Lose 30 Pounds Diet Plan

losing weight can be a challenging job
sometimes you feel you’re doing
everything right but you still don’t
lose weight even if you follow 100% of
the right exercise and diet plan you
don’t get enough outcomes weight loss as
a process one that doesn’t always happen
as quickly as you might like there are
many things that can influence weight
loss some of which may be more obvious
than others dear viewers today we gonna
show you 10 common reasons why you’re
not losing weight so please stay with us
and don’t feel hesitate to like and
share the video here are the few common
mistakes you might be doing when trying
to lose weight 1 you’re not exercising
enough exercises of course a crucial
element to weight loss but it’s hard to
know if you’re doing the right workouts
or burning enough calories start by
looking at your overall program to get a
sense of how much you’re exercising and
how much you really need to you’re
eating too much or too fewer calories to
lose weight you need to maintain
monitoring your eating calories versus
burning calories unless you’re not going
to monitor your calories you’re going to
eat more than you believe so you have to
monitor it on a regular basis even if
you believe you’re on the correct diet
plan 3 you’re not getting enough sleep
lack of quality sleep as a strong risk
factor for obesity
it could also hinder your weight loss
progress studies showed that poor sleep
is one of the single biggest risk
factors for obesity adults and children
with poor sleep have a 55% and 89%
greater risk of becoming obese
respectively for you’re drinking too
much alcohol
alcoholic beverages are generally high
in calories if you choose to drink
alcohol spirits mixed with zero calorie
beverages are probably the best options
when you are dieting 5 you have a
medical condition medical issues like
thyroid problems
insulin resistance etc can prevent
weight loss if you have been doing
everything right but haven’t yet got a
medical check-up done do that right away
however you have nothing to worry as
most medical problems can be treated
work with your physician dietician and
trainer to help you lose weight the
right way 6 you’re not drinking water to
reduce your calorie intake drink a glass
of water before meals drinking water may
also increase the number of calories you
burn 7 you’re not eating enough protein
low protein intake may bring your weight
loss efforts to a standstill
make sure to eat plenty of protein rich
foods 8 you have a desk job if you have
a desk job you probably sit in one place
for at least eight hours a day and that
is inhibiting your weight loss sitting
at one place continuously can also slow
down your metabolism and cause every
morsel of food to get converted into fat
this is why people who have desk jobs
have more belly fat and lower body fat
9 you’re not eating mindfully always eat
mindfully when trying to lose weight
mindless eating is one of the main
reasons people struggle to lose weight
10 you’re still drinking sugar avoiding
all sugary beverages as an excellent
weight-loss strategy they often make up
a significant portion of people’s
calorie intake thanks for watching the

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