Lose 50 Pounds 4 Months

New Year’s resolutions! 33% of us choose to lose weight
and 1 in 3 people have used potentially dangerous slimming pills
so in this week’s video I’ve teamed up with the MHRA
who are responsible for regulating all medicines in the UK
and our aim today is to warn people about the dangers of buying
potentially life-threatening and ineffective dieting pills from online illegal suppliers
according to the MHRA 79% of the public aren’t aware about the issue of fake medical products online
so let’s change this by spreading this video like, share and tag friends who need this, now let’s begin!
fact number 1! unlicensed diet pills can seem like a quick fix solution
but the contents are unknown, unproven and untested
and as a results of taking these every 2 in 3 people reported unpleasant side effects
for example bleeding that wouldn’t stop and even heart problems
fact number 2! one of the most common ingredients found in them is a substance called Sibutramine
which had its license suspended across Europe because of its horrible side effects
these include bleeding that wont stop, heart palpitations, heart attacks,
strokes and hallucinations so it’s very serious
facts number 3! remember don’t be tricked into thinking it’s not a tablet so it must be okay
for example some of these products also come as teas
and it is impossible to tell if these teas contain Sibutramine or any other ingredients
it’s completely unregulated so it could contain anything
slimming tablets are a big problem in fact since April 2013 the MHRA have seized nearly
£4million worth of illegal slimming tablets and aids
in order to protect yourself when buying medicines online I’d definitely recommend visiting the
MHRA website that’s gov.uk/fakemeds
link is in the description below
on there you can see a list of all legal providers of medicines in the UK and there’s also ten top tips
on how to prevent buying fake medicines online
now that you know the facts about dangerous slimming pills please tell your friends and family about it
and help spread this video by liking, sharing and tagging friends who’ll find this information useful
lastly my next weekly video will go live in the new year so I’m taking two-week break
have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!
and that’s it for this week’s video I hope your New Year’s resolution is a success
and if it is to lose weight or become more healthy I’ve left some great links in the description below
on how to do it safely
hey guys thanks for watching
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  1. Very important video. A topic I think that people need to be made aware of. Hope you have a good Christmas and look forward to what videos you have coming in the new year!

  2. This “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) is actually a eating plan i have using for 5 weeks by now and that i have dropped Ten pounds already and cut Three inches off of my waist. This truly tends to make me a lot more energized daily right after I have eliminated a few of my unneeded fat. .

  3. This is interesting but…. I'm an American and I bet our diet pills are way worse! Idk how I got here and whyyyy it recommended me to go here! Huh? LOL interesting though