Lose 100 Pounds Men

Jessica Simpson has been making headlines
recently due to the release of her tell-all
memoir, Open Book where she apparently lets
a lot off her chest and gets real with readers
I personally can’t wait to read it.
Not to mention, the mama of 3 has been coming
across as super confident these days after
her alleged 100-pound weight loss.
Jessica looks incredible, and she’s always
seemed to me like one of those celebs that
gives off a kind-hearted vibe.
In this video, we’re gonna take a look at
Jessica and see how she transformed over her
years in the spotlight, and what her secrets
are to looking so great.
Jessica Simpson is a singer, actress, fashion
designer, mom, and of course we can now add
author to that list too.
At the time of this recording, Jessica is
39 years old.
I best remember growing up with her as one
of the pop princesses of the era, considering
I’m a 90s kid, and we cant forget her reality
show with ex husband Nick Lachey either.
She’s had quite the successful career and
basically done it all but over the years there
were times when the tabloids weren’t the
nicest to Jessica.
She took a bit of time out of the spotlight
too, which probably had to do with the fact
she was busy raising her kids with her husband
Eric Johnson.
What a beautiful family!
Anyways I’m glad that Jessica seems to be
making a comeback.
What’s going on guys and girls, my name’s
Kara and this series we have titled Before
& After.
Today’s video is gonna be all about Jessica
Simpson and her beauty transformation.
The star has been portrayed as many personas
over the years, from preacher’s daughter
to sex symbol to sometimes “ditzy” blonde
on reality TV and more.
One thing’s for sure is that she’s changed
and matured a lot, but she’s still the same
Jessica fans know and love.
Today we’re going to talk about Jessica
in the early days, if she’s had any work
done, her inspiring weight loss story, and
I’ve also done other celebrity transformation
videos, on the likes of Adele and JLo and
We’ll have links to some at the end of this
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making new friends Now Let’s get into this
Let’s start by looking back at Jessica over
the years.
She broke out into Hollywood in 1999, and
stole our hearts with her perky personality
and hit pop songs.
I always saw her as more of a “good girl”
considering she does come from a super religious
church background.
Her signature blonde hair changed slightly
over the years, going from a lighter shade
at first to a dirty blonde in 2001.
Later that year Jess also tried a brunette
look – but that didn’t last long.
Throughout the early 2000s, the same era where
Jessica married her sweetheart – 98 Degrees
star Nick Lachey, she kept her blonde bombshell
The pair met when Jessica first started out,
and with the release of her album Sweet Kisses
she toured with Nick’s band – she was
only 19.
After Jessica played Nick’s diner-waitress
girlfriend in 98 Degrees music video for “My
Everything”, it was game over.
Nick said when he first met Jessica he was
“I’m going to marry that girl.”
And he did
Jessica’s success only kept growing and
with that, so did her confidence.
She was America’s Sweetheart and even though
on Newlyweds she was portrayed as a little
ditzy sometimes, we all loved her.
Fast forward to 2005 Jessica landed her first
acting gig in the remake movie for the classic
Dukes of Hazzard where she played none other
than Daisy Duke.
Although Jessica was already working out on
a regular basis, she wanted to get more fit.
And told People magazine:
“When I found out I got the role, I went straight
to the gym.
Any character that has a pair of shorts named
after her, you’ve gotta at least try to make
the shorts look as good as you possibly can.”
Then Jessica got into the best shape of her
life with the help of her trainer Michael
Her workout routine focused on the butt and
legs, and she did two hour workouts, 6 days
a week.
Jess did this for one month before the shoot,
and then cut it to 3 to 4 times a week while
Not to mention she was also on a meal plan
her trainer calls the “Don’t Eat Crap
Diet” which is a low carb and high protein
I think we can all agree that Jessica succeeded
in her goal and was a total babe as Daisy
Following this Jessica phase, and her unfortunate
break up with Nick, around 2007 she switched
things up a little.
I’ll say it was a tiny identity crisis … Jessica
died her hair brown again and dated John Mayer.
Here, her weight started fluctuating slightly.
In the years to come, and while getting together
with her current husband Eric, Jessica’s
weight would go up and down.
But a lot of it also had to do with motherhood.
Before we discuss Jessica’s 100 pound post
baby weight loss, let’s see if the star
has had any work done.
The star is a natural beauty and always has
been so ill start by saying I don’t think
she’s gotten any plastic surgery on her
She looks the same to me.
Jessica has gotten fillers though and way
back in 2006 she opened up about getting some
in her lips, stating:
“I had that Restylane stuff, But it fades
– it went away in like four months.
My lips are back to what they were.
Thank God.
It looked fake to me I didn’t like that.”
[Photo lips]
More recently in 2018 when Jessica posted
a makeup free selfie on Instagram, fans were
commenting like crazy accusing her of overdoing
lip and face fillers.
The cyber Bullying is SO unnecessary but you
can count on random people to say their two
cents – even if it is rude.
Commenters said that she had too much Botox
in areas like her “laugh lines” as well.
We don’t know what Jessica does or doesn’t
get done in terms of fillers, maybe she does
get Botox and lip injections but I think the
star looks great either way.
What do you guys think she’s had done?
On another note, Jessica was a lot more open
about her post baby plastic surgery that actually
caused quite the scare.
In her new book, she reveals that she actually
had two tummy tuck procedures after her first
two kids which resulted in her being hospitalized.
In 2015, Jessica went under the knife to get
rid of stretch marks and loose skin from her
back to back pregnancies – and went for
a partial tummy tuck.
Her doctor warned her not to, because at the
time Jessica was drinking a lot and You’re
supposed to stop all drinking 3 months prior
to surgery.
Despite the warning, Jessica went through
with it but found herself unhappy with results.
She went back for a full tummy tuck, and said
“This surgery was more involved.
There was a sense that something was going
to go wrong from the get-go, even though I
stopped drinking to prepare,”
The tummy tuck lasted 2 hours longer than
normal and Jessica ended up getting a nasty
infection – colitis.
She was throwing up constantly and thought
that she was going to burst her stitches.
Of course she had to stay in the hospital
for over a week – and even then it could
have been way worse.
After the whole nightmare and once she recovered,
Jessica looked great but she admitted that
plastic surgery didn’t just magically make
her feel better about herself.
It was great of Jessica to share her experience
and truth since I can imagine it helping others
who are considering the same procedure.
Once Jessica married Eric back in 2014, she
had 3 kids shortly after and her first two
pregnancies were pretty much back to back.
Jessica had already experienced body shaming
prior to that, who can forget how rude people
were with her “mom jean” incident?
She did gain more weight than she expected
during her pregnancies, but body changes are
pretty much a given at that time.
I think tabloids have definitely been harsher
to Jessica than other celebrities about her
weight though.
After her first 2 kids Jessica still lost
about 60 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers
and became a spokesperson for them.
Recently though, after baby number 3, Jessica
made an even bigger victory.
She was dedicated, and proudly lost 100 pounds
just 6 months, so let’s see how the star
made it happen.
Jessica said during her last pregnancy she
tipped the scales at 240 but admitted how
hard she worked stating “Even when it felt
impossible, I chose to work harder”.
She worked with Harley Pasternak, a celebrity
trainer, on her fitness and nutrition plans.
There were a few key things that helped Jessica
shed the weight but the main thing was tracking
her steps with a pedometer.
Clients are recommended around 10,000 steps
a day but in Jessica’s case she was hitting
14,000 daily or more, which is about 7 miles.
She also worked out at least three or four
times a week, toning up with strength training,
resistance circuits, and leg exercises like
squats and lunges.
Her trainer focused on a few different body
parts each day.
Jessica also committed to a diet of 3 meals
and 2 snacks per day.
Harley said:
“Meals had protein, fiber and healthy fat.
Snacks had protein and fat or protein and
We did not diet in a tasteless, extreme, radical
[Jessica] loves Tex-Mex flavors so she had
a lot of healthy versions of Tex-Mex foods.”
Apparently she also had a personal chef to
help her out and design a menu, also including
a lot of cauliflower-based foods.
Other tips Jessica had to live by were getting
7 hours of quality sleep each night, as well
as 1 hour away from technology daily.
This is important in controlling the hormones
in our brain and the cortisol that’s released.
Minimizing blue light from our phones is beneficial
for that.
Jessica was dedicated and worked hard to get
happy about her body again!
And she looks fit, healthy, and happy.
As you probably know, she runs a clothing
and accessory line worth over 1Billion, and
revealed that it’s successful because she’s
been “every size on the planet”, and makes
clothes for everyone.
I guess it does help that Jessica is relatable!
So now we’ve seen just how much Jessica
Simpson has transformed over the years.
From a teenage pop star, to growing up and
becoming more of a “sex” symbol like she
was in Dukes of Hazzard, to being a mom of
3, we’ve seen her through it all.
And she’s still America’s blonde sweetheart,
at least I still see her that way.
It’s also clear that Jessica’s making
quite the comeback after taking some time
out of the spotlight.
Her new book “Open Book” is already doing
so great and I’m sure it’s a bestseller.
Not to mention her billion dollar clothing
and accessory empire, and the new album and
songs she’s excited about releasing in the
near future.
To top all of this off, Jessica looks amazing
and seems proud of herself for getting back
into such great shape so soon after having
baby number 3.
Either way, I’m happy for her and can’t
wait to see what comes next.
AND to read that book!
What do you guys think about Jessica’s transformation?
Let me know in the comments.
Ok guys, now I’m gonna be reading out some
comments from previous videos.
On our Nikkie Tutorials Before and After,
Bette Mimi said:“I Absolutely Adorable Nikkie!
She’s Beautiful!
She’s So Inspiring!
She Gives the Best Beauty and Makeup Tips!
She’s So Uplifting and Positive and Always
Opens with a Big Beautiful Smile!
Watching Nikkie’s videos always brightens
up my day.
On our Adele before and after video, Azael
Dons said:
“That’s great for her whatever, as long
as it doesn’t change her as an artist, hoping
that she’ll keep her personality and humility.
I think she was amazing the way she was before
her weight loss, but if she feels better that’s
really great”
I couldn’t agree more!
Also on our Adele vid, Zoey Stanhope wrote:
“I love Adele, she is so talented and so
beautiful, and thank you so much for this
You all are beautiful!”
Thanks for the kind words Zoey there should
be more people like you out there!
Aright guys and girls, that wraps up this
video here on Before & After.
If you wanna talk more about Jessica’s transformation,
you can hit me up on Instagram (@Kara_Emi).
I wanna know what you guys think, do you think
she seems more confident after her weight
What was your favorite Jessica look throughout
the years?
Tell me in the comments!
I think she looks amazing… the only look
I wasn’t feeling as much was the brown hair
way back when – she definitely suits blonde
Let me know who else you would like me to
make a Before & After video on and I’ll see
you guys in the next video.

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