling in that
core, thinkin’ about good form.
There’s three, and that one is four.
Excellent job, right back to walking.
When it beeps again, I’m
gonna tell you right now,
we’re doin’ those squats
with the triceps kickback.
It’s why so many of my
workouts this month,
in fact, pretty much all of them
have been very endurance related.
Not a lot of rest, not
a lot of power moves,
not a lot of HIIT,
even though I do occasionally
have rest intervals.
Generally speaking, we’re
going from end to end.
First of all, that’s great for
moderating your heart rate.
Great for weight loss.
It’s also great for endurance.
This is the first level of fitness
that we all need.
So, here we go with those squats.
So, squat it down, kick it back.
Elbows stay real close to your body,
not letting them come out wide,
that way we can really squeeze,
and focus on those triceps.
Three of them done, I was
actually just thinking I
was going to the beep,
but I’m not doin’ a minute of these,
that was four, we’re all done!
Oh my gosh, I was still thinking
about endurance versus power,
and I was just about to start talkin’
through that whole interval.
That’s why I don’t usually count.
But I tell you what, we’ve
almost made it to the end.
Our next exercise is the last exercise.
We’re doing those front-raise stepbacks.
So, I really did make it
almost all the way through
the workout before I confused myself
with whether or not I was
talking, or waiting for the beep.
My friends, even if you are
an experienced exerciser,
endurance workouts, like the ones
that we are doing this month,
are the level of workouts
that we need to be doing.
Here we go with that front raise,
with a stepback, squeezing
from your glutes,
squeezing from your shoulder.
There’s two.
And, three, and that one is four,
and my friends, we’re coming
right back to walking,
because we are done,
technically, when it beeps,
but we’re not quite finished.
I do have one final thing
for us, as I always do.
It is another minute of walking,
except that we’re punching
out in front of us.
Do you remember, whenever that was,
when we did another
“Walking With Weights”?
And we did a whole minute of walking
while we were punching up.
Remember how hard that was?
Yes, this is the next
layer of difficulty, truly.
Punching directly out in front
of you, requires muscles.
I actually call them curling iron muscles,
because we don’t use
them for a lot of things.
Holding something heavy
directly in front of your body
at chest level, truly not
something we do a lot of.
But in the event that we need to,
we’re punching forward.
And walking, walking at whatever pace,
punching at whatever pace.
I’m not really tryin’ to match my walking
with my punching,
because I wanna make sure
that my core is pulled in tight.
And I am gonna talk
through this whole thing,
’cause I’m not counting,
we’re doin’ the whole minute like this.
Take these punches at
whatever pace you can sustain
at whatever way you can make
it through the entire minute.
These are muscles that
we don’t use a lot of
in this exact way.
But, it’s good to be able to use them,
to tone them, to strengthen
them, to ask them,
to carry a load, just
in case we ever need to.
My friends, thinking
about extending your arm
without locking your elbow,
helps you use your entire
chest and shoulder complex.
When it beeps again, it is the last time
that it’s going to beep in this workout.
You didn’t have to do that press up.
I was just really excited.
Go ahead and put your
weights completely down,
completely out of the way,
I’m gonna turn off my timer.
Oh my gosh, and I’m gonna
start doin’ some arm circles.
Oh, wow, with tappers.
Oh, doesn’t that feel nice?
I tell you what, you know what,
you know earlier in the month,
I was telling you how I
don’t love a cool down.
I do them, but I don’t love them.
This series of workouts
has really, really,
because my filming schedule is different,
has really opened my eyes
to how glorious the cool down actually is.
I’ve always been a fan of warm ups,
I do love me a warm up,
but I think I’m becoming
a really big fan of the cool down, too.
It feels so wonderful to
stretch out your body,
stretch out your arms,
really, specifically,
in this case.
And let your body gently come back down
from the work that we’ve
just asked it to do.
And, my goodness, you asked
it to do a lot of work today.
What a great, great job you did.
(sighs) Feeling so lovely.
Letting your muscles
remember that it’s okay
to come back to their fully
stretched out position.
They don’t have to be squeezed
and scrunched any more
like they have been for
our whole workout today.
Let’s do some arm openers (sighs).
And, of course, those arm crossers,
where we give ourselves a big hug,
my favorite part of the whole workout.
Good job, pat yourself
on the back, my friends.
Now, even though I am a convert,
I’m not gonna make you stand around
and do 10 minutes of cooling down,
unless you actually want to.
I have an extended cool down for you
on every single one of these videos.
In fact, pretty much every
one of my videos, ever.
If you would like to do
an extended cool down,
I have cool downs for us.
They’re lovely, and they feel amazing,
like a gift to your body.
Please help yourself to that.
On the other side of the screen,
I will have all of the
workouts from this series,
so that you can come back to them again,
and again, and again.
Right now, we’re only up doing 19.
At the end of the month,
there will be all 31
in one playlist for you to access
whenever you want to.
On the bottom of the
screen is the letter P,
that’s an invitation
to go over to Patreon,
where you can make a monthly pledge
that helps me make free workouts
for all of us.
And thank you so much for that.
On the other side, on
the bottom of the screen,
is a picture of me, and that’s
actually a Subscribe button.
Make sure that you click that
and the bell notification,
so that YouTube will know, let you know
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which this month, is every single day.
You guys, thank you so much
for working out with me.
Make sure you subscribe,
and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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