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hey y’all welcome back to my channel if
you are new here my name is Kayla and
welcome so in today’s video as you can
see by the title I’m gonna be sharing 30
easy weight loss hacks that you can
start to incorporate into your daily
routine to really help you reach your
health and weight loss goals a lot
faster and you know I figured today
would be the perfect time to do this
video because right now everybody’s
trying to get in shape for summer and
shed those last few pounds and so these
are just things that you can do in
addition to your clean diets to really
help you reach your goals a lot faster
and they’re super easy things that you
can do and you know I also ran a poll on
my YouTube the other day asking you guys
what is your biggest health struggle and
a lot of you said that your biggest
struggle which is really difficulty
staying on track that you know you’ll
start eating healthy and then after a
couple of weeks you’re back off track so
hopefully these are some things that you
can start to incorporate to really help
you reach your goals a lot faster and
help you stay on track
the first weight-loss hack is to use
smaller plates now I have been doing
this hack since college and that’s been
like 14 years ago yes I’m old but I
actually read it in a Health magazine
way back then and I’ve been doing it
ever since and it really does work
studies have actually shown that when
you use smaller plates you can actually
trick your brain into thinking that
you’re eating more food so you feel more
satisfied and to be honest when you look
at the comparison with the same portion
size on a big plate versus a small plate
I mean it really does look more visually
appealing and like you’re eating more
food and to be honest the portion sizes
in America are way too big anyway and so
by using smaller plates it can really
help you to control your portion sizes
and the second weight loss tag is to
brush your teeth after eating and if
you’ve ever eaten anything right after
brushing your teeth you know that it can
make the food taste disgusting which is
a perfect weight loss egg to keep you
from overeating and this especially
works well at night because you know a
lot of us are tempted to overeat at
night especially after dinner
want to go back for seconds or go get a
dessert or something like that but if
you brush your teeth right after eating
dinner then you’re less likely to go
back for seconds and to get that dessert
because you know that the food’s gonna
taste nasty anyway and the next
weight-loss hack is one of my favorites
and it’s to replace one mil a day with a
high fiber low sugar smoothie now I’ve
had clients doing this for years
and literally every single time they see
results they lose weight and they feel
super energized but the key here is to
make sure that the smoothie is not too
high in sugars so you want to make sure
it’s full of healthy fat it’s full of
fiber and so for the liquid base I would
use something like water unsweetened
almond milk coconut milk you can even
use like a brewed green tea if you need
extra energy you can use that as your
liquid base but you want to make sure it
has a lot of healthy fats so things like
avocado almond butter chia seeds flax
seeds MCT oil add in a lot of healthy
fats because this is what’s going to
keep you full for hours and that’s why
these smoothies are so good for meal
replacements because they really do keep
you full and they keep your blood sugar
steady you want to make sure you add in
some type of leafy green to get the
fiber and the minerals so spinach
arugula kale even romaine lettuce is
good you can even add in some superfood
powders to get in extra nutrition but
the main thing here is just to keep your
fruit to one serving or less per
smoothie so you know 1/2 a cup of frozen
blueberries or half of a frozen banana
and you know you don’t always have to
add fruit to make a really good tasting
smoothie you can use avocado to get that
creamy texture you can even take
cauliflower steam it and then freeze it
and use that steamed frozen cauliflower
to give you that creamy texture as well
the same way a banana would but without
all the sugar and then if you want to
have a little bit more of a sweet taste
then you can add in something like
stevia just to sweeten it up a little
bit but yes we’re placing 1 mil a day
with a high fiber low carb smoothie
always gives my clients results and I
highly recommend doing this now if you
need ideas for smoothie recipes I do
have a few of them on this channel so
I’m gonna link them for y’all in the
description box below
and number 4 is
don’t be so militant about your healthy
eating lifestyle now this has been a
major game changer for me in terms of my
mindset you know back in the day when I
first started this healthy journey I
would be like oh I’ve got to do this to
the tee if I’ve messed up one day then
it was like you know my whole world was
destroyed and then I would binge on
something and then try to go back to my
healthy eating so you cannot have the
mindset of perfection look at it as you
know 85 to 90 percent of time eat
healthy and then every now and then
allow yourself to indulge in whatever
your favorite treat is you know because
especially as women which I don’t know
if this is the same way with men but I
know it’s like this with women if you
tell yourself that you can’t have
something like you can’t have that
cookie or you can’t have those chips
then it makes you want that even more
and then what happens is is a few days
later you know you keep denying yourself
just as humans we have sort of a
rebellious in nature right so if
somebody tells us we can’t do something
we want to do it and eventually you’re
gonna end up binging on that snack and
then you end up you know gaining five
pounds overnight now you’re depressed
and know you’re like oh I got to start
all over instead of having that
perfection mindset and being so militant
about your healthy eating allow yourself
to indulge every now and then and this
mindset is gonna be so much more
beneficial for you especially if you’re
trying to do this healthy living thing
long term and the next weight-loss hack
is super simple but it’s very effective
and that is to make sure that you eat
before you go grocery shopping so you
know every time you go grocery shopping
and you’re starving you’re more likely
to pick up something that you definitely
don’t need at the house and so by eating
beforehand you’re satisfied and so when
you go to the store you only get the
items that you need and you don’t get
any junk food or anything that could be
a temptation later down the road and
while we’re on the topic of grocery
stores another weight loss tag is to
park far away from the store now you
know I’ve seen people and you may be one
of them that will sit there and drive
around the parking lot for 10 or 15
minutes trying to find a closed parking
spot so don’t be one of those people go
ahead and park far away from the store
it’s gonna help you get more steps
which is gonna have to burn more
calories and in the long run if you do
that every single time you go to the
store that’s gonna help you to increase
your metabolism and reach your
weight-loss goals a lot faster and
number seven is super important and that
is to make sure you’re getting at least
seven to eight hours of sleep per night
now lack of sleep can actually start to
affect your hunger hormones leptin and
ghrelin and what happens is when you
don’t get enough sleep it can increase
ghrelin which is the hormone responsible
for making you feel more hungry so if
you’ve ever gone you know a night or two
without good sleep you’ll notice that
you’re hungrier the next day and usually
you’re not hungry or for healthy food
you’re hungrier for junk food and that’s
why because lack of sleep can increase
your hunger hormones and not only that
it can also increase your stress
hormones especially cortisol and
cortisol is directly linked to belly fat
so yes that means that lack of sleep can
actually lead to more belly fat so if
you do it in the long term so you want
to make sure you’re getting enough sleep
because when you sleep that’s when your
body’s recharges and rebuilds and renews
itself so it’s so important to make sure
you’re getting enough sleep and this can
have a huge impact on your metabolism
and how fast you reach your weight loss
goals and number eight is to try
intermittent fasting now if you’ve been
following me for any time at all then
you know that I am a huge fan of
intermittent fasting I do it myself and
it’s one of the best ways to turn off
your hunger signals to increase your
energy and help you reach your weight
loss goals a lot faster in fact one
study showed that intermittent fasting
increased human growth hormone by 300%
in just three days and the important
thing about human growth hormone and
weight loss is that human growth hormone
accelerates the breakdown of fat in your
body so it’s perfect for those of you
trying to lose weight you want to make
sure that you increase the human growth
hormone and three ways that you can do
that is by intermittent fasting getting
good quality sleep and exercising so yes
definitely try intermittent fasting it
really helps a lot of people to break
through those way
plateaus and the next weight-loss hag is
one that I’m really working on myself
and that is to not eat while standing
you know whenever I do these meal prep
videos for y’all it’s so tempting just
to sort of graze and snack on all these
meal prep recipes that I have for y’all
but even with healthy food it’s easy to
overeat and so one rule that works for
me that I’ve been doing a lot lately is
to make sure that when it’s time to eat
you know whether it’s dinner lunch
breakfast put the food on a plate sit
down and eat and don’t eat while I’m
standing and that really helps me to not
you know graze a lot throughout the day
and it keeps me on track with my healthy
eating and it keeps me from overeating
and while we’re on the topic of eating
there’s a couple of other things I want
to point out and this next weight loss
hack is to eat more slowly you know it
takes 20 minutes for your brain to
register that your stomach is full and
you know in those 20 minutes you can
pack in a lot of calories before you
even realize that you’re full or
overstuffed so make sure you eat more
slowly one way you can do this is that
every time you take a bite put the fork
down thoroughly chew that bite and
really be in the moment you know enjoy
all the flavors and so by eating more
slowly it’s really gonna help you to
avoid overeating and the next thing you
can do when you’re eating is to stop
when you’re about 80% full and I believe
it’s the Japanese culture that teach
their people you know to stop eating
when you’re 80% fool and that’s probably
why they don’t really deal with obesity
as a major epidemic in Japan the way
that we do in America because they don’t
overeat as Americans we always overeat
and you know me personally growing up in
the south we were always told to make
sure we clean our plates we couldn’t get
up from the table until we ate all the
food and you know as you get older and
becoming adults this sort of
subconsciously stays in the back of your
mind and you think you know oh I gotta
clean the plate I got to eat everything
on the plate but you’ve got to change
that mindset because by doing that
sometimes it causes you to overeat so
stop eating when you’re about 80% full
and that way after you eat you’re not
sluggish you’re still energized and
ready to go and the next weight loss tag
is to pay attention to the taste of the
food so going back to when I told you to
eat more slowly
allows you to really savor the flavor of
the foods and really pay attention to
the taste and what you’ll notice is that
in those first few bites of eating the
the food just tastes so good and so
heavenly and delicious and then after
you’ve gotten you know more full the
taste of the food really just doesn’t
have that wow effect anymore it doesn’t
taste as good and usually when the taste
of something diminishes that correlates
with the fact that your stomach is
getting more full so use that as a way
to say you know what I’m not gonna eat
anymore because it really doesn’t taste
as good anyway and this next weight-loss
hack is something that I preach to y’all
all the time on my channel because it is
super effective and that is to start
meal prepping by meal prepping you are
literally setting yourself up for
success I mean if you know that you
already have a healthy meal in the
refrigerator prepped and ready to go all
you have to do is heat it up then you’re
less likely to reach for junk food or go
to a fast food joint and it really does
help you to stay on track so if you need
help getting started with meal prepping
I do have a healthy meal prep playlist
I’ll go ahead and link that for y’all
below but yes meal prepping is super
effective and really helps you to stay
on track and the next weight-loss hack
is to get all of the junk food out of
your house if it’s not in your house
then you’re definitely not going to be
able to eat it the only way you would be
able to eat it is if you take the energy
and the time to get in your car drive to
the store and go get it that way if
you’ve done all of that then girl and go
ahead and eat it anyway you deserve it
but yes if you get the junk food out of
your house then of course you’re not
gonna have it there to eat and to cheat
you’re not gonna feel as tempted now if
you do have family members that you know
they just do not want to get rid of the
junk food I mean you have to buy it
anyway then what I would suggest is to
put it in a cabinet that you never use
and that way you never open that cabinet
so sort of like you know out of sight
out of mind type of thing and number 15
is to hydrate your body first thing in
the morning you see overnight you’ve
gone at least eight or more hours
without any sort of liquids in your body
and you can actually become slightly
overnight and even slight dehydration
can lead to fault hunger signals and so
the best way to avoid that is just to
make sure that you saturate your body
with hydration first thing in the
morning with at least two cups of water
what I like to do is to add some fresh
lemon juice to my morning water because
you know that’s an extra dose of vitamin
C which is great for your skin and your
overall immune system but whatever you
do you know whether it’s with lemon
water or just regular water make sure
that you hydrate your body first thing
in the morning is gonna have to avoid
those faults hunger signals throughout
the rest of the day and the next thing
you can do is to swap sugary drinks with
flavored water now if you’re still
drinking all those sugary drinks like
sodas and sweet tea and even fruit
juices you’ve got to stop it’s just not
good for your overall health and it’s
definitely not good if you’re trying to
lose weight so what I would recommend is
to either drink regular water but if you
don’t like the taste of regular water
then spice it up with a little bit of
fruit you can add some raspberries and
mint you can add some lime juice you can
add some lemon juice and a little bit of
stevia to it to sweeten it up one thing
I like to do in the summer is to get
some ice water add some fresh lemon
juice and then just a few drops of
Sevilla and it literally tastes like
fresh lemonade it is so good and so
refreshing so you got to cut out those
sugary drinks especially if you want to
reach those weight also going a lot
faster and while we’re on the topic of
water another thing I like to do is to
track my water intake I like to make
sure I’m getting at least eight to
twelve cups of water a day and you know
like I told you earlier even when you’re
slightly dehydrated this can send off
salt hunger signals making you think
that you’re hungry when you’re really
so the easiest way I have found to track
my water without really putting much
thought into it and writing it down is I
just get one of those port size mason
jars so that’s about four cups worth of
water and I fill it up at least two to
three times a day and that’s just an
easy way to make sure I’m getting enough
water and the next thing you can do is
to start eating more healthy fats there
is a reason why so many people are
seeing results on different variations
of the keto diets it’s because it
focuses on increasing those healthy
that’s in your diets and lowering your
overall sugar intake and what this does
is it really helps to balance out
insulin levels in the body and insulin
is known as the fat storing hormone you
know in the presence of too much insulin
your body goes from fat-burning mode to
fat storing mode and so that’s not what
you want especially if you’re trying to
lose weight so you definitely want to
make sure you’re lowering your overall
sugar intake and really increase those
healthy fats in your diet and not only
that but you know healthy fats really
helps to keep you fuller a lot longer so
you’re not snacking and grazing in
between meals and the next weight-loss
hack is to do some sort of workouts or
movements during commercial breaks so if
you still watch a regular television
then during the commercial breaks get up
and do some sort of movement you know
jumping jacks squats lunges if you have
stairs in your house or run the stairs
anything to get those calories burning
and to get that metabolism up it’s going
to help you to reach your goals a lot
faster and the next thing you can do is
to stop chewing gum now I have heard
both sides of the story with this one
you know some people say that chewing
them makes them feel more full others
say that it stimulates hunger I
personally believe that it stimulates
hunger and when you look at the actual
chemistry behind it chewing gum actually
tricks your body into thinking that it’s
about to eat so what happens is that you
know your mouth at your saliva releases
these digestive enzymes and you know you
swallow those enzymes with your saliva
and so your butt your stomach starts to
produce all these stomach acids and it
prepares for digestion but when no food
actually comes down you know it
continues to churn and this can leave
you feeling more hungry so if you find
that chewing gum does do that to you it
does it to me for sure I used to chew
gum all the time back in college and I
always wondered why I felt more hungry
after chewing films so if that’s you
definitely stop chewing them and another
reason why I really don’t recommend it
is because most of the gums nowadays in
the stores are full of all sorts of
artificial preservatives and flavors and
sweeteners so you know that’s just not
good for your health and
general if you are gonna chew gum then
make sure that it is one that doesn’t
contain artificial ingredients and the
next weight ball tank is to start adding
cinnamon to your recipes so cinnamon is
really good for balancing your blood
sugars which is going to help to control
your cravings if you’ve ever been on
that vicious cycle of your blood sugar
going up and crashing and going up and
crashing you know that every time that
blood sugar crashes you crave sugary
refined carbs unhealthy junk food and
that’s just not gonna be good for your
health or your waistline so if you
really want to reach those weight-loss
goals faster you’ve got to learn how to
manage and balance out your blood sugar
and one of the ways that you can do that
is by starting to incorporate cinnamon
you know I like to add cinnamon to my
smoothies I add it to my baked goods
like breakfast muffins I even like to
add it to my fat bombs but yes
incorporating more cinnamon into your
daily diet is really gonna help to
control your cravings and this next
weight-loss hack is something that you
can do to burn calories and burn fats
without actually having to exercise and
that is start going to a sauna so a
sauna actually heats up your core body
temperature which forces your body to
try to cool itself off and that’s what
causes your body to sweat right so
similar to it working out and in the
process of sweating you’re gonna be you
know burning extra calories then on top
of that it’s another great way to
naturally detoxify your body as well so
saunas are really good for your overall
health but it’s also just a great way to
burn extra calories and try to lose that
weight a little bit faster now I’m not
saying that you should cut out exercise
and just start going to saunas no way
you know exercise still has its place
but saunas are just a great thing that
you can do to you know add to your
exercise to really speed up your weight
loss results in this next weight-loss
hack is something that I have personally
had to learn over the years and that is
to not eat straight from the bag so for
instance if you’re gonna eat some chips
maybe it’s your cheat day and you want
to indulge a little bit like we talked
about earlier you know don’t eat
straight from the bag of chips unless
it’s one of the little you know single
serving sides that’s okay and in fact
that’s actually a good tip is to you
know try to get the little single
serving sized bags so that way you don’t
overeat and you know okay
have this one bag this is my indulgence
for the day and that it now if you go
sit down on the couch and you have a
whole bag of kettle chips it’s gonna be
very hard to stop yourself from eating
it because for one you’re probably
watching television and you’re just
mindlessly munching away anyway and it’s
just so easy to overeat on junk food and
this goes for you know healthy junk food
as well it’s just easy to overeat so you
know instead of getting that whole tub
of ice cream or that whole carton of
cookies just take your little portion
size put it on plate sit down on the
couch or wherever and just eat that put
the rest back in the pantry or the
refrigerator or whatever and this is
really gonna help you to you know
control your portion sizes and keep you
from overeating and the next tip is to
start wearing clothes that are a little
bit snug a little bit tight on you so
take that old pair of jeans out you know
if you can button them but they’re a
little snug go ahead and wear them
anyway I know this tip is a little bit
weird but basically what it does is it
reminds you throughout the entire day
not to overeat and not to cheat on your
diet so yes go ahead and wear those
jeans those leggings that shirt that’s a
little bit snug and let it serve as a
constant reminder throughout the day not
to cheat on your diet and the next thing
you can do is to reward yourself so
every time you reach a milestone in your
health or your weight loss go ahead and
reward yourself for it and I’m not
talking about food related rewards I’m
talking about you know like a massage or
a manicure and pedicure buying yourself
a new outfits getting a family photo
shoot scheduled you know I have one
client that actually after she lost
thirty pounds it was her goal to look
good in her family photo shoot you know
she wanted to document that because she
felt so good about herself and she
looked great so yeah you know whatever
it is that excites you go ahead get a
notepad out and tell yourself that say
every 10 pounds you’re gonna reward
yourself and have those rewards lined up
and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna
keep you excited about the process and
it’s gonna help you to stay on track
this next weight loss hack is for those
of you that don’t have time to go to the
gym start doing home workouts and thank
goodness for YouTube I have to say
because there are so many fitness
channels on
that we really have no excuse and one of
my favorites is the tone it up girls
I’ll link their channel below they have
very good energy I love their vibe they
have some great home workout routines
but you can also do something like
fitness slender that’s a good channel as
well and let me tell you these home
workouts they’re effective because I I
do them from time to time when I don’t
have time to go to the gym and I wake up
store the next day so they are effective
but anyway yes even if you don’t have
time to go to the gym that’s no excuse
turn on YouTube put on your favourite
Fitness channel and get some sort of
movement in and this next weight-loss
hack is something that we should all be
doing to be honest and that is to start
eating more raw vegetables
raw vegetables are high in water content
so they’re gonna fill you up a lot
faster but not only that they’re high in
fiber so it’s gonna you know keep you
regular it’s gonna keep your colon
naturally cleansed and you know they say
that the average American has up to ten
pounds of excess waste built up in their
colon so you definitely need to start
getting more natural fiber in to keep
that colon cleanse to keep things moving
but you know not only that raw
vegetables are just a great source of
vitamins and minerals as well so it’s
good for your overall health and if you
don’t like the taste of just the raw
vegetables alone then you can dip it in
something like my homemade keto
dairy-free ranch dressing which is
delicious by the way if you haven’t seen
my lunch meal prep video I’ll show you
how to make it that ranch dressing so
I’m gonna link that for y’all below but
yes that register essing you got to try
it and plus it gives you a reason to eat
more raw vegetables the next thing you
can do is to start making healthier food
swaps just by swapping out certain foods
you’re gonna save on excess calories
excess sugars and if you haven’t seen my
healthy food swaps video I give you guys
several ideas on things that you can
swap out to really cut back on excess
calories and just by making certain
smart food swaps it’s gonna make you
healthier it’s gonna give you more
energy and it’s definitely gonna help
you reach those weight loss goals a lot
faster the next thing you can do is to
start wearing a movement tracker you
know a lot of people are wearing these
nowadays because it serves as a great
reminder just to get up you know and
move your body so if you have certain
goals set that day like you want to burn
so many
calories or have so many steps in that
day just having a movement tracker on
it’s a constant reminder that you have
this many steps left or you know this
many calories left to burn and so
hopefully it would serve as a motivation
for you to get up get more movement in
just so you can reach those goals so if
you’re somebody that really likes people
to hold you accountable but you don’t
want to actually have to pay for you
know a personal trainer or whatever then
get yourself a movement tracker because
it serves as a great reminder just to
get up and get yourself moving and the
last weight loss Hank is one of my
favorites and that is to identify
whatever your biggest junk food craving
is and find a healthy alternative for it
so for instance if you crave chips you
can take something like you know sweet
potato put it in your mandolin make the
little slices you know coat it with a
little bit of coconut oil and sea salt
put it in your air fryer and make your
own homemade sweet potato chips you can
do the same thing with kale you can make
kale chips I have a recipe for that um
you know french fries you can do sweet
potato fries if you have chocolate for
instance to say you’re craving chocolate
that time of the month instead of going
for you know a Snickers bar or a regular
milk chocolate bar go ahead and get
yourself an organic chocolate bar and
that way you’re not eating all of those
artificial ingredients and preservatives
but you’re still curbing that sweet
tooth and at the same time you’re
getting nutrients in as well alright
y’all that is it for today’s video my 30
easy weight-loss hacks things that you
can start incorporating right away and
now is actually the time to do it
because summer is right around the
corner so if you’re trying to lose those
last few pounds start incorporating
these tips I’m telling you they will
help you reach your goals a lot faster I
hope you enjoyed this video if you did
be sure to give it a thumbs up of course
if you haven’t subscribed to my channel
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video bye

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