Lose 20 Pounds With Atkins Diet

Hey there, everyone!
Losing weight is no joke.
People fight tooth and nail just to shed a
few pounds.
Some of them take special classes while others
go to the gym everyday.
What if we told you that your zodiac sign
has something to do with it?
For instance, Geminis can be a little lazy
when it comes to physical exercise.
This is one of the reasons why they can’t
lose weight.
In fact, each zodiac sign has their own reason.
Let’s discuss!
#1 Aries
This sign loves to take charge and be active.
They are natural born leaders with infectious
But along with these great attributes comes
a lot of ignorance.
Aries people strongly believe they don’t need
to workout.
It’s almost as if they think they’ll never
be overweight.
This makes it difficult for them to get in
So if you are an Aries, make sure you exercise.
Check out our clip discussing “The Right Workout
For You According To Your Body Type.”
It will help you understand more on ectomorph
body types and the types of workouts you require.
Now, let’s continue with the video.
#2 Taurus
Taurus people like to take care of themselves.
They are also very determined and love to
follow routines.
So why can’t they lose weight?
Well, the answer to this question is gluttony.
Taurus have a tendency to chew more than they
can swallow.
For this reason, people born under this zodiac
sign find it hard to lose weight.
In order to improve, they need to cut down
on their intake.
This will help them achieve the body they
Taurus folks usually don’t have the best metabolism,
which can also be a problem for them.
#3 Gemini
We have already mentioned earlier that Geminis
can be lazy.
Well that laziness isn’t always there.
It only shows itself when they have to engage
in physical activity.
Gemini is an air sign and seeks constant mental
When they don’t receive exactly that, they
get bored.
Geminis would find it very difficult to survive
on their own.
This is because they don’t have anyone else
to communicate with.
As an air sign, Geminis need constant company.
So yes, they can go to the gym.
But they would need to do it with someone
They can’t fathom the idea of going there
on their own and getting bored.
That would be a disaster for them.
Additionally, the lack of interest in physical
activities means all weight loss goals will
be put on hold.
#4 Cancer
Similar to the bull, the crab loves to eat.
Sometimes a little too much.
This habit often gets in the way of a well-toned
Cancers dream of losing weight, building abs
and gaining muscle.
Unfortunately, very few succeed.
The inability to control their food habits
coupled with their lifestyle problems create
a barricade for them.
They end up being on the losing end as far
as losing weight is concerned.
For them to succeed, they need to control
their tummy.
Their lifestyle would automatically adjust,
making it easier for them to lose weight.
Of course, it would take time and they would
have to be patient about it.
#5 Leo
The cat of the zodiac likes to play it cool
most of the time.
They are very charismatic people who love
Unfortunately, this love has negative aspects.
For example, a lot of Leos want to show off
their progress.
This is one of their major motivations to
work out.
If the person they are showing off to isn’t
impressed, they won’t be as interested in
Many Leos wouldn’t even go to the gym if they
know attracting people isn’t a possibility.
They want to be appreciated.
Yes, lack of appreciation can affect Leos.
They might not want to lose weight.
This is just how they are wired.
Speaking of which, check out our video where
we explain why dating a Leo is the best thing
It will help you understand this complex sign.
Moving on…
#6 Virgo
Virgos are a little picky.
They can enter a room and notice at least
20 things that are wrong.
This is probably also the reason why they
can’t lose weight.
When Virgos are going to the gym, they are
expecting the best equipment known to anyone
and everyone.
On top of that, they are expecting people
to be well-behaved.
The place needs to be clean, with everything
in proper order.
But here is the thing, the world doesn’t
work like that.
Something that seems well-organized for a
Virgo may not be for an Aquarius.
Virgos fail to realize that.
As a Virgo, you need to be less concerned
about the little things.
Instead, try focusing on the bigger picture.
In this case, it is losing weight.
#7 Libra
So what exactly keeps a Libra from getting
in shape?
Well for all the great qualities Libras possess,
they have one major flaw.
They aren’t the best in the world when it
comes to making decisions.
In fact, they struggle at this the most among
all zodiac signs.
Even Geminis don’t have as much confusion
as Libras do.
This indecisive nature is the reason they
can’t lose weight.
Most of them are probably still wondering
whether or not to do push-ups.
Some of them are even wondering if it makes
sense to lift weights.
When you have people like that, it shouldn’t
come as a surprise that they haven’t gotten
in shape.
To lose weight you need to exercise.
Libras haven’t even figured out what activities
to do.
Don’t hate them though, they are usually very
charming and loyal people.
To learn more, you can watch our video on
what makes a Libra unique.
#8 Scorpio
We’ve listed all the excuses for not getting
to the gym.
Whether it was Taurus’ gluttony or Gemini’s
Here is another one.
Scorpios procrastinate too much.
Unlike Capricorns, who take something and
finish it.
Scorpios may leave something as it is, and
think about doing it later.
Even after having the drive and the passion
to succeed at most things.
Scorpios are known to procrastinate a lot.
For this reason, they keep delaying the process.
After delaying it long enough, they will forget
about it altogether.
As a result, their chances of getting in shape
In order to succeed, Scorpios need to stop
putting things on hold and become more proactive.
#9 Sagittarius
While Scopio likes to keep things for later,
Sagittarius rushes too much.
Their reckless nature makes them extremely
prone to injury.
As a result, they are forced to quit working
out to cater to their health.
This is a major factor as to why Sagittarius
can’t lose weight.
Being reckless and impulsive is very common
for Sag.
Since they are the most adventurous sign of
the zodiac, they want to stay active all the
time and engage in activities.
Sagittarius needs to be told not to strain
themselves too much.
If they do a little exercise everyday and
not apply too much pressure, it would do wonders
for them.
#10 Capricorn
This zodiac sign likes to finish things.
So what do people of this zodiac sign have
as an excuse?
Well they are usually too busy with their
Capricorns rarely bother themselves with things
like losing weight.
They would much rather lose those calories
at work than anywhere else.
It is just their nature to be that way.
They don’t like to waste their time chasing
For them the only trend that matters are the
career goals that they have set for themselves.
If Capricorn needs to lose weight then they
would at first have to calm down a little.
While their career goals are important, they
must also make sure that they stay healthy.
Once they can understand this, they would
be able to get started with different weight
loss exercises.
#11 Aquarius
Aquarius is unpredictable.
No one can tell what’s going on inside their
For this reason, they are often seen as unreliable.
Why can’t Aquarius lose weight?
Well Aquarius people are very moody.
Sometimes more than Cancer people.
As a result, they may not want to do something
they felt committed to a few hours ago.
You see it’s not really an Aquarius thing
to do.
They like to avoid routine.
Of course, if they focus on losing weight,
they can do it.
Unfortunately, they probably don’t want to
do that.
#12 Pisces
This zodiac sign is probably too busy daydreaming
to be working out.
For this reason, they rarely make it to the
For most Pisces people, their dreams stay
dreams and never make it to reality.
They simply don’t know how to work for it.
But this doesn’t make it impossible.
If Pisces chooses to work hard, their goals
will become attainable.
Once they have chosen that path, nobody will
convince them otherwise.
After all, pisces are known for having a dual
One moment, they can be very laid back.
The next moment, they can be serious.
Are you trying to lose weight?
Do you find our interpretation of your zodiac
sign to be true?
Let us know in the comments below!
We would love to hear from you.

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