Lose Weight In Legs Football

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adrienne.
I am Adrienne and today I’m in the beautiful
park, getting dirty, getting sweaty because
you asked for it.
We have a detox sequence, right here, right
now for you. Obviously, this flow is about
rinsing, shedding weight. We have some beautiful
water and waterfalls around us today so the
idea is to give the body a good wash, the
mind and the heart too, cleanse, and sweat
a little. We’re going to get hot. It’s getting
hot in here so put on your yoga clothes. Okay,
let’s hop to it.
Begin in a cross-legged position. We’re going
to check in with the breath and the body here.
Commit to this practice. Here we go. Inhale,
drawing the shoulders up toward the ears.
On the exhale, melt them down. Again, full
breath as we loop the shoulders, squeezing
them up toward the ears, and on an exhale,
sliding the shoulder blades down. One more.
We move with the breath. Inhale and exhale,
drawing the shoulders away from the ears.
Draw the palms together at your heart, sternum
to thumbs. Take a second here to just deepen
the breath and set an intention for your practice.
The intention can just be ‘I choose to stick
with all of this video, no matter what’ or
‘I choose to find ease, to trust.’ Bow your
head to your heart, interlace the fingertips,
and here we go.
Pressing the palms forward, we follow the
breath, reaching them up and back. On the
exhale, release, fingertips twinkle down.
And again. Mirroring the action to the breath,
the breath to the action, we reach it up.
Exhale, floating down and away, opening up
the shoulders. Inhale, interlace, reach forward,
up and back. Tops of the thighs draw down,
heart stays lifted as we release.
Right palm to left knee, left fingertips behind.
We inhale, roll up the staircase of the spine.
Exhale, begin to journey into your twist.
Breathe. Draw the navel in slightly. Lengthen
through the crown of the head. Take a deep
breath in. On the exhale, release and take
it to the other side.
Left palm comes to the right knee here, right
fingertips behind. Sit up nice and tall. Remember,
head over heart, heart over pelvis here. As
we roll up through the spine, draw the shoulder
blades in together and down and use that exhale
to go a little bit deeper into the twist.
Nice and gentle. I lift my fingertips up here,
as I encourage you to do as well, to just
make sure I’m not muscling into my twist with
my arms. Always finding integrity with each
breath, with each posture.
Inhale in, side body stretch. Left palm comes
to the mat, right fingertips reach up and
over. Stay rooted through your sit bones here.
Finding a little expression and switching
to the other side. Reaching it up and over.
Again, tagging a little bit of weight down
through the tops of the thighs, the sit bones.
Breathe. Back to center.
Diving forward now, we’ll come up to standing.
Tadasana at the front of your mat. Palms together,
inhale, reach up. As we exhale, we dive forward.
Soft knees here, my friends. Inhale, lift
a flat back position and exhale, soften and
bow. Inhale, reach it up. Spread your fingertips,
full body experience. As we exhale, back down
to the heart. Here we go again, jumping right
in. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, dive forward,
soft knees. Inhale, lift a flat back position,
long beautiful neck here, and exhale, bow.
Plant the palms and the fingertips. Step the
right foot back. Runner’s lunge. Peel that
left hip crease back. Shine your heart forward.
Relax your jaw. Plant the palms and we step
it back. Downward-Facing Dog. Find a little
bit of movement here. Begin to warm up the
body. Press into all ten knuckles, spread
your fingertips wide.
Slowly, we’ll shift forward to plank or I’m
taking a half-plank here, which I encourage
you to do, coming to the knees, just for this
first one so we can find out alignment. Long
neck, lots of integrity in the body as I slowly
lower down, hugging my elbows to the side
body. Lowering the mermaid tail there, lowering
the feet, we loop the shoulders and lift up.
Cobra, bhujangasana.
Curl the toes under, press into your palms,
lift up. Plank position. And then draw your
navel up towards your spine, press up and
out of your palms, and then we’ll slowly,
slowly send it back. Downward-Facing Dog.
Tops of the thighs spiral in and out towards
the back of your mat and we step the right
foot up. Runner’s lunge. Peeling that right
hip crease back now, shining, radiating the
heart forward. Open your heart up towards
the front. And then we step that back foot
up to meet the front.
Forward fold, uttanasana. Let it hang. Inhale,
flat back position. Exhale, bow. Spiral the
shoulders, reach it up. Deep breath in and
exhale back down to the heart. Soft knees.
Inhale, we reach it up. Exhale, up and over
as we bow. Inhale, flat back position and
exhale, bow.
Plant the palms, step the right foot back.
High lunge prep here, squeezing the inner
thighs together, finding your foundation and
then reaching it up on a nice, juicy inhale.
We can keep the hands on the waistline here
for stability. Otherwise, we’re spreading
the fingertips, reaching them up, pulling
the thumbs slightly back. Lengthening down
through the tailbone, finding length in the
lower back here as we squeeze the inner thighs
together, and then exhale, bend the elbows.
Belly comes to the top of the thigh to release,
fingertips to the mat, and we step it back
to plank. Nice, strong plank here, guys. Press
up and out of the earth. Squeeze those inner
thighs together. Really, spike those heels
toward the back.
And when you’re ready, shifting forward, bending
the elbows, Chaturanga, we lift up. Upward-Facing
Dog. And then back, Downward-Facing Dog. Pedal
the feet, work it out. Find what feels good
as we lift the right leg up. Runner’s lunge.
Squeezing the inner thighs together, finding
that strong foundation as we inhale.
Reach up. High lunge. Press through the ball
joint of that front big toe. Really extend
that back heel towards the back of the mat.
Inhale in, lengthen the tailbone down, draw
the navel in. Knit the lower ribcage together.
Lift the chin slightly. Exhale, bend the elbows
left to right. Open your heart.
Belly comes to the top of the thigh and we
release it back down. Take a deep breath in
and step that back foot up to meet the front.
Forward fold. Reaching it up, spreading the
fingertips, and on an exhale, back down. Smile.
Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, enjoy this move
as you dive forward. Inhale, flat back. Exhale,
Plant the palms, step or hop the feet back
to your best and most beautiful plank. Draw
your navel up towards your spine, hug the
inner thighs together, find movement, then
shifting forward, Chaturanga. Upward-facing
dog. Draw the navel to the spine. Downward-Facing
Dog. Pedal it out.
Walk your toes into the center line and then
we’ll inhale, slide the right foot up. Take
a second here to turn your right toes toward
the left side of the mat to drop that right
hip and then we’ll step it up.
Planting the back foot this time, prepping
for Warrior I. Reaching the fingertips up.
Strong foundation here. The outer edge of
that back foot is so strong. Find your breath.
Then interlacing the fingertips behind the
tail, we’ll loop the shoulders, open the chest,
and slowly flat back here as we melt down,
belly to the top of the thigh. And then we
can stay there or we can continue going down
into Humble Warrior here. Breathe. Strong
foundation, lots of strength in the legs here
as we breathe deep into the belly.
Pressing strong into your foundation, we rise
up. Warrior I. On an exhale, bending the elbows
left to right and then releasing back down
to the lunge. Planting the left palm next
to the arch of the right foot, go ahead and
pivot on your back foot so you’re on your
toes now, and we reach the right foot up towards
the sky, moving into a nice twist here. Strong
legs still. Peeling the right hip crease back
and not collapsing into that left palm. Find
integrity from the crown of the head to the
tip of the tailbone and then exhale, release
it back down.
Plant the palms, step it to plank. Shifting
forward, Chaturanga to Up Dog and exhale,
Downward-Facing Dog. Work it out. And then
sliding the left foot up now, turning the
left toes in, leveling the hips, and stepping
it up into your lunge.
Plant the back heel. Strong legs as we rise
up. Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I. Lengthen
the tailbone down, tuck your pelvis, draw
your navel in, and then interlace the fingertips
behind, opening up through the chest. Again,
knitting that lower ribcage together, supporting
the back, and then bowing forward. We can
stay here halfway or continue the journey
down. Humble Warrior. Strong, active legs
here. Breathe.
Pressing into the ball joint of that front
big toe, we rise up strong. Warrior I. Spread
your fingertips and exhale, release. Open
heart, bending the elbows left to right.
We come back to our lunge, pivoting on the
back foot. Plant the right palm. Strong, full
breath as we inhale. Open up through the left
wing. Find your twist. Breathe deep into the
belly here. Nice full breaths. Keep extension
through the neck so don’t let the right earlobe
drip down towards your right shoulder. Keep
it nice and open and spacious.
And then on an exhale, we find our release
and step the back foot up to meet the front.
Follow your breath. Uttanasana. And we inhale,
reach it all the way up. Full, full breath.
Exhale, back down to the heart. Soft knees.
Inhale, reach it up, fingertips kiss. Exhale,
down we go. Inhale, flat back. Exhale, bow.
Plant the palms.
This time, maybe hop it back to plank. Find
your strong plank pose. Top of a push-up.
You can find a little movement here and then
bend the elbows, loop the shoulders. You can
do Upward-Facing Dog or Cobra here. This time,
I did a Cobra. Taking a little bit of rest,
always remembering to find the ease, listen
to the body.
From our Downward Dog, we’ll lift the right
leg up and step it into our lunge. This time,
draw your palms together, lift them towards
the heart. Strong legs, just like we had in
high lunge here, as we bring the elbows up
and over. Outer edge of the left arm to the
outer edge of the right knee or thigh. We
find extension through the spine as we press
the palms together. Keep the neck nice and
long. Left heel is really spiking, reaching
toward the back edge of the mat. And then
we release gently. Left fingertips to the
mat and open up through the right wing. On
an exhale, back to center.
We plant the palms and step it back to plank.
Shifting forward, Chaturanga. Practice. So
even if you don’t know Chaturanga yet or you’re
working on building strength and integrity,
you can practice slowly lowering down to Up
Dog or Cobra and then pressing back, Down
Here we go again. Inhale, sliding the sole
of the left foot up now and stepping it forward.
Drawing the palms together at the heart, sternum
to thumbs here as we press up. Strong legs.
Loop the shoulders here. Long neck. And then
thinking up and over as we move into our next
twist. Peeling that left hip crease back.
Outer edge of the right elbow to the outer
edge of that left thigh or knee. Press up
and out of the palms here so we’re not collapsing
but the torso is nice and long. And then I
can stay where I’m at here or I can release
the right fingertips down and open up long
through the left wing, left fingertips up
towards the sky.
And then on an exhale, melting it back to
my lunge and rocking that back foot up to
meet the front. Uttanasana, Forward Fold.
Inhale, lift a flat back here. Exhale, bow.
Bring the feet in together.
Come into a nice, deep squat. Palms together
at the heart, sternum to thumbs. Inhale, elbows
go up and over, outer edge of the left elbow
to the outer edge of the right knee. We find
our twist here, keeping the knees together
best as possible. At least that’s our intention.
Nice, long neck. We can stay here or we can
release the left fingertips to the ground,
open up through the right wing and then gently
release back to center.
Straighten the legs. Inhale, lift a flat back.
Exhale, bow. Bending the knees generously
again, we bring the palms together at the
heart. Really bend your knees. Outer edge
of the right elbow now to the outer edge of
that left leg. We find length in the spine
here as we move into our twist. You can take
the right fist and put it into the left palm
to find space. A little leverage there. And
then if you want to release right fingertips
to the mat, open up through the left wing
for one last breath.
We’ll meet back at center. Inhale, flat back
position and exhale, forward fold. Walk the
feet out wide, as wide as your mat. Grab your
elbows. Rock a little side-to-side. Knees
can be bent here. Bend your knees if you need
to, as generously as you like. Then we’ll
walk the fingertips out and slowly lower into
a squat. If the heels come up, no problem.
Embrace that. Enjoy the yoga for the feet
moment. If the feet can stay flat, then we’ll
draw the palms together at the heart. Fingertips
can also stay on the earth here as we breathe
in and out. Pressing the elbows into the knees,
pressing the knees into the elbows, finding
that squeeze as we open the chest. Gently
Right palm in front of you, we’ll open up
through the left wing on a deep breath in.
I’m waving to the camera here. Hello. Keep
pressing strong into your feet, tailbone lengthening
down. Follow your breath. Left palm to the
center line as we inhale. Open up through
the right side. I decided to go ahead and
wave to the water here. Why not? Full-body
experience as I track it back to center. Palms
back together at the heart. Now stay in the
zone, follow your breath.
We’re going to transition now to seated. We
can loop the shoulders here, draw the knees
up for three lion’s breaths. Inhale in through
the nose and exhale through the mouth completely.
Inhale in deeply through the nose. Exhale,
lion’s breath, tongue out. Cleansing breath
here. Inhale. Exhale, lion’s breath, tongue
Then slowly – I’m brushing off the ants here.
None of them bit me on this shoot but they
were all over my mat. Right leg out, left
leg in, we come into another twist. We can
hook the right elbow around the left knee
or we can bring the outer edge of the right
elbow to the outer edge of that left knee.
So you have two options there. We find length
in the spine. Notice how my right foot is
still bright, pressing through that right
heel, top of the right thigh drawing down.
Inhale, I think up. Exhale, I journey into
the twist.
And then releasing into Paschimottanasana.
Nice forward fold here. Just allow the hands
to rest wherever they do, on the ankles, on
the shins. If you can grab your feet, great,
but if you can’t, who cares? Just find a little
release there on the lower back and then bringing
the right knee up, making sure that left leg
is bright.
Finding my twist on the other side. Either
cradling the knee with my elbow there or finding
a bind. Notice pressing into the left heel.
Take a nice full breath in and on the exhale,
melt it back to center again. Reach it up
and over. Forward fold.
And then slowly, we’ll come to a little rock
and roll. Rock forward, rock back, find a
little momentum. Massage the spine. Don’t
take things so seriously here so if you’ve
been sweating like I certainly was, begin
to let it go.
Extend both legs out long and then come into
a Texas-T with the arms, and we’re going to
rock a little back-and-forth. Finding a little
movement from left to right. We can straighten
the legs. I’m smiling here. It feels good
on my lower back. Breathing deep into the
belly. You can do anything else you like here
before you come into Shavasana. Just finding
a little self-expression, a little natural
movement as we come very organically into
our final and most precious posture, Shavasana.
Take a deep breath in and on your exhale,
relax the weight of the body completely and
fully into the mat. Great job, everybody.
Nice work.
Okey doke. So that was our yoga for detox
and yoga to make you sweat. You can do this
several times a week. If you like the video,
favorite the video, then you’ll be able to
return to it a little more easily.
If you have any questions or comments about
any particular pose or transition, let me
know. Let’s talk about it. Let’s make sure
that we connect on the things that are either
troubling you or confusing you or causing
you fussiness in the body. We don’t want that.
No pain, alright? ‘No pain, no gain’ is not
something I subscribe to here.
So find what feels good. Let me know how it
goes and we’ll see you next time. Namaste.

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  1. I am in The Texas Hill Country and it is a gorgeous day in March about 70F, decided to join you outside and as I am practicing the deer feeder went off and was joined by a herd as well as the Turkeys coming in!
    Great Day to be outside here too!!

  2. I've done this sequence before but had to comment again! This was the perfect finish to an indulgent long weekend that included wineries and lots of wine tastings… feel good for having such a social, fun weekend but this felt like a great way to top it off (and maybe give the liver a bit of a rinse!!!). Thanks Adriene! Xo