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Okay! Hey, what’s up, hello everyone welcome back to another episode of Simply Podlogical.
A Simply Nailogical podcast. I’m Ben.
And it’s Taco Tuesday! Also, I’m Cristine. Yes.
Yeah, and Cristine you look very nice today.
Have you been working out?
[*Cristine snorts*]
Why yes, Ben. (Ben: How was that?)
(Ben: Have you? Yeah?) Thanks for asking.
So that’s what we’re talking about today.
We- We’re gonna talk about working out, fitness, going to the gym…
And your health. Your doctor called.
He said listen to this podcast now– I’m just kidding.
We are not medical professionals.
Actually disclaimer! (Ben: You’re not doctor simply?)
No, we are not doctors, nor professionals nor experts, or licensed people in the field of your health.
Ben: I kind of wanted to get a PhD just so I could call myself “Doctor” (Cristine: A doctor?)
(Cristine: Yeah.) Ben: Doctor Mazowita.
Cristine: No, sorry. (Ben: Yeah.)
Ben: And then just give unsolicited medical advice to people, you know.
Yeah, that’s not how that works. [*They crack up*]
Ben: No? (Cristine: Nope.)
Okay, so we’re gonna talk about working out, we’re gonna talk a little bit about ourselves…
…but we’re also I think mostly gonna take questions from you guys.
Cause, Cristine asked on Twitter Instagram Facebook all those places.
Just your guys questions about working out, motivation, body image issues…
Things like that. So let’s see how this goes.
Cristine: Y’all have lots of questions. (Ben: Hmm.) So I guess the first thing we should cover maybe is
Ben: So I guess the first thing we should cover maybe is, uhh.
Ben: Our, I guess our own histories of working out?
Ben: Is it safe to assume– (Cristine: And health.)
Cristine: Not just working out, but mostly just your health. Yeah.
Well, we’re talking physical health, not–. Sure. Yes. Good point. I guess let’s just cover that
Sure. Yes. Good point. I guess let’s just cover that.
This podcast is mostly about your physical health.
Yes, your physical health can contribute to your mental health
But we’re just mostly keeping the focus on the physical physiological side
Ben: Mmhm. (Cristine: Mmhm.)
So is it safe for me to assume that you weren’t the most athletic person growing up? Yes. Yes. Yes
Yes. (Ben, chuckling: Yes?) Yes. Uhm…
(Ben: You didn’t play sports in high school?) I never played sports…
I was completely unathletic– Simply not athletic, actually.
Uhh, failed at soccer in grade 8 it was just awful. (Ben: You failed?)
Yeah. I like couldn’t even kick the ball I just kept tripping over myself.
And no one wanted me on their team for volleyball or dodgeball and– (Ben: Awww… that’s…)
So I was never an athletic person growing up. Uh I did do dance though. (Ben: Okay.) As a young teen.
But I wasn’t really, like that good. [*Laughs uncomfortably*]
You’re a good dancer!
Cristine: I mean I did it recreationally. I didn’t do competitive dance, ahh…
But I did it for several years in ahh…
Like the equivalent to grade 7 to grade twe– 10? Maybe? (Ben: Hm.)
So for a few years. Aaand– But I never played sports.
Uhmm, One point in my life I did pole dancing?
[*Ben laughs*]
Cristine: It’s– Ben! It’s not what you think! (Ben: That’s a story, right?)
No, it’s not a story.
It was called pole fitness actually and it was incredibly difficult and requires so much upper-body strength.
And I think it’s a really cool skill to have honestly. It’s not just like sexy dancing on a pole fo’ men! Okay?
It was a lot of like using your– your– your body weight to do pretty impressive exercises basically?
Like putting yourself upside down, pushing your body upwards. Uhm…
Just using a pole like a regular one.
I thought it was a pretty interesting thing to do.
I did that for a couple years and…
(Ben: Okay.) Then I quit. I retired from pole dancing
[*They chuckle*]
Okay, so prior to the last couple of years, when we’ve gotten a little bit more into fitness, (Cristine: Mmhm.)
Your history of athletics is dancing and exotic dancing.
Not exotic dancing! Pole fitness! Okay?! I’m being cheeky
No, I’m– I’m being cheeky.
I’m aware that a lot of women and maybe men?
(Ben: Work out…) Yeah, yeah, there’s a few. Men are actually really good at it cause upper body strength is key so.
Were there any men in your class?
I don’t think so. Not– Not where I was at the time.
You’d be a little suspicious, right. For their motivations for being there, maybe.
No, Ben. [*They laugh*] (Ben: No?)
But just overall, I’m not an athletic person I haven’t been into working out my whole life. Most of it, I’ve not.
Most of my life. I haven’t been working out actually.
Better to put it that way. So what about you, Ben?
So I was… I’m–
I was, like, never really a good athlete or anything like that. But I played sports in high school.
(Cristine:What kind of sports?)
I was like– I was really into volleyball for a while. Although I couldn’t jump so I was never very good.
At like attacking, spiking. I was a setter or I would play libero.
Which means you basically stay in the back row and pass the ball.
(Cristine: Uh-huh.) I also was more into like racquet sports.
I mean like I played rugby for about like five minutes before I realized I didn’t want brain damage.
So I think I stuck more to uh… Like– (Cristine: Smart.)
Non-contact sports like racquet sports. Like I was really into tennis and badminton and things like that.
Not that I was good, but it was just something that kind of kept me active.
I’ve been for as long as I can remember, I’ve been
overweight or a little on the heavy side, let’s say.
Even back in high school when I was active. But I feel like because I was
Active and playing sports and stuff. It kind of kept that under control.
And then working the job to actually is a strange kind of tie-in.
when I was working at the grocery store for those two years of high school.
When you were a milk boy?
When I was the milk boy.
And I was carrying those big heavy crates of milk and being on my feet for six hours.
I didn’t ever looked at that as exercise. (Cristine: Mmhm.)
But I– I realize in retrospect that was keeping me active because as soon as I stopped it,
I realized that was something I wasn’t doing anymore that was burning a lot of calories and it would let me
You know if I wasn’t eating well
You can make up for it by sort of just doing a lot of things playing sports working jobs. (Cristine: Right.)
so I feel like as soon as I finished high school and went to university
I got
You know, people joke about like the freshman 15
I got like the freshman 50 or more.
I would say right like there was a point in– In undergrad where I was like
I think it’s fair to say like
dangerously overweight like at one point I weighed like
270 pounds I think like–
And just for the record how tall are you?
So I’m like, just under 6 feet, let’s say. (Cristine: Okay.)
So yeah, I was pretty unhealthy.
Did a doctor tell you that at the time like is that something that…?
Well yeah, well it kind of, scared me straight, I guess is…
I did at one point go to a doctor and he said like hey
you’re a young guy and like
You have like early signs of developing health conditions if you continue to be this heavy right.
(Cristine: And how old were you?) So that sorta scared me.
I must have been
Towards like the– Maybe the third year of undergrad. So how old are you 21? 22?
So when you’re in your young 20’s you were very overweight.
Yeah. So I remember at that time just
Starting to eat better.
Or maybe more importantly eat less. And just get a little bit of like exercise mostly just like walking.
Honestly is all I did at that point.
Got me– Brought me down to a little bit more of a healthier weight and uhh…
Now at this point for the last, what two? Three years?
Or maybe since you’ve been making YouTube videos
I feel like we’ve both been a little bit more active a little bit more willing to go to the gym
Or at least I– I started going with a buddy to like, the YMCA and lifting weights at one point
Like five years ago back when we lived at the condo.
So I think I’ve been a healthier person for the last…
Five or six years probably.
Since you’re comfortable talking about this, what do you think led to your uhm…
The fact that you got to 270 pounds when you were so young.
Was it your inactivity or was it just overeating?
It was both for sure, but I think and we sort of noted at the top
it’s impossible to have a conversation about physical health without talking about mental health too. (Cristine: Mental health.)
I really agree with that because
I’ve talked about this before like I enjoyed high school. I was popular I really liked my life at that time
I feel like when I went to undergrad and as University progressed, I never really found my social circle
I wasn’t really the happiest person
I was kind of a loner I wasn’t leaving the house much,
and I would just kind of like stay home on the computer playing
Video games and eating shitty foods and not taking good care of myself.
And you sort– Of I think I fell into a bit of a cycle of
You know you eat bad food you gain weight.
Obviously, you’re not happy with how you look are happy with your life.
And then you almost, like, emotionally eat more
and that just leads to you being heavier and less happy with who you are.
So yeah, I think I was in a bad place and my poor mental health contributed to my poor physical health.
Cristine: It just made it worse. They kind of fed each other. (Ben: Yeah yeah.)
Absolutely, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this.
So in a way, you’re kind of a success story because you were
[*Ben laughs*]
Very overweight and over a few years. I mean this wasn’t a quick fix obviously and it never is.
Over a few years you’ve really changed your lifestyle habits.
Yeah, and I would say those were changing before I met you.
But I probably changed them even more drastically after I met you because I was pretty heavy when we first met I think.
But uhhh…
Yeah, I guess it was partly just worrying about the longer-term health consequences, but it’s easy– Like one year
I don’t want to say depressed. I’m not saying like I was clinically depressed or anything like that.
I was just an unhappy person and I think a lot of people
Cristine: In the early 20’s can relate. it’s very Commons for you common for people around that age to be dealing with mental health issues
It’s very commons for you– Common for people around that age to be dealing with mental health issues.
Not necessarily mental health conditions or like having a serious diagnosed thing
But just that is a hard time for a lot of people I think.
Well you’re trying to figure out who you are. So that comes with a host of identity crisis’s and
Potentially other mental health issues.
Yes. Sure. So it was this is gonna sound really dark but it was almost easy to just
Think like I don’t really care about myself so I don’t care if I’m unhealthy
I wasn’t worried about the long-term consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle
so I think it was only as I
My life sort of turned around and I started becoming a happier person especially around the time
I met you that I realized or it became much more important to me to take care of myself
To live a long happy healthy. Laughs yeah
Yeah, anyway that got more serious than I thought it would right off the bat
But I think it’s important and I think most people listening probably don’t know that about you. Yeah, sure
It’s not really something you go around telling people, right?
No, but I I think it’s good that you’re willing to share that because that’s a story that a lot of
people on YouTube don’t necessarily have
Right, you’ve been in the position. Well, if they had it they would have like made a bunch of money on it
I guess true. I think a lot of you too. Like there’s certain big youtubers who used to sure. Sorry
I didn’t mean it that way but I just mean people see you now and they just have no idea that you used to be
270 pounds and were clinically obese
Technically, right? Yeah, so people don’t pay attention to your BMI scores
Sure, just like if a doctor were to look at your health at that time
And you were in had other health conditions as a result of that, right?
Like it just wasn’t good for you in the long run
I think people looking at you today are just might be kind of surprised that that was the case for you 10 years ago
So I think it’s it’s a good thing to share that I can see you now and you look good boy. Oh, thank you
although I deny can’t I have a really
It’s hard, right because I recognize I’m a lot smaller than I once was but your self-concept
I feel it never totally comes back
like I still think of myself as a fat person most of the time and like I can I could lose some weight still I
Would be healthier if I lost another like 10 20 pounds, but that’s not healthier. That’s just more fit looking
Right. Yeah
but like there’s a difference I
Can approach this from a very like rationale like scientific perspective of like I think my body fat
Percentage maybe should be a few notches lower and it’s not as much about me thinking I have to look a certain way
But I just think an optimal health range might be a little bit lower than where I am now
I feel like I have a healthy attitude towards it at this point. Yeah, but I guess it’s just hard for me to see
like when I see like I
Guess I we see ourselves in videos and in pictures and stuff on social media, but just day to day
I I don’t have a good reference or in my mind
I have a lot of confusion about whether I think of myself as like a big person or not, I guess
Ya know that’s an interesting
Struggle. Yeah, because you spent many years just identifying as a larger person and now you are a very
Well, I mean, that’s how you saw your self-concept
Sad like your identity was that was part of your identity
Yeah, it’s just yeah, I just like that phrasing like walking up to hello. My name’s Ben identify as a large
Okay, so let’s flip up maybe go to a more positive point in the last I guess to so what changed
Well, yeah. No, I think eating better was the most important thing I should say and if there is someone out there listening
I’m sure we’ll get to a lot of these sort of questions about how to get healthier but
Changing the diet eating less and eating healthier was much more important than the Activity part
I would say because it’s it’s a really simple equation right calories in calories out if you want to lose weight, it’s not
Yeah can be complicated and difficult, but it’s actually not that complicated when you look at it that way right the science
The applied science of it is not complicated. It’s pretty straightforward. But the actual following of the prescribed
art, oh, there’s a ton of
Emotional and psychological baggage that has a loving yeah for a lot of people and just being addicted to food. I mean
Maybe this is a strange thing to say like I’ve never been addicted to substances. I don’t think but I
Always wonder like do you never really know how other people?
Experience things like the sort of dopamine hit I get when I eat a cheeseburger
And it makes me feel great and happy in that moment just to get satiated with that salty snack
I wonder to what I wonder how much variation there is and how other people experience a cheeseburger or
Narcotics. No I’m talking
I’m trying to make the comparison that I think some people are addicted to food and react
differently than others and
It’s also it’s kind of hard like as we’ve I think we eat healthier now than we did when we first met
mm-hmm, and I think it took a while to
Know be satisfied not eating like unhealthy foods, you know
Like you you kind of crave like fast food or gelato or whatever it is you eat. That’s unhealthy
It takes a while to like retrain your brain
to be satiated
by healthier foods
So do we want and I know there’s questions about food and what we eat in a day later
But do we want to just get into what we actually do now for exercise sure. They are so from a workout perspective
We started working out together. I think a couple years ago. So that’s kind of how it started
We started doing partner training at a little
Boutique gym, so I’m here. Maybe I’ll start because I started a little bit before that. Okay people often ask me
Like, how did you become?
gym rat when he used to be a sock like
yes, so I
Just like three years ago just decided. I was unhappy
Mostly because I in general or no with not with you. I just
Felt like I was weak and I wish that I was as strong as I used to be
Back in the day when I kind of took it for granted like I’d never really formally exercised and worked out
Yeah, I did dance and pull fitness, but that was kind of for fun. It didn’t like you said earlier
I didn’t really think about it as exercise and I was just always like a fine enough shape
I don’t know according to my own standards. I was like whatever I’m fine
And then as I got older it is true kids
My body just wasn’t as good
Metabolizing or and it’s not even about like the weight. I was carrying because I have never been
Obese according to like a doctor. So I’ve never actually been in in an unhealthy range
I’ve been a little bit bigger and a little bit smaller than maybe my natural setpoint
but I
Never really worked out before and I just felt weak and tired of just feeling like a sack of potatoes
Even though yeah, I wasn’t that big. I just felt like I was weak and I had trouble like walking up stairs
My knees were hurting my lower back was hurting the desk job didn’t help with that and I just wanted to make a change
So one day like three years ago, I think now I just decided to start
yoga and
Corinne from thread banger
She a pretty big influence on that
She I used to think yoga was like I don’t want to do this lame-ass shit
Do you think it was like more like hippy spirit? Yes stuff
So and I understand some people find a value in that and that’s great
I personally did not so I did a lot of the strength based
Yoga stuff and I just did it by myself in this room actually before this room was a podcast room
It was just like a home gym with not that much equipment just like a couple small things
I had a yoga mat and we put a TV in here and I just started watching
TV yoga like from Brandon places whether it was YouTube or this like a low
Moves program that I signed up for cuz they gave me a free trial in my email from buying their leggings
I remember I joined you a few times. I need to try yoga with me
so it was like strength-based core yoga try and like hold a plank and like kick your knee up a million times bodyweight squats and
Eventually through that I felt a bit more comfortable. I felt a little stronger
I was doing all of this in the comfort of my own home because at the time hell no
You would not catch me at a gym with other people who could possibly potentially look at me
Even though I’m now like they don’t give a shit
But at the time and I completely understand a lot of your questions are related to that
yeah, there was no way in hell I was gonna leave my house to work out in front of other people so slowly after feeling
A little bit more confident from doing yoga just on my own. I did it every other day
Ben and I looked for a
partner training session at a gym and
Just so we could get some idea of like what the hell do we do?
And we thought it would be fun if we did it together
Yeah, so it was mostly for your benefit to be honest. I had made you do it so it’s not
Really dragged Ben into into training. I guess what I’m saying is I had his some experience weightlifting with a buddy of mine
Previous to that so I kind of knew my way around the gym
But you didn’t really want to go I didn’t really want to go but I guess what I’m trying to say is I knew you
Weren’t gonna walk into a gym alone even though you worked out for me
Yes, I was too nervous. So I went with you
I really I recognized there is a benefit for me, too
And it was kind of more circuit style training which in retrospect. I didn’t like and wasn’t great
I don’t even know if we should have kind of done that sort of workout
But it did I think introduce you to some of the fundamentals of lifting weights
I’ve never lifted weights before I never held a dumbbell honestly, I mean like maybe once in my life
But never lifted a dumbbell above my head. I didn’t even understand a lot of those movements sure
so Ben came with me to a gym and we hired a trainer to show us and
Eventually, we graduated from this this like circuit style training and then we joined a different much bigger
yeah, we basically realized we didn’t want to keep going in that small gym where we basically have to do personal training or else we
Couldn’t really work out there. We wanted to go to a bigger gym that we could just go to at our convenience
even if we wanted to continue personal training and we did and we continued to do it’s also a gym we can just go to
So right now for the past year, we’ve been working out at a large chain gym in Ottawa
And both Ben and I do get personal training sessions still there. Yeah, not all the time. Not all the time assistant Lee
But yeah, not every time we go to the gym are we working with a trainer? Yeah, and I’ll just say on that note
I don’t think it’s necessary that you have a personal trainer to get fit or get healthy
You absolutely do not need one. There’s ton of act
You just want to stay at home and figure out yoga on your own totally do it
I did it but I was just looking I had this curiosity for weight lifting just because I see a lot of people on Instagram
Do it a lot of women and I’m just like admiring how strong they look and I just thought like that
It looks like a really fun challenge and I’m actually really interested in it
Because I was worried about my lower back and my knees and I do have some of those limitations I have flat feet
And it’s caused problems in my back
I decided it was safest and best for me. And yes
I have the luxury of being able to afford paying for personal training
so I hired a trainer to help me navigate through my
Particular knee issues and learn the heavyweights at the same time
So can afford a personal trainer at least
to get some
introductory sessions to learn
some proper form and even just like things like warming up before a routine is something you might not know to do if you never
Like when I said like I used to go with a buddy to the gym
We were just kind of trying to teach ourselves based on looking at videos on YouTube and things like that
And I was benching incorrectly for years and it messed up my shoulder to the point where I think that is
Why now?
I have I have to warm up my shoulder for like 20 minutes before I bench now
And there’s still some mobility and range of motion
issues there so yeah if you can afford to
You can do some personal training or some sessions just to sort of learn how to do things a little bit properly
If you’re interested specifically in weightlifting – I think there is more of a benefit in hiring a trainer
Even if it’s just a few sessions or if maybe you can split it with someone if you do partner training
because then you can like get as much knowledge as you can from an expert and then maybe go off on your own but I
Found it really helpful to have someone
Just show me and tell me what I’m doing is wrong and you make a good point
Like that’s if you want to do wait
Wait later feel like you’d get a benefit from but there’s so many other exercises bodyweight exercises you could do at home
Presumably quite safely without needing an expert Yoga is a really good example because like I kind of thought it was silly frou-frou
but it was
Is much harder than I think
It’s yoga. I did strength and conditioning there our routines where it’s mostly about like breathing patterns and stuff like that. I understand that
Mantra, I guess but yeah, if you’re doing ones like you were doing there’s a lot of core strength
exercises and honestly, even like little things that sound easy that you might not realize like
getting up
And you get up off the floor from sitting on your butt no from laying down lay down flat. Oh, yeah so late
Yeah, lie down on your back and try standing up without using your arms or hands go. Try it right now everyone listening
It’s harder than you would think especially if you haven’t been working out the weight and there’s a few levels, right?
So you can try and do it and cross your legs and get up that’s a bit easier and then try and do it without
Crossing your legs keeping your legs and your body flat on the ground and get up that is really hard
Yeah, so it’s it’s a good point because you can get free yoga lessons on YouTube
It’s free to go outside and go for a walk
Like you don’t have to be paying for personal training at a gym exercise is free technically. Yeah
And when I was really overweight, yeah, it was mostly just walking and eating better that got there
So I feel like a lot of people might use this as an excuse actually like I want to get healthy
But it’s not a figure I got to go to the gym. I got to figure that out. There’s a lot to do
It’s complicated
It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’re making it seem you can do stuff at home without anyone watching you
I totally understand that. There’s so much content online you could do. All right
I feel like we’ve preemptively answered probably like a lot of the questions in front of us. So
Let’s shift to some of those audience questions
Sylar you good, bro. He’s doing a workout. He’s very active right now on the table
Just drooled all over the table sweating then he’s his heart rate is up
All right from Twitter Steffi Fifi. When did you decide that you need to start being healthier and working out?
How hard was it to incorporate it into a routine?
So, I guess I kind of answered this that around three years ago
I kind of woke up one day and just decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired
yeah, I just felt tired all the time and
I didn’t feel strong. I felt weak and it wasn’t really about my weight
Although yeah, I guess I was a few pounds more than a few pounds heavier than I have now
But it it wasn’t because of external factors really for me
I just felt like I was getting old and I was having trouble getting up out of bed and like simple things like bending down
To pick something up or tying my shoes or walking down the stairs and a fire alarm at work. I
was getting more exhausted than I should be for a
28 year old woman at the time like that just did not make sense
So how hard was it or how long did it take though from getting from that point where you decided you want to do it?
In two hours, like now you go to the gym like four times a week. You’re right. I think this is a good
Lesson and take your time and it’s not gonna happen overnight
Because you guys may see now that we’re snapping that we’re doing like crazy heavy difficult crazy looking things at the gym
But that didn’t happen the day I decided that I wanted to start working out. I slowly started researching
Workouts. I researched it for way too long before I actually started doing anything was because I was just like curious and observing then I
Decided to just try yoga in this room one day by myself
I don’t think I even told you because I was kind of like embarrassed to like tell you that I wanted to work out
I don’t know so I did it and
It was hard and I was sweating and when you do workout alone
It’s a different experience than working out in a classroom setting because you really have to
Discipline and push yourself to actually do it because it was really easy for me to be like now
I’m just gonna go on the couch which is literally downstairs. So if going to a class is something that will motivate you more
Then that’s an option too. And I encourage people to do that. I’m less of a class person
Honestly that has to do with being a youtuber. I’m just nervous
that there might be people in the class who just know who I am and that makes me
Uncomfortable what I’m trying to work out, so that’s why I’ve become more of a solo workout person
But I absolutely see the value of classes. I used to do classes back in University
Body weight classes and
Pole fitness was always in a class setting dance was basically a class. So I think classes are really good
to help motivate you
Keep you like your spirits high for that hour-long session
And that’s a good way to get started to just throw yourself into a class
Yeah, if not a class going with somebody at least really helps keep
Yeah, I see a ton of that at the gym we go to like earlier this morning
We were at the gym and there was two young women
Maybe like I don’t know 16 years old 18 years old and they were like following something on their phone together
Then that they just look like two friends trying to follow a circuit and I just thought it was really like cool
It’s just awesome. I don’t notice other women at the gym
I only noticed you
Sure, but it’s just I smile when I see that cuz I’m like that is so cool
These two young girls like going together and you know figuring it out. It’s inspiring
Yeah, and I’m like a 31 year old lady inspired by these 18 year old girls
your routine has changed over times how often you’re going what you’re doing and
Yeah, you got to figure out what works for you. And also just more fundamentally what kind of exercise works for you, right?
Because the best exercise for you is the one you’re actually going to do. That’s that’s not your a lot
But that’s there’s a lot of truth to that and I’ve changed my interests in exercising over time
Right, so I went from dance class to pull fitness to nothing
My activity to yoga, which I really enjoyed for a good year and then I’ve just kind of changed my interest to
Like that is the most shocking turn of events in my life
That I could not have imagined, you know
Pretty heavy weight at this point. It’s a very impressive. Thanks. All right next question
Lately, I’ve been working out more but sometimes I don’t feel comfortable
Exercising at our University gym, because I don’t feel as strong or as leduc as athletic as the other people there
Have you ever experienced this and how do you overcome this insecurity? If so, I
Mean I from my perspective
I think I understand that insecurity and I’ve been the guy going to a gym who didn’t totally know what he was doing
I went with a friend so we were kind of in it together
But I’d also say now having been in gyms for a few years
I really think it’s mostly in your head
like I’m not gonna tell you there will never be someone who
Maybe looks at someone who’s overweight and Snickers that probably happens and that’s a bummer and that sucks
But for the most part people are in there focusing on their own shit
Yeah, and if if I see a heavier person working out that’s kind of inspiring. I’m like thinking good for you
I think most people have that perspective now and you’ll you’ll find threads on like reddit like
Motivated and like trying to convince people to work out and I think that’s the general sentiment you hear the other people in the gym
Are they’re doing their own thing? They’re not thinking about you
Like it’sit’s a little narcissistic to going into a gym thinking everyone’s got to be thinking about you and how you’re not doing things
Right, people are all kind of doing their own thing. I will add because she’s saying specifically
University gym
So I think that’s a different age group and range than what were used to at the gym where there’s like some senior citizens
So I can kind of relate to that when I was in university
I did go to the gym and I did feel like at that time and maybe there part of it was in my head
But maybe part of it was just true that some younger people are more likely to look at others and judge people. So that is
That is a struggle and I remember trying to pick like the safest corner of the gym or something where like when I bent over
No one was directly behind me and I would do little things and accommodate myself so that I would feel more comfortable
So I think that that’s important too
maybe there’s classes that you can go in into which are honestly mostly women if
Your issue is that you don’t want like guys
Seeing you a lot of class of the fitness classes are often women so you can kind of avoid the jimbros
if that’s what you want to avoid, but I think the key is just carving out your own space and
Working out where you feel comfortable
Yeah, yeah
All right. Next question. How did you transform from a sock to a weight lifter? I mean there are people there. Ooh
from a sock
Yeah, like you’ve talked about it people are aware you’re pretty this is your social
I saw this comment and I was like, you’re right. There are people there you
Like I hate people
Here’s think I don’t go to the gym to talk to people
Right like I don’t talk to anyone except Ben, really?
So I don’t really see it as a group activity because I’m not in a group activity. I’m always doing my solo thing usually
but I
Recognize that it’s probably crazy for a lot of you guys who’ve watched my videos for five years now
Thinking back to my old content of me probably
joking about not wanting to leave the couch and it was
The joke cuz it was true and like just eating chocolate bars all the time – now I wait lift
and it’s been about a year since I’ve been doing this and it’s been really fun and I
I don’t really know what to tell you about how I did it
but if it goes to show anything, it’s that clearly anything can happen no matter how
Lazy, you might think you are because I was an incredibly lazy person who didn’t really ever want to just work out like working out
For work out like that’s not fun. What’s the point of that?
Like that’s honestly how I looked at it and now I’ve found fun in weightlifting
That doesn’t mean that weightlifting is fun for everyone like you were saying earlier there might be different sports or activities or types of fitness
That some people like more than others some people love Zumba which is like a type of dance. Mm-hmm
Maybe yoga maybe pull Fitness maybe sports just traditional sorts, maybe CrossFit some people like CrossFit
I’m sorry, just so I understand I guess is your answer that because you realized you liked it
you’re like of doing it outweighed the
negative feeling of being around other people
Yeah, I guess yeah, you’re right. I eventually got over
The fact that there was people in the gym other than me
but it took me a while to get there and I think that’s also
Important to know I spent a year by myself in this room doing yoga before I felt comfortable going to a smaller gym
with the trainer and
Just been so that should have been a very comfortable and if I never been relative to like a giant gym
which is what we are today it took time and I took baby steps and it’s been three years of baby steps and
switching things up just a little bit feel a little bit more comfortable and
eventually, like there was a time where I wouldn’t wear really tight pants and either because I was like
I need
Sweatbands and then I just realized that was incredibly impractical you can’t wear sweatpants when you’re going to do a lot of moves these jokes
About you being a sock and wearing your sweatpants all the time
I think it’s reasonable to think that partly has to do with your own
Self-concept and comfort with your body, right?
Yeah, I think it does but I also just really like the comfort of sweatpants wearing them at home right now
but I eventually even got over that in order to wear leggings which
Are just more practical honestly in the gym because you want to have the fabric close to you. It helps the sweat wick, you know
The biggest from my perspective the biggest change I’ve seen in you isn’t how strong you are and how fit you are
It’s there’s a level of confidence you have
about how you appear that I
Think is a very positive thing. It’s a wonder
I’m not sure people on YouTube who witnessed me on the weekends
Know that because it’s not like I have all the sudden started posting Instagram pictures where you can see my butt more or something
Or something that would be like confidence by proxy or show you that I’m more confident
I mean like you’ll snapchat us at the gym now. Yeah, you’re wearing leggings a year two three years ago
You never would have not shown that or shown yourself looking like that and it’s not about like flexing how hot I am now
I think people understand you’re not doing it in that way
but I really appreciate that you kind of have the
Confidence and are comfortable enough with yourself that you don’t mind if people are seeing a little bit more of what your body looks like
And that’s when I first started posting it it was like who?
Who the fuck am I like why I am NOT a fitness influencer
I don’t know like I’m not an expert, but I got a ton of
Positive feedback from you guys telling me that it was inspiring to see someone who wasn’t a fitness
influencer or had it it was part of their job or like they were monetizing this in some way that like
That’s why they were doing it
who was working out because I just seemed I guess more like a regular person in terms of my
Body, and also just the rest of my life because working out isn’t my job. I’m not a fitness influencer
I just do this as like a health thing that I’ve I’ve come to love as a hobby and it’s not my job
So I think it’s a very different thing to see a bunch of fitness influencers who look so amazing
But they work out like eight days a week and they’re just like that’s their job
so it’s really hard to relate to that and to adopt what they do because it just looks like such a level of unattainable ‘ti
Like, how am I ever gonna get there?
But when I started hearing positive feedback people were like wow
Christine is working out in a gym and like what she’s just kind of a normal sock
so I thought that I guess I inspired some people and
There was a positive outcome of me sharing this so that’s why I’ve shared more that’s I’ve never thought of it that way
But yeah, I guess you’re presenting a much more attainable version or realistic
Preview of what someone maybe could expect who was in your position?
Just three or four years ago who yeah does make that sort of commitment now, it’s not something I’ve documented
I’m not coming out with a video of how I lost 20 pounds and gained 20 pounds of muscle or yeah
I don’t even know how much weight honestly like I haven’t weighed myself that much so I don’t know but I
Didn’t document to this process so I don’t have some
Video to share and I could monetize on that
but I just think it was an important influence that I didn’t realize I was giving but then
After people told me that it helps them
I thought maybe I’ll do more of this because I am kind of just like a normal person. Who’s
Incorporating working out into their very busy lives a lot of you guys listening. I know
Struggle with you work 9:00 to 5:00 or you go to school and how the hell are you gonna work out?
So I’m someone who’s very busy and working out. It’s not my job
Anything sorry to cut you off, but I think what you do post about working out and what you show people
I very much appreciate and respect that it’s not you face full of makeup trying to look as hot as possible or
Photoshopping don’t think I look like Ben I think you look great, sweetie
But I think a lot of people
post their gym pics just fishing for compliments and they’ll
Photoshop their pictures and it’s all about looking hot and I don’t think that’s the approach you take. No, I don’t really care
face looks like
Put my hair up in a cinnamon bun. Whatever. All right next question
As a woman I’ve always wanted to learn to bench and do weights
But I’ve been intimidated by all the jimbros. Are there a lot of jimbros out there? I’m just not aware of
I think you just don’t see them as jimbros. You just see them as
All right
So the complexity of the machines and also, I’m sure I can’t figure out how to adjust the machine
So any advice for how to start strength training as a woman?
Okay, I guess I’ll answer this one
Yeah, I don’t think I can yeah, this is a really good question because I felt the exact same way
I was curious and interested in strength training and
lifting those heavy weights that kind of looked fun and women who could do it look so powerful and
It is true at least like in the beginning when I walked into the gym
There’s just a bunch of guys by the racks. And at the time I was like, what are those racks?
They look like torture chambers. I have no idea. There’s like so many bars and things just I’m gonna hurt myself, right? So I
Totally get it and it’s kind of like it goes like this cuz this has happened to me before
You walk into the gym alone as a woman. You’re determined. You’re gonna do it today
You’ve got like a nap or you’ve got a plan. You’ve seen some videos. You know what you’re gonna do. Yeah
Okay, so you go to the scary looking torture chamber against the wall with bars and plates the squat rack. Yes. I’m just speaking in
Prisons and you’re walking over there
But then some guy walks in front of you and takes it you don’t say anything cuz you don’t want to be rude
Even though you were already kind of standing on the mat
He’s just being kind of a dick. So you walk away because you’re like, okay. I’m now I’m nervous
Maybe I’m gonna go use this machine. I’ve seen people use this leg looking machine
So then you try to put your you sit down on it, but then the bench isn’t the right height for you or something
So you have to try and adjust it, but you don’t know how to adjust it
so you just give up you’re like I I’m not using this machine and
You’re all flustered and you think someone’s looking at you weird because you look like you don’t know what you’re doing
So you go
I’m gonna go to the cardio machines and then you go to the treadmill and you start up and then you’re just so
Disappointed in yourself that you didn’t do what you came there to do
So you get off the ten the treadmill after ten minutes and you’re like, okay, I’m done. I’m going home and that is a
Just kind of a quick story anecdote that I’ve experienced and I feel like a lot of other women who set out to do something
Experience and it’s can be really depressing to
Go through that and feel like you don’t have enough confidence to go there and do what you want to do
And if I could give any advice I would say
Don’t let the jimbros discourage you
No one is looking at you thinking that you don’t know what you’re doing
there’s always gonna be someone who learned something for the first time and
Maybe it’s about taking smaller steps, right?
You don’t need to go in there and like balls to the wall and like try the hardest exercise
You’ve ever seen right?
It could just be like one machine that you’re trying to figure out and maybe you want to look up that particular
Machine on YouTube first if it helps you make more if it helps you feel more comfortable
Let’s watch someone do it a few times
I know we talked about training and that’s how we kind of learned just in the gym how to do it a trainer would show
Us the machine and I found that really helpful, but it’s also possible to look it up on YouTube and other resources
So I’ve I’ve been there as a woman and I know that it seems more intimidating
Especially when there’s guys who are just like so strong and look like they could crush you
but try not to let them stand in your way and
Definitely don’t let them tell you like what to do or push you aside
Cuz that’s also not good. If some guys kind of have the attitude like Oh, sweetie. You don’t know what you’re doing, you know?
What what makes someone a gym bro, by the way?
Maybe I’m not fully appreciating experience in a gym because I would like those jimbros
They started out not knowing what they were doing
and I’ve I’ve been in the gym where there’s a guy who clearly is very
Advanced and super muscular and maybe I’ll just start up a conversation or he’ll mention to me
Like hey, like I think you’re kind of doing that a little bit wrong
I don’t look at that as a guy is like oh my god
That’s insulting or he’s being demeaning to me. Like I think a lot of the time those guys are actually
Helpful and happy to help other people in the gym
I think you know what they’re doing and that’s possible – I think gym bro is probably a
Stereotype and the equivalent of man spreading but in the gym
He’s spreading or mansplaining both
Are spreading they’re spreading out. Yeah, and so the stereotype is kind of like they get in your way
They don’t care if they’re really loud or obnoxious or throwing shit everywhere
That’s the stereotype. I mean like it’s kind of unfair not all men in the gym are gym bros obviously
Ben: Am I a gym bro? I’m having an existential uh-
Cristine: No, you’re not
Ben: -crisis here
So I guess what we’re trying to say is that not all men in the gym are gym bros
There are some guys who are just like they’re just those normal people doing their workout. They’re probably not even looking at you
Okay. All right next question
Do you ever feel self-conscious about being a strong woman?
I know that there are a lot of men out there who think strong women are gross or less feminine.
I don’t know Ben, you think I’m gross with my muscles?
I think people are under estimating how much you would have to work out for a woman to
appear like so muscular that men would start to find that unattractive if you care about
How men feel about you physically if that’s even something you’re worried about. That shouldn’t- I mean, if that’s your motivation that’s your motivation
Right, but yeah, it’s I think a lot of women
It would be very difficult
Naturally to get like rock-hard abs and super giant shoulders that that’s not gonna just happen by accident
you’re doing a lot of
Your you’re consuming lots of protein powder and you’re in the gym all the time
And maybe you’re doing at least creatine. If not
Something more serious than that to be a woman who actually gets that bulky
I would say if that’s something you are concerned about.
Cristine: Yeah, I’ll say that
I’ve done a ton of upper body training like a year’s worth
Heavy volume heavy weights now and I mean, I don’t think I look gross
or less feminine
I’m fine. Like I mean it is true-
Ben: You have a body type that’s more naturally-
Cristine: I will say that that since weight training my upper body
Which was on purpose because I wanted to gain strength in my upper body too is yeah
My shoulders have actually gotten bigger and now it’s a little bit tighter in some of my hoodies
But I don’t see that as a bad thing. I don’t think I look more
Masculine I just think I look like a strong woman. Why is a strong woman masculine?
Well, I think there’s been a pretty big shift in our culture like when we were
When we were teenagers or like back in the 90s
The sort of fashion industry promoted this idea of like female beauty being like the stick thin frankly anorexic models
That’s what we saw in magazines.
Cristine: That was thinspo.
Ben: In retrospect like what a super harmful
Fucked up like thing right? I think
this idea that like the fit chick or like the Cross Fit girl being the attractive one with like who has a
Big ass and curves but is also like strong and looks fit
Like maybe there’s some, still some unrealistic expectations and that’s still a high standard to hold people to
Cristine: It is
But it’s so much better than this expectation that women have to be like stick figures.
Yeah, on the whole I think it was a positive shift.
That’s not to say there’s still some issues with unrealistic expectations on some of the fitness influencers, but
Okay. Next question. Has it been hard to start your fitness journey, how have you kept motivated?
I’ve been struggling to start and it’s just motivation that I’m struggling with.
You want to answer that for motivation?
I mean at the end of the day- I mean like, I got scared into working out for like health reasons
I think it’s gonna vary person to person what actually motivates you at the end of the day to
Get off the couch and start doing something
I think what’s important is that the best motivation is if it’s driven by you and not other people
Because if it’s driven by, I don’t know, maybe your family said something bad or the guy you have a crush on
Thinks you’d look better if you were thinner, like if you’re motivated by those external factors, it might work for a bit
But it’s not gonna last
Yeah, I would say the hardest- the hardest thing isn’t starting, it’s sticking with it, I think and
If I can offer I guess any sort of practical advice and it’s difficult to know really what to say here
It’s I think I recognize in myself some patterns that
Indicate to me that I might be falling off the rails a little so sticking with a routine is a super important thing
Or like having a schedule that you’re you commit to following and maybe you’re going with a friend and that keeps you more accountable
But so for like for me personally, I just know
In general in life. I
need to wake up by a certain time and just get out of the house just to sort of feel like I’m
Waking up and my day is starting and if I don’t do that
I can kind of fall into this routine where I’m a little bit more likely to just like lie in bed on my phone
For a while and not really do- get anything done, or maybe if I don’t leave the house
I just kind of feel groggy like I never really woke up that day. So I think you can recognize in yourself
some of the signs that are maybe
the opposite of motivating or the things that lead you to be a little bit more
or less likely to
Cristine: The pitfalls,
Ben: go to the gym
Cristine: the vulnerabilities.You have to identify them
Ben: The risk factors.
Cristine: The risk factors! Yeah, you got to mitigate those risks
Cristine: Preventative
Ben: Exactly
Next question. What are some good videos resources for people with no experience weight lifting to start learning?
And also, how do you start a new thing at the gym without feeling self-conscious?
So any good resources you could
Cristine: Yeah, I mean, I will say I watch a ton of Fitness YouTube
I think I mentioned this on the first podcast. I’ve just been really interested in it
And I really appreciate those who put a lot of research and science
Into their videos rather than just like “Here’s a random exercise that looks crazy and also I’m hot”
So I don’t really watch those channels
But I do value ones that seem to have some kind of background in like, the science of it
so I’ll just give a couple shoutouts because obviously I think you know just want to hear so Jeff Nippert is amazing for
kind of the science of
muscle growth
fat loss
Different techniques like bench pressing you want to learn why people benchpress a certain way? Watch his videos
Stephanie Buttermore who also happens to be Jeff’s partner
She’s really good from like a woman’s perspective for strength based goals
She does a lot of science-based stuff as well, and she’s currently doing her own new
kind of health journey about going all-in she calls it where
I think there’s like a more proper definition for how this community defines all-in but just for laypeople out there listening
I would describe it as she was once someone who was very restrictive with her dieting and
In effort to get very lean, right like Verve that very lean kind of fitness physique
And now she’s trying to undo maybe damages that that caused to her body by
Eating enough to fully satiate herself. Give get her nutrients and not tracking the
Calories in a way that like limits anything. She’s just doing what her body-
Ben: Just let yourself eat as much as you feel like eating, basically
Right, but up until the point when you reach full satiety
She doesn’t like overeat on purpose like some people would do when they’re quote-unquote bulking trying to gain muscle
But she’s just trying to correct
I guess her perceived harm says she’s caused her body so her body so I think it’s a really interesting
journey for people to follow
For those who’ve maybe struggled with eating disorders in the past. I think she’s kind of an inspiration without
You know coaching people on eating disorders. I just think she’s someone interesting to listen to and for those who are maybe
Overweight or unhappy with themselves. She’s kind of been a really positive influence on just
accepting that everyone has a different
Set point for their weight, right? As much as you want to work out or as skinny as you think you should be
Everyone’s body is gonna be different at a healthy point, right?
Ben: Mm-hmm
there’s some people who are just
Naturally really skinny and they might be just healthy and they’re like doing everything fine. And then there’s others who will be heavier
And that’s just their own natural body set point. There’s genetics. There’s just all these other things that come into play and I think that
Anyone, any woman really would benefit from listening to what she has to say.
Ben: Interesting
So there’s her
Natacha Oceane, I really like on YouTube. She’s like really skilled just like amazing to watch like basically. She’s an acrobatic. She’s amazing
Katie Crew on Instagram. She has really good videos. I’ll just give like a quick Instagram one.
Ben: Okay
So Katie Crew on Instagram
I really like her skills
Ben: But could I watch these people and like get workout routines from them?
Yes. Yeah, most of them they have full routines
but they also have usually videos or some kind of explanation of like the science
Behind why this or why this particular skill or like why weight training at all?
Like some of them have talked about hypertrophy or, in English, that’s muscle growth.
Ben: Yeah
So why, why that? Like why the benefits, why that over cardio? Which is a question
I would always used to wonder and so I went to some of these resources
I mean, I saw a lot of Fitness YouTube
But I’ve kind of decided
these are channels that I trust
and like to listen to.
Ben: It’s good that they explain that because I think a lot of people don’t think going in like
What exactly are your goals like just to get healthy? That’s not really a precise
Like do you want to build- do you want to be stronger? Do you want to build muscle?
Do you want to lose weight? All of those will take you down a different path of research
of what might work for you
Cristine: And I think it’s okay to not know. I didn’t know my goal
I’m like
I just want to get up out of bed and like not be in pain and like
also, like feel a little better in my step, you know, and eventually I was like
Okay, wait, my goal needs to be muscle growth. That’s what I want. So I learned that over time
Ben: Booty gains?
Yes, sure, but like muscles everywhere Ben
Ben: Not just there?
Cristine: Not just my butt.
Okay, next question
How do you keep your nail peelies from popping off at the gym Cristine?
Great question! I thought you’d never ask
Because they do pop off sometimes and then I save them and I take them home and I put the peely right back on
Ben: So it just happens sometimes, deal with it
Cristine: So, sometimes you know
you’re working out so hard you just pop a peely. It’s gonna happen. It’s okay
Don’t worry, but it just means you had a good workout
I mean, I have a video on how to prevent your peelies from popping off too early on HoloTaco
if you want to check that out. Seriously
Ben: Link down below?
Cristine: Link down below if that helps
Alright, next question
Well, I guess along the same lines
How do you lift weights with the nails you have? Is it ever, is it preventing you from doing things?
Generally speaking, no. And I get this question a lot people think it must be impossible to work out with long nails
When in reality a lot of trainers I see and influencers who are like Fitness people. They all have long nails too.
It’s fine. As long as you go slow and you’re careful
So all the dumbbells and like the bars that you see me holding
That’s totally fine because I’m just wrapping my hand around a bar
And as long as your your nails aren’t so long that they’re stabbing you
Stabbing your hand then it’s totally fine. The few things that I do avoid because of my nails are
changing cable attachments at the cable machine
so that’s those like weird machines that have a bunch of pulleys and things attached to them and
Sometimes there’s a different attachment for a different grip.
Ben: You don’t like unclipping-
Cristine: I don’t like unclipping the carabiner type thing
Ben: Yeah
Cristine: because that risks my nails. So I generally just don’t change the attachment
I just use whatever’s there
Ben: [laughing] Okay
Cristine: and I also refuse to do anything with a medicine ball
So those are those weighted balls like those spheres that you pick up and kind of throw on the ground
Yeah, I don’t like gripping those
Ben: It’s too much risk
I’ll never do kickboxing or anything with gloves or boxing
Ben: Yeah, you won’t be punching, punching the heavy bag any time soon
Cristine: I won’t be punching anyone
Yeah, you can do it. You can weight lift without breaking your nails.
Ben: Yeah, you can have both
How you- how do you deal with hand sores from lifting weights? Yeah, or do you just develop calluses or you deal with it?
so and
This is my first trainer kind of taught me this you you do want to develop a little bit of calluses and you will
Just kind of under your knuckles on your palms
If you’re dead lifting, you’re definitely gonna get ya even if you’re benching or just holding 20 pound dumbbells
You will develop a callus and you want a little bit of it
That you can take care of by kind of filing down just to make sure they don’t break or like start splitting
So I use a shitty emery board nail file to kind of maintain them and just help file them down and then when I lift
Very heavy weight from the floor like my body weight or higher. I will tape my hands with lifting tape
I don’t use gloves seen a lot of people ask me. Why don’t you just use gloves? I’ve tried it
I just think it interferes a lot with grip strength and then I don’t feel like I’m truly like gripping the bar properly cuz my
Maybe it’s because I have smaller hands. I’m not sure but it’s just just making my grip weaker to have gloves
So I don’t do that, but I will tape my hands to prevent
Skin from like completely peeling off when I’m lifting
My bodyweight and I’ll just quickly add sometimes when I’m lifting really heavy all I’ll use a little bit of liquid with shock to help
Help with the grip
The next question. Have you ever had a personal trainer?
And do you think one is necessary at a time where you could get quality info workouts for free online?
I mean, is it is it necessary? No, I don’t think so
Could it help you a lot and has it helped us? Yes, I
Will just say though I think because I definitely thought this way when I used to hear oh this person has a personal trainer
I used to roll my eyes and be like, oh my god, that’s such an elitist thing
only fancy people in LA have personal trainers
Because they come to their houses and like they only have 5 clients and they come every day to tell them what to do
Like Kim Kay and her home gym and her personal trainer. I
That’s honestly what I thought purse the only Avenue or space that personal training existed in until we looked it up
At our gyms and even our local changes all almost all offer personal training options at the gym
They are much more affordable than the types of personal trainers who go to LA celebrities homes
So let me just like differentiate that when I say we have a personal trainer
I don’t mean we have someone who comes over to our house and like yells at us and tells us what to do and
tells us everything to eat or
your surprise to people I think people know their change ins have I don’t
I think there’s tons of people because I was one of them just haven’t unless you go to the gym all the time
You have no idea that there’s personal trainers at the gym at your disposal
So some I looked it up yesterday because looking up. What are the major?
Gyms gym chains in LA or sorry in the states in the states
So there’s like Planet Fitness LA Fitness a few of those all of them have personal training
Programs that they offer they might not be good. But sure. I mean, I’m not speaking
It’s good, but it’s just all of them do so
but we should be careful like it’s clearly not affordable for a lot of people like
It’s often like what 50 dollars a session and a lot of places
Something around that range and that is a lot of money if you’re committing to doing it long term
I think what we said near the beginning this idea that
If you can afford to if there’s a promotion where you can get like a just a handful of them
Just to sort of establish a team
So you’re kind of splitting it because what you’re gonna get from that that you’re not getting from watching youtube videos
is someone giving you specific feedback on your performance they can watch you bench or squat or deadlift and tell you if
You have certain tendencies or if you’re doing things a little bit wrong
You’re not getting that feedback and for your own body type like I have knee issues
So I wouldn’t a youtube video can’t really tell me what to do properly
Yeah, but this is just really we’re thinking personal training if you’re trying to get into heavy weight lifting specifically
I don’t think you need a personal trainer if you want to try yoga
You don’t need a body like that
Watch out for personal yoga trainers. People are creeps. Does that exist?
There’s such a thing as personal trainer yoga. I think I was usually classes but I
Just I don’t trust yoga people. I saw it’s not a documentary about
Bikram Bikram yoga, I’m suspicious of yoga people know why was it like presenting it as a cult?
oh, you’re not aware that he was basically I mean he was like
Sexually harassing her assaulting his students
Okay, good. All right. That’s the next question
How do you put together cohesive workouts and how much you cardio versus way?
It’s you know, basically what what what do you do at the gym? Well, I think yeah
First of all, everyone is different and my my workout split isn’t necessarily gonna work for everyone
So I just want to say like I’m not an expert don’t just take my workout and think it’s appropriate. Um, I do
cardio and weights
I do a mix I do cardio because I use it as a stretch honestly after my weights like it
I just do slow incline
On just a treadmill I do it slow high incline for like 40 minutes. I watch a show and you know what?
That’s sorry to interrupt but like if you’re someone who doesn’t like cardio
This is actually the easiest something to try
Do do a treadmill on a like high at least ten percent incline doesn’t have to be fast
But just going for a walk at incline is a good cardio workout
If you don’t feel like running or an elliptical
Yeah and watch a show and make that a goal like you have to watch the entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s
Then we’d hate that Ben would quit work. Sure. That’s not it
So that’s kind of my cardio I don’t really do much else
I can’t run actually because of my knees high impact stuff is just not good for my 84 year old kneecaps
so I do cardio almost every time after my
Weightlifting session and then I also walk to work a few times a week
I’ll walk to and from work
Which is just another great way to add in some activity extra light do when you’re at the gym
You don’t do your cardio before typically you want to weight lift before you do the cardio if you’re really exerting yourself lifting weights
Yeah, you want to save all your energy to lift those heavy weights
So I just I do like five minutes of treadmill before a workout just to help stretch and get your blood flowing and everything
I’ll do like 10 to 15 minutes worth of just stretching warming up dynamic kind of moving around and then my
weight workout, I guess I I
usually have upper body days and then lower body days so you can recover from one or the other over the next few days and
on upper body days
I would do bench press which is I
Guess the orders you start with the hardest the most
Challenging and the heaviest and then you kind of work your way down to the easiest because you want to save most of your energy
For the beginning the hardest stuff to get through so I start with on upper body days bench press and then I might do some
Bent over rows with a the barbell thing that’s like that long pole with weights on the side
Yeah, and then maybe I’ll do overhead
Press where you’re like pushing it above your head and then I’ll do some cable attachment things. So maybe it’s like tricep poles or
Lat pulldown, so it’s just like arms shoulders. Yes arms shoulders stuff for your back
Yeah, maybe I’d throw in some blanks or something at the end just for a little bit of core to change it up
so that’s kind of an upper body day it varies and
You know, I’ve learned different types of exercises too from YouTube. I’m like, oh that’s an interesting one
Maybe I’ll try that next time and I’ll just kind of incorporate it
Yeah, typically you leave the main compound lifts the same select bench on that day for example, but I’ll stay the same
It’s nice to mix up the accessories. Yeah, so I do two upper-body days a week into lower body days right now
That’s just how I’ve split it up and then my lower body days are
Deadlifts, which I consider for me like the hardest one where I’m really exerting myself
Then I’ll do hip thrusts which is like really it kind of looks a little sexual
But you’re like pushing your butt up in the air and holding it there for a second with the big weights
I like that one though. It’s it’s fun
not for
Anyway, so hips nice I like and then I kind of change up a bunch of other things, but it could be
Romanian deadlifts, which is just like a deadlift that doesn’t actually touch the ground the weight
Then I’ll do baby squats. I call them cuz I don’t I’m not currently putting weights on my security issue because of my knees
So I’m just using it as like a secondary kind of I mean you could just be doing bodyweight squats. Er, yeah
Just holding it. Yeah
I’m just like hoping to work myself up to a point where my knees aren’t hurting
so I’m starting small, so I don’t explode my knees and then
What else do I do so I might do some single leg stuff, so maybe I’ll do a single leg Romanian deadlift or
single leg glute bridges
with your feet kind of elevated on a bench and maybe you have a band around your knees or you do like
20 side steps with a band around your leg to help with the glute activation
Yes, but it can also be used as an exercise. Oh
Yeah, so, you know activation is where you would do before. Oh I see but no the band helps activate your glutes
Yeah, it also helps for me. Keep my knees out
Which is my problem because I have flat feet and my needs came in for 31 years. So having that kind of weird-looking band around
Just above your knees helps force your knees to stay out because you’re pushing against the resistance
Okay, so you’re doing upper lower body splits? I do I guess not
I do more of a push-pull which is what you see a lot. So what is I mean?
Don’t really know it’s kind of complicated
Like I guess it has to do with like the anterior posterior chain of the muscles in your body
Cristine: In English please, for our listeners out there.
Ben: Basically, it just means that like on a push day
you’re doing more pushing movements, so my compounds-
Cristine: So like a bench press is what, a push?
Ben: Yeah. So on on that day, I’ll do bench press and squats
or it would be the compound lifts and then on a pull day, I’ll do deadlifts.
So a deadlift is basically just when you’re lifting a very heavy amount of weight on a barbell
from your feet up. It’s just, that is like the closest thing to just like how much weight can you lift?
That’s what a deadlift is.
Cristine: I think what’s interesting here that people would take away is that we do a lot of the same moves.
So just because you’re a man and I’m a woman doesn’t mean that I’m like limited, I guess you could say, to certain things.
Ben: No definitely not.
Cristine: So I think that that’s interesting we do pretty much the same moves.
My limitation is my knees so I’m just like not good at squats, but that has nothing to do with being female.
That’s just-
Ben: Yeah, I mean if you’re doing weight lifting
You know
Yeah, there’s a lot of variation but most people doing weight lifting in the gym are doing squats, deadlifts and bench or some variations of those
Cristine: Yeah, I just wanted to make a point for all the women listening out there that think like
“Oh, there’s some exercises that women can’t or shouldn’t do because men are better or stronger at them.”
And the truth is you can, you could do all of these exercises. They’re not gendered. Bench press is not a man’s exercise.
Of course, you have to do the weight that’s appropriate for you. Right?
Ben: Yeah, you obviously, of course you can and you do.
You do notice a lot of women who go to the gym and are clearly more focused on
very specific targeted exercise of just certain body parts.
Cristine: Sure. Yeah.
Ben: Yeah
Cristine: I think it’s important to do everything cuz, I mean, you need all the muscles in your body, not just your butt.
Ben: Alright, let’s look at another question:
what do you think is a good way to address weight without making it about looks?
Cristine: This is a good question because I think a lot of people’s motivation for getting into fitness is that they just want to look fitter.
Ben: Yeah.
Cristine: Right? And I get it
I mean, I was a little
pidgier before, a little chubbier
before fitness. But I don’t think that that was my main motivation,
mine was just I felt like shit.
So I think kind of an easy answer- mine was that I felt like shit and I was weak.
So I think an easy answer to this is
instead of making it about the way you look, make it about the way you feel and your strength. And I’m always someone who wants
to be able to measure my progress. I mean, I guess Ben and I are data analysts
so that’s kind of just like, in our nature.
We want to know if we’re improving at something like a, like a math equation.
And it’s actually really easy to-
when you get into weightlifting, to measure progress by your strength instead of focusing on the scale.
Ben: Yeah
Cristine: Cuz that’s what a lot of, especially women, end up doing is they just focus on like “have I lost those five pounds?”
Therefore I’m gonna look better in that bikini. I don’t look at it that way. I don’t even weigh myself anymore.
I measure it by- so last time I bench pressed 90 pounds five times
and for five sets. Can I do a little bit more than that this time?
And that’s how I look at it and I make it about
strength instead of looks.
Ben: Yeah, and I think it’s important that you mentioned like, you don’t focus on just the number you see on the scale. Because weight isn’t-
I mean, yeah, it does tell you something but you can be like, a really- you can be a healthy
140 pounds or you could be a very unhealthy 140 pounds, right? So I wouldn’t dwell too much just on that number.
It’s more about you know, how you feel about yourself.
Like that includes how you feel about yourself and how you look. Like it’s important to like the way you look, I think.
That can be an objective for you. I don’t think that’s necessarily a harmful thing.
But I agree that hopefully your motivation is more about how you just feel rolling out of bed
in the morning.
Ccristine: And it feels really good to hit more strength goals.
Ben: Yeah
Cristine: For me, anyways. I’m like so proud when I hit a new
personal best or something. Like and that’s how I look at it. So…
Ben: Alright, what else we got?
What do you think of Shane Dawson’s tweets about him being body shamed and the general health attitudes recently raised against Lizzo?
Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
So just some context here: Shane Dawson, incredibly popular YouTube creator,
tweeted out the other day, or he retweeted someone’s comment who said,
Cristine: Yeah
Ben: “It’s disappointing to see Shane gain a lot of weight
and to see the people in his life laughing and enabling it.”
And then the Lizzo stuff.
I guess what we’re referring to is the fact that- so Lizzo is a singer who is
who is overweight. Who is a big- who is…
How do I- Am I just gonna offend people by describing this? She’s a heavy person, a singer.
Cristine: Yeah
Ben: And she is
singing and dancing and she seems to really enjoy showing a lot of her body on social media. I think that’s fair to say.
Cristine: Mm-hmm
Ben: Uhh… I’m-
Cristine: So maybe for Shane first; obviously that was really shitty comments I saw.
Ben: If people are just commenting on his weight gain, yeah, that’s yeah that’s unfortunate.
The comment though is more specifically- I don’t know.
As someone like Shane, knowing you have millions of followers, to retweet someone saying that and know that it’s gonna
put a bunch of shit on that person?
I don’t really know how I feel about that.
And I don’t watch enough of his content to know like,
are the people in his life just laughing about the fact that he’s gaining weight?
And- because he makes a joke out of it in a lot of his content right?
Cristine: I don’t- yeah
again, like I don’t know him that well personally,
but I don’t, I don’t get the impression that the people in his life are like making fun of him for being-
Ben: No, it’s- they’re not saying they were making fun of him
they’re saying they’re just laughing about the fact that he’s getting heavier.
Cristine: But that’s because he is laughing at the fact that
he is perceiving getting himself heavier.
So if he’s doing that as his own self depreciation or humor or his own coping mechanism,
which I think he’s admitted in the past
that’s just how he deals with this shit,
then his family or his support system is really just mirroring kind of what he is saying that he wants. He wants to be able to
joke about it. And that’s how he deals with it. And I think everyone copes with things differently.
I laugh awkwardly and strangely at awful things that have happened to me too. And like how do you react, right? You probably want to
do the same because you’re like “well, that’s how she wants to react so I’ll do the same in support.”
So that’s kind of how I look at it. I think everyone’s different.
Ben: I guess I’m probably gonna offend people with what I’m about to say.
Cristine: Oh no, oh no, I must drink tea.
Ben: And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a horrible thing that
young girls are seeing social media celebrities that are face tuning their pictures and they’re looking at people who are
injecting their lips full of silicone with fake boobs and
I hate the influence that has on people. And I think if anything, we should be shaming those people.
But this- this sort of body positivity idea that like you’re, you’re beautiful at any size?
In my experience, having been a very heavy person,
someone telling me “don’t worry you’re a beautiful like that”
Cristine: You’re beautiful
Ben: that would not have- that doesn’t help. That doesn’t help people who are dangerously overweight
and I think we just have to be honest about that.
Maybe, like, I think it’s possible to be a heavier person who is healthy, you know?
Cristine: Mm-hmm
Ben: And I guess Lizzo, she’s dancing and singing and clearly she’s
she must not be super unhealthy if she can perform like that, I guess. But with someone like her too
like, if you’re recording Instagram live videos of you just shaking your ass in people’s faces
it also kind of invites people to comment on your body in a way too.
And I don’t think it’s a good thing to promote this idea that
for 99 percent of people, you are not going to be as healthy as you could be if you
are that overweight or your body fat percentage is that high.
And I just think as much as that’s going to upset or offend some people, I just think that’s true
so I think it should be said.
Cristine: Yeah. I have mixed feelings about that because I also don’t want anyone who is
heavier to feel like they are lesser than or
Ben: Sure.
Cristine: should be more negatively perceived because of their weight.
I think I’m just mostly concerned with how that person feels about themselves.
Do they feel like a healthy person? Do they- are they struggling with something as simple as getting up out of bed?
Which honestly, I was.
I think these are just things that are on a personal basis. And I try not to judge other people because
regardless of their weight they may be incredibly healthy or unhealthy and I just- it’s hard to just tell from their weight.
Even though- yes, I know in medicine we do have a designation for where someone is technically clinically obese or morbidly obese.
But I just, as a person, feel uncomfortable with
telling people who might fit the definition of obese that like, oh you need to fix that.
Ben: Yeah, and why is it- it’s not on you to tell them that. Don’t get me wrong,
Cristine: Yeah
Ben: I’m not saying you should be commenting on people’s Instagram or Twitter
Cristine: Yeah, please don’t do that.
Ben: or YouTube videos about their weight.
And obviously this is affecting women way more than men, right?
Cristine: Mm-hmm.
Ben: Female creators are very likely to get comments when they gain or lose weight.
I remember when you were starting to work out and losing weight
there were a lot of weird comments about it.
And maybe a lot of them were from a place of like hoping everything was okay
But it’s also just like, a guy isn’t gonna get comments like that, right? This is mostly on women.
But yeah, I’m not saying you should be commenting about someone weight or calling them fat
I just also don’t think you should say-
Cristine: It’s the celebration that you’re-
Ben: don’t worry, celebrating, you know
Cristine: Yeah
Ben: Yeah
Hashtag Ben is cancelled party, I don’t know. Please don’t. I don’t mean to be an asshole or mean about it.
Cristine: I think you’re coming from a place of someone who was really unhealthy, who was overweight, who fits the definition of people
today- now- if you, if you at that weight existed today, you could have joined the like, body positivity movement and be like
“I’m beautiful at this size.” And what you’re saying is that
you don’t feel that that’s- that’s correct or responsible.
Ben: It wouldn’t have helped. Probably just would have contributed to me
dying at a younger age, frankly.
Cristine: Or gaining more weight.
Ben: Or developing chronic diseases or heart disease, right?
Cristine: We’re not changing your choices.
Ben: So like,
Cristine: Yeah
let’s just be honest about this. But like, don’t get me wrong, if you’re someone out there who is overweight
I have a lot of sympathy for you and how hard that is to- to change.
Cristine: Yeah, it takes years.
Ben: But I think for 99% of people you will
feel better, mentally and physically, if you are not as overweight as you might be.
Cristine: Yeah
Ben: Next question. You want to end on a positive one?
Hey Cristine, why do you arch your back when you’re lifting from a bench?
Cristine: Okay, speaking of comments.
Ben: Yeah?
Cristine: Ever since I started posting like, snaps and Instagram stories of my workouts.
Yes, I got a lot of positive feedback, people saying like “wow, do this more, you’re a normal person”
But then occasionally, I get a comment from like some guy- I can tell it’s a guy from his name
Ben: It’s a gym bro? One of those gym bros out there?
Cristine: Actually, I don’t think so, though
I think it’s a- it’s a male who’s not educated on gym knowledge
Ben: Ohhh, okay.
telling me “You’re not supposed to arch your back. You’re gonna break your back. You’re gonna crush your spine.
You got to put your bend- your, your back needs to be flat. You don’t know what you’re doing. You need help.”
Ben: Yeah, you must not know, like you’re a woman lifting weights. You don’t know what you’re doing!
Cristine: Yeah [eyeroll]
Or “That’s clearly too heavy for you. Lower the weight because your back should be flat.”
Ben: Maybe- so just to explain, when you’re bench pressing you’ll see that sometimes people have a pretty pronounced or evident arch in their back.
I think my understanding of it and what’s been explained to me is
what’s most important is the way that your upper back is pinned into the bench and the way you open up your chest.
And for most people it’s easier to achieve that proper form if you do have an arch in your back.
Cristine: Yes.
Ben: It also comes from driving through your heels as you’re lifting through the weight.
Cristine: And it really- your arch is a personal thing
and it depends on your level of flexibility. And I don’t mean to – this isn’t shade – to like
Kimberly over here, who
Ben: No, no.
Cristine: I was just- when she commented this is a absolutely honest curious question
and I was just- my initial reaction was it reminded me of other questions that were just like, telling me I’m wrong.
Ben: Yeah
Cristine: So I apologize for maybe being a bit defensive. That’s not what I meant to do.
Ben: Sure.
Cristine: There are women who are honestly curious.
Like “I thought you were supposed to have a flat back.”
So some people might have a flatter back than I do. Your arch depends on your flexibility,
it depends on your butt size cuz honestly the bigger your butt the more you might have an arch.
Ben: Oh so you’ve got a big arch then?
Cristine: I- yeah, I kind of do
[Ben laughing]
Cristine: But it’s just like, how you’re naturally going to sit that way and it also depends-
yeah, flexibility is a big one though.
And like we mentioned, we worked with a personal trainer and
that’s what we were trained and told to do.
And I think there are some cases where you bench with a flat back.
So occasionally when I hold my back and I had like an injury, then my trainer would tell me to
“Okay, let’s do flat back and you’re gonna put your feet up on the edge of the bench
to just take- take the pressure off your lower back.”
You won’t be able to lift as heavy because you don’t have the arch to really engage your back muscles in the bench.
Because contrary to what it looks like, to just I think like an average layperson, a bench press isn’t just your arms pushing.
You’re using a lot of your back muscles.
And you have to be have like your back pinned back like that to really use the muscles in your back to push up or else
They’re just like dead flat on a bench
Yeah, I would say you’re really engaging your back for the purposes of staying locked in proper form. So, okay
First of all, we’re not experts on like the bench press or fitness
I just see this question a lot because I’ve shown bench pressing myself
There’s like weird gym fail
compilations where you can find people bench pressing with like such a pronounced arch that it looks insane and honestly,
There is a certain point where if you’re benching you’re that much of an art you are going to hurt yourself
Technically your butt and your upper back needs to be on the bench for it to be a proper lift your yeah
Your butt shouldn’t be coming off the right and everyone’s flexibility is different
I guess I used to do a lot of bridges when I was growing up
Alright what else you got? What are your and Ben’s lifted? Oh you guys want what what’s your PR Christine? Okay, so PR means
Personal records. Yeah or PR package. All right, so give me used to think of when I saw PRS. I’m like PR package
What do you mean PR package so you don’t really squat because of your knee issues 45 pounds
my supplies are the the men’s bar heavier bar, but
Your your deadlift is really impressive. I think so right now because if anyone actually cares
My deadlift my working weight meaning the weight that I’ll do five sets of the same thing by five
Yeah, so five sets of five reps. So a total of
I’ll do at
175 pounds
and I tested my
The most I could most weight I could do with just one rep and I did 210 pounds a couple weeks ago
Which is crazy. He’s crazy for me. Just just for reference less than a year ago
My I started dead lifting at I think it was 75 pounds. So I went from 75 pounds to
175 pounds as my working weight or 210
Which is wild I more than doubled it
So I mean like I’ve gotten so much stronger and it feels so cool to be able to
Look at it that way and be like I could lift
Ben’s dead body off the ground
Right. Yeah you good. It’s 210 pounds is more more than Ben’s current way
We won’t reveal your exact weight because just around 200, but I I can deadlift Ben
If so, if you died, I could lift you off the ground
That’s good to know if there’s a siren here and I don’t wake up you could yeah
Carry me out of here, and then I’ll share my my bench, press one
So right now my working weight where I do five
Reps by five sets is I just did 90 pounds with you the other week and that was progress
So 90 pounds and then I one time did
Just once so I can benchpress a hundred pounds, which is crazy and for reference I started at 33 pounds
So I tripled
What I could push with my arms and back
And that is just so cool to be greater to think like in less than a year
I tripled my strength in my upper body. Yeah. No, it’s really cool
I would say that I haven’t been doing as much strength based training. I’m more interested in
Hypertrophy, so which is muscle growth
Yeah, so well, yeah, if you’re doing strength training workouts, you’re probably doing like five by five workouts
You’re keeping the number of reps pretty low. Whereas for the most part I’ve little for deadlift
I’m doing five by five but four for bench and squat
I’m more interested in what I could do eight ten or twelve reps of so
I actually don’t have a really good handle on what my
What my one three rep maxes. No, I’m just saying cuz it’s not it really important to me at this point
Right like there is a point when I first started going the gym
I was really concerned about like I really need to be able to bench my own body weight
I can’t bench 200 pounds and I don’t but I can do that’s great for sets of eight or ten. All right
145 or something around that range right or like I can deadlift
245 for like five by five sets that’s a lot
You know, I feel fine heavier than you you are dead lifting more than your body weight
But I guess I would just encourage people to not fixate too much on
Like maybe if that’s a goal or a driver for you to get to that higher number
yeah use it, but I think it’s more important to
not kill yourself trying to like
like I could probably go in there and try to deadlift 300 pounds and maybe I’d be able to do that once and then that’s
All I could do like that’s not and that’s not really a good workout
To just go in and do something once I think just in the fitness community
occasionally like every three months or six months someone might test their one rep max like they say
But I don’t think that’s really that important, but I will add my hip thrusts
Oh you want to show off somewhere? Kristine’s flight. I’m so proud because like anything that’s heavier than been
I’m like, yeah, I can do it
like I think that’s you’re
heavier than your body weight cuz it just feels like I could lift you like I could pull you out of
my body weight what else could it be heavier than my ego my
It’s not that it’s heavier than the weight you lift. Oh, I see that doesn’t make any sense like no
But my hip thrust I did
245 for 5 reps. Yeah, that’s crazy with my booty. That’s your butt my butt can lift
245 pounds
Alright, let’s go through these last ones. What do you listen to while working out audiobooks music podcast this podcast, right?
Listen to yourself hard logical skinning, but are you out there listening to this podcast?
Well on the cardio machine part, but when you’re when you’re lifting heavy weights, you need a certain kind of music
Oh, yeah, I need trap dance music just garbage dance music. Yeah trap. It’s funny links in my normal life
I like you know, the classic rock Bob
Dylan Rolling Stones are like late 60s jazz or like non mainstream indie rock like wolf parade, but when I’m at the gym
it’s like
Kanye West and the baby and like Tupac hit em up
Yeah, and then it really throws off my recommended my music streaming service because throughout the rest of the day
I don’t want to be listening this stuff like that
Alright and last question from Laura Kensington. What motivates you to eat healthy?
I have such a sweet tooth and avoiding chocolate and sweets is my absolute downfall
How do you break that see I’m being called out because I absolutely had a huge sweet tooth
And all I would drink. Oh, yeah, all I would drink was peppermint hot chocolates or
That’s what I used to get type of Starbucks and then it would turn into chai tea lattes
Which I learned later was mostly just sugar and syrup and not really tea at all
Yeah, so now I get actual tea lattes
Which is just T in in water with maybe half the cup of milk sure previously
It was a bunch of syrups like almonds and vanilla cremes that
Definitely added up to here’s some advice don’t drink your calories
Yeah to try to drink a meal. I mean, I guess it’s like unless it’s a smoothie or whatever but
sugary drinks were a huge thing for me that I realized if I cut these out and I
Didn’t want to completely cut out all the things I like. So instead of just saying like no more chai tea lattes
I just decided to find something else
And so now I just have regular tea which I drink all the time now
And I have a splash milk with it just because I think it makes it a little a little more savory like a delicious treat
But it’s just tea and water and a little bit of milk, which is so much better for you
Especially if you have a cup of six times a day
I’d rather have just straight-up tea than a sugary drink. So you’re not craving like desserts and sweets and stuff like that
I think it definitely takes time to change your cravings because I still wanted to eat chocolate bars all the time back in the day
And now since it’s been maybe three years since we’ve been consistently eating healthy
So we’ve talked a lot about how we’ve been working out here. But we’ve also in the past three years
Changed really what we eat. I wouldn’t call it a diet
I don’t follow a diet plan per se I don’t prescribe myself
This is what you’re gonna eat exactly this week measure the chicken on the scale. I don’t do that
I just try and use common sense health
You know attitudes and I try and eat lean protein like we’ll have chicken breasts or I make a ton of vegetables
I love like using flavor now in my food
So I’ll put like garlic and salt I know like too much for you, but whatever like a garlic
But different spices we eat out less than we used to
I’d say we’d used to like pick up food a lot and now we eat more and like we have a we have a meal
Delivery service that helps us make some interesting dinners at home
For me the question shouldn’t be what motivates you to eat healthy is
I flip it like food and wanting to eat food. Sometimes that isn’t always as healthy is what motivates me to go to the gym
Alright, so I I still I know this doesn’t work for everyone but this idea of cheat days
I still once in a while want to go
down to Sh warm-up Alice and get a big plate of chicken and garlic sauce at our falafel and you know,
I’ll like I love hummus
It’s not just you know, I could eat bowls and bowls of hummus
They’re not saying that giant tubs of hummus in the fridge right now
And why they’re gonna be gone by tomorrow? Okay, I just eat it with a spoon
I like I eat less bread than I used to
So maybe I’ll have some pita with the hummus, but I could just eat hummus straight
You know, I used to have a good hummus supply in Ottawa there. Is this this little
a health food store that made their own hummus
And every day I’d go in there and I’d buy they’d they’d only have like five or six on the shelf and I take them
And I would buy all of them every time I was in there and then one day I go in there
You know this, do you know what happened? You know, what happened?
Yes, I walk in there and there’s no hummus on the shelf
But there isn’t a space for the hummus anymore and I go to the woman working there I go
excuse me, uh
Where where’s the hummus and she goes? Oh, we weren’t selling enough of it. She said that to me
liar, I
Was buying all of it and she’s telling me they weren’t selling it enough
Didn’t make any sense. Does this motivate you to workout?
Will it seem very upset? I’m very upset now. Maybe we should go to the gym and I’m just gonna go for a run
okay, but
Hummus motivates me to work out I guess is what I’m trying to say. I almost forgot
Okay, speaking of your passion food oats
Overnight. Okay. How could we not mention? I know this podcast has gone on for too long
But can we have a whole other podcast on my overnight oats recipes? I think people want them
I could just leave for that one. That could be your solo
When Ben goes away for a week, my podcast will be about oats
But to answer Laura’s question here because I have such a sweet tooth oats for breakfast is like eating dessert
It is it’s definitely satisfies that craving I have so I’ll make chocolate mint oats chocolate brownie batter
chocolate peanut butter
Birthday cake oats, it’s so good and it’s mostly like there’s a lot of protein powders and though the protein
But I’ll throw a ton of stuff in that like Greek yogurt a little savory like mousse
Mmm, coconut milk or almond milk or like oats or like flax seed or low peppermint extract oil?
The possibilities are endless. I just love waking up in the mornings because I know I got to eat my oats
There there you go case closed. That’s how I that’s how I cure my well not cure
I just
Manage my sweet tooth every morning with my overnight oats and my six cups of tea with a little bit of milk a day
Forget everything else we said today and just just all you have to remember
Is eat your oats and drink your tea and also eat a healthy balanced diet. Nope. Just Oh
All right, we gotta wrap it up there we’ve gone on way too long
But hey, thanks everyone for listening if you’re still listening. Thank you for your feedback on the podcast so far
It’s been super encouraging and positive and supportive. Yeah, and we do love to hear the feedback on other stuff
You want to hear us talk about or do you want them to be short or do you want them to be this long?
That’s a good question because sometimes I feel like we’ve tried to stop short. Just expecting people to be like I can’t listen anymore
I need to go do something with my life
But hey, maybe the longer this is the longer people will you know, maybe stay on the treadmill listening to us maybe?
Maybe that’s your you’re fit fit spurt. Was it fits pression? It’s spiration. It’s
Fits beau. I think it’s go time. Yeah. All right. Good luck at the gym
Kill it. You got this girl my boy lightweight. Alright. Thank you everybody
Thanks so much for watching our way to what do we know what we’re talking about next week? No
Apologies to Sniper Wolf we were supposed to have her on as a guest today, but we ran out of time
But we’ll see you next Taco Tuesday and see if we can get her back. All right. Thanks everybody. Thanks so much for watching
See you later. Bye

One thought to Lose 60 Pounds Fast Causing Loose Skin At 0:55

  1. Mostly, Lizzo and the body positivity movement isn't about something as shallow as being beautiful at any size. It's about the fact that 1. You cannot tell someone's health by looking at them and 2. How I look does not make me more or less deserving of love, decency, respect, or basic human rights.

    I feel like for people who criticize the movement, they are not taking into consideration the fact that many people who are overweight are also suffering from malnutrition. People who live under the poverty line usually cannot afford healthy foods, live in food deserts, etc. They can only afford to eat foods that exacerbate obesity. They cannot afford to go to gyms, have proper nutrition. They don't have time when they have children, work several jobs. They often don't have access to the resources and education regarding this subject. (I am speaking as an American on this topic). I think that, particularly in America, health and weight are a socio-economic issue and often times people talking about what it takes to be healthy can come of as classist :/