Lose 20 Pounds Low Carb

hey guys!! I am Nisa Homey and welcome
back to my channel today i’m teaching
you how to make an inexpensive
traditional healthy breakfast which is
naturally fermented and rich in
probiotics and resistant starch so what
is resistant starch? resistant starch is
a carbohydrate that the resist digestion
in the small intestine and ferments in
the large intestine as a fiber ferment
they act as a prebiotic and feed the
good bacteria in the gut in other words
when you eat resistant starch it resist
digestion and does not spike blood sugar
or insulin natural foods that contain
resistant starch are boiled potatoes
which has been cooled preferably
refrigerated for at least two to three
hours raw bananas, raw plantains, sweet
potatoes, yam, and fermented rice kanji
which is what today’s video is all about
resistant starch helps to regulate blood
glucose levels helps to keep you feel
fuller for a longer time helps you to
absorb your nutrients better helps to
get rid of toxins reduces inflammation,
bloating, acidity, and other digestive
issues resistant starch will feed the
good bacteria in the large intestine and
thus helps in maintaining a healthy gut
this process produces butyric acid
which reduce inflammation in the body
along with good dietary habits exercise
sleep and by managing stress you can
manage your health issues so let’s
quickly dive into the recipe so I’m
cooking Kerala Matta rice also known as
Kerala red rice and I prefer to use a
clay pot to cook the rice i have already
shared a detailed video on how to cook
kerala matta rice please do check it out
to understand more links will be updated
at the end of this video you can use any
locally sourced rice to make this you
can do this process with any variety of
rice even white rice I used kerala matta
rice as I live in Kerala
and matta rice is used traditionally to
make fermented rice kanji here in
Kerala so I thought of showing you how
this process is done traditionally so
after lunch by around 9:00 p.m. I pour
in some room-temperature water to the
leftover remaining rice and cover and
let it sit overnight also I don’t use a
tight lid to cover the clay pot as I
want the wild airborne yeast to help with
the natural fermentation process so the
next day morning the rice kanji which we
call as pazham kanji in Malayalam will
turn out to be one of the healthiest
food on the planet the overnight
fermentation of rice has resulted in
developing resistant starch which makes
it a naturally fermented probiotic food
have this rice along with the fermented
water as a breakfast
there are many healthy traditional side
dishes which goes well with the kanji
there are many healthy traditional side
dishes which goes with this rice kanji
today I’m serving the kanji with a moong
dal it is a thoran made with moong dal
also known as cherupayar parippu
Malayalam and lemon pickle pickles made
in the traditional way is also a good
source of probiotics I make pickle using
naturally fermented coconut vinegar and
pink Himalayan salt and I use very less
oil the pickle which I make do keep good
for many months
I don’t refrigerate the pickle it stays
good at the room temperature please do
check my pickle recipes links will be
updated at the end of this video
recently I have also shared how to make
salted mango that is gut friendly salted
mango made with naturally fermented
coconut vinegar please do check it out
to understand more this traditional
combination of kanji and payar makes it
a nutrient-dense healthy meal perfect
for your gut health for weight loss
hormonal imbalance, thyroid, and PCOS
health. so guys do try to include these
kind of
additional fermented rice kanji in your
meals so that you can have a healthy gut
thank you for watching and until next
time take care bye bye

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  1. Hi Mam, your recipes are so good, I have a question on this dish.. can we use the same water which we have used for cooking.. I mean kanji water that we get after cooking.. can we use the same water to ferment rice.. please let me know..

  2. Maam I am your fan.I like your recipes.They are natural,healthy and tasty too. I am from Pune. I regularly
    Follow you. Should we eat this rice as it is or wwarm it in the morning.

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