Lose Weight In Arms For Women

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– Hey everybody, this is
Randy Santel, Atlas and
this video was filmed on Monday, March 16.
We just finished up week number nine
of my 12 weeks explication 2020.
So we’re three fourths of the way through.
We’ve got just three weeks to go,
plenty of time to make some progress.
I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently
from people wondering my
thoughts on weight loss plateaus,
and I know you will miss
my bowling references.
So today I’m gonna be using the concepts
of bowling averages, and the
law of diminishing returns
to help you all understand
the nature of weight loss plateaus.
Let’s say that I am a
100 point average bowler,
and I wanna get my average
score up to 150 points per game.
So I go to a coach who
teaches me the right knowledge
and skills that I need
to throw more strikes
and spares consistently.
So I can start throwing
more 150 point games.
Initially is I started out
throwing 150 point games,
my average score is going
to increase significantly
from game to game.
That is as I keep on
throwing 150 point games,
my rate of progress is going
to continually decrease.
Eventually, as you keep
on going 150 point scores,
your average is going
to get so close to 150,
that as you throw more, there’s gonna
be no real significant
increase in your average.
And that Ladies and
gentlemen, is a plateau.
Now let’s relate all that
to a weight loss plateau
for somebody who’s trying to lose weight.
Let’s say a person lost
300 pounds and wants
to eventually get down to
weighing just 200 pounds.
In order for that person to lose weight,
he or she is gonna need
to adapt the thoughts
and actions through their
nutrition and exercise habits
to that a person at a lighter weight but
with a similar body type,
composition and genetics.
It would be absolutely
crazy for that person
to start mimicking the
nutrition and exercise habits
to be that of a 200 pound person.
So let’s say that he or she decides
that when before you
begin and start aiming
at weighing just 260 pounds.
If that person is stays committed,
he or she will experience
significant results early on.
But as time continues, and
he or she keeps aiming at 260 pounds,
the rate of results for that person
will continually decrease.
Situation big could happen as well,
where the person thinks
they’re aiming at 260 pounds,
but really they’re aiming at 208.
Either way, based on where
they’re actually aiming,
they will eventually get to a point
where they don’t really
see significant results,
however, they track their progress.
And that ladies and gentlemen
of the jury, is a plateau.
Keep in mind that this applies
to an extended period of time,
not just one week where you
didn’t like what the scale says.
If you feel you’re on a plateau now
or you encounter a plateau during
your future weight loss journey.
Think about all the concepts we’ve talked
about in this video so far,
and use it to determine
how you will move forward
to blast through your plateau.
To improve your bowling score,
you must improve your level
of knowledge and skills
to have a more consistent motion
that achieves more strikes
and spares each game.
Which translates to a higher average.
For you, for me, for anybody
else on a weight loss journey,
in order to blast through
a weight loss plateau,
we must somehow increase our
level of knowledge and skills.
And really some of us just need
to work on our level of commitment.
We must do something that allows us
to throw more strikes and
spares consistently each week
and month based on our weight loss goals.
As far as how or where you can turn to
to improve your own level
of knowledge and skills.
There is definitely no
one size fits all answer.
There are literally millions
of potentially helpful options available.
And helping you all
figure that out yourself
is one of the many reasons
that I’m becoming a registered dietician.
First things first, I wanted
to discuss this simple concept.
I’ll expand upon it in the future.
All right, everybody is time to talk
about our week number nine,
when we’re in our last four
weeks of certification 2020
so I’m getting my body ready
for the upcoming food challenge tour.
And why did we talk about
plateau in this video?
Well I’ll tell you, it’s
because I had a stagnant week,
no results I didn’t gain or lose.
So I didn’t lose on the scale
but I still am really happy
with how the week went.
Because I have three really
great long bike rides,
two, three hour bike rides,
and one, two and a half hour bike ride.
And all three of those went really well.
But let’s check out the calendar.
I actually spent all of
week number nine back home
in St. Peter’s Missouri,
seeing mom and dad, my family
before I head on tour a few weeks
because I have my van I was able
to take my bike Stacyc home with me,
but I didn’t have the gym membership
that I have here in Springfield.
Back home I just have the
Planet Fitness membership.
And of course I wasn’t
able to do as much lifting
but still got my rides and got
that three hour ride on Wednesday,
two and a half hours on Friday,
and then three hours on Sunday.
I went home earlier than planned on Monday
because on Tuesday, I spent
all day in the hospital
with my sister.
It was pretty much of a sister
day, everything went great.
She had a bunch of tests done.
We’re really happy with
how everything went,
but didn’t really get any exercise in
and had extra calories just
’cause there were some
good meals available.
So had a open frame day on Tuesday,
started off with a
strike though on Monday.
So for a total for the
week, I threw five strikes,
had one open frame, and then one spare,
I got some good stretching
and was really happy
with that the other day,
and I’ll be doing more
stretching moving forward
to help with all this biking and stuff.
But I stepped on the
scale on Monday or today.
And it was right at 321.3 pounds,
which was the exact same as last week.
So while I didn’t have any progress
as far as a decrease on the scale,
I’m still happy with the
weight because I didn’t go up
and I had those three great rides
which will really help prepare
my body moving forward.
We still have three weeks
to go as I get ready
for all the upcoming
food challenge travels.
So still in 52.6 pounds loss
for the nine weeks so far,
three weeks to go.
Thank you guys all for
watching this video.
We’ve got just three videos left.
For the final one being my last weighting
and then my blood test results.
So let me know down in the comments
what you’d like me to talk about
in the last two informational video.
Thank you guys all for your support
until my next video this is Randy Santel
Atlas helping you guys always, always,
always win before you begin.
Thanks for watching.
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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! 3 weeks to go and therefore 3 videos remaining in Sexification 2020. I hope everyone finds this explanation simple and easy to understand about weight loss plateaus, and let me know if there are any questions. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe with everything going on at the moment. We still have a few more weeks of videos already filmed from 2019 and my sister and I's January trip to Italy, and I hope you all enjoy them!!

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