Lose Weight On Bum

I’m Kay, I’m from Pittsburgh.
I go to the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
and I’ve lost over 80 pounds.
My parents got divorced whenever I was about 13
and I think that’s when I started to kind of like
eat my feelings.
I would be home after school for a good hour
and I would just
make like a serving size for four people
and I would eat that all.
So throughout high school I gained about 100 pounds.
Three years ago,
my doctor told me that I was prediabetic.
If I continued the way that I was going
I was going to die in my mid 30s.
I started to think like, I need to do better.
I went into college kind of with the idea of
just eat better, and you’re gonna be walking everywhere,
so my first semester I lost 20 pounds.
I can’t really afford a yoga membership
especially in the city where I live,
it’s a little expensive
but I do Yoga With Adriene.
What’s up everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I’m Adriene and this is Benji.
The first time I was unable to do this wheelbarrow pose
where you put your feet behind your head laying down
but as I started to lose weight
and just small changes every single day.
Practicing and stretching to make this pose happen.
It’s amazing to see the progress that one person can make.
Big stretch here, reach, reach, reach.
Doing Yoga With Adriene three times a week
helps me de-stress and not think about schoolwork.
Just watching her videos,
she’s just always so happy and positive.
No worries if you feel like,
oh, I’m never gonna get there.
We’re gonna get there.
Even if like you’re doing a video,
you feel like you want to give up,
she’ll be talking in the middle of the video.
She’s like, don’t give up.
My heaviest weight was about 291 pounds.
I lost about 80 pounds in total
over the past three years.
So, I’m about 210, 211, right now.
I don’t even look the same.
Like I’m almost half the size of myself.
Isn’t that great?
So, just to remind you this was Kay before.
And here is the lovely Kay now.
Come on out Kay.
(audience applause)
You look gorgeous.
You look so beautiful.
Thank you.
Bob, this is Kay.
Isn’t she cute as a button?
Okay, so we also have one of our Yamets,
one of our stage hands,
is gonna walk out your,
did you used to call them your big pants?
Or I always call them my fat pants,
when I look at my old pants.
My fat pants, yes.
Your fat pants.
Okay bring those out ’cause they,
it’s such a big difference.
(audience applause)
That’s great.
They’re like twice the size of you.
Let’s drop those jeans.
And look who’s behind them.
Oh my God.
(audience applause)
It’s so nice to meet you.
What does it mean to you right?
When you hear this?
Oh, I mean.
It’s why you do what you do.
Yeah, how do you put it in words?
It’s a great honor and it’s a great inspiration.
I mean, I get a little emotional myself because
I put my heart and soul into what I do.
It’s very personal.
It’s right in my living room.
Comes from a real place so,
really, I always say we’re a reflection of each other
and this is a perfect example of that
and you are an inspiration to me,
my friend.
Oh my God.
Hey I just want to ask you something.
You’ve got Adriene right here, right now,
what do you want to say to her?
Thank you so much for everything
I mean.
I’m not really one to comment on your YouTube videos
but like, I mean even reading those
and you respond, and you’re just so,
in the community, and you don’t even know what you do,
it’s so amazing.
I’m shaking.
I’m shaking too, it’s so wonderful, the energy
It’s great that Bob’s here too
because you have so much experience at this
and you’ve always talked about
being a trainer and a fitness expert for you
has always been about the emotion
and helping people find their best inner self.
That’s how you get to the best outer shell.
Yeah, and that’s why I love this story so much.
I mean, you’ve inspired someone
that you’ve never met
and so you have to really think about
not only how good that must feel
but also the responsibility that you have
in your business to just do your best
to help the people because you don’t even realize
what you’re doing for so many people.
(audience applause)

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  2. I just found this video. I’ve been doing her 30 day dedicate yoga challenge. I’m On day 13 and i’ve Lost 15lbs. I’ve hated working out my entire life. I LOVE doing yoga with her everyday. It’s the first workout that I get excited to do and that I wake up wanting to do it already even though I do it at night. Not only is the weight loss an accomplishment, but my mental health as well is so much better. Whenever I have a bad day, it makes me feel better. I love her so much. I would love to meet her someday

  3. here's a few tips for using yoga reduce weight
    Find a suitable program locally or online and stick to it
    Do yoga with a colleague so you have someone to encourage you
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