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collecting clean urine or collecting
gathering clean urine for you to drink
hi how are you we’re back again with our
urine therapy this is Israel once again
from Injibs Cosmets yeah let’s talk
about collecting today we’re talking
about collecting clean urine collecting
clean urine or collecting gathering
clean urine for you to drink remember
last time we spoke about we spoke about
the things that urine can do you’re in
therapy can do to us when we drink urine
so today we’re gonna talk about
collecting the urine itself because I
promised you in the last video that I
was gonna tell you how to collect the
urine in case you want to use it the
right urine to collect the steps you
take to collect that urine and the
things you need to do to take the things
you need to eat how you need to live the
lifestyle you need to follow in order to
collect the right clean urine so
therefore what first of all I’ll start
by saying urine is a very good good good
formula formula that is made by your
kidney I explained to you last time in
my previous video that urine is a
formula that your own body has made your
own kidney has formulated that formula
and nothing can change it
nobody else has that DNA it’s your DNA
nobody else has it and it belongs to you
therefore you see when good was actually
for the designing the human being he
made him in a way that he can actually
he can cure himself the body can cure
itself I remember in the previous video
I mentioned
I give an example of a snake when it
bites someone it’s the venom it’s its
own same venom that venom that is used
to cure the snake bite the other thing
is that example that I gave was the bees
where the bees bite you it’s the same
venom from the bees that are used to
cure the bee by so therefore God
designed the human being the human
machine is designed to heal and cure
itself therefore we just need to know
the thing that the problem is we kind of
like humans kind of like God destructed
they got destructive we got distracted
from the every every machine when it
comes to a consumer from the
manufacturer it comes with a manual it
comes with a book and in that manual
kind of like there are instructions that
the consumer needs to read before
actually starting to function to make
that machine function it comes with a
manual where the consumer has to follow
the instructions of how to turn it on
and to plug it in and to function and to
use it and all that kind of stuff so the
human machine came with a manual now
that I’ll leave to you it’s up to you to
find out where the manual is some some
it’s some denomination use some
nominations use the Bible some
denominations use a Quran some
denomination use the black book and all
that kind of stuff I’m not right now I’m
not going to go into denominations but
my point right now the topic is a human
machine has a manual the manual that
teaches you how you should function how
you’re supposed to function anyway
that’s all a whole other topic but right
now we’re talking about the body itself
has the ability to heal itself from any
dysfunction that it kind of like faces
if you buy a robot machine
you need to know exactly you get
instructions from the manufacturer over
how to put that file that that machine
back into fun
if it actually lost its whatever
mechanism of how to function so human
being as well is designed to heal
himself you you take the example from
the that the cells that the dead cells
of the skin right the skin the hair the
nails and all that kind of stuff the
skin from the nutrients that we eat or
the nutrients that we we consume the
body cells have the ability to heal
themselves and a separate instance if
you cut yourself or you get a saw
somewhere you cut you say you get
injured somewhere it takes a while
within a a short while of a few hours or
within just a few minutes the blacks
clots the blood clots and it stops
flowing so that gives you an example
that the area already within a few
minutes the area straightaway starts to
heal and then after the blood clots in
that area blood doesn’t clot in the
whole arm or over the whole body because
now no the blood clots in just that area
where the cut is that gives you a good
example that the body 24/7 is working it
works 24/7 to heal itself and create new
the new cells to to replace the dead
cells that’s a good example then after a
wild days weeks or something like that
depending on the on how deep the cut is
you find that the that area starts to
heal itself and cover up its cells
forming a new skin that covers over the
cut and then within a while should while
you realize that you’re only remaining
with the scar after this curve after a
few months or years you the scar tends
to disappear if you a person who eats
healthy quite healthy and then the scar
will totally disappear that’s a good
example that the body actually works 24
24 hours seven days of the week and in
twelve months of the year healing itself
each time in each second so that’s a
good as
apparently I’ve read somewhere in some
of the articles that scientists
scientists have failed to find what
exactly kills a human being because
according to science the body heals
itself so up till today they haven’t
really found what exactly kills a human
being so that way all and to come back
to the topic anyway I had to go this far
just to show you that the body has the
ability to heal itself
so now one of the things that actually
got designed and put into a human flesh
human body or a human machine is the
formula formulated by the kidney the
organs in the body in your body
themselves actually formulate and they
they give you the work around what you
give them and then produce according to
what you’ve given them produce a formula
and tells you that’s the formula we need
in order to continue with our functions
that we do or our daily job that we do
in order to keep you alive in order to
give you to produce good cells to
replace the dead ones
we need this that’s the formula that the
kidney gives you like I like I explained
in the previous video right um
urine is not a bad thing it’s not a
disgusting thing like some people
actually make it out to be the the world
the world has been made to believe that
urine is demonic and it’s a demonized
it’s disgusting and it’s evil and it’s
dirt and it’s all that kind of stuff
urine like I explained in the previous
video urine is excess vitamins excess
vitamin is okay like Rocky
I won’t go much deeper into the previous
video if you wanna know what we talked
about in the previous video just go back
in my in my playlist and check it out
check check out on in that in that video
what we say but right now the topic is
collecting the right clean collecting
the right clean urine
for this the sample to drink a sample to
do a correct sample for drink well first
of all let me get into that before the
video goes over the time goes away on
the video because I see the time is
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back to the point the urine when you’re
about if you decide if you decided to
now to try the urine therapy from the
reasons for reasons for health reasons
for for sickness reasons if you have in
cancer you having diabetes or you’re
having em if you are HIV positive all
that kind of stuff I’m not saying urine
is gonna heal HIV positive or AIDS but
urine will slow down the process urine
was rule low down urine will not take
away cancer it will not heal cancer but
it will slow down the process through
which the cells are dying say for
instance if you’re left with only six
months to die if you’ve got cancer Yury
with urine therapy you will reverse a
half of the time and then you’ll live
longer and even your chemotherapy will
end up working but that this doesn’t
there is no no articles or no books or
no results no no scientists approve of
this that urine has actually healed
cancer but according to my experience
novel I told you in my previous videos
that what what urine has done for my
lamb and it has healed me it healed me
and brought me back to life after being
in a coma for three days for with a
diagnosis of TB many TB meningitis I
almost died but I’m like a lock up learn
like I told you in my previous video
that urine actually did a lot and healed
back there laughs that was told by the
doctors that will never come back
again so I’m speaking proof here that is
sitting in front of you telling you that
urine can reverse a lot of sicknesses
including allergy including many other
sicknesses as we will go deep into urine
urine therapy so by the way right now if
you decided to go ahead with a urine set
of therapy this is what you should do
when you go to collect urine the morning
early morning urine when you wake up out
of bed is the best urine because you’ve
been sleeping there for for for a long
period of time like four hours 12 hours
eight seven eight eight hours and above
you been sleeping so the metabolism has
been working remember with the body
works when we go to bed that’s when they
actually do meet Evelyn like many say
that like the fitness fitness fitness
specialists say you you lose more weight
when you’re asleep yeah I wouldn’t go
into that but anyway when you go to bed
you wake up in the morning and the that
urine in the morning has collected
enough minerals and vitamins cause the
kidney was busy working while you were
sleeping so early the money when you
wake up do this go straight to the
bathroom and then urinate divide your
urine into three pieces or three three
parts first the first part that you pee
the first one that comes out let it go
first part is usually containing heavy
metals heavy metals like the salt heavy
salt and all those heavy men because
they are heavy metals so they see at the
bottom of your gall bladder so collect
the first urine with the heavy metals
let it go period and then after you pee
the first one stop and then collect the
middle part of the urine middle part of
the urine is the best urine that we need
the best urine in the middle collects
has got the light like that the light
metals the light metals which are the
vitamins and chemicals good chemicals
the excess vitamins the kidney didn’t
use in the body they didn’t need they
were actually settled there on top of
the heavy metals and then there is
vitamins in the middle part of the urine
then the third last part of the urine is
just plain water because it’s very light
so heavy metals sit on the top bottom of
the bladder next part is there is the
light metals which have vitamins and
minerals good minerals good stuff that
is was a kidney didn’t you need to use
and then the last part is just water
that last what you can drink whether you
drink it or not explain just what it’s
nothing but the heavy metal first heavy
metal let it go let it go it’s basement
if you are not alcoholic that’s where
they all they the crude and alcohol
seats that’s where your smoker
that’s where nicotine sits in the heavy
metals so let the first one that stinks
let the first one go that one stinks
it’s it’s filled with heavy ammonia so
let it go then collect the middle one
and then call and then the last one it’s
just plain water you can throw it away
or you can drink it but I wouldn’t
advise you to flash away that commodity
if you’re really smart and you really
really love your life and you I know
this sounds disgusting
I know nobody has ever talked about this
this scientists do not talk about this
we’ll go into that in my next videos why
scientists don’t talk about about about
urine and how Uranus is collected
through the water that we flash when it
goes they could take out those
commodities that we collect for them
they take them out you use them next
videos I’ll explain to you how they
collected that how they use our
commodities and then recycle the water
back to come back and fetch more
commodities that then take them collect
them for free but then you pay for the
water that connects them you give them
the commodities and on top of that you
pay for the water they take the
commodities are gone and
commodities are sold back to you in the
chemist at a very high price so that
will go into that in in my next videos
but if you really love your life and you
love your health stop flashing away your
commodity that your own kidney makes the
commodity that God gave you the treasure
that God gave you to sustain while
you’re here on earth the commodity the
free commodity that you don’t need to
pay for start start keeping it and
recycle it instead of flashing it and
buying it back in the chemist at a very
high price so do not forget if you are
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