Lose 60 Pounds By Walking 4 Miles Per Day

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– Swimming is arguably the discipline
that most of us struggle
with committing to
on a regular basis,
once you find the time to
actually get to the pool,
unless you’ve got friends there,
or a club to train with,
it can be really hard
to find the motivation
to stick to a structured session.
– Yeah but fear not
because you really are
not alone, I promise,
now here at GTN, we have
a number of key sessions
that we’ll dip into during our training,
so today we’re going to
be sharing three must do
weekly workouts with you
that you can follow along
during your training
and helping to take the
thinking out of the equation
for you too.
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– Right first up,
we are going to discuss a
good aerobic focus session,
now this used to be the bread and butter,
pretty much any training
plan because in triathlon,
the shortest distance you’re
going to be training for
is the 400 meters,
if you’re doing a super sprint
right up to 3.8 kilometers
if you’re doing an Ironman
and don’t be fooled,
these are long distances.
– Yeah and now to train for longer swim,
you need to get used to
doing some longer reps
in our training,
now with all these works
out any training plan,
the structure of the sessions
can be altered accordingly
for instance you could
increase the length of the reps
as you become more
confident with the work load
and the swimming length or
even reduce the recovery time,
but just make sure that you
do include a good warm up
and warm down with all of these sessions.
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– [Female Speaker] So we’re going to start
with 200 meter reps.
For the session base,
it’s going to be three times 200 meters,
that’s one swim, one pull,
and then one pull with paddles
all with 20 seconds rest after each 200.
Aim to do this block through twice
which will make it six 200s,
with an extra 60 seconds
rest between sets,
and your fitness improves,
you can increase the sets to three,
or even four blocks making
it nine or 12 200 meters.
You can also reduce the rest
between sets from 60 seconds
down to 45 seconds or
even 30 seconds rest,
and finally to really push yourself,
reduce the rest between each
of the 200s down to 15 seconds,
or even 10 seconds.
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– Now the term threshold
can sound extremely daunting
when we talk about it in training,
I know it used to send shivers
down my spine on occasions,
however that really need not be the case.
– Yeah, if you think of
it more as race pace,
and it sames a little bit nicer,
admittedly if you training for a sprint
then still going to be quite quick,
but if you’re training for
a half or full Ironman,
it becomes more manageable
and this type of training really is key
to preparing you to you’re next race.
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– [Male Speaker] So a suggestion
for a threshold session
is a block of six by
100 meters at threshold,
with a slight reduction in recovery
as we work our way through the block.
So that’s broken down to
three by 100 at threshold
with 15 seconds recovery,
two by 100s at threshold
with 10 seconds recovery,
one by 100 at threshold
with 5 seconds recovery,
and then we’re going to
take 50 meters recovery
after that block,
and then we’re going to try
and do that two times through,
building up to maybe three times through
or even possibly even four times through.
– Regardless of triathlon
being an endurance sport,
we still shouldn’t neglect our speed,
and it’s a common misconception
that you don’t need to go fast to go long
but this isn’t true.
– Yeah and for that reason,
we would recommend including
some short sharp intervals
into your training each week,
to essentially shock the body.
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So our sample speed session
is 16 lots of 25 meters
as every fourth rep fast,
and all the other reps easy
with 15 seconds recovery between each,
and then straight into 12 lots of 25,
as every third rep fast
with 10 seconds recovery between each,
and then into eight lots of 25 meters
as every second rep fast,
10 seconds recovery between each rep,
and then finishing off
with four lots of 25 meters
as every rep fast, with
five seconds recovery,
now you notice that the amount of rest
reduces slightly through
the course of the set
as the frequency of the
harder reps increases.
This gets a total of 1000 meters,
but as I mentioned already,
this can be altered an
adapted as you progress
so this could be doubled up
to be swam as 50 meter reps,
with a rest altered accordingly.
It’s safe to say that swimming
can sometimes become a
little but of a chore,
but with some thought through
workouts and structure,
like we suggested today,
it’s amazing what difference it can make,
and you can actually end up
enjoying your time in the pool.
– Yeah, and I’m also keen to point out
that although if highlighted
three specific sessions today,
by no means do you have to feel the need
to include all three every single week,
rather just think of it more
like a bit of a pick and mix,
that you can dip in and out of
and trust me, each of these sessions
have their individual benefits.
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