Lose 20 Pounds In 10 Days

Have you watched the video where we say to
put a garlic clove inside the toilet?
You still don’t know why you should do that?
Then watch this video, you will enjoy learning
Today we will teach you how to make your bathroom
always clean and smelling good.
Do you want to know how?
You will learn how to make a natural toilet
deodorizer to use in your bathroom.
The bad smells of the bathroom are something
that bothers most households, right?
This is a very common problem, so, normally,
we see deodorizers that promise to keep the
toilets clean and smelling good.
Do you use these deodorizers?
If you like this alternative to sanitize your
toilet, drains, and pipes; learn now how to
make a natural toilet deodorizer.
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Write down the ingredients:
1 cup coconut laundry powder (or any other);
1 cup baking soda;
Juice of 3 lemons;
5 drops of your favorite essence (lavender
is one of the most common essences for bathrooms);
Making it is easy!
Put the washing powder in a container, add
the baking soda and the lemon juice and mix
it until it turns into a paste.
Add the essence and mix again.
After that, pour the mixture in silicone or
ice trays.
If you don’t have any trays, you can also
shape balls by hand.
If you want, you can also shape it in a circle,
just like the toilet deodorizers found in
supermarkets – and put it inside a basket
to hang inside your toilet.
Now it is ready to use.
If you want to make a deep clean in the tubes,
you can put the deodorizer directly inside
the toilet, after cleaning it, so that it
can clean the drains and tubes when you flush.
Remember to store the product away from the
sun and heat.
If your city is hot (above 86F), store the
deodorizer in the fridge.
Keep in mind that these deodorizers must be
always kept away from children and pets.
In case of accidental ingestion, immediately
seek medical care and take with you a sample
of the product.
This is an easy, simple, and cheap recipe
that you can make in just a few minutes.
Do it and keep your bathroom always smelling

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