Lose 100 Pounds Walking On Treadmill

Vanakkam viewers welcome to karuveppilai samayal
Today we are going to see how to make karuppu kavuni koozh
now we take one tumbler white rice
and pour it in a vessel
wash the rice properly and keep it soaked in water for 2 mins
next we are going to
break the rice into small pieces using a mixie
now for one tumbler of rice
we are taking 3 tumblers of water
and heat it until it boils
after it is boiled enough add the broken white rice
and cook it in sim or low temperature
only when cooking at low temperature, the rice will cook evenly
we all know how rice will be like when its cooked
but to cross check whether its cooked, you can take some in hand and check if its cooked
next we will add 1/4 tumbler of black rice batter
now am showing you how to check whether the rice is cooked or not
since the white rice is cooked now we will add
1/4 tumbler of black rice dry batter
We can make batter with black rice by grinding the rice
now we are adding water to the dry black rice batter and mixing it well
now we will add this black rice mixture to the
boiled white rice
once it is cooked well enough you can see a glossy texture in this mixture
you can check if its cooked by placing your hand
and it wont stick to your hand
I have also uploaded videos on benefits of black rice
black rice and few more recipes
the links of those videos will be at the end of this video
Now we will add the required amount of salt
Now you can see that the mixture is a bit thick
this shows that it is cooked enough
you can also soak your hand in water and place it
on the top of this and if the rice doesnt stick then its cooked
now we are taking the cooked rice along with some curd
and mix the cooked rice with it
continuosly stir it and keep adding cooked rice
If you cooked this for the first time and
and curd until you feel the consistency is right
you can take pickle or small onion as a side dish for this
You can also add onion leaves as a side dish for this
you can preserve this for 3 days and try giving this
recipe to your children
you can try giving them this from your childhood
which will prevent hormonal imbalance and helps their growth
helps their growth
even diseases can be prevented by
consuming this rice in any form possible
If you consume this rice regualrly
you can see that the effects of a particular disease has reduced
you can also see yourslef completely getting cured
from a particular disease
especially hormonal imbalance
you can consume black rice in form of idli dosa cake etc
Hence requesting you all to consume black rice. eat healthy stay healthy

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